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Maitreya: Sal-OM again to everyone. Welcome to our room and weekly Conversation. As usual, we are here to have a conversation together and answer questions you might have about our teachings.

First you have to know our teachings. Then come here, and we can talk about the things that have been covered in our teachings that are from the very mundane things in life to the highest realization of the goal of life, which is to be(come) Divine.

To be(come) Divine is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. Either you are already Divine and following the Eternal Divine Path is easy for you and you can follow it easily, or, you follow the Eternal Divine Path and gradually you will become Divine. The Path also unifies all religions together.

For the first time humanity can come together and realize that there is only One God. There is not separation between humans and humans. We can bring peace, tranquility, and unity as all humans are longing to have on earth. We need it very badly, especially in this time that we cannot only destroy ourselves once, we can destroy ourselves fifty times. That is even getting worse. The ability of many, many nations is now that they can inflict great damage on humanity.

The only way is to recognize that we are all children of One God. We should recognize and realize how He directed the history to this point and it is His Story. He preferred a part of humanity to the other parts because they have been Great Souls. But now there is equity that we can see has come to humanity since the second World War. Now is the time for humans to recognize more and more that they are all the Essence of God, they have to respect each other because of that Essence, and educate themselves to become courteous, just, and understanding of each other. They can come together and become One.

This is the Message of peace, education, and the explanation of the many things that humans did not know and could not know to this point. If they understand these things they will see, there is a Spirit, a Consciousness, a Supreme Mind that has guided creation to this point and if the humans keep their egos they will suffer themselves. God does not make humans suffer. Humans suffer by keeping their egos and separating themselves from these understandings. Anything that separates any part of the universe from any other part, surely is not from The Spirit or God.

You have to recognize that God is everything. You cannot separate a part of It and say, This is God but this is not God, or, This is more God, this is not more God.

There is a part of the universe that has fallen away from this understanding, and they have the delusion of being separated from the rest. They create separation, destruction, disunity, and bring suffering to themselves and others. That is what the lesson of the history is for the last twelve thousand years, especially the past 6,000 years that humans have been at each others throats and they were creating wars that were supposed to be the last war, and it has not happened.

It will not happen because we can see in history that those who have dominated will be dominated. Those who dominate, later on, will become the people who are dominated. This cycle is going on and on.

This is the lesson that humanity has to understand that domination, ego, separation, and destruction will not bring peace and unity for them, but understanding Gods Plan will unify them, and eventually we will have one earth. Then we can live with each other and reach to space. Therefore their aggression maybe can be directed toward conquering other planets to make them livable, etc, etc, that I have been talking about for a long time.

This is the way out, physically, mentally, spiritually, individually and collectively for humanity. It is the guiding light for man to stop destroying themselves. Those who resist it, delay the implementation of this truth and they make mistakes because they only know a part of the whole truth.

As was explained many times, in The Revelation chapter 10, verse 7, and many places in the Bible and the Scriptures of God, only the whole truth will come at the end time, after the Seventh Seal is opened. Now we have the whole picture and the truth that has come from God. It not only has been revealed but it is perfected and complete for humanity.

It has been revealed, written down, corrected, revised, and many inputs brought from many, many people who have come here and asked questions or pointed us to find truths that we might not have found otherwise, like prophecies, genealogy, etc. Eventually, this Revelation is now complete.

If you really understand it, it gives you answers to every question you might ever have, scientifically, psychologically, governmentally, politically, community, in the relationship between couples, marriage, children, and how we can create an environment that eventually we can create children that grow up learning how to share, how to care, instead of teaching them to be number one. Not everyone can be number one. That idea creates stress and competition that eventually brings great diseases to them. Stress is the reverse of Grace. When we do not receive Grace, we create stress.

The same energy that is Grace, when it is misused and it is not directed toward Godliness and becoming a channel for the higher energy, will become stress. One of the problems of modern life is stress.

We really are not Godly or we do not bring God into anything in our lives. We are not Divine. We are not trying to meditate and know thyself or ourselves. We do not have time. We just have to wake up in the morning, get a cup of coffee, eat some very un-nutritional breakfast, and rush out of the door. We have to do this and do that the whole day. Come nighttime, we are tired. We watch a couple of programs on television that tell us, Buy this. Buy that, and Do this. Do that. Everything that is not Godly is OK but what is Godly is not.

We wonder why we have so much stress. It is because our lives are not based on Godliness. The very Grace that is supposed to bring us Peace, calmness, and unity, becomes stress.

The only way out of that is again the Communities of Light where people share with one another and create an environment that they can get out of that rat race and eventually create an environment that people can become Godly: They meditate. They know themselves. They create Communities of Light. They sacrifice for them. They surrender and submit to the Will of God for them. They shatter all narrowness of the mind and become universalists. Then they can create an environment for themselves and others that they also can become Godly.

Eventually we will create an environment that stress is no more, but will be replaced with The Grace. When it is replaced with The Grace, the life will become a joy of progressing physically, mentally, and spiritually, and being prepared.

When the time of leaving this body comes, we are ready to go to the higher consciousness or to God or Pure Consciousness. We know we have done a good job in our lives and we spent a productive life that took us to the higher level at the time of death. If we did not, at the time of death we do not want to leave this body because we are attached to a lot of things, and it will not take us to the higher level.

Again we can see that this teaching solves even human psychological problems, the stressful life that we live in, and the way we see a lot of people psychologically become completely disoriented or cut off from the rest of humanity. They feel lonely and unappreciated or left out, or they eventually commit suicide, or they live a life of complete loneliness because they have not learned how to create a rapport and oneness with other people.

In the Communities of Light they will not have these problems that we now have on earth. They again can see that this is the way out. This is for humanity to come together, learn to live with each other, help one another, become more community-oriented, and bring this teaching in their lives.

You become a source of that unity. When you follow the Eternal Divine Path, other people will come to you and you can create the unity between them.

But, of course, you have to create that unity in yourself first, not using Gods Words to create an even more dividing environment. That goes with meditation and seeing yourself clearly, Why am I lonely? Why does no one want to be my friend, or, be close? Maybe I should look at myself instead of looking at other people and blaming them for what is my problem. We can see that this should be given to humanity to progress even in the psychological level.

If you really understand this teaching, you will see that no matter who you are, what is your religion, how intellectual you are, or how away you are from realizing that you are Spirit and you have rejected religions, you will see that there is no dogma in this Revelation but the plain truth. And eventually, hopefully, you will accept it as the Word of God.

I rejected the religions because they are dogmas. They do not make sense. They are not logical. We can see that we have to recognize these things.

There is a question. Karl is asking:

KARL theDivineAtheist: Are we all divine?

Maitreya: Divines are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path. If we were all Divines we would not have this creation. We would not be in the body, and there would not have been any separation between us. We would have been one in the Spirit and recognized each others Divinity. We would not have created wars and destruction.

There are two approaches. Some people say that we are already Divine. That is why if you look at the wording for the meaning of the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam it says, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

Some people say we are already Divine. Arent we all from God and we have the Essence of God?

Yes, we do. But also we have ego that acts like an umbrella and is at the top of our heads. It cuts The Grace, unity, and Oneness with God, from us. Therefore, although our Essence is Divine (our Essence comes from God, that Divinity), because of our illusion of separation from God, we do not know it, we do not recognize it. We even reject God because we have such a delusion of separation from God. If we say we are all Divine and do not consider ego, we might actually create a bigger ego and say (just like many people come to our room and say), I am God.

Yes, you have the potential to manifest Gods qualities that are compassion, humility, etc. Actually the person who comes to our room and says, I am God, you can see right there a big ego that, I am God and no one else is.

A recognized and realized Soul realizes that not only is he or she God but everyone else also has that Essence and potential to become Divine or to be(come) god or Godly. That is why Christ said, You are gods. You have that Essence. But you have not completely cleared yourself to realize and recognize that you have the quality of God in you but you will manifest it if you have humility. Christ also said, He who is the humblest is the greatest in my Kingdom.

If you are not humble, you think you are God and you separate yourself from other people. Again that is not from God. That is from ego and an ego trip. You can see that the potential is there but not everyone is Divine. Everything is God but not everything is in Pure Consciousness. That is why the word be(come) tells you that you have to be(come) It. You have the potential to be(come) god, but you are not there yet.

It is just like a seed that can become a beautiful flower but you cannot say the seed is a flower yet. It has to be put in the ground and if it grows it will become a beautiful flower later on.

With this understanding we see, we have the potential to manifest Godliness. Godliness is humility, understanding, the ability to manifest Gods Spirit through ourselves so other people will see that Spirit in you and they will recognize that God is coming through you. Therefore they say, Yes, I also want to have that Spirit of Oneness with everyone.

With this understanding we will not say, I am Divine, without putting any effort. We will recognize that we have the potential to become It. Therefore we create a big ego by thinking we are great, we are number one, and we are this and that. That is a silly delusion, and delusion creates separation from Godliness.

Again this room is for everyone to come here and let us have a conversation. Also to realize and recognize how this Revelation is the Will of God that has been prophesied to come to humanity. By recognizing that, you will realize that it is the only way to back home.

Again Karl is asking:

KARL theDivineAtheist: There are many paths to enlightenment.

Maitreya: There are many individuals that have their approach to reach enlightenment but there is only one Path, and that Path is the Eternal Divine Path. Every other Path falls into this Path.

The Eternal Divine Path is the umbrella. Under that, individuals can find their own approach to go to God and become Godly. That is what the lesson of this Revelation is. This Revelation has been foretold to come for thousands of years.

Now NewAgers come and say, No, we know the truth, and the truth is that everyone has their own path.

Karl, I will let you have the microphone and we will see what you have to say. But please stay on topic.

Karl: Well, I disagree. Mr. Buddha teaches us there are many paths to enlightenment. As we see in the world there are many cultures and many religions. The goal, like you said, of all these religions is selflessness, peace, and tranquility. But there are many ways of getting there. Your way is just one way. There are many paths to enlightenment.

I choose the atheist path. It works for me. It is strange. It is unique for Karl and other atheists but nonetheless it is my path to enlightenment. It is not your way.

Maitreya: Buddha did not know about the Eternal Divine Path. No other Prophets knew about this Revelation. They taught something that they received, and each of them is only one seventh of the truth. Being an atheist is not a path. An atheist is a person who believes that there is no God. Buddha taught that the ultimate is reaching Nirvana, nothingness, according to some people. But how do you become and reach Nirvana?

How many people have reached Nirvana after Buddha? Very few people have reached Nirvana. And because the Indian teaching had so many gods, Buddha had enough of the gods. He said, Just forget about the gods and know thyself. Buddha taught what he received in that time.

Actually the prophecy is that when Maitreya comes, he teaches things that even the Buddha did not know. And that is true.

Go ahead, Cefas.

Cefas07: Can you give a simple explanation about The Greatest Invocation (The Reminder) in the light of The Greatest Sign, please?

Maitreya: Yes, sure. The Reminder is, We pay our salutations to the Divine Father who has helped all come from ignorance to the Path of enlightenment. You approach God in the first verse. It is just like knowing thyself, connecting to Him, and creating a connection with God.

Then it goes to: We open our hearts to Your Grace... Of course that is possible with the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, and surrendering and submission. Therefore, that is His Will.

Then, you promise to, endeavor to help the whole universe That is another pledge that all the Elects take, not to work for their own salvation (to go back to God), but to take everyone back to God with themselves before they go in. They become Bodhisattvas who delay their own salvation to help the rest of the universe to go to that level.

Then, you recognize that a lot of, Great Souls have helped and will help to accomplish this Revelation and the truth. Then you, Surrender and submit only to The Greatest Sign which is the Essence of our teachings. You do not really surrender and submit to any person, any individual, but you do that to The Greatest Sign, which is the essence of Gods Revelation.

You do not worship The Greatest Sign. The Greatest Sign is not the subject of your worship. You surrender to Its meaning that takes you to Pure Consciousness and also recognizing and realizing that you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Only then it confirms that there is only One God, and He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). You overcome attachments to any statue, any name, any form, and you concentrate on the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, which is Spirit. That is what your concentration should be. Any other level will not be the highest and will separate man from man.

Also, if you look at The Reminder, it is talking about, We open our hearts to Gods Grace, the first verse. It is the First Seal. You have to create a connection with God and open your heart to His Grace. Therefore you are ready to receive His Spirit, the awakening of the spiritual forces.

The second is that you, Adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness. That is the pledge of every Paravipra and Bodhisattva, you pledge not to work for your own salvation but to work for the salvation for the whole of humanity first before you can go to God or Pure Consciousness yourself. That is the pledge, the Bodhisattva pledge, that you will delay your own salvation and therefore, you create the Communities of Light, surrender and submit to God, become a universalist, and on and on. With all these things you become an instrument for God.

Then you recognize that there have been many Great Souls in the past, and those who will come in the future who will help humanity to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, go to Spirit, and become a part of God. You are having that pledge to recognize that there are Great Souls that will be Bodhisattvas. They will work toward becoming Elects and Paravipras.

Then you pledge that you will only recognize the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is the only way that you can unify. Anything that has shape, name, or form on earth or in the universe, will not be unifying you. You resist any form, shape, statue, person, guru, rabbi, father, or mullah. You go to God by yourself directly, and you surrender and submit only to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. You might listen to a lot of teachers, or the people who have something to say, but eventually you go to God directly, in the Spirit, in your meditation. Therefore you can eliminate the grip of the teachers, gurus, mullahs, rabbis, and lamas on human lives.

It is in the next state only that the unification will come. And at the end you recognize that there are going to be beings that will teach this teaching to you. You accept them as the teachers but still you do not replace God with them. You are free from any attachment to something physical. You create no separation from the Highest.

The Reminder is a Great Invocation that frees humanity from the many vices that have plagued many religions on earth. With understanding The Reminder and Its meaning and depth, you free yourself to God and Spirit. You do The Reminder once in the morning, once at night, and many times in between if you like, or later. It is up to you how many times you do it.

If you understand the teaching, every day you are pledging yourself to this truth twice a day. Therefore you can absolutely free yourself from the many destructive ideas that have existed for humanity for the last twelve thousand years. The Reminder is a Great Invocation that really frees you.

I hope that answered your question.

MonPeRe, you have your hand up. Go ahead.

MonPeRe: I was only asking if people do reincarnate, like in reincarnation, they come back and they will learn their lessons? Sooner or later they will learn their lessons. Why all the drama? Why are all the people here to remind them and remind them and remind them? They will learn their lessons. That was my question.

Maitreya: Apparently you have not gone to our website, MonPeRe. You have not studied our teaching. There has been a Revelation and a Plan for the last twelve thousand years that there will be a history and a period that God will direct humanity to the end time.

In this period there are humans that have progressed, have meditated, have longed to know the unity of all religions, and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth. That is where we are.

This Revelation has been prophesied to come, and now it is here and humanity has being given the whole picture about Gods Plan. The idea that we are going to learn our lessons and we do not need anyone, we do not need any Prophet, we do not need any Messiah, any teacher and Revelation from God, is a teaching that is the beginning of the Path that is to know thyself, to awaken your spiritual forces, and recognize and learn your lessons.

There is more than just knowing yourself, or learning your lessons. There are people that never learn their lessons. They have been incarnated for the last twelve thousand years. Not only have they not learned their lessons, but also they are getting worse. Therefore they have to be stopped. Those people who have learned their lessons now are called to come and see this teaching and realize and recognize that God indeed is calling them to come together and create the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who do not learn their lessons will not be reincarnated for a thousand years.

That idea is a human-made idea. Gods Idea is in the Scriptures. In our website it teaches you how you can see these truths and realize the Words of God and His Plan.

MonPeRe: [typed in text] I think I am one of those.

Maitreya: If you are one of those, then you have to manifest. You see, you know me as a Truthful One by recognizing indeed God has Prophesied for this individual with this Revelation to come.

I know you by your fruit. Your fruit means that you manifest these teachings wherever you are. The first step to manifest is to become a contact person where you are. Where do you live? Where are you from? If you are from a place that we do not have any contact, even if we have a contact person there, you can become another contact. We can have more than one in any area, and then spread this Message. OK, MonPeRe wrote, Holland. That is a place that I do not know if we have a contact or not.

First of all you have to understand our teachings and learn what we teach here. Realize that what you say is not incorrect. I am not saying what you say is incorrect. But also there is more than just learning your lessons.

There is a limitation in the period of the time that you can learn your lessons. Those who have not learned their lessons now, their time is up. Those who have learned their lessons are the Elects in this time. If you are one of them, then read our teachings in a greater degree.

You can go to our website and find out where our contacts are in Europe and contact them. Call them. Send e-mails together. Become more one with each other and eventually start working with one another.

The first step is to really recognize that what you say is truth. A lot of humans and people who have religions think they are godly and some of them seek the truth. They have to recognize and realize that what they have is a part of the whole truth. We are not saying that what they have is not correct. But there is more into Gods Revelation and Gods teachings. We can all recognize what you have is a part of a greater truth that you did not know before.

No human knew these teachings and what we reveal here to humanity before. It is impossible for them to come and say, We have the whole truth, because God said, No one knows the whole truth until the Seventh Angel comes.

MonPeRe: [typed in text] I am a Moslem.

Maitreya: OK. Well, it does not matter. I was Moslem myself. I was born in a Moslem community in Iran. Now I have this teaching that I recognize is even more than Islam. It includes all religions of the world, and Islam and Prophet Muhammad are accepted here as a Great Prophet that was foretold by God to come, and he did.

Even Prophet Muhammad himself knew that there were going to be other Prophets to come. He also said that he did not reveal everything to humanity. Therefore, you are not losing your religion, no matter what religion you are in, but you are gaining the greater truth that even your Prophet did not know. Now you can recognize and know the things that even they longed to know, and they did not know.

Very few Prophets have seen the Vision of the end time. And even they were told to seal it, to hide it from humanity, until the coming of this Revelation. This Revelation therefore is for every human to see that what they had is a part of a greater Truth, and they have to recognize this Truth.

Cefas07: Before creating any Community of Light, should I create first, my internal Community of Light? I mean, be in direct contact with God?

Maitreya: Not necessarily. You can start by being a contact and contacting people to the Mission, and at the same time working with the people around you to spread this Mission to them. Make them also to become Elects and see themselves as people who want to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

As we go and become more spread out, hopefully we will reach a point that we will have the teachers and those who know the teaching well. They can travel and go to the different areas where our contacts are, and help them to create the Communities Of Light.

That is what the job of the contacts is at this time, to spread this Mission, to reach out, to find the people who also are interested to see these teachings, and create an environment that this teaching is being spread, then we will have the facilitating body that are the people who have learned the teaching very well and are willing to travel and go to different communities and help the communities to create the Communities of Light.

As we have said many times, we need two kinds of people, the supporters and the people who reach out to spread this Mission. The supporters are those that love the Mission, that work (they have jobs), that are with their children, or wife and husband, the people who do not have time to really dedicate their lives completely to the Mission. They are the ones who support the Mission wherever they are. They become contacts. They spread the Mission. They help the Mission financially, physically, and mentally. Therefore, we will have enough resources that we can choose from those who have the time to come and become people who can travel to reach to these contacts and help them to create the Communities of Light. The system has already been given.

This facilitating body will withdraw because the eventual manifestation of the hierarchy of the Mission of Maitreya is from the Communities of Light. It is from the people who are in the Communities of Light. They will choose their leaders and eventually replace the facilitating body with the people who come from the Communities of Light.

You are also translating the Mission material to the Spanish language, which is a great service for all the people who speak Spanish. We wish that there were people who would translate it into Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and all the languages on earth so our website would have all the material in all the languages that humanity could read and understand. That is a great service. Also as a contact, your work at this time is just to contact people and spread the Mission.

At this time we are not even concentrating on the creation of the Communities of Light. We are concentrating to find the contact people and spread this Message and Mission to more and more people to reach a point that we have enough support groups. After that we can reach to humanity and start the creation of the Communities of Light.

There will be a time that the Communities of Light are going to just pop up all over the earth. Suddenly we will have many communities that will form all over the earth. Therefore we can create these communities like mushrooms. At this time we are coming very quietly to humanity. We are looking for the people who want to become contacts, those who want to support the Mission, they see this Vision clearly, and they understand, Yes, indeed, it is the way out.

Those who test my Spirit and eventually agree that I am not here to get rich out of this Revelation, or steal your money and run, will come and join me. This is something that is going to stay here forever. It is not going to go anywhere until it accomplishes Its Mission. After you recognize and realize that Spirit is Good then you will help it to spread everywhere with all your might.

If you have the ability to create the Communities of Light, that is fine. You can start doing that. But it is not necessary at this time. The most important thing at this time is to reach out to those who can see this Vision clearly.

At the end, when this teaching is spread and the Communities of Light are going to be forming, it will be much easier to create them because there will be support in the external world for them in a greater degree. But if you want to create the Communities of Light at this time, the external world is so opposed to what you are trying to do that you are going to have a very hard time doing it. That is because a lot of people will not understand you. A lot of people do not know what your teachings are. They might even accuse you as being a cult. You can see people coming here and saying things like that.

The most important thing is to educate humanity at this time that this teaching is from God. Create faith in a lot of people so little by little when we reach to a point to create the Communities of Light, they are just going to pop up all over the place with the support of the communities and other people of the world because they recognize and realize, indeed, it is good. Therefore they will be supporting it, and we can create Communities of Light much easier.

I hope that answered your question.

MonPeRe is asking:

MonPeRe: Is Maitreya a prophet?

Maitreya: You can go to our website. You will see that the prophecies are fulfilled. The Word of God has come as has been prophesied and promised to come.

If God promises a Revelation will come through a person, when that Revelation comes through that person that is the Spirit of God, that is The Holy Ghost revealing this Revelation to humanity, that is the Vahd in Arabic. I do not know if you know Arabic or not. Vahd is what came through Prophet Muhammad, and he brought the Revelation to his followers. This is indeed the Revelation. It is the Vahd. Therefore, we can say that I am a Prophet.

Of course we go a step further and say, Prophet Muhammad also was a Messiah because the Spirit of God was upon him. Whoever the Spirit of God is upon is a channel or a way for God to come through. He also was a Messiah.

So was Christ, who also was a Prophet. We can see that this has gone much further than any explanation of this position before it.

All right then. This is again the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation room. We encourage everyone to go to our website, study our teachings in a greater degree, recognize, and realize that a great teaching of God has come to man.

I do not see any other questions. Again I hope pretty soon many of you will become light workers, and this weekly gathering will inspire you to do the work of God on earth. Reach out wherever you are, spread this Message and the Mission, and create an environment that we can reach out to humanity in a greater degree.

Whatever God gave me in the last twenty-two years, we used very efficiently. That is why in this time we have done a great job that no other Prophet really had been able to do because God is with us. God indeed is very particular and protective of this Revelation at this time.

Go ahead Adel.

Adel Dharma: I was thinking about being initiated. I have doubt in my mind that I can do it. Well, my question is, if one does not make it, can one go back as a supporter only to the Mission or are there some other consequences as well?

Maitreya: The consequences are between you and God. This is not really a cult that we have created or we are going to tell you that if you leave, your life will be terrible just like a lot of Moslems who think that the moment that you leave Islam they can kill you or something like that. It is nothing like that at all.

What we are asking is, do not commit yourself to initiation unless you are 100% sure that you are not going to back off from your decision. The decision has to be 100% sure that you want to do it. You have understood the teaching, you have realized and recognized that it is from God, it is the Seventh Angel, this is the last Revelation of God. There is nothing like it in human history for the last 12,000 years. It is the opening of the Revelation of the Seven Seals. Indeed God is behind It, and you have no choice.

Actually all those who want to go to God have no choice but to dedicate themselves to this cause 100%. This is the first thing in their lives and for human existence.

If you recognize and realize that, I do not see how you can ever fail or back off and say,I am not going to do it, unless you have not been sure in the very beginning.

That is what we are asking, Make sure. Make absolutely clear to yourself that you will be dedicated. Of course it will have spiritual consequences because God is not really joking. Or it is not something that should be taken lightly when God said, I will send this Revelation, that is going to be My last Revelation, that is going to be the beginning of the end of the last era, and a person comes and just gets initiated because of the sake of knowing what The Word is. It is not going to be revealed to them until they really show that they are dedicated completely to the Mission.

If they did not recognize that this is the last Revelation and their dedication should be 100%, then they should not be doing it because you are really pledging your pledge to God. You are receiving the Name of God through this Revelation, which will not be revealed to anyone unless they are dedicated to this cause and The Word.

You have to become a 100% worker for God. God becomes number one in your life, and you are willing to listen and learn and progress. If you do not, you will become lukewarm. And God said, I will spue you out of my mouth. If you are lukewarm clearly you have to recognize that you are not 100% and you should not request initiation.

It is a very important decision. It is something you have to really meditate on very deeply and be able to dedicate yourself completely to this understanding.

If you do not believe that this is the last Revelation, if you do not believe this is the Truth that God Revealed to humanity at the end time, then you should not do it. That is why there is no hard feeling if I say, Do you want initiation? and you say, No. That is fine. That is OK. You can just take your time and meditate on it until you really believe you can do it.

I hope that answered your question. That is the Name of God. That is The Holy Word that has been revealed to you.

Those who do feel to help the Mission but they do not dedicate themselves completely to the Mission, then after initiation I leave them to God. If they are not completely dedicated, I just pray for them that their Souls are going to be OK because that is not something that you should take lightly. When you are initiated, you will have to really be dedicated and stay with it for the rest of this lifetime and the lifetimes to come.

Actually, I used to give the initiation very easily to anyone who walked into the Mission because I believed anyone who came to the Mission is an Elect. But some people proved themselves not to be Elects. Therefore, more and more the revealing of The Word has been restricted to people who are absolutely dedicated.

Those who received It, none of them received the whole Word. Even those who received the whole Word, if they do not follow their dedication, they will lose it. They will not hear It.

If you hear The Word of God and the Name of God and still you fall, you did not really hear it. It is impossible to fall back.

Again, think very deeply about this. You do not really have to be initiated. Initiation means you really are dedicated to this Mission 100%. You can love the Mission. You can help the Mission. You can reach out for the Mission. You can support the Mission in any way you can.

The Haree Om Shrii Hung Mantra is a powerful Mantra that can help you a lot. Maybe next life. Maybe a couple of lives from now they will be ready to receive the Name of God, but not at this time.

So that initiation means we have to create a rapport with each other. We have to be able to work with one another. It does not mean that if you become initiated I am going to abuse or misuse my power or ability to work with you. It means we are brothers and we have to create the ability to create a working relationship.

Of course, I will try to guide you in the spiritual Path in a greater degree because I believe that whatever I say, for you, is the Word of God. You are going to be able to listen to it much easier than a person who is not initiated and still has their own ego or separation from me. Therefore, I just help them as much as they can handle, not much more.

I hope that answered your question Adel. Again, think, take your time. Do not rush into it. If you have any question, just send me an e-mail as initiation at I will look at your question and will help you out in this aspect.

This is for everyone. Everyone who needs help just send us: or questions, and all those things. We have an e-mail set up for them that are directed to be answered correctly.

Any other questions in the room? (silence)

Then I leave all of you to God again. Meditate, go to the website, and reach out to humanity. Spread the Mission. Be a Contact. Be a channel for God to let them know that the last Revelation of God is here and they are called to come together, become one with each other, create the Kingdom of God on earth, and peace and unity.

Sal-OM everyone

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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