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Maitreya: You have come to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. This is a new Revelation that frees humanity from all their misunderstandings, religious fights, and separation that exists between them.

Man has limited himself by believing in one religion and not knowing that there are more revelations, teachings, and the truth that is available for them to know. They have separated themselves. Now they are on the brink of destruction and wars.

As you can see, Karl is already asking a question. This room is for questioning about the Mission, what we are doing here, and creating an environment that we can learn about this new teaching and Revelation.

Karl 27164: Which Maitreya are you? Where were you born?

Maitreya: This information is in a section called, How He Became Maitreya, a lecture given by one of the people in the Mission. We can give you a URL. You can know all about how I became who I am and why I claim what I claim. If you have the URL, you can go and read all about it.

I was born in Tehran, Iran. I am the Maitreya that announced his being here on earth in 1982. The foretelling of the coming of Maitreya at that time was taken to every capitol city on earth. They actually paid one million dollars to announce the coming of Maitreya in 1982.

The only Maitreya who announced his being here on earth at that time was our organization. That announcement went out. They are all in our website. You can go and read about them. They are all provided for you to know exactly how this Revelation came about.

Karl 27164: Your web site is very poorly done.

Maitreya: If you know how to do a better website and you know about websites, you are welcome to come and help to create a better website that can be accessed easier. One of the laws in the Mission is that if you have a complaint or a suggestion, you also have to bring a solution for it. You cannot complain without knowing or bringing a solution. Therefore, if you do not like our website, we suggest that you come and help us to have a better website.

Karl, our friend, comes here every week and tries to disturb the room. We talked to him last week. We were hopeful that we could create a rapport with him that he realizes that this Revelation is good for him. But he has returned and is trying to just go on and on when the instruction was, Ask one question at a time.

Anyway, this Revelation is the teaching that has been prophesied to come at this last time for humanity. Each religion has a part of the truth, and they have cut themselves off from the whole picture. That is one of the problems that we have on earth. They have no choice but to create dogmas and separation between themselves. Now they cannot come together as one. All of you have to come and read about this teaching and realize that God has unified all the religions of the world.

Last week we announced to humanity that this Revelation is perfected, is complete, and now the only thing left for us is to realize it in a greater degree.

This room is to encourage all of you to go to the website and study our teachings. If you have a hard time to navigate the website (like apparently Karl has), come to our rooms here. There are wonderful people who are putting a lot of effort to spread this Mission to humanity. They are putting a lot of time every day in our other room, All Religions Unified. If there are some other people who want to expand the time of that room to cover other times to be opened, they are welcome to volunteer. They can open the room any time they want to.

Hopefully one day we are going to have that room open twenty-four hours a day so everyone can access it and come and be guided how to navigate our poorly-made website, according to Karl. If anyone can improve anything in the Mission, they are always welcome and encouraged to come and improve any aspect of the Mission. You can always come and suggest what can be improved.

Zigs1: Maitreya, in your third Declaration speech on the website, where you referring directly to the outcome of the United States election?

Maitreya: No. Usually the Declaration and everything that I talk about is in general terms for the whole of humanity. If there is some specific connection in my speech, usually I refer to that specific situation.

Actually we have a lecture that we gave about the last election in the United States that took around a month to come to a conclusion. That specifically was referring to that election.

But that Declaration is the Declaration of the finishing of this Revelation, the completion of this Revelation. Actually this is the only Revelation that the Prophet came, wrote them down, and God gave him the ability to publish it to the whole earth. Everyone can see it, everyone can read it, and everyone can understand it. No other Prophet ever had so much ability to reach humanity.

Since 1984, which is roughly around twenty years or more, it was perfected, the lectures have been given, people have asked their questions, and they have been answered. Now the same Revelation has been announced that it is now perfect. Every aspect of human life has been covered, and the Revelation now is for humanity. The only thing left for them really is to get the Book, or go to the website and read it, see the Revelation, and see how each of these religions of the world have only a part of the truth. That is why they are no longer logical.

It has reached a point that if you are religious and believe in God, everyone looks at you as if you are crazy, or you are not smart. That is now true.

God is the Smartest, and He has sent all these religions. Now He reveals how wonderfully He prophesied these to come, and now it has.

This is the only Revelation that is perfect. It is written down. The very Prophet himself went through the writings, perfected it, and corrected it to a point that now we can say to humanity, Come. This Revelation is the last Revelation, which is perfected for you.

So that announcement, that Declaration, is a general declaration. The truth in it is very general and it is for everyone.

Karl 27164: Why are there so many Maitreyas?

Maitreya: It has been prophesied that many will come in my name and claim to be Christ, to be Maitreya, to be the revealer of the last Revelation. Now we can see this is happening.

We have never had so many people claiming that they know the truth, they are the teachers, and they are the guidance for other people. Actually, we have more chiefs than we have Indians.

It is the fulfillment of the prophecies that a lot of people believe that they are the spiritual teachers and that they can teach humanity, when God clearly said that there was only going to be one person who fulfills the prophecies, who will be from the tribe of Judah, and all the truth that God has revealed to humanity. And, I will only send My last Revelation and the Truth through him.

Those who are seeking the truth have to go with the Words of God and realize that these many people who are claiming to be Maitreya, or the Christ, or the Teacher, or the Guidance of humanity, the first questions that you should ask them is, What prophecies did you fulfill? Where in the Scriptures did God say that you would come, and with what prophecies? and What is your teaching? Even if they fulfill all the prophecies possible, but they are not teaching the Word of God based on the Scriptures, they are not the teacher or Prophet from God.

You know me by this truth in the Scriptures. And I know you by your fruit. The way is given how we know each other. Also it has been said that they will know him by His Voice. When you hear this Truth it makes so much sense to you that you have no choice but to accept, Indeed it is from God.

Mr_Nice_3: What is the formula for a happy life? Does Maitreya think that meditation is more important than service?

Maitreya: The formula for the happy life is the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is based on five steps and two results. Each of the steps covers one religion or more that has been sent to humanity. The way of happiness for humanity will be given.

The happiness and perfection never can be achieved in this external world because this external world is relative. In relativity there is never going to be the ultimate perfection. The only perfection you can achieve is when your Soul has returned to the Essence, which is God, because only God is Perfect.

The closest you can come to perfection and to happiness is: Meditation (awakening of your spiritual forces), creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submission to God, and to become a universalist. Therefore you become an Elect who will work to bring the Kingdom of God on earth and you will eventually reach Pure Consciousness, which is the Ananda, or the Perfection, or the happiness.

Do I believe that meditation is more important than service? Service, Satsang, and meditation are the three pillars of spiritual progress. Those who meditate and do not do service become egoistical, and they will fall. Those who do service but they do not meditate, become burned out, and they start complaining that they work too hard. Those who do not listen to the Satsangs and the Word of God, forget God, and they fall into Maya.

Those three pillars go hand in hand. None of them can be considered as greater than the other parts.

We also believe in prayer. Meditation and prayer go hand in hand. In meditation, you listen to God. In prayer, you talk to God. You have a conversation.

If you just meditate, you listen to God but you never have a chance to talk to God. If you pray only, you talk to God and you never listen. Therefore, meditation and prayer is a conversation between you and God. You meditate; you listen to God. Your pray; you talk to God.

Like here, if you did not come to this room, I just gave Satsang, and you did not ask your questions, the only thing you would have is my part of the story. Now I know your part of the story too. It is a conversation between us.

Karl 27164: Where on the website is the "Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: If you go to our website on the very first page, click on that graphic, or The Greatest Sign, and it gives you the very basics of our teachings, Karl. If you read THOTH and study other parts of the website, it has been repeated over and over all through our teachings and THOTH, and many other lectures that have been given.

You also can go to the Satsang page. There are three Satsangs or lectures that were given for those seals, which explain The Greatest Sign.

If you do not know the Eternal Divine Path and you want to know about It, on the first page, click on the graphic there and you will be guided.

Mr_Nice_3: How can an ordinary man give the best service, and which is the best mantra?

Maitreya: An ordinary man indeed is in the image of God, and God has created him in His Image. Therefore he has the potential to manifest Gods qualities. It has been these ordinary men, women, and children who have been meditating for the last 12,000 years and now have become Elects. Those who have meditated, when they hear this Revelation, recognize and realize It and become one with It. They realize indeed It is from God.

An ordinary man is extraordinary because he can become god, in the image of God, the son of God. That is the promise God has given in all the Scriptures that if you overcome, you will become My son, you will become a god, perfect. You have the potential of becoming that great.

What is the best mantra? If you go to a room that we have here that is open on a twenty-four hour schedule, called Universal Mantra Meditation, there is a mantra that has been given for the whole of humanity. It is a public mantra that anyone can give to anyone.

There is a process, or a procedure, to meditate in that room. It is not open at this time. Usually that room is closed when we have this room open. After this room is closed, you can go to that room and learn about that mantra.

That mantra is the Shrii Shrii Para Maha Mantra. It means it is the greatest mantra that anyone can meditate on. You can meditate on that mantra that is given for the coming of the Golden Age.

Mr_Nice_3: Vegetarianism or meat-eating?

Maitreya: We recommend that you have more vegetables in your diet than meat. But we do not condemn meat eating. We accept the kosher foods that have been given in the Scriptures. The camel also can be eaten in those cultures that it is a part of the staple diet. A lot of possibilities have been given to the human for food.

Vegetables are consumed much easier in a warmer climate. In the cold climates the very meat actually becomes sentient or good food, as good as vegetables. For example, if a person in the North Pole wanted to become vegetarian, he or she will not find much food to eat because there are not many places available to grow food. Also the vegetables do not have that much heat that can protect them.

Everything in this Mission depends upon the time, place, and people involved. They can adjust themselves according to their culture, to their climate, and to their belief.

We do not recommend eating unclean animals. We suggest that you stay away from unclean animals because they have a lot of tamasic or crudifying force in them. It is very hard to eat those kinds of foods and meditate. Therefore we recommend not eating that kind of food.

Zigs1: Do you attend the Feast of Tabernacles every year?

Maitreya: Yes, I do. To this point we have been giving lectures every year. This year all the lectures for the Seven Seals have been given and finished. That was another sign for us showing that God indeed finished giving the teaching to humanity.

This year we concentrated mostly on Pal Talk, being open more times, times that we are usually not open. But I do spend more time with the people who come to the Feast. We do have some Satsangs or lectures during that time. I am more available in that period of time. So, yes, indeed, I do attend the Feast of Tabernacles.

The Feast is a wonderful way to come and experience the Communities of Light: Coming here and being with the other like-minded people, meditating, chanting, dancing, sharing beautiful food that wonderful people cook here, being in an environment that is Godly. It is an amazing experience. In that period of time, in those eight days, Gods Spirit is released to humanity in a greater degree.

Actually, the Feast of Tabernacles was the period of expectation of the coming of the Christ, or the coming of the Messiah of the Jewish people, as the last, or the Seventh Feast, were attended and kept. Always in those eight days the Spirit of God comes to humanity in a greater degree. Therefore you will feel very high in Spirit. Everyone who comes to the Feast always have great experiences.

Mr_Nice_3: Is there life after death?

Maitreya: There is no such thing as death. Mr. Nice is asking if there is life after death. There is no such thing as death. Death is a permanent sleep.

When you want to go to bed and fall asleep you do not say, I am going to go die. I am going to be alive at 8 oclock in the morning, or six in the morning. You say, I am going to go to sleep. You go to sleep, and the next day you wake up.

It is the same thing for death. Death is a permanent sleep that occurs at the end of the life of a person when the physical body no longer can support the life force.

Of course, because this universe is temporary, nothing is perfect and nothing stays forever. And because it is temporary, the decay is a part of the human experience. Nothing is permanent. Nothing stays forever.

The only permanency is Pure Consciousness, the Essence that everything is made of. In the Essence there is no mind, there is no intellect, and there is no analytical mind. In that state it just is. Death does not exist, and life is everywhere.

Those who think they die and there is nothing after death, believe that death is the end of everything and the ultimate. It is not. We have been here; we will be here forever.

The only reason we do not remember is we have amnesia. When a person has amnesia, they do not remember who they were, where they came from, what was their name, etc. We have the same problem.

When we start meditating and going to a deeper level in our beings, especially when we create the Communities of Light and create an environment that the people can meditate instead of worrying about when they can pay their mortgages, the interest rates, etc., when they create an environment that they can meditate and understand themselves, little by little they will remember they are not what they think they are but they are the Essence that each is one with God.

The very idea that there is life after death is a question that is based on the wrong understanding. The question really is, Is there death? There is not. Everything has been here, and will be here. There is no part of the universe that can actually be destroyed. Any part of the universe you try to destroy, you might be able to transform from one state to another, but you cannot ever destroy any part of the universe.

Therefore, yes, life exists. Life was here, and will be here forever.

That was great. You all had a lot of great questions being asked today. We again hope that you go to the website and understand how all the religions of the world are now unified. This Revelation is finished. Gods Revelation has come to humanity and is perfected now for man to see and realize that they are a part of a greater truth. Each of them has a part of a greater realization.

If they hold on to what they believe, they will miss a great part, actually six times of what they know in their religions. They will have no choice but to make a mistake because when your vision is narrow, your conclusions will be narrow. Therefore, in order to expand their understanding, they have to expand their vision and see the whole picture, which is revealed through this Revelation.

Zigs1: Do you have many people in the age range 20-30 involved in the Mission?

Maitreya: We have many people in many age ranges that are involved in the Mission. Young people are so busy with study, education, going to school, and also the educational system is so liberal that a lot of them do not really seek anything Godly in this time. But some of them do. They are the ones that are interested in this Mission.

We do have a lot of people in many age groups that are in the Mission. We are hoping more and more come in many ages, especially the young people. We do not want to have all the old people and after a while all of us are gone and there is no one left here.

It is just like Sarick gave you an indication that she is in that age group. You can see that we do have a lot of people in all age groups. You are welcome in any age you are.

We are hoping even more couples will have children and join the Mission. After a while we will have all the community that belongs to these teachings.

Yes, we expect many, many people, family people, many people who are in many levels in consciousness with different talents, abilities, etc. to join the Mission and be with us. So we welcome any age group.

This Revelation is for everyone. There is no one that is not included, or is not a part of Gods Revelation.

Openeye2003: Man had once lived longer than 120 years. What would man do for this to be returned back to him?

Maitreya: If you remember, the reason God changed the man the way they were was because their third eyes were open, they were more familiar with their bodies, they followed a better diet, they had access to the spiritual world, they could manipulate the forces in nature and live for a long time, and they used these powers for their lower natures. God said, My Spirit will not struggle, or go through struggling, with man. The flood of Noah happened, and God created a new man that their third eye was closed, and they had only two eyes for the last 12,000 years. That is what this human is at this time.

As we create Communities of Light and people start meditating, realizing these teachings, learn the lessons of history, and realize that God can close the human third eye and they will lose their spiritual forces, little by little humans will learn not to misuse their spiritual powers. We can see even right now that when a person has a little spiritual power, like seeing the future, or psychic, or something like that, they get an 800 number and start making money out of it instead of using it for a greater purpose.

The lesson of history and our teaching also is not to misuse the spiritual powers, actually not to seek spiritual powers. If they came to you that is fine, use them for a greater purpose, for the creation of the Communities of Light and guiding man to a higher level.

As man becomes Godlier and understands this Revelation and teaching, they will not misuse their powers, and little by little the power will be given back to them. The third eye of humanity will return. The telepathy will come back to them. They will be able to understand each other in a greater degree.

They do not even have to talk as much as this human does. This creates confusion because speech is from the first chakra. The first chakra is full of confusion. That is why the more we talk, the less understanding we have from each other. There are cultures that there is very little talk going on between people because they understand each other in a much greater degree.

As the telepathic and understanding of each other comes to us, we will realize what is best for us. We do not smoke. We do not use too much meat in our diet. We do not drink. We meditate, and we use the best food possible. We exercise. We inner-size. We do yoga. We meditate. We create an environment that little by little the human life will be expanded more and more.

Now the average is what, seventy-five, eighty? In the last probably twenty, or thirty, or forty years, it has been increased in some nations because the health has been improved. But as humans understand these things they can increase their lifespan in a greater degree.

As their lifespan increases with this teaching, the human will also become more in the grip of the reality of this universe and will not misuse their powers. Then they can live two hundred to three hundred, whatever years they can extend their lives. By then they can accelerate their meditation and going back to God. Therefore, yes, the way has been given to man.

If they start misusing their powers, then again Gods struggle with them will start and humans will not have their third eyes open. Their spiritual eyes will not be helping them, and they will not expand their lives.

So indeed there is a way to do that. But the first thing is to understand this Revelation, to learn our lessons, and realize that if we follow this Eternal Divine Path and these teachings, all the things that have been taken away from us will return to us.

Openeye2003: Thanks for the answer. One other question: Would man (science) understand fully how he can live to that age, you know, the DNA, all the mechanics of man living longer?

Maitreya: Yes, sure. The technology and all the things that we have created are helping man to live longer. But we are talking about the science based on spirit. Also another part of the Mission is to create the scientific and technological discoveries that do not have side effects, like pollution, the warming effect on earth, the destruction of the ozone, and all those things that we see are happening right now on earth. If the human does not stop this technology that is destructive in other ways, they will eventually realize that they might even destroy themselves by continuing with what they are doing.

In the science based on spirit, we can discover the scientific ways that do not have pollution. We can utilize these discoveries and create an environment that eventually we might not even need roads to drive cars. We will have cars that use anti-gravity, and we can bring the earth back to its original beauty and natural way.

There are infinite possibilities open to humans to progress in all levels. The only thing they have to recognize is that God exists. He has been guiding humanity and history. There is only one humanity, one God, and one religion, and they have to come together and use all the brains that are available to help the progress of humanity. How many great brains are wasted in Africa or in the Middle East that they do not get the chance to help us in any way?

Also the brainpower of humanity is mostly going toward wars and destruction at this time. Just imagine if we can use all that brainpower to recognize greater technology that is in Spirit, and we can use it so we can create an environment that the human can have much more comfort, much more resources. By reaching to space, there are no limits to the resources available.

We are sitting beside the ocean and lake, just like that bird. The bird does not drink the water because he is afraid if he drinks it, the lake is going to dry out.

We are afraid to use such wonderful resources that God has been giving us because we are fighting and we are destroying each other. We are arguing about different religions, different cultural preferences and misunderstandings, and ego that is separating one from another.

This is the Revelation of the beginning of the egolessness of the human. Of course, the human is not egoless yet, and it is very hard to work for them to become egoless. But we have to start somewhere. We have started it indeed.

Now the human has to recognize that we have to learn how to become egoless. The way has been given that is the Eternal Divine Path.

Openeye2003: I have one question in relation to age. Science determined that the age we are now, like one year old, its in fact how the earth goes around the sun 365 days. Now if we, man, lived further away from the sun, would that determine longer age?

Maitreya: That is a good question but that is another thing science probably can work on and see if that is true. That does not make it to be true because the very light form on earth depends upon a lot of factors. One of them is the sun and the distance between the sun and us. We are in a position that we are not close, to burn up like Venus, and we are not that far away that we will become frozen, therefore nothing grows on earth, like the planets that are far away from the sun. We are located at a distance that supports life the way we know it.

Is there life on other planets and all those things? Even if I knew, that is what God has left for humanity to find out. It is going to take the fun out of going, finding, exploring, conquering, or realizing the difference between this life form here, the life form in other planets, and how they work. As we know now, really life does not need only oxygen the way we thought it was going to support life. They have found life in places, like the bottom of the ocean, that live in very limited supportive environments.

God is very resilient and It can exist almost anywhere. We have to reach out to see what kind of life it is. For humans probably this is the best condition for them on earth. There are many, many billions of planets out there that also have suns and have the same conditions as humans have. We also can create support in other planets, and we can travel to them and live there.

Will we live longer? That is something humans have to experiment and find out if that is true or not. From the logical point of view probably not, but you never know.

Zigs1: One more thing, what would you regard as the most important part of the THOTH?

Maitreya: The most important part of THOTH is Its Message. The Message of THOTH is the miracle of this Mission. Actually when THOTH was opened and revealed, as the Scripture says, that is the only place in the whole Scriptures and all the Word of God that the whole universe rejoiced. That is indeed a rejoicing Message for humanity to see the unity of all religions and how God has been sending all this Revelation to humanity.

Therefore, the most important part of THOTH is realizing the Revelation of the Eternal Divine Path, recognizing where each religion falls, understanding the Path, and following It. Of course, the most important part is following the Eternal Divine Path.

Even just knowing It is not enough. You have to implement It in your life. You have to meditate (awaken your spiritual forces); direct the energy toward the creation of the Communities Of light; sacrifice; surrender and submit to God, and know what is the Will of God for humanity, which is the Eternal Divine Path and the coming of the Kingdom.

For you, where you fall in the scheme, in the whole picture of the Mission, accept your part, become a part of It, and do your job as you have been created to do. Then become a universalist. Expand your mind, shatter all the narrowness of the mind and anything that narrows you from being expanded to accepting the universe as your country, nation, and the whole humanity as your struggling brothers and sisters. Shatter any thing that narrows that expansion of the mind. Then you become an Elect.

The whole idea is to create the Elects, to create the leaders, to create the people who no longer are narrow and completely crudified, or they are not expanded anymore and that brings bondage. The whole Eternal Divine Path is to free you from the bondage that humans are in.

Humans are in much bondage, and they cannot release and relieve themselves from these bondages. The Eternal Divine Path is the way to break those bondages and free yourself from them. Therefore, the Eternal Divine Path is the Path to salvation individually and collectively for the whole of humanity.

Openeye2003: Yes, I would like to talk about the library that is going to be contained in the temple, once it gets built. Have you decided which books out of the thousands and thousands of books already written in each religion, and there are divisions within each Seal? Has the Mission decided which books? Anyone can just walk in and grab a book without any likelihood of drifting away from the Eternal Divine Path where they can just read, Ah, this is it. This is good. That is good. Could you elaborate and expand on that?

Maitreya: We have not really decided on the library. As you know, the Mission is very young. At this time we are really looking for more people to become involved, receive the Vision, join, become Elects, create the Facilitating Body, create the Communities of Light, and create the communities. Those decisions have to be made later on for each community and for each people who will create those libraries.

My idea is mostly to support the teaching. Also I do not mind people having controversial and different ideas in those libraries so people can expand their consciousnesses and realize that there can be another way of looking at things. But if something takes them away from the Eternal Divine Path, we try to talk them into realizing that, that is a part of the Eternal Divine Path, it is not really contradictory. If they did not see it, we will leave them to God.

The whole idea of religion and understanding Gods Way is not compulsory. It is something you see. You see the Vision. This is your Vision. This is your religion, and that is what you accept as yours. It is not a cult. It is a Revelation of God for the whole man.

We will not actually try to keep anyone in the Mission. If they came, were a part of it, and saw the Vision, it is their Vision, it is their religion, and they take it and it is theirs. They own it. If they did not see it, we just leave them to God, and we go ahead on with it. After the Communities of Light are created, eventually when we have those libraries, then those decisions have to be made with the people who make those libraries.

I hope that answered your question.

Mr_Nice_3: Is marriage or celibacy the best lifestyle?

Maitreya: That is again a part of the Missions teachings. It is explained that there are two kinds of people who have been created. Some are created for marriage. Some are created to be celibate, or we call them Sannyasins, which is probably a Sanskrit word. It is the same thing.

Those who dedicate their lives to God and God is their wife and husband or whatever they want to have, are here just to do a great job, are not attached to this external world, and can live without a partner. If they have that quality and they are not attached to be married, to have a wife or husband, children, and all the joy that comes to them in that way, they can become celibate easily and have that kind of lifestyle. It should not be forced on a person but they have to recognize their own temperament and follow what God has given to them.

If they want to become celibate they have to completely become celibate. In that regard they have a much easier way to serve God because there is no attachment. There is no wife. There is no child. There is no house payment or any thing. They are absolutely free to go wherever they can. They can be very useful to spread the Mission and to create the Communities of Light. But the whole idea is that you put your life based on the Eternal Divine Path, creation of Communities Of Light, and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Can you create the best environment, more beautiful children who will follow the Eternal Divine Path, see the Vision of God, and become a part of Gods people? Or, you can better reach out, go and travel, set up Communities of Light, and create an environment that other people also can see the Vision and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

It is really up to each individual to make this decision. No lifestyle is better than others. Of course, marriage and children take more time, take more energy, take more wisdom, and take more work in the relationships because you are working with another ego that is very close to you.

It is not that you are a Sannyasin, you go somewhere, you meet people, and you have a relationship in a very spiritual level. But you have a relationship with another person or persons who are very close to you. They see you in the light that a lot of other people do not. Therefore there is going to be much more wisdom necessary to have a wife and husband relationship, children, and family.

It is up to you. What is your temperament? Are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to work with another ego? Are you willing to compromise and eventually reach a point that you both can live in peace and harmony?

Or do you want your way and you are not willing to have wisdom, but you are willing to work with the Mission or to create the Kingdom? Still even when you are a Sannyasin, when you dedicate yourself to God, then also you have to have wisdom and understanding in that level so you can work with people.

Both lifestyles have positive things for them and also negative things for them. It depends on your temperament and what is best for you.

That was the last question in text. I do not see any other hands up. Again I encourage all of you to go to the website, go to our teachings. See the Vision clearly and realize indeed that this is the teaching God has prophesied to come to humanity. Now it is here.

If any religion, or any people, deprives themselves from this Revelation, they will see only a part of the Vision and they cannot see the whole picture. That is where they will make mistakes, go wrong, and create dogmas. Dogmas are the reason for separation between man and man. We have seen what separation does.

Also there are a lot of explanations in the Revelation that no one had before. It was impossible for any Prophet to know all this truth that has come to humanity through this Revelation. We can see that anyone in any religion or any other revelation cannot claim to have the whole truth. We can.

Again, we have to, like a drip of water, drip, drip in human consciousness and take this Revelation to humanity more and more. Never give up, and never suicide, as it has come to us from the very beginning of this Mission. Be perseverant, strong, and continue doing what we are doing to spread this Mission in any way we can. Never become discouraged.

If it did not work, if it is very quiet sometimes, it is OK. Those quiet times are even the best times because there is a rush of new people, new ideas, and things will come to the Mission when you are working for the wonderful Revelation that has come.

Mr_Nice_3: Who is Baba?

Maitreya: I guess you are talking about the Baba in India that they say lives for a long time, has been alive for hundreds of years, making miracles, and a lot of things.

There are many claims like that. Like another individual that claims his Maitreya built his body, and lived in the Himalayans in Shambala for 2,500 years. His Maitreya was supposed to come in 1982. He never showed up.

There are a lot of claims and things out there that are not based on the Words of God. The Words of God are in the Scriptures.

Is there anywhere in any Scriptures, in the Words of God, that it is talking about a person who lives for a long time and does those things that these people claim he does? We have to be referring to the Words of God. We have to be referring to the revelations that have come to humanity and see if really God is talking about what we believe, or the people want us to believe.

If such a Baba or such a Maitreya exists, let him come forward. Let him come here, and let us discuss to see who is the truthful one. Is the Revelation of God based on the prophecies, or claims that cannot be verified? If they exist, are their teachings based on the Words of God?

The Word of God says: awaken your spiritual forces, create Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to the Will of God, and universalism. Are their teachings the same thing as this, or are they different? If they are not the same thing, then again we have to recognize that they might not be from God.

I guess it is one hour of time. Usually at this time, if there are no further questions, we close the room.

We again direct all of you to go and study this teaching. Prove to yourself that It is from God. We are here to answer your questions.

There are rooms here that you can go and study our teachings in a greater degree. There is the website. During the week there are a lot of wonderful people doing a lot of wonderful things for this Mission, and we all have to be grateful to them. Of course they all would say, all thanks goes to God. And they are correct.

If there are no more questions, I will leave you to God. Maybe next week we will come back together.

In the meantime, go and see the teaching and see that this is the more perfect Revelation and completed teaching to humanity.

Sal-OM everyone.

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