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Maitreya:  Sal-OM.  Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Conversation Room.  We are gathering again here together.  I hope all of you had a good week, were with God, and thought about Him, His Mission, His Revelation, and the truth that has come through this Mission to humanity that reveals so much truth and resolves so much misunderstanding between humans.  Hopefully the consciousness of man will increase and we will realize that there is only One God, they cannot separate one from another, and they should come together as One.

We would now like to announce that if anyone out there would like someone to come to them as a spiritual teacher anywhere in the world, be with you for a while, and help you to start the Mission where you are, we can provide you with the teacher to come to you and help you out.  If you provide for her to come there, to travel and be there, and provide for her expenses, we can send someone to you.  That is another information that everyone should know and spread.  Hopefully more and more people can invite our teachers, and more teachers will come to the Mission so we can spread this Message also personally in every community on earth.

Actually that is one of the reasons for this room, to create teachers and people who can teach and spread the Message all throughout the earth.  The whole idea of this room was so we can discuss things in a deeper level together and learn how to come up with the answers to the questions that humanity might have.

That has been my intention from the very beginning of creating the Mission.  It is not to come here and I say everything and give lectures, but to teach many who would like to come here and discuss things with me in a deeper level so they can take the teachings and spread them out.

Some people are doing this without even being called a teacher or anything like that.  They just reach out to their communities, and they become lecturers about the Mission.  That is wonderful.  They share with us what they discuss in those meetings, and we can help them if there is something that needs to be improved.  You can do that too.

You can reach out to your community, become a lecturer, become a teacher, become a person that can go to the different churches and different groups, and present to them how they are a part of this Revelation.  They can see themselves to be a part of the overall umbrella of “God’s Plan.”  There is no one on this earth who is left out.

Even atheists and people who do not believe in God can clearly see that God revealed that He would accomplish many things.  He promised to many beings, just like Abraham or Abram, and He fulfilled them.  Intellectually they can clearly see that there is a Consciousness, there is a Force, there is a Being behind the creation, and He promises and He fulfills them.  If that is true, then God truly exists.

Everyone on earth who has any ideas or religion, it is included in this Revelation and there is no one who is left out.  That is the Message you can take to your community, to your churches, to your synagogues, to your mosques, to your temples, to any people around you and let them know that this is the new Revelation for them.  Invite them to come and join us.

Send letters to the leaders of the world, to churches, to ayatollahs, popes, rabbis, and brahmans.  Let them know that they all have been called to come and join this Revelation and become One.  It is a dynamic Revelation for the whole of humanity, and it is a dynamic Revelation for you in life.

Of course, we want you to be safe.  We do not want you to overdo it in such a way that it might be harmful in that environment that you are in, because any environment that you are in might not be open to this Revelation.  Eventually it will be softened and humanity will come to the conclusion that they have no choice but to realize that they are the Children of One God, there is only one earth for everyone, and we all have to come together and bring our brains, minds, and resources together so we can reach to space.

There are infinite resources in space.  We do not have to fight over limited resources on earth.  We free ourselves by having resources so we have a good standard of living for everyone.  We will have One God, therefore, we do not have to fight with each other over religions, which has been a source of contention between many groups, countries, and destructive forces that have been released by different religions.

Humans blame God for wars and destruction.  They say, “Why are there so many wars if there is a God?”  God has nothing to do with it.  He has already given them the way of Peace and Unity.  The human goes against God’s Will and therefore the destruction comes to them.

The free will is the greatest gift for men to freely choose the way of God.  Everything that happens that is not peaceful and uniting is our doing.  It is not God’s Doing.   Do not blame God.

If you understand our teachings and know that you have never been created as a part of God, then you realize that it is not the explanation of some religions that say, “God said be and everything was,” and He is responsible for them.  If He created it, therefore, He is responsible.

God did not create the unit consciousnesses.   He just created the manifested world to help the unit consciousnesses to return to Him.  This is a very important point for humanity to realize that they have been here, they are here, and they will be here forever.

The unit consciousness, the Essence, has not been created.  With that realization we take the responsibility for our own actions and we realize that it is us who brings destruction or peace to ourselves, not God, which has been trying to help unit consciousnesses to return to Him.  With this understanding we realize that we have the ability to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.  We can bring the unity to humanity and bring all the good things that we want to happen to us.

Again, all welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya.  This room is for you to go to our website, to come to our room, “All Religions Unified,” and the rooms for discourses, chanting, and meditation, and become very familiar with the Mission.  Then if you have a question, come here so we can discuss together the depth of this Revelation and become familiar with why we claim that this Revelation is the unification and opening of the Seven Seals, it is the fulfillment of the prophecies and the coming of the teaching that will eventually tell humanity why there is only One God, why He sent all the Revelations of God to humanity, and that all the religions of the world have a part of the greater truth and when you put them all together they all make sense.

Then you will have a grip of the truth of the reality of God on earth.  It explains many differences between religions and clarifies why they are really saying the same thing, or there are some misunderstandings and dogmas that separate them from each other.  When you clean and take those dogmas out and those misunderstandings away, you will come to the pure purpose and Revelations of God.  You will see the truth clearly and you will recognize that there is a God.  There is a Consciousness, which is everything.  There is nothing that is out of God.  There is no part in the universe that God is not.

Hannibal is asking,  

Hannibal024:   Maitreya, I am a graduate student in clinical psychology.  I feel that my life’s mission is to help infuse psychology with the spiritual insight that has been overshadowed by shallow, false-ego serving, mechanistic science devoid of spirit and higher purpose.  How should I go about aligning my own personal mission with the teachings and greater overarching Mission of your ministry?

Maitreya:  Psychology is a part of our teaching.  Actually there have been many parts that we talked about psychology, consciousness, subconsciousness, super-consciousness, or Universal Consciousness, or God’s Mind, and how they relate with each other.

What kind of clinical psychology?  Do you sit people in the chair and talk to them? [some typing in text]  I see, you are a psychologist not a psychiatrist.  Do you prescribe drugs, or do you do psychological therapy?  Many of the psychological problems these days are resolved by medicine.


Hannibal024:   Yes, practice is what I would like to do - therapeutic intervention.

Maitreya:  Great!  Then if you study our teachings you will see that there is the conscious mind that is aware of its environment.  I am conscious that this computer screen is in front of me, and I am talking to you.  That is the part that everyone is very familiar with, which is mind.

There is the subconscious mind that is the accumulation of our karma and many lifetimes of experience that guide us in life without us being aware of it.  We react or act in different situations because of the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is something that separates us as being different and individual.  Also it separates us from reaching God because it is our individual part in our lives.  Then there is the unconscious mind, or the Universal Mind, which is God, so conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind or Universal Mind.

The subconscious mind can be programmed; it can be understood.  That is the part that most of the psychologists or psychological therapists work with.  That is the part that runs people lives, mostly.  That part should be understood, should be looked into, should be meditated on.

In your work probably you can bring those creatures, not creatures really, those psychological problems to the light for your patients and teach your patients also to meditate on these psychological things that come out of them and look at them clearly.  If they keep them in the light for a long time, they will be dissolved.  Little by little the subconscious mind will be no more.  As the subconscious mind becomes very little, your connection with the Unconscious Mind will be established and you will become a channel for the Unconscious Mind or God, your life will become Godly, and your psychological problems, little by little, will be dissolved.

Maybe that is the part you might want to work with.  You might want to study what we teach, include your knowledge with what we have revealed or just explained to you to see how the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and Unconscious Mind work, and eventually create some practices that can help people to overcome and dissolve or resolve the conflict in their subconscious mind and connect them to a greater conscious mind, or God’s Mind, or make them realize that they are channels for a greater Spirit than the accumulation of many lifetimes of karma and experiences.

We also have been influenced by this life, experiences from childhood, the way we were brought up, the way we have been treated, the way our religions and parents and environment and society affected us.  We also have added some psychological problems to the subconscious mind in this lifetime.  These also have to be brought up, looked at, and eventually resolved and dissolved as most psychologists or psychiatrists do.  They work with that part only.

They do not go beyond this lifetime to the previous lifetimes.  That is why they cannot completely cure the patient.  They consider only one lifetime.  But the accumulation of many lifetimes is affecting people.  Therefore, psychologists have to go much deeper.

There are hypnosis therapies, or regression, that take you to the previous lifetimes and make you see where you were before.  That has also been popular these last twenty or thirty years that they have done that.

That is accepted. I do not know how much it is accepted in your field, with the people who work in this level.  But it is accepted by many people that, “Yes regression really works, and people can be hypnotized and taken to other lifetimes.”

Some people now have concluded about this, and it is another way to make people remember, “Yes, there are really other lifetimes.”  There are some psychological problems that have been accumulated from previous lifetimes.

The whole picture for a psychiatrist, or a psychologist, is to realize that there is a conscious mind, there is the subconscious mind, and there is the Unconscious Mind, or Universal Mind, and you have to work with all of them.  Also the subconscious mind, the psychological problems, is not only from this lifetime; it can be an accumulation of many lifetimes.

What I just gave you is probably a lot of material you can work with and meditate on.  Bring all of them together in your work and maybe you can eventually make other psychiatrists or psychologists to see your point in this, and bring God to them by realizing that there is an Unconscious Mind that they are not considering.

Other psychiatrists or psychologists like Jung did realize that there is a collective consciousness that he brought to psychological theories.  But it was not very much worked with.   They accepted it but they did not really understand what exactly it is.  Now you might bring all these consciousnesses together.

If you have a specific question about this, go ahead.  That is basically what I can recommend for you to look into, these three levels of consciousness, how they relate to each other, and how the psychologists are making the mistake of reprogramming the subconscious mind instead of dissolving it.

That is the goal.  The goal is to completely dissolve the subconscious mind so the conscious mind and the Unconscious Mind are connected together, and you become consciously connected to God’s Consciousness or Unconscious Mind.

The goal is not to reprogram the subconscious mind.  The goal is to see the psychological problems in the subconscious mind and eventually dissolve those problems so that you become an individual connected directly to the Unconscious Mind.

I hope that helps.  If it does not or you have a follow-up, go ahead and we can go into more detail if you want to.

Hannibal024:   Amazing.  I hope I can help others in the psychological community to see this in a more serious light (many are overly skeptical) and infuse the teachings of your ministry.  Thank you for taking the time to answer my question so thoroughly.

Maitreya:  Sure.  You are welcome.  That is why I am here.  I hope that you succeed.  You will.  Do not give up because society has reached a point that anything that relates to God is not accepted.  Intellectually they want to put God out of everything.  Of course, you cannot, because God is Everything.  Eventually everyone will see it and hopefully with your persistence and logical way of explaining it to them, little by little, more people will join you.

It is just like science now is very close to acknowledging that there is a God.  I do not know if you have heard about the string theory that recently has come to humanity.  It was called the “M” theory.  It is interesting that they chose the “M.”  Probably they should call it the OM theory.  “M” theory is very close to OM theory.

It goes so far that it explains that, yes, indeed, there is a unifying theory that all the creation comes from.  With this understanding little by little they have no choice but to say there is one Source, one Essence, that everything is created from.  Science is even coming close to our teachings and realizing that there is only one Essence that everything has come from and again we cannot separate man from man because we all have come from the same Essence.

The more these people understand how logical God and our teaching is, and that it covers everything, then hopefully our teaching will be accepted not only by religious people, but also by intellectual people, the scientists, and everyone on earth.  Little by little everyone will see that God is in everything.

You cannot put Him out of your governmental system, your science, your psychology, your psychiatry, and your day-to-day life.  Therefore the whole earth will become a dance, everyone will become One, and a wonderful earth will be created.

I am glad that you can see clearly that psychology can benefit from these teachings, and it will.

Cefas07:  Can we, by the meditation, get out from our personal problems and see their (our problems) origins?

Maitreya:  Yes, we indeed can do that.  As we have discussed many times, at least 99% of human problems are self-created.  We have created an environment that we have problems and 99% of them can be resolved easily by understanding the source of them, which is us.  There is no problem out there that we have not created ourselves.  That goes for individuals, for communities, for nations, and for earth.  We have created these problems, and now we are stuck with them and do not know how to resolve them.

Our attachments, our desires, our psychological needs make us to create an environment that there are problems in it.  Of course, there are some problems that are real.

If someone is chasing you with a gun to shoot at you, that is a real problem.  That has nothing to do with your psychological or individual problems, unless you have created the situation to be chased by someone with a gun.  Then you have created the problem.  If you had nothing to do with it, but you have been in an environment that this happened to you, that is a real problem.  That has to be resolved.  Either create an environment that that situation will not happen to you, or leave that environment and go to an environment that is more peaceful and such a thing is not going to happen.

That is the whole base of this teaching, to create the physiological and safety needs for every individual and humanity.  Then you can tell them, now your physiological and safety needs are provided; the next step is to know thyself.  That is really the human need.

The hierarchy in human needs is physiological and safety needs.  That is all.  The next is, know thyself.  By knowing thyself you achieve the goal of life.  The Goal Of Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, one with God, and realize who you are.  Your Essence and God are one.  Therefore after we create these physiological and safety needs for everyone, we ask them to concentrate on God.

So far when a nation or people have their physiological and safety needs fulfilled, they concentrate on their sensual needs and they fall into sensations and fulfillment of sensual needs.  That is when we have the situation like Sodom and Gomorrah, the environment that has become more and more ungodly and unnatural.

The more ungodly and unnatural an environment becomes, the more that environment will be cut off from God and His Spirit.  They lose the natural way of thinking.  God no longer is important to them, and they put God out.

We have seen all through history what happens to those who do that.  The example is Rome, is Greece, is the Persian Empire, and is many other nations that became ungrateful for the Blessings that God gave to them.  They put God out and that is not a good bargain.  They gained the world but they lost their Soul.  As Christ said, it is not a good bargain.  You will also lose God, and God will bring what has happened to the nations before this time.

They have to recognize and realize that after their physiological and safety needs are taken care of, they have to share with the rest of humanity so their physiological and safety needs also will be taken care of.

Also they realize that after all physiological and safety needs are taken care of, the next step is to create the Communities of Light.  The Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path, and the Eternal Divine Path is the revelation of five great religions of the world, and unifies all humanity under one religion.

These facts and the truth is what humanity has to understand, bring to themselves, and realize that 99% of all their problems are man-made and 1% will be resolved by these teachings.  At the end there will be no problem on earth and we can create an environment that people can meditate and progress in a greater degree.

Yes, indeed, meditation, and our teaching is the healing power for individuals.  We teach you how to, “Heal yourself.”  We teach you how to take care of your individual problems.  If we take those away from you, you have not learned anything.  You are going to make the same mistakes over and over.  We teach you how to detach yourself from your attachments, how you free yourself individually, and then come to the collective body. 

The individual can do little, but the collective endeavor in the Mission, in the Communities of Light, creation of the hierarchy on earth, and eventually bringing the Kingdom on earth, will resolve everyone’s problems and you will learn how to heal yourself.  Teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, engineers, everyone will start looking to see the most natural way, the Godly way we can bring healing power and environment to humanity that they can become more Spirit.

These are the teachings that God has been trying to teach humanity for the last 12,000 years.  Now it has come to humanity and is guiding them to heal themselves.  As we heal ourselves we will become freer, more peaceful, our lives will become peaceful, and we can affect our environment.  Then others will want to be as peaceful as we are.  They also will be taught as you have been.

You can teach them.  Each of you is a teacher.  Each is a channel for this Revelation.

This Revelation is perfect.  It is amazingly perfect.  If you really understand it on a deeper level, you will be amazed at how perfect God is, how perfect His Plan is, and how perfect this Revelation is.

So, yes, indeed, meditate.  Look at yourself. That is the scariest thing anyone can do, to look at themselves squarely and honestly, see themselves, and blame no one but themselves for their problems.  Look at why we are in the situation that we are in and how this is teaching you how to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, direct that energy toward the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist.  This will help you to shatter every narrowness of the mind.

Put God first in your life, not your husband, not your wife, not your children, not your partner.  No.  God first.  Then you can resolve your problems.

Then you can see, “Why am I so attached?  Instead of going to God I am attached to these things.”  Little by little you will say, “Well, it is me who has a problem.  I am attached.  I am creating this environment.  If God is first I can get rid of them, I can let them go.”

I can still love them.  It does not mean to be rude to your children or your spouse or any one.  No.  Still love them, be with them, and help them.  At the same time do not be attached to them.  Be attached only to God.

If you cannot put God first, then you have a problem.  Then the problem is not external; the problem is internal.

Indeed the teaching here is helping you to recognize, what is the hierarchy of beings in your life?  The first is God.  The second is the teacher who takes you to God, not the teacher who takes you to himself.  If a teacher connects you to himself, run away.  Say, “No thank you.  I am not interested.”  But the teacher who takes you to God, then that is a great teacher.  You have to accept such a teacher and go to God with them.

With this teaching you really do not need any teacher because it is already given to you how to go to God.  Meditate.  The process is in the room called:  Universal Mantra Meditation.  Go to that room and learn how to meditate.  Then put those problems in the Light and overcome them.

After God and your spiritual teacher, are your parents.  Your parents are the most important beings, if they are good parents.  If they have helped you, and have taken you to God, that is great.  They are even better.  They replace the spiritual teacher.

Next is your spouse.  And that is it.  These are the four beings.

But God is first.  You have to put Him there and then you can see your problem.  If you do not put God first, you cannot see your problem.

By this approach you put God first and then meditate and see what is taking you from putting God first, and those are the problems in your life.  Those are the things that are taking you away from being concentrated on God.

Therefore you can now look at those problems and see, what are they?  You can see it is ego, attachments, desires, wants, and many things, and they are in your way.  Little by little, if you keep them in the Light, they will be dissolved.

Hannibal024:   Maslow?

Maitreya:  Yes.  We are talking about Maslow’s theory.  Actually there is a part in THOTH, in The Holiest Of The Holies that talks about the hierarchy of Maslow [ IS WRONG WITH].  I have studied in business school.  I was in business school and there was the theory of Maslow.  I wrote a paper on that even when I was in college, in Mississippi State University. 

Even in school I rejected that theory of Maslow as five steps.  The two before the last, belongingness and self-esteem, are not really necessary, as is explained in that essay.  The last step actually is when you are actualized.  Your subconscious mind is no more, you are connected with the Self, and you know exactly who you are.

I hope you read the essay about Maslow’s theory and see that the hierarchy really is:  Physiological and safety needs, and self-actualization or self-realization.  The theory of Maslow is also perfected in our teachings and has been guided.

Again, welcome all to the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya.  This room is for everyone to go to our website, to our teachings, come to our rooms in PalTalk, and then come to this room and let us discuss your concerns and your questions about the teachings of Maitreya.

The Mission of Maitreya’s teachings are based on a yantra, or visual aid, that can be contemplated and realized what the teachings are.  If you go to our website, the first thing you will see is that symbol [].  It teaches how all the religions of the world have come from the same Source.  It is a graphic that expresses an idea in a very precise and symbolic way.  In this yantra you will realize indeed there is only One God.  He has been sending all the religions of the world to humanity.

Now all of them are put together and are logically explained how God and humans are connected and are One.  God is everything.  Now we can see that all humanity and the whole universe are inter-related.

The very name “uni-verse” means one verse.  It is created from the One Essence, one verse, “uni-verse.”  We are all in this universe from the same original Essence.  Now if we recognize this we will see that “uni-verse” is the unifying force behind everything, we are all from the same origin, and we are One.

This is the message.  Not only do we believe in that but also God created history.  The last 12,000 years He has been sending the Revelations from God and He sent this Eternal Divine Path in Seven Revelations through Seven Revealers.

When we put all these seven together we can see the Seven Seals, the Seven Revelations in the book of The Revelation and how at the end time the Seven Seals will be opened.   Before the Seven Seals were opened, no one knew the truth.

You in this room, or those who have seen THOTH and read these teachings, or those who have seen the teachings, are the only people that know the truth.  No religion, no person on earth could say that they had the truth before the Seven Seals were opened.  Now they are opened, and it is revealed to humanity.

It is logical.  It covers everything.  It covers science.  It covers, as we just discussed, psychology.  It covers engineering.  It covers every aspect of human life and brings God back to it.

Hopefully, little by little, we can see that is the only way out.  If we put God out of our systems, our religions, our governments, our work, our science, we will make great mistakes and we will not become One.  We can see clearly here that we have the answers to your questions.  Learn about our teachings and come to this room for greater discussions.

Go ahead Shirin.


Shirin:  Sal-OM Maitreya and everyone.  When you talked about “uni-verse,” one verse, the Seven Seals, the Seven Angels, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and then go to an observation I make in THOTH about number symbology, is about the number 4.  In THOTH we have the Fourth Seal, we have the forty days and nights that Esa was in the desert, the forty days of rain, the four beasts, the four winds, the twenty-four elders, and the four hundred years after Christ’s teachings that the people heard his truth.  I was observing all of this, this past week, about how many times the number 4, plus the 144,000 Elects.  Could you speak more about the number 4?

Maitreya:  Yes.  The number four is the number of manifestation. 

The most stable foundation for creating buildings is four corners.  If you want to have a stable building, usually there are four sides.  They can have five or six or more.  But as you create more corners, it becomes less stable.  Three also is not as stable as four.

Four is the number of manifestation.  Even in our teaching the spiritual manifestation in the highest level is in the Fourth Seal.  Actually the number four is very prominent in the Mission.  Many times we have encountered the number 444 here in our lives.  For example when we came from Denver to Albuquerque, is four hundred forty-four miles from Denver to Albuquerque.

When we came to Albuquerque the first day we wanted to put some ads in the paper.  It was four pages, four lines, for four dollars, for four days.  That is 444.  We have had many 444’s.  Many times I have encountered cars in front of me with the number 444.  It is the number of manifestation.

When it is like 777, seven is the number of God, and 777 is emphasizing that this indeed is the number of mystics.

Nine is the number of the end of an era.  And the 10 is the number of the next era.

When it is 999 it means that that era surely is finished.

Four is the number of manifestation.  That is why they say forty days.  Forty days means a long time.  It is kind of, God is trying to say that it took a long time for something to happen.

Four winds is the illusion, is the Maya.  What is wind?  Wind is really something that you can never capture.  When you capture wind, what happens?  It is no longer wind.  It stops.  So you cannot capture it.  It is a very illusive thing, like Maya.

The number four is related to manifestation.  It means birth.  It means the most prominent or strong buildings.  All of them relate to the earth, to manifestation, and to the external world.  When it says 444, it becomes three times, any number it is emphasizing on that number.  You have seen that in God’s Revelation.

When God’s Word talks about the number four, it is mostly for manifestation, 144,000.  You need 144,000 to manifest God’s Kingdom.  All of these things are related to the external world and manifestation of the Plan of God for human existence.

Of course, five is the number of attraction and all of that.

Hannibal024:  Fourth chakra = self actualization = outward manifestation of goals.

Maitreya:  Good.  That is what Hannibal is saying.  Exactly, the fourth chakra is the chakra that you eventually overcome the lower nature.  You eventually overcome the external world. 

For the first time you reach the heart of the yogi, or the unconditional love of God.  Later on you realize that the unconditional love is not as great as compassion.  Compassion is the corrective Love, like God has compassion.

Compassion means you love the person but you at the same time want to see them to progress and become Godly.  Therefore, compassion is greater than to unconditionally love someone.

We can see that even in the chakras the number four is when the external world is overcome.  The whole number four is related to the external world, overcoming, and manifestation.  All those numbers you can see are related to human life and endeavor.

I hope that answered your question.  If you have any other questions, go ahead and raise your hand or type in the text.  Either I will see the questions or I am sent the questions, and you will be answered.  Again this room is for everyone to go and understand our teachings in the many ways that we have provided for you.  Then come here and we can discuss the intricacies of the teachings and the depth of it.

This Revelation is the healing power for the individual, for your community, for humanity.  Humanity is not ready yet but we have to continue repeating these teachings to everyone we know.  We should not give up.

One thing we should not do is give up.  If we give up then the flow of energy and Grace will not come through us. 

We should become a river, not a pond.  As long as you are a river and you are going toward the ocean you will be fresh, laughing, jumping from one stone to the other.  You will be joyful and graceful, and The Grace will come through you.  But the moment you give up you say, “No, I cannot do it, it is too hard, it is not possible,” and you become a pond.

Have you ever seen a pond?  It becomes smelly.  It grows algae.  A lot of bad animals come into it.  Your state will not be as joyful as if you let the energy come through.

When you hear this Mission, when you hear this Revelation, when you hear this teaching, it becomes The Mission for you.  You should let the energy come through and reach out.  Continually tell people about it over and over. 

A lot of people who have talked about this Mission and told others about it, have felt so much joy.  They have come to me and said, “This is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  I talked about this Mission, and I felt so good.”

Don’t forget that.  Don’t forget what happened to you when you did that and how joyful it was.  Continue doing it.  You might see very little result but it is not your fault.  It is a process of learning.  It is really good for you.

When you talk about this Mission and preach to others, it is not that you are trying to bring someone to the Mission but you are learning the lesson yourself.  You become more and more connected to the Spirit of God.  Eventually one day you see that you start talking about the Mission and everyone starts listening.

Even then, do not attach them to yourself.  Attach them to the Mission.  Attach them to God.  Do not become an obstacle in the way of God like many spiritual teachers are, now on earth.

They have become an obstacle, they have become in the way of God.  They think they are God themselves.  They sit in the seat of judgment and they do not open themselves to the other revelations that God has sent to man.  Therefore they become obstacles in the way for humanity and their flock, or their followers, to go to God.

In this teaching, in this Revelation, in this Mission, we connect you to God.  I do not want you to be attached to me.  I do not want you to be attached to anything that is not Pure Spirit.  And your spirit is within you.  You have all the tools you need to go to God.

We have a Mission to do.  We are trying to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  We are trying to create the facilitating body, to create an environment that we can have teachers to go all over the world.  We need contacts anywhere you are so you can become a contact for the Mission.  You can let the energy of God come through you to your community, to your friends, to your family, to anyone you know.

By becoming a contact you become a person who contacts people to the website, to PalTalk, to the Mission so you will be able to affect your environment by your work and at the same time you learn yourself.  You become connected more and more to God and the Mission, and you learn how to teach this teaching and connect the people to God and the Mission.

Little by little we can have Communities of Light created all over the earth.  Eventually we can connect all of them and the hierarchy of the people in the Mission will come from these communities.  People will have the power and the organization in their hands.

The people and I who are in the Mission at this time, are the facilitating body.  We are not the hierarchy.  We are the heart of the hierarchy.  We are here to create a system that can provide help to everyone on earth to create the Communities of Light everywhere, and then eventually the hierarchy will emerge from these Communities Of Light.  That is the true hierarchy from the people, from the communities, by the people, by the communities because they have come from those communities.

We are the heart of the hierarchy.  We are here to spread this Mission, to spread this Message to humanity, to talk to you and then you talk to everyone else.

Little by little we can make humanity to see their way clearly.  They cannot be separated, they cannot be enemies, they cannot have many religions, they cannot separate themselves in any way, because God is One.  He is everything and it covers all of us.  We can look at each other as the Essence of God, therefore, treat each other as the Essence of God.

You cannot hurt the Essence of God because you are One.  If you hurt someone else, you hurt yourself.  That is the Law of Karma.  That is because when you hurt someone else, you know you are hurting God.  When you separate someone else, you know you cannot do that because God is One.  How can you separate anything from anything else?

You can see the whole earth is based on ego and separation of the human from their Essence.  If we can see or make people see this clearly, little by little everyone will realize that they cannot go on the way the earth is:  Destruction, wars, separation, and all the vices that humanity has brought to earth.

This is an educational Mission.  We have to educate humanity and let them know that their religion is OK as long as they see this in the context of the other revelations that God sent to man. 

We are not saying, give up your religion.  We are not saying that your religion is bad.  We are not saying that your religion is not from God.  We are saying that all your religions are from God, but you only have a part of the truth.  You do not have the whole truth.  With this we can heal them.

We have a question:

Reminder:  How do you treat people as the Essence of God, when you know they do so many wrong things (having affairs outside of marriage, hate Moslems, are selfish, etc)?

Maitreya:  How do you treat people as the Essence of God, when you know they are not godly?  I guess that is the gist of the question.  Their Essence is God.  Deep inside is God.   You should not hate them.  

Question:  For example, the people I work with.

Maitreya:  You look at them as their Essence, as being God.  There is no doubt about even the most sinful person; his or her Essence is God.

Of course, what they do, you hate.  If they are not godly, you hate what they do.  But you always remember their Essence that you love, which is God.  In that case you can be compassionate toward them.  You can feel bad that what they do is not good for them, it is not good for the environment, and it is not good for the society.  At the same time they have the ability to become god, or at least recognize God in themselves.

That is where the compassion comes.  Compassion comes when you love everyone.  At the same time you want to see that they are corrected, they are guided, and they want to become good.

The more we can create good people who become Godly, the more good people we will have on earth.  Therefore, we will have a good earth.

If they are sinful and sinners, be patient.  Be good yourself.  Do not let them take you to be a sinner or take you away from your Essence, affect you, and you become like them.  You keep yourself pure and set an example for them.  If the opportunity presented itself, tell them about these teachings and this Revelation and how God wants them not to sin and do what they are doing.

If the opportunity is present let them know that even Moslems, believe it or not, are a part of God.  They are also created from the same Essence and therefore you cannot just kill them and think you are doing OK.

Not only Moslems but also Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, all of them have the Essence of God in them.  You cannot create hateful teaching toward any part of the universe.  After a while no one will listen to those preachers that preach hateful teachings and separate themselves from others.

Also be patient because God said this Revelation would be revealed and manifest eventually.  If a nation or a people are against our teachings, do not fight with them, at least at this time.  God will soften them.  God will give them the lesson.

This teaching has come on earth and that is where God wants to take humanity.  Anything against it eventually will be softened and destroyed, or the lesson will be taught to humanity.

God is behind this Revelation.  God is behind this teaching.  Even in previous revelations, when God reveals, like Christ, God was behind his revelation.  Christ came.  He brought the teaching of Christianity.  He just came in an obscure area in Jerusalem and taught his teaching.  He was even crucified.  He left a few people behind who knew the teaching, after he was crucified.  A lot of people probably thought that was it; that was the end of his mission.  He was killed and that was it; his mission was done.  But we can see that it did not work.  They could not stop it.

Prophet Muhammad came.  They threw him out of Mecca.  They stoned him.  They burned his house and destroyed his belongings, and the belongings of those who followed him.  They thought he was done; he was finished.  But we can see that they were not able to do that.

Same thing here, it is a Revelation from God.  It has come to humanity, and that is the direction that humanity has to go.  They can come and kill me, yell at me, or curse at me, or stone me.  I have nothing to do with it.  This is the Will of God.  This is the Revelation that has come to you from the highest.  And that is where humanity is going.

If anyone is against this they will be broken at the end and they will eventually realize that, “Yes, there is no other way.”

Also humans are longing for peace and unity.  Therefore, more and more people will be prepared, will realize even those who are sinners will hit the bottom because going against God and doing the things that are not Godly will affect your mind, your spirit, and your life.  You will reach a point that you will be confused; you will be unhappy.  Hopefully when you reach and hit the bottom you will say, “Well, there was someone telling me about God.”

Maybe they will come to you and say, “Look, what was that you were saying?  What is this new Revelation?  What is this Eternal Divine Path?  What is The Greatest Sign?  How did God say this would come?  How did God say we should live?”  Maybe then you can tell them that is the Revelation, that is the way to bring the Peace, the Kingdom on earth, create the Communities of Light, and become pure people who will not sin and do actions that are not Godly.  Then you can help them.

But if they are not listening, leave them to God.  Go to another person.  Go to another environment.  Go to another people who might listen to your Message.

If you are working in an environment, you are there to do a good job.  You are hired or paid to work there, so do your job the best way you can.  Become the best worker in that environment.  Therefore you will have the respect and the support of the people in there because they see you are a good worker.  You are a person who does the best job in that environment.  After a while maybe people in the Mission, the members in the Mission, will be known as the best workers anyone can hire.

It is one of our suggestions that everyone should have a job.  Everyone should go to work if they are out there.  With this eventually we will reach a point that we will have people who are working, are supporting the teachers and the facilitating body so we can get this Mission going in a greater degree.

When you are at work, in that environment, you are there to work.  You are not there to preach the Mission or teaching.  If someone was open to it, great, sure, go ahead.  But you do not have to become dogmatic about it.  So follow this advice and leave them alone.

At the same time realize that our salvation is that in the past God promised many things, and He fulfilled them.  He said to Abram, “Your son Ishmael is going to have a nation, and a Prophet will come from him.”  It happened.

Then God changed the name from Abram to Abraham, and Sari to Sarah.  Then He promised Abraham that he was going to have a son by the name of Isaac and there is going to be a nation from him and a Prophet, or Messiah, from him.  It happened.

God promised many things in history, and He fulfilled them.  He also promised that this is the Mission that is going to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.  What do we have to be worried about?  It is going to happen because that is the promise of God.

God promised that His Kingdom would come through this Mission.  No other revelation or religion will be able to do this.  Only this one God said, “When the Seventh Revelation, Seventh Angel comes, when the Seventh Seal is opened, then is the end time, and eventually My Kingdom will come.”

So there is nothing to worry about.  Just relax.  Be there.  Set an example for everyone else and know that indeed God’s Promises will be fulfilled.

That is what will make us relax, will make us realize that what we do is Godly and God always will fulfill His Promises.  He will fulfill this one as well.

You do not have to become unhappy at all.  No matter who comes to the Mission, who does not come to the Mission, what the people do out there, the ungodly things they do, still it is not going to affect us because at the end we know we are the winners.  This is our salvation by realizing that we indeed are the winners in this process and the earth is going toward this realization.

Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya again.  We are here to discuss this new, amazing Revelation that God has Blessed us with.  We are discussing how this unifies all the religions of the world.

Some people come to our rooms and say, “How can you unify Moslems and Christians, and Buddhists, and Hindus?  They have been at war with each other for thousands of years.  But God said He will.

The reason is they do not know of a lot of things that will be revealed with the Seventh Angel.  The Bible clearly says it will be a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes.

Now He has.  The Seventh Angel has come.  The Seventh Seal is opened and Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, and Baha’is do not know about a lot of things that are revealed in this Mission.  If they know about them they will recognize, “Yes indeed, God has said that He will unify all the religions of the world.”

lou245_1_1:  Baptism.  Should it be done in the name of Christ or in the name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost?  

Maitreya:  Baptism is a symbol of going out of the lower nature to the higher nature and being born again.  What does it mean, “To be born again?”

To be born again is to turn around.  That is what baptism really means.  Baptism means to turn around.  You are going toward the external world, to ungodly things.  Eventually you have had enough of it.

That is what we were discussing that people hit the bottom, and they recognize and realize that their lives are miserable.  All the sensual persuasions that they have gone after did not give them the peace and the tranquility that they were longing for.  Therefore they turn around.  They say, “No.  I had enough of this world. I am going to go to God.”  That is the true baptism.

In baptism with water the reason it affects a lot of people is, first of all they create a spiritual atmosphere that makes a person more susceptible to suggestions and to his feelings.  Then they put water on him, or push him into the cool water.  That cools the chakras and accelerates the spirit through the chakras, and he feels more connected to Spirit and the blissful feeling they receive.

But true baptism is the baptism of the heart, the baptism of your life that you turn around and you go toward God.  For that, you do not need anyone to baptize you.  The only thing you need is a decision that you want to become Godly and you turn around.  You can do that without anyone’s name but by recognizing that, that is what you want.

Your question only relates probably to a Christian follower.  Of course, you know this teaching is beyond any specific religion.  It covers all of them.

In this time the individual has to decide that they want to turn around and go to God.  The way to do that has been given in our teachings.  They can realize God by understanding the revelation of this teaching.

If you want to come to this Mission, as is explained in the Covenant in Essays, you say there is no God but God, and Mohammad or Maitreya is His Prophet.  You utter, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam; The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine.

By this you will have a Covenant with God and you are indeed baptized because you recognize that God sent all the religions of the world and the goal of your life is to be(come) Divine, One with God.  Therefore, with this you turn around.

You are baptized.  That means all your previous sins are forgiven, and you are going toward God.  You will be going toward God instead of going toward the world.  This is the greatest baptism.  You will be guided and brought to greater understanding of God’s Plan.

Therefore you do not really need to utter any of those other ones, to baptize in the name of Christ or the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.  Especially, there are religions that do not believe there is a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  They think there is only One God.

If they understand our explanation they would realize that son does not mean son by relationship between God and Mary.  But son means in the image of God.  Actually in The Revelation God says, “Whoever overcometh will become my son.”  So God is going to have many sons besides Christ.  And the way to become a son of God is given, “Whoever overcometh.”

Christ overcame in the desert when the devil or lower nature tempted him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread, and they will become bread.”  Then he took Christ to the higher level and an even higher level.  But Christ did not accept the offering of the lower nature.  He said, “No thank you.  I will put God first in my life, and I will not listen to you.”  He overcame the lower nature and went to the fourth chakra.

Look, there is another four here, the fourth chakra.  He overcame and he went to the fourth chakra.  He became Christ.  He became the son of God.

That is the process of becoming the son of God.  That is the process of baptism.  That is the process of realizing the unity between you and God by overcoming.  Therefore the way of baptism in this time is to follow the Eternal Divine Path and realize God in that level.

We are almost at the end of our time today.  This room again is for realizing our teachings in a greater degree.  It is a Revelation of the unification of all religions, an explanation of God in all levels of human existence.  The Message is that humanity and the whole universe are One.  Humanity should recognize and realize this Revelation, come together, and accept that their religion is OK but their religion is not perfect.

Their religion is not complete.  It is a part of a greater truth, and that greater truth is the Eternal Divine Path.  The Eternal Divine Path is the way to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and the way to accelerate the evolutionary process of humanity toward God and unity.

That unity will come based on the Kingdom of God on earth and the peace that will come to each man, woman, child, community, nation, and earth.  Hopefully we will not have these wars, destruction, and disunity that we have on earth at this time.  Eventually the peace will come to man.

They will know that their peace is only possible if they put God first in their lives.  Then anything that is taking them from that goal, God is first, is our subconscious mind, is our problem, and is in our way.  We can resolve them, dissolve them, and overcome them by meditating on this truth and these words.

Our lives will become dynamic lives based on the Word of God, based on the Spirit of God.  We let the Spirit of God come through.  We let Him preach this teaching to our families, to our friends, to our neighbors, and to our community.  And we do not give up.

Do not give up.  Let the Spirit of God come through and do not let the ego come in your way between you and God.  Dissolve the ego by meditation, by awakening your spiritual forces but realizing what is in your way to God.  Let God’s Spirit come through and remember the joy of sharing God with other people.

Do not be attached if they did not come.  It is not for them.  It is for you.  You are doing it not to get more people to come to the Mission, they eventually will, but realizing how you can be better, how joyful it was that you did it, and continue doing it.

Never forget the joy of doing God’s Work.  You might forget it but next time you did it you will realize it was great and you will continue in even a greater degree.

I will end our session today.  Be with God.  Remember these words.  Go listen to these Conversations again and again.  There are many of them there.  Become a channel for God so you can have the joy and peace of being with Him all the time.

Sal-OM everyone.  See you next week

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