MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Again welcome to the room of the Conversation for the Mission of Maitreya.

I hope all of you participated in our celebration of the Passover yesterday and have hung up the HOSH Sign on your doors as a sign that God passes over your community and your household, and you have put all the leavened bread and the leaven or yeast out of your houses.

It is like putting the sin out of our lives so we can become pure. As the yeast leavens and raises the bread, the sins and going against Gods Laws and Ways will create our life to be leavened. The more we go against the Laws, the more we will continue to go against His Will.

So it is a wonderful Feast that God has commanded to be followed forever and ever. Now it has been established for humanity to follow it again in this time. We have brought it back to the human so we all can enjoy this wonderful command that God gave us.

It reminds us that one week of the year is related to the Third Seal, the Seal of Christianity, because it is the first full moon of the first month in the year. The full moon is on the fourteenth day in each month in the lunar year. Each seven days is related to one Seal. So the first seven days are related to the First Seal. The second seven days are related to the Second Seal, and the third seven days that the Feast falls in are related to Christianity.

Christ had the sharpest teaching that was brought to humanity and taught how not only following the Ten Commandments is recommended but to reach a point that there is not even a desire to break the Ten Commandments.

As it was said, the goal is not, not to do adultery; it is to reach a point to not even have the desire, or, If your eyes defile you, pluck them out and throw them away. So the goal is not to try to follow a set of rules but to reach a point to have no desire to break any Laws of God, and become a natural man or woman.

The natural men and women are absolutely connected to nature and its Laws. Therefore they will not even consider breaking those Laws. Actually they cannot. It just becomes a part of their being to be following what nature and God is and wants, and because they are connected, they will become pure in heart and become a part of God and His Ways.

Therefore this Feast of the Passover is recommended for everyone to involve themselves with and understand the deeper meaning. Read the Passover Satsang that was read here last night and now will be available in the website also, so that you can probably listen to its video while reading it. It tells what God was doing with the Children of Israel, what it meant for them to be enslaved by the Egyptians, and how He promised the Promised Land.

What is the Promised Land? Is it really a physical land that Jews, Christians, and Moslems had to fight over and create crusades, and still they are at it and trying to claim that piece of land as the Promised Land and the land of milk and honey?

But that milk and honey is the nectar that is experienced in the higher level of meditation and connection to God. That nectar is much greater than any milk or honey that physically the human can drink and enjoy.

Therefore the Promised Land is a place that is in the Consciousness. It is in achieving and reaching it. Those who have chosen to go there are the true Elects. They will put God and that promise first in their lives, and they want to go to the Promised Land.

How do you go to the Promised Land? By following the Eternal Divine Path and His Revelation that God has sent to humanity through many Prophets to this point. That is the land that Christ was talking about that has a treasure. You sell everything to buy that piece of land. It is not a physical land that people are being attached to. It shows how humanity has gone away from the truth of the Word of God, and they kill one another because they misunderstand the Word.

They misunderstand the Revelation of God. Instead of all coming together, and working and helping each other to go together to that Promised Land, they fight and kill each other over a physical piece of land.

If they understand that the promise is given to every man, woman, and child, and now this Revelation shows who those Elects are, they will stop fighting because all of them will realize that the only way they can be an Elect is to follow the Eternal Divine Path and Gods Way.

If they understand that, the Elect, the Chosen Person, is not the one who follows a religion but he is the one who practices a Path. He is the one who brings that Path to his life. It is not to go to the church, or the synagogue, or the masjid, or the temple once a week and listen to the preacher, and then the rest of the week do whatever you want to, still believing that God has chosen us as the people who are His Children.

It is a lifestyle. It is twenty-four hours a day of being wrapped up in God, His Ways, and His Path.

The Mission is like that very subtle sound in Indian music. If you listen to Indian music, usually there is a subtle constant sound, which is very hard to hear because the foreground music is much louder and much more engaging.

That is exactly what is happening in this world. This Revelation and Voice is subtly coming to this world, but the world is so busy with the foreground music, that our sound is very subtle and many cannot hear it. Even those who hear it become so engaged in the foreground sound of the life and the world that they do not concentrate and completely dedicate to the Subtler Voice and Sound of the Music of Life.

So we have to listen much more carefully, much more intensely, for that subtle background sound of the Indian music to hear it, Oh yes. There is another very subtle sound coming out of that music that the foreground drowns it and we cannot hear it.

Therefore if you want to really listen to the Word of God, His Word is much subtler, much more covered with Maya and the external world that has a lot of attraction and is much louder and is affecting everyone especially those who go to the world, they work in the world, and they have to be in the world. They are affected with those pulls. There has never been in human history that the propaganda and the power of the images and messages in the media and the world have been as powerful as they are now.

Every radio show, every television program, every corner, and every bulletin board is giving us a different message than the Message of God. They are pulling us toward their message. They are the foreground music that many people are caught into that sound, and they like it.

A lot of people like Indian music because of the foreground beauty of it. But few people know that there is a very subtle sound in the background that really is the Voice of God and the Beauty and Consistency in that music.

Therefore the people in the Mission and those who want to hear Gods Word have to wrap themselves up in that background music of God, and then they can hear His Voice and realize that they have to wrap themselves into that sound in order to go out of the foreground music, which is beautiful but at the same time it is not the subtlest sound in life.

Passover is another reason God has given for humanity to follow, see, and realize what God meant with all the history He created with the Hebrews. Why did He give them a land? If that land was theirs, why did He make them to be pushed out of it for thousands of years?

You mean God gives something and then He takes it away from them? Or did He really mean a spiritual land, a spiritual place, a goal to reach, that makes you to go to Pure Consciousness or the goal of life?

If that is a spiritual place then I am not attached to this world and the land, anywhere in it, because if I am attached to the land on the earth, I am going to stay in that land. My understanding is flawed. My endeavors, wars, and destructive forces that I am bringing to humanity and my neighbors, are flawed. I am lost.

I am fighting over something that God never meant. He gave it to me and now I understand that it has been offered to everyone; it is not only offered to one race or one people.

Everything is Holy in one sense because everything is God. There is no one place that is Holier than another place. If you can see God in everything, everything is Holy. Therefore we can bring peace between those factions that are fighting now over a piece of land.

The peace in the Middle East has been offered in the way we follow the Passover. If they understand this truth, they all will stop and put their destructive equipment down or the things they do to hurt each other, and they will say, Well, we are brothers and sisters in God because we are a part of God and we are all His Children.

There is no separation between us. If we separate ourselves with any philosophy and understanding or Revelation that we misinterpreted, it is not from God. You cannot kill other people in the Name of God and say, It is His Will.

His Will is for us to realize His Revelations, His Teachings, His Prophets, how He promised that all these Prophets will come to humanity and how each of them had a part of a greater truth, how He promised the Promised Land to the Elects, and the Elects are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path. They awaken their spiritual forces, they create the Communities of Light, they sacrifice for them, and they surrender and submit to the Will of God for them and for the whole humanity. They become universalists, they expand their minds of any narrowness of the mind and include every part and parcel of the universe as being a part of God and themselves, and they shatter any narrowness of the mind of, us and them, and me and others.

God is everything. Then they engage themselves in the Mission in creation of the Communities of Light, in following Gods Way, and they wrap themselves in a spiritual lifestyle wherever they are.

We are not a cult. We do not want everyone to come here and be brainwashed to a set of rules or regulations. We want you to stay wherever you are but understand the teachings, reach out to your community, spread this Message, and bring humanity together in a greater degree.

We want you to make people in the Middle East understand who the Elects are, where their religions come from, and how they can come together and become one. We want you to become a productive member of the society and create an environment for yourself and others close to you that their physiological and safety needs are taken care of, and at the same time help the Mission to be able to reach humanity in a greater degree so we can spread this Message to every corner of the world.

These are not the goals of a cult that separates a few people as, Us and them. It is a Revelation for every man and woman on earth, for the whole humanity.

Therefore the number one priority in your life has to be to buy that piece of land, that Promised Land that God has given to you, Pure Consciousness, Oneness with God. That has been promised.

But who has it been promised to? It has been promised only to the Elects, to the Chosen People, to the Hebrews; not the Hebrews as a race, but Hebrews as the Chosen by God who follow His Will and understand that all religions of the world are a part of a greater truth. It reveals a Path and The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That is your goal, to be(come) Divine.

Therefore Gods people are the people who have been challenged to follow a Godly life. Constant attention and concentration is what is the Will of God for me.

Now I have received this Revelation, OK. I just bumped up to this website or heard about Maitreya, or this teaching, came in, read, saw the Vision, and it makes sense. God said there are going to be Seven Angels, Seven Revelations, Seven Truths and no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. Now I know the truth. Now what am I going to do with it?

Am I just going to stay where I was and do whatever I wanted to do before? Or, am I realizing, Yes, it is the Call to go to the Promised Land. This is the Call to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. This is the Call to engage myself completely to this Revelation and the truth that has now made my life, the world, the earth, the history, and the creation to make sense. Why am I here? Why has God created me to be here on this earth?

I am here to become Divine. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The way of becoming it is the Eternal Divine Path, and the goal is the Promised Land, Pure Consciousness.

So the Passover is not just a series of actions we go through or we do. It is a message of salvation, a message of why we have been created and came here, and why we are on this earth and living here.

We welcome everyone to our Conversation Room. This room is for conversing and explaining, and asking questions about the teachings of the Mission of Maitreya. If you have gone to our website and realized these teachings, and you have a question, you are welcome to raise your hand and ask any question you have about the Mission.

This Mission is the unification of all religions of the world that teaches that each of the religions of the world have come as one outstanding message. The most important part of every religion is, What is the message of the Messenger, of the Messiah, the Anointed One who came to humanity? What did they want to convey to man?

Each religion has taught that they are the last one, they are the best one, they are the only way, or they are the chosen one, or whatever they thought that their Prophets had brought them is the best. But God said in His Scriptures that only at the time of the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Revelation, would the Mystery of God be finished. Now that Mystery is finished.

GoldenHeart is asking:

GoldenHeart: Answer this question, what does this ayat mean:

Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things. 33:40

Maitreya: Of course we have to look at this ayat, or verse, in the context it came from. It was in the context that Prophet Muhammad married a woman that was divorced from his adopted son. It created an uproar or problem in the community, and they were asking, How can you do that, marry a woman who was married with your grandson or with your adopted son? That is when that ayat came and said, I am not the father of any of you, because Prophet Muhammad did not have any son. The only son he had died when he was six or seven years old.

That is what that ayat was saying, Well, he was adopted as my son. Really he was not my son.

So that is that ayat means. I hope that answered your question.

GoldenHeart: What does the Seal of the Prophets mean?

Maitreya: OK, that has been explained so many times here. We can go over it again. If you study the Koran, one of the reasons many people believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet is because of the word: Khatem, which also can be pronounced Khatam.

So is it Khatam the last Prophet, or Khatem the Seal of the Prophets? It has been a great discussion and point of friction between many groups and many people. For example, Bahais say, He was the Seal of the Prophets, and Moslems say, No, He was the last Prophet.

They have been at it for many centuries, what it means. Really it means both Khatam and Khatem; the answer is that both are correct.

Prophet Muhammad brought the highest spiritual realization for any individual. There is no greater spiritual achievement than to become surrendered and submissive to the Will of God. Therefore in that sense He was the Last Prophet. Any other Prophet who came after Him did not bring anything greater in a sense of spiritual progress than surrendering and submission.

Also if you look at The Greatest Sign that our teaching is based on, you will see the sign of Islam is at the very top of The Greatest Sign, just like a seal in a ring. Therefore He was the Seal of the Prophets. He is the stone at the top of the ring of The Greatest Sign. Therefore God was playing with the words by that Revelation of Khatam and Khatem.

He was both. He brought the highest spiritual realization, and also He is at the top of The Greatest Sign.

So again here in this Mission, this has been answered clearly. But at the same time Prophet Muhammad said, I brought only a part of the Eternal Tablets, Akashic Records, the Book of Remembrance, or whatever.

Can someone post that Ayat for him, that verse in the Koran that says, I did not bring the whole truth to humanity? [Surah Ornaments of Gold verse 4, "Yes, It (the Koran) is an essential part of the Eternal Tablet (the source of all Scriptures), which we possess.]

Also even Moslems are waiting for Christ to return at the end time and teach them the things that they did not know. So He clearly was saying that, I am not the last Prophet. There are going to be other Prophets and Revealers to come after me. And they did.

If you study the Bible, it clearly says that there is a Book sealed with the Seven Seals and no one can open it but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Prophet Muhammad was from Ishmael. So Prophet Muhammad could not be the Seventh Angel who opened the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. That is another reason He could not have been the last Prophet.

God is very clear here for humanity, and this Revelation reveals why each religion has to wait until this Revelation comes, and when this Revelation comes then your religion will be perfected. Some Moslems say, But Muhammad said, 'I have perfected the religion for you, O people.' Yes, He perfected the Revelation He received from God for those people that He brought it for.

But the last Revelation, which reveals the whole truth and opens the Seven Seals, and the Mystery of God will be finished, will be the Seventh Angel, Seventh Revelation, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, not a person from Ishmael. So we can see clearly that God made it very plain to all of the religions of the world that they are a part of something they do not know what it is until the Seventh Revelation comes.

We have no fight with any religion. We just bring this Revelation to them. It is a Mission of education. It is a Mission of understanding and searching, and wanting to know what the Will of God is for you.

In the book The Revelation, when He talks about the fourth horseman, it says they will take over one fourth of the earth by sword. That is exactly what Moslems did. The fourth horse rider is the symbol for Islam. Therefore you had the blessing of taking over one fourth of the earth, and you did. You have already done it.

Now you want to take over the whole world, but God does not say you will. It is not going to happen.

God said Christianity or the Revelation of Christ comes for the lost tribes of Israel. The lost tribes of Israel are the people who came to Europe and eventually came to the United States. So it is for them. They are not going to be able to take over the whole world. They are not going to be able to make everyone Christian.

The Revelation of the Second Seal came for the Hebrews and Jews. They are not going to be able to do it either, and on and on.

So there is no other Revelation that reveals the whole truth but this one. This one clearly explains all the Revelations before it and accepts the Prophets that came before this, but it opens the Seven Seals. The Book sealed with the Seven Seals is clearly mentioned in the Bible, and it will be opened with the Seventh Angel.

So Moslems have to understand this message. Actually this is a Call to every religion and people in every corner of the earth. This is the only one God said is for every man. It does not belong to any special race, or any special people. It is for the whole humanity. This is the one you have to study.

We know about the Islamic teaching. We know about the Christian teaching. It is now for you to know about this teaching and investigate it. At least you have to recognize that even Prophet Muhammad said there is going to be a Revelation at the end time by Christ when He returns and brings the last Revelation of God.

So Moslems are called to understand this Revelation and realize Prophet Muhammad was a great Prophet, Christ was a great Prophet, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Israel, and all the Prophets before them were great Prophets. But there were going to be three more Major Revelations that would come after Prophet Muhammad. When the Seventh one, the third after him, comes, that is when the whole Truth is revealed.

Also about the Koran: The Koran was revealed orally, and only some people memorized it. Many of those who memorized the Koran died in the fight between the Moslems and Yemen. It was then that the Caliphs, or the Moslem leaders, or Othman, decided to put the Revelation in writing. When he decided to put this in writing he found out that there had been many verses in circulation and a big fight erupted between those who were following the different verses of the Koran. Eventually Othman had to decide which one he would accept as the official Moslem Koran.

Later on they recognized that there had been verses that they did not include in the official Koran. Some people remembered what Muhammad had said, but it was too late. They just did not add them. So we can see that even the Koran is not completely perfectly written as it was revealed.

The only Revelation that has been revealed, that has been written down with the Grace of God, and He has provided the technology that this could have been done, and completely purified and given to humanity, is this Revelation. None of the Revelations before it have been perfect and provided to humanity as such in its purest form.

Therefore we understand, like most other people in different religions who come to our room and they yell and they believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong, that is FINE, we leave you to God, and you can stay where you are. We will see who is The Correct One, The Truthful One.

I have been sent a PM that there are some questions.

GoldenHeart: You are taking the wrong meaning from these ayats. It is clear that it means that the Christians hid much from what was revealed and passed over.

Maitreya: No, it does not mean that. It clearly says that I passed over a big portion of it. He passed over them. He did not reveal them. It is just one of much evidence for you to consider.

Second, he was not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Only the Lion of the Tribe of Judah can finish the last Revelation.

Third, the Koran was not written down. There were many verses of it. How can it be the Word of God, perfect, and pure if it was not absolutely revealed, written down, and purified?

These are the historical facts. It is right in your Scriptures. Even Prophet Muhammad in the Koran revealed that there is going to be another Prophet to come at the end time. This is the end time. Cant you see the signs everywhere?

I understand, probably you have learned it from other people who told you that is what it means. But it does not. It clearly says, and We passed over a big portion of it. Also consider other evidence. Consider other things that God has revealed to humanity to realize that there would be other Revelations that would come to humanity.

[From text] This is not for Moslems; it is for Christians, which is the answer.

[From text] So when he says it is for Moslems then he is wrong.

Maitreya: Well, it is not wrong. That is exactly what it is. It is for Moslems. He was talking about Himself that He went over a big portion of the Revelation. He did not reveal everything. As I said, this is only one reason He was not the last Prophet; there are other reasons to also consider. You have to bring the whole package and evidence that God has revealed to humanity. Then you can see, yes, indeed, Prophet Muhammad was the Fourth Seal. He revealed to humanity the Fourth Revelation of the Seven Revelations of God that would come to man.

Only at the time of the Seventh Revelation would the Mystery of God be finished and humanity unified. It explains that each religion and Seal were revealed to humanity for a specific people, for a specific number, and for a specific part of the earth.

GoldenHeart: The Quran is a complete book. Allah said so. If it is complete, why is more needed?

Maitreya: Where in the Koran does it say that the Koran is completed? How could it be completed when there are verses that they omitted from the last book they accepted as the Koran? How can it be completed if there were many verses that were lost?

So we can see that you are following your dogmas, your understanding, not the Word of God.

[from text] Let me find

Maitreya: OK, that is fine. Probably you are going to refer to that Prophet Muhammad said, I have completed your religion for you. As we explained, yes, He did. He completed the religions that came for the people whom He brought it for. Therefore you have to overcome this mindset that you have been grown up with or have been taught.

It is just like the Jews; Christ came, and He was the Messiah. They were waiting for Him. They are still waiting for the Messiah to come. Of course it was OK because that is true, there are two Messiahs, the Messiah Ben David and the Messiah Ben Adam. So probably they are waiting for the Messiah Ben Adam. But still they are fighting Gods Will and Words.

In this time hopefully with the educational systems we have, with the technology we have, with the ability of man to read, understand, discuss, and calmly come to the right conclusions, you will be able to study these teachings and see that what we say is the truth.

There is a question:

Sakura2711: What is Maitreya?

Maitreya: Maitreya is the name of the Savior, the Messiah, the Prophet, the Buddha, the person who is supposed to come in the Buddhist religion to bring the last Revelation of God to them and guide them to the Kingdom of God.

Of course a similar belief is found in all other religions. Hindus are waiting for the Kalki Avatar to come to do the same thing. He is the last Avatar. As Maitreya is the last Buddha, Kalki Avatar is the last Avatar who will come and bring the Kingdom of God on earth according to the Hindus.

Of course Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come. They also are waiting for Him to come and bring the unity of all religions, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Christians are waiting for Christ to come.

Moslems are waiting for Mahdi and also Esa to come.

Esa is the same as Jesus in western Christianity, which really His name never was Jesus.

So all these things you can see are fulfilled with this Revelation and this Mission. Now we have the whole truth. The Revelation has been written down. It has been typed. It has been digitized. It has been put in the Internet. It is the first and only Revelation that came to the Prophet, was written down by Him, was supervised by Him, was put together and provided to the whole humanity to see it with a couple of clicks in the computer.

That is amazing what God has done! God has provided a situation that He can do this. No other Prophet would be able to accomplish this and reach the whole humanity at the same time.

OK, GoldenHeart has a couple of verses here.

GoldenHeart: And We have explained to man, in this Quran/Reading, every kind of example, yet the greater part of mankind refuse to accept. [17:89]

Maitreya: Where does it say it is the last one? OK well, the whole of mankind has to accept that Prophet Muhammad was a Prophet from God and brought the Revelation to humanity, and a lot of them are still refusing. We do not.

We do not refuse that. We accept that as Gods Revelation because He promised to Abram and Abraham that there also will be a Prophet from Ishmael. You have to read our teachings. You would not even post that, if you knew our teachings. We do accept Prophet Muhammad as promised by God to Abram, and then He changed His name, etc.

Next verse:

GoldenHeart: The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.

Maitreya: Exactly. He completed the religion that he brought to the Children of Ishmael. That was their religion or Revelation that He brought to humanity and completed. But He did not complete it in the sense of completing the whole Tablet.

He says He did not. Yes, He finished his religions, exactly. He brought a great truth to humanity and no one can abrogate it. No one can say Prophet Muhammad was not a Prophet from God and what he brought to humanity is not a part of Gods Revelation and revealed.

But you have to go beyond that, understand all the evidence we just gave you, consider them, and realize, Yes, He was a Great Prophet, He did bring a book to humanity, He had a Revelation, but no one knows the truth until the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, opening of the Seven Seals, which will be done with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Prophet Muhammad was not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He never claimed He was the Seventh Angel. He did not open the Seven Seals. It is right there. It is right in the Words of God for you to see.

Now it is up to you to prove it to yourself or not. I am not going to prove it. I am just giving to you the evidence. I am revealing to you the Words of God, what He said He would do, reveal, and send to humanity. It is up to you to prove it to yourself, or not.

If you proved it to yourself, great, you have the greatest grip of the reality of the truth of God in your hand if you understand our Revelation and Book, which is called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.

You cannot understand any religion on earth, any Revelation by God, unless you understand this Book. It is so important to read THOTH, understand the teachings, see the evidence of God, and then proclaim, Yes, indeed, this is the last Revelation of God and humanity is called together as One.

It is up to you. I am glad you came here. I give you the evidence. You can walk away from it and stay with your own beliefs, or you can take this and say, Yes, I have at least to investigate it. Is it really the Christ as Prophet Muhammad said will come at the end time? Or is it just a hoax?

If you prove it to yourself, Yes, this is the One that Prophet Muhammad said would come, then you have the obligation to drop your dogmas, and come and understand the Words of God and Christ.

Another verse:

GoldenHeart: This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear God; [2:2]

Maitreya: Of course. Again we do not disagree. The Koran is a great guidance for humanity. It has revealed a wonderful truth. But the message was surrendering and submission to God.

Even surrendering and submission to God has not been explained exactly to Moslems, what really does surrendering and submission to God mean? Enshallah, if God Wills and I do not have to do anything? Or it means to do the job, do the work, but surrender the work to God?

It does not mean to sit there and do nothing. It does not mean to be lazy. It does not mean that God is going to take care of it for me. God gave you intelligence, hands, feet, and intellect, everything you need so you accomplish what you need done. Do them well and perfect, but then surrender the result to God.

Even greater than surrendering is submission. It means, I will contemplate, meditate, concentrate, and remember God comes through me to do His Will. I am just pure clay and an instrument in His Hand, which He can build me to whatever He wants me to be.

Then His Spirit is going to come through you all the time. Then you are absolutely submitted to His Will and you do not take any credit for anything you do because He is the Doer. That is the meaning of submission. That is the meaning of your religion.

Actually if you come to our Mission and understand our teachings, you become a better Moslem. You become a better Christian, a better Jew, a better Hindu, a better Buddhist. You will become a son of God.

Sakura2711: I am waiting for the Day of Judgment, not a man, to come.

Maitreya: Well, it is said a man will come when the Day of Judgment is here. It has been prophesied in every religion that only one man, not everyone else, not every person can follow their own path and say, Well, we found it by ourselves. Only one person has been chosen by God to come to humanity as the last Revealer of the last Revelation of God, and that Revelation is the purest and most complete.

It does not matter what we are waiting for or what we believe, the most important thing is, What is the Will of God? If we understand this simple truth then we put our understandings away. We realize how God works, and He will not change His Ways. We will surrender and submit ourselves to this truth, which is based on the Word of God.

A lot of people like to believe that they can understand themselves the Word of God. But the Word of God is clearly given in this Mission and Revelation, and is now presented to you and everyone else on earth.

Some people say, Not everyone has a computer. Well, if you do not have a computer, in most countries (even in the undeveloped countries) there are restaurants and cafes that you can go to, have a cup of tea or something, and connect to the Internet and read our Revelation.

So God can even take care of that one for everyone to be able to read this Revelation.

GoldenHeart: If every kind of example is in this book, why is a new Book needed?

Maitreya: There is not every example in the Koran. The Koran did not cover the Mystical Paths. That is why you have Sufis who came later, and most of the people in Islam do not accept Sufis as a part of Gods Revelation. So it did not cover everything because it did not include the Mystical Paths.

It is the Word of God that is the Fourth Revelation. If you want to argue, we are not going to argue here. The only thing we can present to you is the truth that God said there are going to be Seven Revelations, and Islam is the Fourth One. Prophet Muhammad clearly said that He did not reveal everything. He was not the Seventh Angel. Now we are asking you to either prove it to yourself or disprove it.

We just gave you all the evidence there is to give you.

GoldenHeart: It does not say He is sending us another Prophet.

Maitreya: Yes, it does. Read the Revelation of the Revelation or the last book in Bible. It clearly says there are going to be Seven Revealers.

Sakura2711: The Quran is complete, and a complete guidance for all mankind. I am waiting for God, the Unseen, to judge me.

Maitreya: Yes, He has already judged everyone and all the nations. This Revelation is the sign of that coming judgment. Those who are with this Revelation and become the Elects, and will create the Communities of Light, will be saved. Those who resist God and His Word, and stay with their own understanding instead of the Word of God, will be thrown into darkness and a greater ignorance. That is not a good place to be.

Sakura2711: Submission to God alone, that is my calling.

Maitreya: OK. I do not see any question. It is just repetition of the dogmas again.

Sakura2711: Yes, there is every example in the Koran that will give you spiritual guidance to save your soul on the Day of Judgment.

Maitreya: Yes, it is the example of the surrendering and submission.

Anyway, so we can see that indeed this Revelation is for mankind and humanity has to overcome their dogmas and understandings, and realize that God clearly has revealed this to humanity, and as long as they are not listening, they can go ahead and fight and destroy one another.

They will eventually realize that they will not succeed because it is not the Will of God. All of them are done with. All the religions before this Revelation are finished; they are done with.

Now it is the time for the coming of the Golden Age, of the time that humanity will realize God and His wonderful history and Revelation fully, and they will come together and realize God is everything. God is not the divider. God is the Unifier. He has been here, He was here, He will be here forever, and His Spirit is in every man, woman, and child. We are all the Children of God.

It is not that one religion only is the Chosen One. Not one religion is the people who will be saved, but those who follow the Eternal Divine Path and Gods Revelation to man are those who are called the Elects, not those who believe in a set of dogmas and even do not listen or consider the truth that has been revealed to them so clearly.

Apparently Shakti has a question. Go ahead Shakti, you have your hand up. Do you have a question? If you do, go ahead and grab the mic.

Shakti: Thank you Maitreya-ji. I had a problem getting the mic. Thank you.

The question is, we are taught that when the Prophets came, the Messiahs came, and opened each of the Seals, they gave the truth from God. And in no way did they want the followers to worship them. Why do the followers of the different religions continually want to, it feels like they want to just worship the Prophet, the Messiah, which I understand, respect? We are taught to respect the Messenger. But it seems like they are worshipping the Messenger instead of understanding what He truly said, what God said. Thank you.

Maitreya: We should not be surprised by seeing this. As we have discussed many times, this time God created this wonderful technology that we can sit here and reveal the truth without them being able to throw stones at us, crucify us, shoot us, and create an environment that we can express our Revelation to humanity without all those problems that other Prophets had. In this sense we are indeed blessed that they physically cannot harm us, at least in this way that we are and revealing to them the Truth.

However, after they accepted the Prophet, humanity always was very attached to their Revealer, Revelation, Prophets, and religions. Every time a new Revelation and Prophet of God came, they opposed him, killed him, stoned him, and crucified him.

None of them had the computer and Internet that they can sit and say the truth, and such a wonderful clear truth that it is amazing that anyone would fight with it. When their religion, their people, and their world is under attack, and they can see that their world and their revelation is not catching on, still they insist that they are the one that has been chosen by God to bring the last Revelation of God or the best Revelation of God, or the only Revelation of God to humanity, when God and His Scripture clearly says otherwise.

That is the only thing we can present or represent to them, the truth, and reveal to them exactly what Gods Word is, and how they can understand it and find this truth.

So it is not very surprising. They are attached to their religions, to their cultures. That was the problem of Prophet Muhammad too. When He came, they called Him crazy. They called Him a person possessed with the jinns, or unclean spirits. They said He said the same thing as the old tales. They burned his home and belongings, and kicked him out of Mecca.

His followers had to go to another country, another nation, to a Christian nation and become refugees there, and on and on. That is the nature of man. That is the nature of the human. That is the way it has been.

So we can see that religion is not compulsory. It is not something we can really push on people. That is why we have invited them to go and prove it to themselves.

I proved it to myself. You, who are in the Mission, proved it to yourselves. The only thing I gave you was the evidence. You saw the evidence, you saw the Truth, and you now are Divines. Those who accepted these teachings and were Christians are now Divines. Those in Judaism, they are Divines. Those who were Hindus or whatever religion you were in, now you are also Divines. You went beyond your understanding and realized that God indeed has revealed this truth to humanity, and all have to come and see it.

So man likes to become involved in their little things in life. That is why in this Revelation we even do not have the name for God. He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Now tell that to the Moslems. They will say, No, His Name is Allah.

Say that to a Jew and he will say, No, He is Jweh or Jehovah, although when the Jewish people or Hebrews had pronounced the name they would be stoned. So it is not surprising that these people are attached to their religion and their beliefs.

But this is the Revelation now that has come to man, and they have to recognize this truth in a greater degree.

OK Proven1, you have a question, so ahead.

Proven1: Yes, excuse me for my English. I would like to ask you that hell, someone told to me that hell is the remoteness. But I found in the Koran that hell is really a fire. There is fire in the Koran there for unbelievers. Do you believe that?

Maitreya: Hell is in every religion, so is the devil. For those people that it was revealed to them at that time, the symbolic meaning of it was much more powerful than this time that humanity has intellect and knowledge has increased.

Believing in a physical place as hell and heaven for many people who have studied psychology and this new way of seeing that the human is consciousness, now God can reveal to them, hell is really a state of consciousness. Devil is temptation and the lower nature of man. Therefore they can mediate, overcome the devil, and go to Pure Consciousness. This can be understood in a greater way at this time.

So the Revelation of God comes according to the time, place, and people involved. At that time if someone would have said that it is a state of consciousness, it would have been very hard for them to understand. But now when you say, When you are under the influence of your subconscious mind, which has been created in many lifetimes, it makes it very easy for them to understand, Yes, there is a barrier between my conscious mind and my Unconscious Mind, which is God, and therefore by meditation and resolving my karmas from many lifetimes I can reach the Unconscious Mind, which is God, and go to Him.

If you say hell is a place with the physical attributes, then still it is not an explanation of the reality because anything that has a physical attribute is created, and the goal of the creation eventually is to reach a point that nothing has the creative attribute but is in pure form (the Essence).

Go ahead, Proven.

Proven 1: Thank you, Maitreya. I do not find that the Divine Path is easy for everyone. What about intellectual people? Should I read all the Scriptures to know the Divine Path? I could not understand it well, 100%. It is very difficult for me and for other people. I would like to ask you about that.

Maitreya: It is a new wine, and it should be put in a new skin. It has to be understood that God reveals the Revelation according to peoples understanding, and peoples understanding is greater at this time than at any other time.

If I understand correctly, you are asking if the Eternal Divine Path is a very hard Path to follow. It is very difficult for me and for other people. OK, why is it hard for people like you? Well, we will just assume it is.

The Eternal Divine Path is a simple explained Path. But it is not easy to follow. I agree with you. Absolutely. That is why it has been in the process of selecting and electing the Elects for the last 12,000 years.

People before the flood of Noah, before the last 12,000 years, they also knew about the Eternal Divine Path and they did not follow it. That is why they fell, and that is why they had to be eliminated so a new kind of human would be created, live on earth, progress, and have history and all the things that have been explained in THOTH how they happened and came to this point.

Those who see the Vision, little by little they will start meditating and awakening their spiritual forces, and they long to create the Communities of Light. They realize they have to sacrifice for them; otherwise they are not going to be the Communities of Light. They understand what the Will of God is for them, and surrender and submit to it, etc.

So it is not an easy Path. I never said it is easy. It is a hard Path. But that is the Path that takes you to God. As Christ said, It is a narrow Path. It is a Path that leads you to Light, and there is a very wide path that leads you to destruction and darkness. This Path is not easy but that is the Path that takes you to God. So if you want to follow easy path, that easy path does not lead you to life. But the narrow Path and the hard Path will lead you to God.

That humanity has to understand, that this is the narrow Path. It is a hard Path.

But it should not be hard for the Elects, those who have been chosen and they have been meditating, awakening their spiritual forces for a long time, those who have been with the Great Masters and teachers for many lifetimes, those who have been with Moses and the Great Prophets in the Old Testament, those who followed Christ and probably some of them were even crucified, those who came as the followers of Prophet Muhammad, and the followers of Bab, and on and on, by this time they have created a greater resilience and ability to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Those are the people we are calling. We are calling the Elects, the people that the Eternal Divine Path is not hard for them to follow.

It is hard for humanity. It is hard for most of the people on earth. But we are not calling everyone. We are calling the Elects, those people who want to follow the narrow Path and they want to go to the Light.

If you want to follow the wide path, then it is easy and most of humanity is following that path. But will they go to God? Will they reach Pure Consciousness? Will they reach their goal? Maybe they will in many, many lifetimes in the future, in thousands or millions of years when they also become Elects.

But this time we are only looking for 144,000 Elects and of course a couple of million or so people who support these Elects. So 144,000 compared to six billion is a drop in the bucket, even smaller than a drop in the bucket. It is very small number to Call.

These people truly want to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and it is not hard for them.

So we agree with you, it is a narrow Path, it is a hard Path, but it is the Path to the salvation of man. If it was easy God would have given it from the very beginning and everyone would have followed it.

He has been trying to guide humanity to follow this Path for thousands of years. Eventually, 12,000 years ago, He realized that a lot of people have fallen off too far; there is no way they can come back and follow this Path. They had to be destroyed.

Now we are again at the same crossroads that humanity has reached a point that many have fallen so far that it is hard to bring them back. They will bring destruction and tribulation on themselves.

The Scriptures are very clear on that, what is going to happen at the end time, how Babylon the great will fall, how the people who have been following this manifested world and what they thought is all there is to life, and they chose the easy life, the rich life, the life of being fallen away from God, will be completely destroyed.

That is the truth of it. My human part does not like the destruction that is coming. My human part longs to see the peace and unity between all humanity and for this destruction to stop now. But the reality of the Word of God is, there is a tribulation coming. Of course a lot of people do not believe that.

They did not believe what Noah told them either. They ridiculed him, and they thought he was crazy making a huge ship in the middle of the desert that there was no water for it. They thought he had gone crazy. But that was the truth of it. The flood came.

Only God knew when the flood was going to come. But He said it was going to come. He said to Noah it was going to come, and it came!

He said in the Scriptures that there is going to be tribulation and great destruction will come to humanity, and it will. When? God only knows. The only thing we have is the way to escape it. What we know is how to build the ship. The ship, this time, is the Communities of Light. That is how we will escape the flood, how we will escape the coming of the tribulation and destruction.

That is what we are giving to humanity here, Come out of it. Come out of the Babylon the great. Come to God and His last Revelation. Let us build this ship. Let us build this straight haven for humanity who will come and join it, and create the Communities of Light. The whole Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on these communities, on the Communities of Light.

Therefore it is a Call to the brave. It is a Call to the Elects.

AdelDaharma: Can you keep Passover and other Feasts on your own without the right environment (Community Of Light)?

Maitreya: Well, you can try. There is no doubt about that, you can try it in the middle of the ocean of Maya and the places in the world that are not with you. It is going to be hard. It is going to be harder for you to do it all by yourself.

So the best way is to search and seek like-minded people in your area and the people who can join you and create Communities of Light wherever you are. At the same time God created a wonderful tool. This computer and this cyber-community that we have is a support system for those who are in the middle of no where and they have no other people who they can relate to and talk about, or follow what we teach here.

Therefore you can come here and always know that this community is here for anyone. You can come to our rooms, send e-mails, join our different activities we do, and therefore we can help you to not feel as isolated as you would without them.

But if you do not and do not participate you will fall into Maya in a greater degree. By coming here you will become stronger. Maybe as you become stronger you will reach to more people to come to you and join you.

At this time it seems, as you can see, not very many people are listening to this Message. If they are not listening to me as the first Revealer, probably they will listen to you even less as the second revealer.

As dedicated as I am to this Mission, I have been able to attract very few people to this Revelation. If you are not as dedicated as I am, you will have a harder time to bring those who are close to you to see the Vision as well.

So the whole process is to become more dedicated to this Mission and see the Vision clearly and become 100% for it, and then reach to those around you.

It is not an easy job. I understand it. You go out there. You live in a world that is different than what you believe and what you know. But you know better than anyone else what Gods Will is and therefore rejoice on that. Do your best, and never give up.

Those are the two phrases that came through my mouth when I started the Mission: Never give up, never suicide. There are two things that the Elects will not do. They will not give up, and they will not suicide because it is against Gods Will and Understanding.

Therefore you have a wonderful work to do but humanity is not ready for it. As you can see, we have come to them as the thief of the night. It has been here for twenty-five years but it is not catching on. But at the same time the Revelation is purified, it is written down, and it is put in the website. So we have come as a thief in the night in this lifetime to make everything prepared.

You all have been called for to continue this, and make this in a very strong organization and religion that when next lifetime I return we can continue this. According to Gods Revelation, in the third lifetime we will bring the Kingdom of God on earth for sure.

So be aware it is not an easy job to do. But at the same time, continue doing it and never give up. And join this community. Wrap yourself with this cyber-community more so you do not feel as left out as you might otherwise.

OK. If there is no other question

Proven1: Will you leave now?

Maitreya: No, if you have any questions Proven, go ahead, and ask me. It is all right. I can stay a little longer if you have a question. But our time is up. That does not mean I will leave. Do you have any other question? Go ahead Proven.

Proven1: Thank you, Maitreya. Did you come to show the Divine Path only?

Maitreya: Yes, and more. Indeed there is tribulation because humans are not listening to Gods Revelations. They are still separating themselves and they have destructive tendencies. They do not distribute the resources correctly. They have not created the Communities of Light to share with one another. They have different ideas of the religion and world and life. So they are lost, and that is why they are having so much destruction.

We have not reached to space to bring a greater degree of resources so everyone has a higher standard of living. So those who have a higher standard of living do not want to give up anything of themselves to those who do not have a higher standard of living. So there are a lot of problems on earth that the solutions have been given in this Mission, that will bring peace and unity to humanity.

But they are not listening and God does not bring destruction. Humans bring destruction on themselves by not listening to God. And this has been prophesied. Therefore do not concentrate on the destruction and negativity but keep your vision toward the light at the end of the tunnel, which is the coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If you can help someone to be fed or, even better teach them how to feed themselves, go ahead and help them. If you have the resources to create an environment that more people have their physiological and safety needs taken care of, do.

But the best thing at this time is to concentrate on bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to giving his Message out, to encourage humanity to see this Vision of God, and to bring the Elects together to create the Facilitating Body, so we can create a viable system that the Communities of Light have been created as fast as possible so the hierarchy on earth will come from this community and will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Then we will not have all this destruction that we have now.

But at this time there are so many problems on earth that getting engaged in them will take you away from the greater Vision. As Christ said, The poor have been with us all the time. But bringing the Kingdom and listening to this Revelation is greater than helping the poor or trying to just help these destructive tendencies in a very small manner. At the end, when we reach a point that we have Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, we can help many in a greater degree.

So do not concentrate on destruction. Destruction has been prophesied to come. Humanity is lost. We know that. They do not know that.

They fight it. They want to stay in that level and as long as humans have the choice to choose the wrong path, you cannot help them. That is Gods Way. They have been given the free will. They can follow this teaching, they can see the Way of God, or they cannot.

I guess we will end our Conversation here today. Again we wish you all God-luck. Be with God, and see the truth and Vision clearly. Show it to other people. That is the main goal and main work at this time, to bring the Elects together to create the Facilitating Body and Gods Will.

Have a wonderful Godly day. Hopefully we will see you next week.


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