MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room. As usual we will be together here for an hour and a half. We will be going through our teachings, and we will have conversation together of this new Revelation that has come to humanity.

Of course the best news for the last week was that the government of Australia and all the parties there now are informed of this Revelation, and they were sent our materials and have been told what is Gods Will for the next phase of human evolution. Therefore they are informed of Gods Will.

That is a good idea for everyone in your nation or country; send our materials to your parties and your governments. Inform them that this is Gods Will, and if they want to bring peace, unity, and prosperity to humanity, and eventually create an environment that everyone is longing for, this is the way to go. Therefore it is encouraged that everyone do the same thing as Openeye did, and send to your governments and representatives the Will of God so maybe they are also guided and know how to approach the next step in human evolution.

We hope that you have gone to our website again and you have been in our rooms during the week, you know about the teachings, and you have come here to see how your religion falls into this overall umbrella of the Revelations and how all the Revelations have come from the same God. Now they have been put together, and the end time indeed has been revealed to humanity.

Even the greatest Prophets and Visionaries could not receive this Vision and this Revelation because it was sealed; it was kept away from the human understanding and Revelations to this time. It clearly says in the Bible that those who had the Vision even could not reveal it to man and it would be a Mystery until this Seventh Revelation comes.

Therefore this is the truth, this is from God, and all the religions and those who have Prophets should come and see the Word of God, not their own understandings or dogmas or preachers, or rabbis, or mullahs, but what did God say would happen at the end time? So no one could have known this truth until the Seventh Angel comes, and it is then that the Mystery of God would be revealed to humanity.

Therefore if you have any religion that says, This will not come, that is a dogma. If any religion says, We are different than the rest of humanity, ours is better, or, We are the chosen ones, or we are the last ones, those are human understandings because Gods Revelation and Words are clear that there will be Seven Revelations before the whole Mystery of God would be finished.

This is the Message that we have to give to the whole of humanity and invite them to come here and see that this Revelation not only unifies all the religions of the world, but also it shows how to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and how based on the Eternal Divine Path, this is possible.

It is not a revelation or the teaching that says, Ours is better than yours, or, Yours is bad, and the other one is good, but it is a Revelation that is based on the Word of God. It is the fulfillment of the expectations of all religions on earth. It is the Word of God based on accepted Scriptures, including the Bible (Old Testament, New Testament), Koran, Upanishads, Vedas, and all the other Scriptures that have come to man.

It is not a religion that separates and brings destruction and wars to man, but it brings the healing power between them and lets them see each other as a part of a greater truth. Therefore our healing power in this lifetime is our Message. The miracle of this Mission is the Message because it has the greatest healing power ever released to humanity.

All of us have to recognize this clearly and realize that there is nothing more important in our lives, nothing, than this Message, this Revelation, the Word of God and that we have been called as the Chosen People, as the Paravipras, as the Elects, as those who have been called as the first fruit, to take this Message to humanity in every way possible. So more and more people can see this Revelation clearly and accept it, come together and create the Communities of Light and the Facilitating Body, and eventually as the song Samgacchadvam clearly says, As we know one another, we will become one.

At this time humans do not know each other well. They have been separated by hundreds and thousands of miles. They did not have this closeness that we have with the transportation that we have, with the Internet, with the news. It has never happened that a war will be going on in another nation and you can see it right in your own sitting room, on your TV.

You can communicate with someone on the other side of the world in seconds. Therefore we are becoming closer to each other. Of course, if the two neighbors hate each other, they might create wars and destruction for one another. But if the neighbors do come to know each other and realize that they are all good people but they have different ideas, as that book said, Some people put the butter at the top of the bread and some put it on the bottom Just accept it is OK. You can eat bread and butter any way you want. It does not matter. That should not become a point of contention, war, and destruction. With this tolerance and also with this Revelation, humanity eventually will bring the healing power among themselves and start getting to know one another.

You are all the children of God. You are all humans. You have the same kind of frailty, ideas, and ego.

We are not different. We are all humans so how can one be better than the other? One might be more educated, more civilized, better mannered, or cleaner, or smell better, or whatever. But inside that skin is the same Essence of God that is in you. There is no difference.

As we get to know one another better and become closer, those little differences will vanish. And with the way God has revealed to humanity, we can bring them closer and those differences also will eventually vanish in the background and they will become closer.

So we have started a great Movement, a great march toward bringing the Kingdom of God on earth. But we are not there. There are humans that are still hanging onto their religions, beliefs, and dogmas, and they cannot let go of them. They are creating separation and destruction, and people are fearful because their economy or their lifestyle has been threatened. They want to keep it the way they are used to.

So any change is equal with confusion, even in the spiritual progress when someone goes from one level of spiritual understanding to another one for a period of time, there will be confusion, and there will be chaos in ones life or spirit. But eventually when everything is cleared up and that person sees the next level clearly, they will be in a better shape. That is exactly what is happening on earth.

This is the way to that next step, this Revelation: Eternal Divine Path, Communities of Light. This is the message that everyone has to see: That it is from God. It has been prophesied. It is here, and the sooner we let everyone know, including our governments and parties, and people that they are trying to run our lives, the sooner they might see that their way is not working, and they will relent their ideas to Gods Ideas. They will eventually bring Gods Way to humanity. That will lead to unity, peace, and prosperity for everyone.

This is not just a cult or an idea or a little truth that someone found, or someone cooked up some event that a being from outer space came and told me to do this or to do that. It is a Revelation that God said would come. It is not comparable with any other religion or movement or idea. This is the next evolutionary step for humanity.

This is what all of us have been waiting for, for many lifetimes. We came with Adam. We were his disciples or close associates. We came with Noah. We came with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We were with Christ, Mohammad, and Bab. Many of you have been martyred many times for your ideals. So you are strong, idealistic people who have come for many lifetimes to fulfill Gods Will. Now you have come and are connected to this Revelation.

Therefore again we are together to see this through that it will happen eventually. And we have to meditate on this and see what actions you can take that will be most effective in spreading this Mission and this Message to humanity, any way you can reach out, to your neighbors, to your city, to your schools, to your government, even to the United Nations if someone has a connection there. You can let them know. There are a lot of good people there. They want to see the kingdom comes. But, of course, they have their own ideas, and they are more secular. They are having a hard time to bring God into their work.

This teaching is logical. It is based on science. Even a secular person can see that it is a logical Revelation from the Spirit. And the Spirit is the Consciousness. Everyone believes in Consciousness. If you do not have Consciousness, you will not be conscious. Therefore you will not even be able to see, or feel, to decide, or anything like that.

Therefore the existence of Consciousness is logical. It is not a God sitting on a chair up there always angry and yelling at humanity. It is a Revelation based on the truth. That is the truth of the matter. The ultimate manifestation of God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It is the Consciousness and the three creative forces.

We do not even give the name to this God as maybe some Moslems think Its name is Allah. But Allah is not a name. It is a mantra.

So ours is much more unifying, even in that aspect. It is the Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal God. This Revelation is the ultimate truth that has come to shatter all the narrowness and misunderstanding in humanity.

This room is for conversation with me. If I say something that it brings some question to your mind or you have something that you have gone to our website and your curiosity has been aroused about something that we have not covered yet, you can ask your questions here from me. Of course, we have already covered many questions that you can read in the website. The tapes and the teachings are all posted in the website. You can go, search, listen, and download all the audios of the Conversations and Satsangs that have been given. It has been going on for more than twenty years, and we have hundreds and thousands of people who have asked questions in all topics that can be imagined that can be asked. So that is another place that you can go to find all about these teachings and this realization.

So if you have a question, you can go there. Also here, of course, is for you to come and let us have Conversation about the Mission. The Mission of Maitreya basically is the Revelation that has been prophesied to come at the end time. And this is the end time. We can see the whole earth is in upheaval, and it seems no one has the answer. Even those who think they have the answer, later on they realize they made a mistake. The way they acted was not correct, and they will not succeed because that is what God said, that there is no other way.

God has been trying to tell humanity from the very beginning of creation and the coming of Adam that, Your salvation is Me. I am your God that brings salvation. As long as humans keep hanging onto their own understandings, they will have problems.

It is just like a little child who wants to fix a broken car. That child does not know how the car works, what are the mechanics of the car, where are the cylinders and the electric distributors, and all those things that have to be put in a correct way to work fine.

That is exactly what The Holiest Of The Holies is. It is the Manual. It is the way given to humanity for the ultimate salvation of man. And no other religion has the whole Manual. They have a part of it, and that is why they are so confused. It is just like giving a mechanic only a part of the engine and telling him to fix the car. He cannot. It is not going to work. The parts are not perfect. He does not know how everything relates to each other.

Now the whole Manual is given to humanity, and it says, That is how it works. There are the Mystical Paths. They are the Revelations that were given mostly to the Far East: Hinduism and Buddhism, and all the related religions. That is the first step: Close your eyes. Close your senses because your senses are like wild horses pulling you toward the external world, to the Maya.

That is the first step in your spiritual progress. It is the first step in the Manual. You close your eyes. You let the energy go within. You gain control over the wild horses so the wild horses cannot take you where they want to take you but you take the wild horses where you want to take them.

Then the wild horses become tamed horses. They become a pleasure to ride, a pleasure to have. Then you have five strong powerful horses to base your actions on. Then you will be concentrated on the Will of God to do what is required to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Your senses do not put you in situations that are not Godly or are not based on Gods Words. You control the senses.

That is the first step. That is the Mystical Paths, experience with God.

When you have an experience with God, then you know the Truth. But if you follow a religion, a set of dogmas and man-made ideas, then you have a religion. There are probably more than five and a half or more billion people on earth that have religion, and they believe that they know God. But the true religion or truth is when you experience God and you know God truly exists, and there is no separation between you. Otherwise you are just going to accept the preachers words and my words even, for the truth without even knowing yourself or progressing in a greater degree and still you keep your ego. You do not see yourself clearly. That is not what God wants. God wants everyone to know themselves clearly and become a master of their own domain, of their own self and Soul.

We have given you the Path, the Way, to do that. But who is going to do it? You are going to do it. As Christ said, Even when he healed people, the unclean spirit went and found seven more, and their state became worse. That means that even Christ realized that if the people do not learn how to heal themselves, they still might be in problems or trouble because they have not learned how to do it, and they will not be able to heal themselves.

So if I follow the Eternal Divine Path and I tell you all how the Eternal Divine Path works but you do not follow It, it is not going to help you.

This is the time for humanity to grow up, to become mature. Even those who are Elects have to recognize and realize that each of you have to become a son of God. Each of you has to be connected to God directly.

And how can you be directly connected to God? By following the Eternal Divine Path, the last Revelation of God, creation of the Communities of Light, becoming the Facilitating Body, becoming a part of this Truth and the Mission. This Mission asks for action. This Mission asks for your understanding of the Plan of God.

Maybe that is why there are not too many people who have joined the Mission because many people just want someone to come and do it for them. It is not going to happen. I promise all of those people who are waiting for a Messiah to come and say, Here it is, peace and Kingdom come on earth in half an hour, it will not happen. It never happened and never will happen like that.

If it could have happened that way, God did not have to go through the elaborate creation, the changing of man to what we are, the closing of the third eye, the creation of a man who does not have the connection to Spirit and they think they are only the body, taking away the telepathic ability, etc., to make a helpless human to what they are now. He would have brought humans back to the Essence there and then.

Human in the beginning was not helpless. They had connection to the Spirit. That is why God had to take them through all these stages so now He can help them to make the decision themselves to return back to the Essence. It is only then that they can be helped. One of these steps was that He released the Seven Seals to humanity, one at a time, as a religion for the last 12,000 years.

So it is you who has to meditate. It is you who has to awaken your spiritual forces. It is you who has to realize this teaching in a deeper level. And of course when you realize it, we become One. You become a coworker in Gods Work, and we will work together closely to bring Gods Kingdom to earth.

Therefore those who are waiting for a powerful Messiah to come and do it for them, it will not happen. Give them the bad news that you are waiting in vain because that is not how God works.

History has shown it clearly that is not how God Works. He sends a Messenger who is a human. He prophesies for a long time for Him to come. And when He comes, He clearly has all the backing and the resume He needs for Him to go to humanity and tell them, I am a Prophet of God, and I have this Message for you.

That is exactly what happened here. He clearly prophesied for hundreds and thousands of years in all religions of the world that there is going to be one final Revelation. There is going to be a final Manifestation, a final Message for humanity and that will bring unity to all the religions on earth and His Kingdom will come.

This has happened now, therefore our resume is impeccable. There is no other human on earth who can bring such a resume. Therefore the authority is given to this Mission to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Now you know it. You also know that God has called you for this. This time, God is behind this 100%. It is not a part of the Revelation that God will not complete; it is the Whole, because He knows later on those who will be lost will come back again at this time.

That is why He did not write down the Koran when Prophet Muhammad was on earth. And there was more than one version of it. Some people say, Is that the Wisdom of God if that Revelation comes and then God lets it not to be perfect?

Yes it is, because that was not the perfect Revelation from God. That was only a part of the Perfect Revelation. Only when the Perfect Revelation comes, then God will make it very sure.

It will not be changed. It will be published. It will be written down and put into the Internet, corrected, and purified to a point that that Revelation cannot be changed at all because it is going to be only one version. It has been revealed through the Chosen Person who God said would bring this Revelation and would put It on the Internet.

Therefore we can see that this is the Wisdom of God indeed, that He created an environment for this Revelation to reach every corner of the world in this time. It could not have come from Prophet Muhammad. It could not have come from Christ. It could not have come from Moses.

God knew about the Internet. God knew about electricity. God knew about everything that we have. It is not something that scientists suddenly realized it and said, Oh, this is electricity. The only thing that happened is God guided those scientists to tame that electricity and use it for human progress. But God already knew all of these.

Why didnt He give that to Prophet Muhammad or Christ or other people? Because it was not time for it. There were not perfect. They were not the last Revelation of God. But this now is.

You who hear these Words are all over the world and are hearing this Revelation so clearly, and you can go with a couple of clicks of your mouse to our website and see the whole Plan of God there. It is unprecedented what is happening here. You might say, Oh there are other religions or groups now that have the same capability. Yes, that is true. But they do not have the entire resume that God gave to this Revelation.

Therefore a lot of people will use Gods Blessings and take the crumbs falling from the table. But the truth is that this is It, and those who are invited to this Feast will have the best of the best.

Therefore the planning is perfect. His Wisdom is great. His understanding is impeccable. His timing is correct. And the Revelation is perfect.

So we awaken our spiritual forces. We meditate. Again the next step, it is you who has to create the Communities of Light. The next step is to inform everyone of this new Revelation. If you cannot create the Communities of Light at this time, at least come closer to the Mission and if you can, become a part of the Facilitating Body.

It is the Blessing of God that has called us for this Revelation. God does not owe us anything. Indeed we owe all ourselves that we have been so blessed to receive this Revelation of God, and realize that He has Blessed us that He brought us this Revelation.

When you create the Communities of Light or become a member of the Facilitating Body, or a supporter of this movement, you will be Blessed greatly. This movement is huge, is talking about bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We need support in every level, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to accomplish this. It is not another small little group that says, Do not worry about it. Just meditate, and you are going to be OK.

He says, No, you have to become a productive member of the society and then, of course, help this Movement at the same time. This is a Calling all around, in all levels of your life and your community, and everything. It is a new wine. We are trying to create a new earth and a new heaven. Everything is going to be new and renewed. That is why it is so odd to a lot of people. They think it is going to stay the way they see it. The earth is going to stay the way they envision it and accept it as the way it is.

It is not going to be the same. The earth will be changed. The new earth and new heaven will come. This is the preparation of that: Our meditation, the awakening of our spiritual forces, our understanding of the Eternal Divine Path and all the religions of the world, how they are unified, and how God sent all of them to humanity.

So the Call is out. You have heard it. You have been with it. In a sense my Mission is really done. I have brought the Revelation to humanity and to you. You have heard it. Now it is up to you to take it to every level in the world and spread this Message.

Of course they are going to be resisting it. Maybe you are afraid to be resisted. You are afraid to be rejected. You are afraid that you family will say you are crazy, etc. If you have those fears, you have not seen the Vision. The fire has not caught you.

You have to let the fire, fire up you so high that no matter if the whole world is against you, you know that you are correct. You are saying the truth. They are all incorrect.

This is the best news for humanity. This is the next step of human evolution. That is where we are going. That is the Train going to God and bringing His Kingdom on earth. Why do you want to be on any other train than the One that is chosen and clearly revealed where humanity is going?

His Kingdom is coming. The question is, Do you want to be in the Kingdom or not? The question is, Do you want to be in that Train or are you going to just sit, I do not know, maybe I go, maybe I do not. Maybe I get into the train. Maybe I stay on the sidelines?

Hey, the Train is going to go. If you stay on the sidelines, the Train is gone, and you will be left with those who will not be in the Kingdom.

So we need, not really need, but we could use all the help from all who have heard this Message. We know that it is going to happen no matter what.

No matter what, this Revelation will be fulfilled. But it is nice to be a part of it and see the people that they really are connected and dedicated to it. They have seen the Vision. Of course, we do not want you to dedicate yourself to the Mission if you have not seen the Vision, that is for sure. It is not something that should be forced on anyone. It should come from your own heart.

I am saying the truth but that does not mean I am forcing you to do it and say, Maitreya said it, therefore I have to do it. No, you have to see the Vision clearly, how God promised Abraham and Abram that He would have Prophets coming from both of his children, Isaac and Ishmael; how He fulfilled them; how He sent those Prophets that He said that He would send; how He prophesied that there were going to be Seven Seals, Seven Angels, Seven Prophets, and Seven Revelations, and how He fulfilled them all of them. Now He sent all these in this Revelation clearly.

If you see the Vision and you become one with it, and you are still able to walk away from this Mission, then you have not seen the Vision. You have not seen the Vision clearly. You have not realized that indeed it is from God, and you are absolutely surrendered and submitted to that Will.

Of course it is becoming more and more difficult for humanity to have that dedication because the Maya is much more powerful too. Everyone is told to, Buy, have, play, see, watch, listen. And they are pulling you in all directions, Be your own God, do not worry about God, you are God yourselves.

Yes you are, but you manifest the real God in your Spirit. You become good wood, which has a good fire. The fire that comes from the good wood will ignite much other good wood to become fire. As we have more wood who will join this fire, it is going to be a roaring fire on earth that will bring the beauty that humanity is looking for.

Therefore work on yourselves. Work on the wood. Work on your Essence. The greater that Essence will become the greater personality and person you will be. And you will have the Fire of God and this Revelation in your heart and your being in a greater degree. Then you will be manifesting great things on earth for humanity, and all will see that and will marvel at how all this wonderful wood, wonderful Essence, wonderful Beings, have come to earth and they are all fired up with this new Revelation of God that they have unified all the religions of the world.

They can talk with the Moslems and make them to realize that indeed they have to come and join this new Revelation because theirs is not perfect.

They can talk to the Bahais, and they will see, Yes indeed, this Revelation comes shortly after their Revelation. As God said, Wait a short time after the Fifth Seal, and this Revelation will come. It is not going to be 1,000 years; it is a very short period of time. Two hundred years is a short time in Gods Timing.

You can talk to the Christians and let them realize that their teaching has been greatly affected with the pagan teachings, and also Christ came here to finish many things and release The Grace. Anyone who believes in Christ will receive The Grace. But Prophet Muhammad, Bab and Bahaullah, and all the other religions and teachings also are from God. Therefore they have to overcome the words of Paul, and come and see the truth of the Words of God, that He said there would be Seven Revelations, etc.

You become a source of knowledge, a source of inspiration for all religions. They might resist you, but keep at it. Go to new people. See the people who are ready. They will come to you after a while.

It is just like the cold people in the darkness that see a bonfire somewhere, and they will come to that fire because they want to be warmed up. They want to see the light. If they come to you, guide them to the Mission, guide them to God. Do not attach them to yourself; if you do that, then you become a false Prophet. You become in the Way of God as the teachers, rabbis, mullahs, fathers, sons, gurus and many others have become. They have become God themselves. They have attached man to themselves instead of taking them to God. They tell them anything, anything at all as long as they can keep them connected to them.

Not in this Mission. I connect you to God. So if you are fired up with this teaching, be very careful not to become an obstacle, not to become a log in the way to God but purely let God come through and purely guide them to God.

So therefore you are absolutely free. You become a connector of humanity to the Highest, instead of connecting them to yourself and after a while you have no choice but to create some dogmas and ideas that are not Godly. Then we will have a religion with a lot of teachers who separate each teacher from another, and we will have another movement that will die, will die very fast, as many other religions are dead at this time because the people are not going to God; they are not connected or directed to God. They are connected to whatever the preacher thinks is correct. And they discard the Words of God and the Revelations, and teach their own understanding. Human understanding is not perfect. Gods Revelations and Words are.

If we can create 144,000 of such beings on earth and a couple of million of supporters of these 144,000, we indeed can shake this earth from its foundation. We can make humanity see clearly the Word of God. We will not have Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Jews, Christians, and Bahais. We will have realized people. We will have people who are connected to God. Then we can make other people see their dogmas and their religions, and tell them, Have you ever experienced God yourself directly? If you have not, then you are following mans ideas because you do not know.

You might have gone to a movie or read a book, and you come to me and you tell me about it. Still I have not seen that movie or read that book. I do not know the details. I do not know as much as you do. But if I go to that movie myself, or read that book, then I know the details and I can talk to you about what you read and what I read, and we can compare notes.

You might have read it and have a different take than I but at least the plot in general will be the same. It is an experience of Oneness and an experience of incredible realization. It is something that will change your life. That is why you have to meditate. You have to awaken your spiritual forces. You have to eventually have a direct relationship with God.

If we can create the communities that many of them have such an experience then that community will work like a well-oiled and tuned car. It will hum. And it will be a great place for everyone.

But if we create the community that the people do not have that experience, or they pretend to have that experience and still have their egos, and you can see the egos are still there, then that pretense is just an ego trip by itself. That community is not the Community of Light and the members in it are not experiencing God. However, if we have communities that at least a few in them have experienced God, they can probably guide those who are pretending or not experiencing God to eventually experience the same thing.

So the whole idea is for humanity in this time to go back to God, experience God, and create an environment that they can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. That needs a new earth, a new heaven (a new teaching). That needs a new understanding of human beings and Gods Revelation.

This is where the Call of God is. He is telling humanity, For the last 12,000 years I left you alone. I made you have history. What have you done for the last 12,000 years? Did you create the Kingdom of God on earth? Did you bring peace? Did you bring unity? I have revealed different parts of My Plan to different parts on earth through different Prophets. I have let you create your own system, your own nations, your own races, and your own understandings and ideas. You have made a mess out of it. That is enough. This is now time for My Way, which works and will bring the Kingdom of God on earth and bring unity to humanity. And My Way is better because I have created you, I have created this universe, and I know how it works best.

The Communities of Light are the places that best human can progress physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, individually, and collectively. That is where humans have others to relate to. That is where humanity will satisfy their physiological and safety needs in the easiest ways possible. That is where eventually they learn how to get along, live with one another, and create a place that they have time to meditate, they have time to do yoga, they have time to exercise, they have time to eventually bring pure beings that they will become wonderful couples and bring very high Souls to humanity in these Communities of Light.

Children will be taught from the very beginning, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is not to play games all your life. The goal of life is not to become a doctor, or a professor, or lawyer, or this and that but to be(come) Divine.

So such children will grow up with the satisfaction of being in a community close to many wonderful Souls, and they will know why they are here from the very beginning. They will be encouraged to become Godly. The more children that are Godly, the more Godly environment they will have. And their colleagues and their peers will not pull them toward ungodly things that have been taught.

Then they will go and make everything back the way God said would happen and wants humanity to be. So they are free of all those bondages that others have.

The moment you tell someone you are a Christian, you are Moslem, you are a Hindu, you are a Buddhist, the moment you say that, you are putting a bondage on that person. You are binding them.

How to unbind a person? Tell them, I am nothing. I am a Child of God. Do not label me. Do not put something on me that absolutely binds me. I want to be free. When you want to be free, you have to become as natural and as close to your Essence as you were when you were born or you were created as that Essence.

Then how can I remake this Essence to absolutely Godly? That is when you write Gods Words, His Revelation, His Plan in yourself. That is how God did it.

In the beginning there was chaos. There was darkness that brought imbalance to the universe, and the universe went out of the balance and created an environment that some parts of it separated itself from the Essence, from God. And He created the history and revelation, and all that to this point. At this point He said, Here it is. That was My Plan, that was what I did, that is how the history was created, to show man, you cannot do it by yourself, man. Your ideas are not going to work. Your ideas are man-made and are colored with ego and separatism, superiority complexes, and this and that. You are not gong to bring peace because whatever you do creates karma, creates weight on you, and eventually will bring the destruction.

We eventually seem to have a question on the board.

Quest for Truth: Why did Esa read from the book of Isaiah to confirm his position if the Old Testament was lost, according to the new Revelation?

Maitreya: Why did Esa read from the book of Isaiah? OK well, I see what you mean. The book was lost but they did find a book. They did find something that they accepted as the Old Testament.

When they came back from Persia to the holy land, to Israel, to Jerusalem, someone found a book in one of the walls of the old destroyed temple. After they went through it and examined it, they decided, This is the Old Testament. They confirmed that with their king, and eventually the conclusion was, Yes, it is their Old Testament, and they copied it and distributed it. They accepted it as the original Old Testament.

But the question is, Was that the original Old Testament? Were things changed in it? Were new things added that were not in the original Old Testament? Because only there was one book left from all the Old Testaments they had.

As we have said many times, they did not have any printing presses then. Probably they had a few volumes of the Old Testament in the whole of Israel. If someone wanted the Old Testament, someone had to write it down, and in the wars and destruction that came to them, many of them were destroyed.

And how many versions of the Old Testament were there? We know even the Bible has been translated twenty-seven times and the meaning of the words each time changes a little bit when you translate, because the people who translated probably felt it needs updating and some parts have to be explained more, so they changed it a lot.

So our argument is not that what they found was not the Old Testament, the argument is, was it the original Old Testament or was it one of those that had a lot of things changed in it? As also that was Gods Wisdom maybe that happened the way it happened because very few people realized when God was promising Abram, those promises were for his child Ishmael. When He changed his name to Abraham, and He promised then for his child, this time was for Isaac. But in our teachings, it is clearly explained to humanity, Yes, when God promised those promises to Abram, it was for Ishmael. And when He changed His name and promised Abraham, it was for Isaac. So He promised both of them will have the material possession and kingly spiritual domination or scepter.

But the promise given to Ishmael and Isaac, was it more clearly explained in the original Old Testament? It might have been. Maybe in the Old Testament it clearly said that God said, I gave these promises for Ishmael, and then He changed His name to Abraham and He promised those promises and clearly said, These promises are for Isaac.

But the book they found and the Old Testament we have now, it does not have that clarity. Of course that book was not completely worthless and wrong. So those parts that Christ quoted from Isaiah are correct. It was prophesied that He would come, He would be crucified, and all that, that He said. There are many prophecies in the Old Testament that it is talking about the last Revelation, which will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and it is different than the Revelation or the prophecies for Christ.

For example, someone was quoting that the government will be on his shoulders. Christ never became a government. You can say, That was for Prophet Muhammad, because, yes, He did have a government and became the leader of the Moslems and lived like a King and a conqueror, etc.

There are other prophecies that are absolutely related to this last Revelation, and it is not related to Christ. As some people were saying, Christ was Christ Ben David, and this last Revelation is going to be Christ Ben Adam. It means that was only for the children of David but this is for the children of Adam, which is the whole of humanity. That has some truth in it.

Christ came for the Jews, for the lost tribes of the Children of Israel. He did not come for the whole of humanity. Of course he released the whole Grace to humanity but he came mostly to gather together the people who were the lost tribes of Israel.

But this Revelation is for all of humanity. Even it was not revealed to me when I was in Iran. It was revealed to me when I came to the West. Therefore it absolutely shows it does not have any cultural boundaries. It is for the whole of humanity.

And of course God created all the amenities and all the tools we need to preach these words to the earth. Even the United States, they have all the technology and ability that is much cheaper, more available, and is the best on earth. Now we can do that easily.

So Isaiah and the parts of the Bible that Christ quoted from are correct. It was about the Old Testament. But they did find the book; it was not completely lost and forgotten. It was lost, most of it was destroyed, but they did find a book in the wall of the old temple and they accepted it as the Old Testament. Probably it was not the original Old Testament but many things had been changed in it or lost in it.

Also a book had been in the wall for a long time, what kind of shape was it in? How could they see the words clearly? Was it completely worn out because of the elements? And could they get all the words from it?

We do not know that but one thing for sure, it was a book that was in that wall for a long time. And even they were not sure if that was really the Old Testament. They had to confirm and eventually decide, Yes, OK, we accept it as the book that the Hebrews used to follow. So it had some truth in it, and that is why Christ quoted from Isaiah.

I hope that answered your question. So the point is that: That book was not completely void of any truth, but it might not have been the perfect book that there was. And the whole Old Testament, all the Old Testament they had, was completely destroyed. They did not have any when they came back to Israel.

That book did have those prophecies of the coming of Christ, and the coming of Christ did not just happen because of those prophecies. Many Prophets came before Christ came and foretold of the coming of the Messiah, the coming of a Prophet, the coming of a Great Manifestation to humanity. When Christ came, the Jews had a lot of their own ideas. They had their own dogmas, their own expectations.

Many Christians are waiting for Christ to come this time from the sky, and He, just like a star going from the East to the West, will suddenly come down and all humanity will bow down in front of him, and that is it, He will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Then you read in the Bible it says, He comes as a thief of the night. How does that happen? How could it be possible that he comes from the sky, everyone sees him, and he will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and then he also comes as a thief of the night? Some people see a contradiction between the two of them.

But again our teachings clearly clears that for humanity that, Well, as it is predicted for the Kalki Avatar, the Kalki Avatar will bring His Kingdom or His Revelation to earth in three consecutive reincarnations.

So he comes once, in the first incarnation he comes like a thief of the night. He comes very quietly and just fine for, how many people are there? Twenty people here, and gather twenty people or a couple of hundred people to see His Vision clearly. Maybe next lifetime comes, and again He will gather more people together. And then the next lifetime he comes, indeed as the Truth and brings the Truth to humanity.

Cyber Spirit is asking a question. Cyber Spirit, you havent been here for some time. The rule is, if you have a question, you ask it and you wait for the answer and then you ask another question, so we can flow better in the room.

So let us take your first question:

Cyber Spirit1: Isn't the second coming of Christ our Christ consciousness awakening? Coming with clouds = through the veil?

Maitreya: Well, that is a part of it but not the whole thing. Those awakenings of the consciousness are the people who see this Vision clearly and their consciousnesses will be awakened to the Truth of God, the Revelation, and the unity of all religions.

What is the awakening of the Christ Consciousness? What does that mean? If before this Revelation it just had a general meaning, really meaning nothing, you become like Christ.

If everyone becomes like Christ, all of you will be crucified and put on the cross and die because that was where the Christ Consciousness took Christ. But if you mean thinking like Christ, being like Christ, that is the Eternal Divine Path that will make you ego-less, make you to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, you try to create Communities of Light, you sacrifice for them (that is what Christ did), you crucify the ego, that is correct, and then you surrender and submit to the Will of God for you, and then you become a universalist, then you indeed are in the Christ Consciousness.

If you follow through these five steps, you have truly, not just imagining that you are going through, or imagining you have reached it, but you have truly reached it, you indeed will have the Christ Consciousness because that is what Christ did. Christ was willing to go through the crucifixion for his own ideal.

Your ideal is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to follow the Eternal Divine Path, Gods Will and in the process, you will reach that consciousness.

But if the idea is no revelation is going to come, no Messiah, no Revealer, no teacher, no Prophet is going to come, each person is their own God and will find their consciousness, they do not need Scriptures and God, and all that, those are wrong. They are incorrect, and they are man-made again. Those are made by those people who are intellectually strong and they think they are God.

That is exactly what happened in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve said, We are God. We do not need God.

And God said, Oh yeah? All right. Sure. Go ahead. The only thing I am going to do is to take My Grace from you and see what happens to you.

Of course, New Agers for the last fifty years were talking about these things and see what happened to the earth. Did it become better? They have been meditating, Peace come, peace come, and there was a rally for the peace and many hundreds of thousands of people came together and say, OK, lets send peaceful energy to the earth, and it is going to be peaceful.

What do we have? Do we have any peace on earth? You can see that the evidence completely shows that that is not the way to bring peace, and that is not based on the Word of God. That is again based on human understanding.

It has some truth in it. I am not saying it is absolutely void of any truth but it is not the Scriptural Word of God that He would send the Revelations and the Prophets, and each of them would bring a part of a truth until the Seventh Revelation comes, which will put all of them together and it will be shown to humanity how to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and the peace. This is what the New Agers have to recognize, realize, and overcome their own understandings and come to realize Gods Understanding.

We are not against gathering for peace. Actually, we have a collective or transmission meditation at 5:30 in the morning Saturdays and 5:30 in the afternoon again on Saturdays (MST) that the people come and they meditate together to bring unity, peace, and goodwill to man. They bring in a greater degree the energy that is needed to help this Mission to manifest.

But that is only a part of it. That is what this Mission is, the whole package. What you are saying has some truth but it is not the explanation based on Gods Word.

Cyber Spirit1: May I ask a follow-up question?

Maitreya: Go ahead, follow-up your question.

Cyber Spirit1: Will some awaken before others to assist humanity to wake up? Matthew 24:22, And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Maitreya: Absolutely. That is the base of our teaching, actually. That is what we are calling for. That is why this Mission is having these Conversations and reaching out to humanity. We are calling the Elects.

Absolutely correct, and Matthew 24:22 is correct. We are looking for those Elects. As the Elects come together, we create the Facilitating Body, and we meditate on the change of consciousness of humanity, and as humans go through this period of tribulation, eventually they will realize their way is not going to work, and Gods Way is going to work. The Elects will shorten that destruction, which is coming to man.

Mark 13, again you are going to another question there. Let us see:

Cyber Spirit1: Mark 13:27, And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven.

Maitreya: Yes, exactly. These are the things that we have been teaching in the Mission.

Cyber Spirit1: This checks, then?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed. Not only that checks, it is in a lot of places in all the Scriptures, not only in the Bible, not only in the Old Testament, not only in the New Testament, but also in the Koran, in the Bhagavad-Gita, and in all the religions of the world they are talking about the Elects, those who have been prepared for the last 12,000 years. When this Revelation comes, they are ready for this Revelation. They will see it clearly, and they will come and gather together. OK?

So if you read our teachings, Cyber Spirit, you will see clearly that these things are covered in the teachings. That is actually our goal, to gather the Elects, to call the Elects together, to bring them to this Mission, to create the Facilitating Body, and also have a great number of the supporters for those in the Facilitating Body.

So there are actually three kinds of the people who come to the Mission:

-Those who come, they love the Mission, they do nothing, they stay around, and they love it;

-Those who come to the Mission, become the supporters of the Mission physically, mentally, spiritually, they will be initiated, and they will support the Mission in any way they can;

-And the third ones are those who drop everything, they come, they join the Mission here in the Albuquerque area, and they become a part of the Mission. And they are intelligent people who are good workers and want to do everything possible to manifest this Mission. Eventually they will create the twenty-four Elders, and they will reach out to the whole earth.

This whole package together eventually works toward spreading this Mission in every corner of the world.

As I said in the beginning of the Conversation today, one of our brothers sent our materials to the Australian government and the parties there. Everyone should do that in their own country so we have reached them. They have been told about this. We are done with them. It is between them and God. If they come and see the truth in what we do and say, then they can come and join us. If they do not, we have done our work.

But we are here to create this body from the Elders so we can shorten that time. God is with us. God indeed is supporting this Mission. The only thing left actually is to gather these Elects together and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If you have any other questions, this is the time to type them. We are at the end of our time, and this is going to be the last question I will answer today.

Cyber Spirit1: Revelation 10:7: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

Maitreya: This is the very famous verse that we use in the Mission all the time, and that is the way of the Voice of the Seventh Angel, When he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

And Colossians Well, we do not believe in Colossians but just the four gospels.

Cyber Spirit1: Saints = Elects?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed. In verse 10:7 that you quoted it clearly says that God will be a mystery until the Seventh Angel or Revealer comes. The Seventh Angel or Revealer is the same as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Before the Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes, who will open the Seven Seals, God will be a mystery. And this is what this Mission is all about. We have opened the Seven Seals and revealed it to humanity. It is done!

Now God is no longer a mystery. The only thing left for the Elects is to see this clearly, come together, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Of course, we do not follow Romans and Colossians because they are not the word of Christ himself. That was mostly from Paul and the disciples. We do not rely on the words of the disciples; we rely only on the words of the Major Manifestations. Therefore we take Revelation 10:7 as correct.

But also we are not saying that what the disciples said is completely incorrect. So there might also be some truth in those verses you quoted, but the point is that all the religions of the world are waiting for the final Manifestation and the Elects are a great part of this equation.

If we cannot bring the Elects together, and help and sacrifice, and create Communities of Light, and help and support, etc., it is not going to happen.

But it will happen, if it is not in this lifetime, in next lifetime, or the lifetime after that.

OK again I leave you all to God. Think about this Revelation. See the truth of these clearly and put your priorities based on the Word of God.

God, this Revelation, this Mission should be number one in all your lives. Everyone out there should put this first, not your parents, not your wives, children, your home, or anything, your job, but God and His Revelation. This has to be first. The rest comes after.

Sal-OM everyone. May we see you next week.

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