Maitreya, Conversations with
At The Feast Of Tabernacles

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission. As usual we will be here together for one hour and a half. In this period we will discuss the Mission, Maitreya, and together we will study this new Revelation that has come to humanity.

At this time we are celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. If you go to Chapter 23 of Leviticus where God presented seven Feasts during the year, these seven Feasts are commanded to be kept Holy and followed forever. These are the only Holy Days that are accepted for humanity to follow. And the Feast of Tabernacles is the last one that represents the coming of the Christ, God, and the finality of the Revelation and Spirit of God on earth, which is the same as the Seventh Revelation that we now have on earth as the final Revelation of God to humanity.
We have been enjoying the Feast the whole week with the people who have joined us either here in the Center of the Mission or through PalTalk. We are all trying to let God and His energy come through us and see how we can unify, only when we become One with God, when our Spirits all represents His Spirit, and when we go beyond any narrowness of the mind, any nationality, any gender, any race.
We have people here with the background of Christianity and Judaism. Hopefully one day we will have Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, American Indians, and any other background that they might have come from.

When they come together in the Spirit of God, just the way we are doing right now in the Mission, they will no longer have any narrowness of the mind; they can relate to each other as the Children of God and they can become one.

In that state we will realize that there is only One Earth, One Humanity, One God, One Savior, and we are here to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. We are the pioneers of this peacefulness and peace that humanity is longing for but they do not know how to accomplish. They still separate themselves by nationality, by religion, by race, by gender, by any other possible separation that they can think of because their egos are limiting them to see that there is only One God and one universe. He has created this entire universe for only one purpose: So we can progress as fast as possible to become Divine. That is what the goal of the life is, to be(Come) Divine, that Divinity (God) is everything.

All of us are a part of that Divinity because He is Everything. We are not separated from Him. We are One. If we recognize that and let the ego go, then we have nothing left but to let God come through and we will become One. The only reason the separation exists between us, if there is a separation in the Mission, is because our egos are in the way. As ego is in the way, we will feel separated and we will not become one.

The trick is to get rid of the subconscious mind. We have the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, or Universal Mind, or God. The only thing left is to see that same Essence is in other people, recognize it, and see that we are all the same material, from the same place, from the same Essence, and become One.

That is what we work on here in this Mission and in this Feast. All the members are trying to let the ego go and let the Spirit come through. If we can get 10% of humanity to feel like that and we gather the Elects, under the 144,000 Elects and the ones who have progressed spiritually for the last 12,000 years, then we have a great power and energy. There are going to be many Great Lights and Light Workers on earth that can come together and bring the Kingdom of God on earth and eventually shatter all the narrowness of the mind and separation that exists on this Planet.

Bring the Peace. That can be done only by those who have gone through meditation and have awakened their spiritual forces for the last 12,000 years. They have been yogis, they have been Moslems, they have been Christians, they have been saints, they have been Cabbalists, and they have been Sufis. They have been many, many levels of consciousness in many lifetimes. When they see this Revelation they say, Yes. This is the only thing that makes sense. There is only One God. How can there be so many religions and separation between them?
Now we can see that He has revealed what He kept a secret even from the Prophets and Great Souls who had brought great revelations to humanity. All of them recognized and realized that they did not have the whole Revelation.

They referred to the end time and that at the end time only, the whole truth would be revealed. And now we are in the end time. This is the time that humanity is going toward the great upheaval and tribulation. Although our human part does not like it and does not want to see the destruction, the deaths, and the wars, but apparently humanity will not relent from their ways until they reach a point that they see how fruitless their efforts are, when their ways create war, domination, destruction, and ego trips.

Our job is to understand this teaching, put our effort into creation of the Communities of Light and create the system that has come from God to us in the Mission, and create that system for the Mission. When it is established, then the leaders of this Mission will come from these communities, and that will be the most democratic system you can find.

Actually we do not really have a democratic system on earth at all. There is no democratic system anywhere that the majority wins in the sense of coming from the people, which are the communities. Who creates communities? Communities of Light are from the people.

We have a great job in front of us. The work is to purify ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, and purify our environment also. That is what meditation is.

Meditation is a struggle individually and collectively. Individually we know ourselves, we look at ourselves and we see how our ego is in the way of God. We let God come through more and more. At the same time we work with the environment by creating an environment that other people also can meditate and have their physiological and safety needs taken care of so they can also let God come through.

The more God comes through, the more we will become one. That is because there is no other way that humans, or two people, or a group, can become one but to let the Spirit of God come through. Any other way will be ego, and ego loves to separate. Ego loves to feel superior so other people are not humble and one.

That is what we were talking about last night in the Satsang. Those who had been here probably heard how ego is tricky and how it will not let God come through. It is in the way.

Anything that does not let God come through is in the way. You have to recognize it, to see it, to understand it, and then eventually say, No, I do not want this ego, which is Maya. It is destruction. It is separation. And it does not let me let God come through.

As we have said many times, even couples cannot become one until they let God come through and they both concentrate on God. Then the couple also can become One.

That goes also for any relationship, between friends, between members in the Mission. If you let God come through you will see that you are brothers and sisters. You have recognized that Essence. When you recognize that Essence in yourself, then you can recognize that Essence in everyone. Then you can see what is ego, who has ego, and who is connected to God.

If they are not one with the community, if they create disturbance in the community, if they are not flowing and letting God come through, then that is ego. They should look at this ego very clearly, see it, and get rid of it. They will come and do what the Mission has been telling everyone to do for the last twenty-four years.

Get rid of your ego and become one in the Spirit with the rest of the members. Then you will become brothers and sisters no matter what color, what nationality, what gender, or whatever place you have come from. Then see, What is my Essence and how I can help to bring the Kingdom of God on earth? Then you can see yourself and your place in the whole picture and you will work accordingly.

After you see yourself clearly then you do not really long for the places that you do not belong. You just accept Gods Will for you and you follow whatever is necessary to be done. We are working on that in the Mission.

The way has been given, the meditation that has been given. Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam by itself is a powerful meditation. The process is in the meditation room. If you follow it and you recognize that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, seeing the energy released in the stillness when you breath in, between breathing in and breathing out, and ride the mantra on that energy, you will eventually reach a point that you will become still.

In that stillness you will realize infinity, you will realize God, and you will realize the Eternal state, which these three things cannot be explained: Infinity, eternity, and God. They are the same thing, and they cannot be intellectually explained.

But they can be experienced. That experience and how you experience God, the way now has been revealed to you. It is the process of meditation that was revealed to humanity. You really do not need anything besides that.

The Revelation is given to you freely. You can go and read, and see, and share it with everyone. You can even print it and give it to other people in your community.

You can start some work in the community. You can start a meditation class. You can start a yoga class. You can start a study class. You can start a gathering to discuss the Mission with whoever is interested wherever you are. You can write the leaders of your churches, your synagogues, whatever spiritual people you know.

Reach out. Let them know that the last Revelation of God has come. Invite them. Talk to them. Be effective in spreading the Mission and the Word of God. Become engaged. Become a channel.

But do not be attached to the result of the action. Just let God come through and then say, Well, it is Yours, God. I am done. I wanted to spread the Mission.

Also, it really helps you when you try to spread the Mission. Not only you enjoy it but also you start seeing yourself more and more how much you know about the Mission and how much you do not.

Also what is the best way, How to improve my approach? Little by little you will become a good teacher. You will attract other people in your community and you can create Communities of Light wherever you are. At least you have the similar minded people around you, and you will not be alone with this Mission and this realization but you will have many people around you who have that realization.

It is really a Mission call to action. You cannot be idle and bring the Kingdom to earth.

As it is completely revealed in the Bible, there are going to be many people who will be engaging themselves in bringing the Kingdom of God. And they will long to do that. As we create this system and the organization, the Mission will become an efficient system, and the other earthly systems will fall apart. As God said, Babylon the Great will fall and will be destroyed.

What is going to replace it? If you go to Daniel and the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel explains it very well, that Gods Kingdom will come and will replace the kingdom of earth, The stone which hits the image will become a mountain.

As we explain, mountain is the triangle upward, and is the four pillars of the system that we have. That dream about the image and how it is destroyed is about this Mission and how Gods Kingdom will come on earth. We know it is going to happen.

God said He would do things. He has done it before. He said His Kingdom will come, and His Kingdom will.

But no one had the way to accomplish this until now. Now we have the way of how to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. The way has been shown. The only things we really have to do is understand the teaching, understand the Revelation of God, and reach out to our environments in our areas, in our communities, and start bringing the like-minded people together, and not only in the community, but also in the nations we live in, in the continent we are in, and in the whole earth.

Eventually, we can create the system and just wait. We will wait until the other systems fall apart. Then when they do, we have a viable system that we can easily replace the old with the system that will bring the peace, unity, and oneness to humanity. Eventually, for the first time after 12,000 years, humanity will see that, Yes, that is the way to peace.

The humans will start working on their egos and then say, Yes, ego has to go. As more ego goes, the more God will come through and the unity will be completed.

Again, this is the Conversation room for the Mission of Maitreya. Here we discuss the Mission and our Revelation. We invite everyone to go to our website. It is on the top of the banner. Study our teachings, and become familiar with them. If you are not familiar with our teachings, we invite you to go first to our website and study this new Revelation that unifies all the religions of the world.

No one has been left behind. If you have the Spirit of God in your religion, you are included. It is from God. God sent it to humanity, and it has a part in His Plan.

He has had a Plan 12,000 years ago and that Plan became in effect at this time. He has directed the history (His Story) to this point. Now, He desires for humanity to see this Plan clearly. The Plan has been given in our teachings and this Revelation. God is wonderful and all the powers and history have been guided, and man and all the nations who gained power received their power from God.

If those who have received that power become ungrateful and put God out of their system or power or understanding, they will be destroyed. They will lose The Grace of God. Without The Grace of God, the only thing that will be left is ego, and ego will always lead to destruction.

This Revelation is the best psychology and the best guide for humanity to heal themselves and to heal the whole earth. It is the Revelation of healing power for individuals. Those who really understand this teaching will have their questions answered to the max, and they will not have any questions left.

This room is for questions. As you can see no one is really asking any questions. I suppose that they do not have any. That is wonderful. That is wonderful that we have reached a point that not many questions are left for the people who are in the Mission. Those who come to the room, most of them who have questions, they have already been answered and there are very few questions left that have not been answered. Anyway, we will be here for them.

If they come here and ask a question that has already been answered, we do not mind to repeat the answers. Hopefully, in the long run, we will have many teachers, 144,000 Maitreyas like Points of Light on earth, as someone was saying, and 144,000 teachers will be teaching this teaching everywhere.

I see Cephas has a question. Let us see what is his question. Go ahead Cephas.

Cephas: I believe with all the knowledge that I am getting from Maitreyas teaching is that God is energy. We are living inside of this energy. If we use this energy in the wrong way, the energy from God, we are going to get our own Karma, our own bad energy. This energy is not going to be with us until we can correct or fix this situation. I think this is not your personal Mission, Maitreya. This is our Mission too because we are living inside of God and we have to work for Him.

Of course, you are Representing Him and God. But this is also our Mission because we are using His energy, breathing, living with His energy.

Maitreya: Well, that sounds like a statement. What you say has a lot of truth in it but if you study our teachings, you will learn that energy is just one of the three gunas and that is Raja Guna. But energy will be affected by Tama Guna, which bends the energy toward the world, or it can be affected by Satva Guna that will bend it toward God and the higher level.

You are correct, you each are responsible for the energy and how you use it. If you are using it under the influence of Tama, which creates ego, then you will create Karma and you will pay for it.

You are absolutely correct, you are responsible for your actions. I am not going to be able to correct your actions. I can guide you. I can show you the way. I can tell you, Get rid of your ego. Get rid of your domination. Get rid of the tamasic tendencies, self-centeredness, cravings of the ego, and let God come through more and more.

As I said, God is the head of this Mission. I am the heart. I am here to reveal and let you know the Message of God and what God has been doing.

Actually I am hoping more and more that I have found the people that I can work with and we are co-workers together. They recognize me as the heart of the hierarchy, and we can come together and create Gods Kingdom on earth.

I was the first to receive this Revelation. When you receive it, it is yours. It is no longer mine. That does not mean that we are separated and you have a separate Mission. The whole teaching is an umbrella that all of you will be under that umbrella. I will be the focus of all of you as the nucleus; therefore, we will not split into splinters.

We do not waiver in recognizing that any organization and any organ needs a center. Without the center there will be splinters in that organization, and it will be split into many, many numbers. If the focus is there, we can all work together. When I give you the Eternal Divine Path, it is your Mission; it is no longer mine. Organizationally we have to recognize how we can stay united and one organ.

That was a good statement, a good realization. But if you go a little deeper what you have recognized and realized has greater meaning.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: My question is concerning Moses. We know that Moses was raised by the Egyptians. How much influence did the Egyptian culture have on Moses in writing the first books of the Bible?

Maitreya: God wanted to make Moses familiar with the Egyptian culture. He was raised in Pharaohs court. Pharaoh liked him and loved him because he was such a lovable and likeable person, effective, etc.

At the end Moses realized and recognized that their system, their beliefs, and their religion were based on pagan understanding. Therefore Moses purified their understanding and religion. Also he learned from the Hebrews who came back to him, and eventually he recognized that he belonged to them.

By understanding the Hebrew teachings and seeing that God is Spirit, there is only One God, not many Gods as the Egyptians believed, and you cannot make an image for Him, as later on even the Israelites did.

Actually, the Israelites were influenced more by the culture of Egypt than Moses did himself because he went through it, he saw the emptiness of it, and eventually he came up and said, This is no good. We have to go back to One God and forget about images. God is a Spirit. Let us meditate and worship God in the Spirit.

It is just like myself. I became familiar with many cultures and religions, and also I saw the dogmas and the wrong parts of each religion. Although we unify all religions there is a part of each religion that has to go, which is not correct, which is dogma, which is man made.

Moses was the same way. He realized the Egyptians and their understanding of God, their dogmas, and their idol worshipping, and he rejected it.

That is why when he went to the mountains and he was late, the Israelites said, Where is this God? Where is Moses? Moses is not with us? They said, Let us make us a god. They started to make the calf and started worshipping it and doing what the Egyptians used to do with their gods.

When Moses came he did not say, It is OK. Yes, I know about this calf and god, go ahead, and we will have a god in the form of the golden calf. But he actually opposed it.

He received the Ten Commandments. Actually it was the Fifteen Commandments even then, but five of them were broken. The Commandments were destroyed by Moses himself by throwing them at the calf.

We can see that God purified him. Although he was raised in the Egyptian courts and the Egyptian culture, but then he found the Hebrews and their teachings and went through the struggle that God put him through. Therefore God cleansed his understanding and his religion. At the end he came out with the purified revelation from God.

Actually Moses rejected the Egyptian influence on him as all of us have to reject the influences of our cultures, of our religions, of our own understanding, and purify ourselves through this Revelation that now has purified all the religions and shows where each of them have gone wrong. By understanding this we can overcome those impurities and bring a pure Revelation and understanding of God to ourselves.

I have been influenced with a lot of cultures, actually two cultures, and now my teaching is not based on any of them. My teaching is based on the Word of God.

That is why you should not follow any earthly culture but Godly Culture and understanding. That is the only way to unify.

As long as we want to follow either western culture or eastern culture, or southern culture, or northern culture, we will have separation, and that is one of the reasons for the wars that are raged right now. There is a cultural struggle between the West and the East, and we are trying to see which one is better. And none of them is better. Gods Culture is best.

If we understand that then there is no such thing as Eastern culture or Western culture. Then we can reject the bad part of the Western culture, we can reject the bad part of the Eastern culture and see what is Gods Culture. The East will follow Gods Culture. The West will follow Gods Culture. Everyone can come together and bring the Word of God and His Culture among themselves.

So as we can see, the Prophets will be purified. The Prophets will be put into the furnace to melt them down first. Then God makes out of them the Pure Channels and instruments to bring the purest form of understanding God according to the time that Revealer comes.

We can see until now even, a lot of religions and revealers brought God with a name. Moslems come to our room and say the name of God is Allah. Jews say, No, His name is Yahweh. Krishna people say, No, it is Krishna. Other people say, No, it is Shiva, or Brahma, and this and that.

Now we say, No. Indeed God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. When we say that, it shatters all the narrowness about the Name of God. We recognize that He really does not have a Name, and we can come together and recognize and realize that God, and eventually hear His True Name within ourselves and overcome these separative tendencies.

I did not call God a name. I could have called God, Allah if I was influenced by the culture that I grew up in. Or, I could have called It, Jesus, that was the culture I came to know from the West. You can see I called Him neither. I called Him, God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

You can see that although the Prophets are influenced by their environments, God purifies them and reveals to them the truth of His Way of doing and bringing Gods Way to them.

I hope that answered your question. As usual if anyone has a follow-up, you always can raise your hand again and we will go from there.

There is another question in the room from GiveRiseto:

GivesRiseTo: Forgive me for my ignorance about Maitreya but I would like to ask if the Maitreya who speaks here has so called miraculous powers (siddhis).

Maitreya: We have talked about the siddhis and miracles, signs, and wonders. We have concluded that miracles, signs, wonders, healing, and all those do not make better believers. Actually those who seek wonders, miracles, and signs, usually are not the best believers and followers of God. They are looking for sensationalism and personal gain, and there is always an ego involved in wanting that kind of thing. According to our teaching, ego has to go.

As ego goes, you can see the miracle in your hand, the miracle in the creation. You do not really need miracles, something extra to come to you to see the miracle of God.

The miracle of this Mission is the Message. If you want a miracle, you understand the teachings and the Message. You will say, Indeed this is an amazing Message, and it is from God. And you will see how God has been guiding humanity to this point. Therefore this is the culmination of all Gods work to this Revelation.

I have said many times that the only time the universe rejoiced, is when the Seven Seals and the Book with the Seven Seals was opened. That is the only place in the Revelation and the Scriptures of God that the whole universe, plus the twenty-four elders, rejoiced. That is because no one could open the Seals and reveal the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

When eventually Christ or the Lion of the Tribe of Judah came and opened it, the whole universe rejoiced. By understanding this you realize how amazing this Revelation is, and it is the greatest miracle you can receive.

We do teach you how to heal yourself. We teach you to know your Essence. But you have to practice. You have to do it. You cannot say, I was initiated, I am fine. I am going to be healing myself, and I am going to be healed.

You have to meditate on the process, on the meditation, and on the Revelation. Eventually you will learn, Oh yes, I can heal myself very well.

Even the greatest healer will eventually become old and crooked, the body degenerates, and they leave their body. Even in the greatest healing power there is a limitation, because this universe is not the natural state of being, it is not the Essence. It is a relative truth. In relativity nothing stays forever.

No matter how much healing power you will have, eventually the relative state of the creation will catch up with you and you have no choice but to leave that body, pick up another body, and come back later on.

The natural state of the human is Pure Consciousness and the three creative forces. That is the Essence of God. That never decays, never gets old, and never will be destroyed. Why be attached to the relative things instead of being attached to the permanent thing? That permanent thing is returning to God and becoming One with Him.

Anything in the universe will eventually decay and will be destroyed. Even the universe itself eventually will be withdrawn. The whole creation will fall on itself and go back to the point of collapse. It is just like a warped star, or a black hole; when the galaxy falls on itself it becomes very small. It has such great gravity that even light cannot escape it.

It is like the ego. The ego likes to absorb the light into themselves and they thrive on the other peoples energy and light. They never find it themselves or learn how to be a light themselves, just like a warped star.

We can see the miracles are not important. The siddhis are not the goal of life. Actually they are a trap. Those who work for the siddhis and powers fall into the trap of illusion and Maya, the external world, and eventually will create a bad great Karma for themselves. They will not benefit very much.

The goal is not to gain siddhis. Even if I have siddhis and powers I will not use them unless it is necessary for the progress of the disciples or the people who are in the Mission. But the miracle is the Message.

The miracle of Prophet Muhammad was the Koran, or his book. The miracle of this organization or Revelation is the Message itself. Of course the Message is in our Holy Book that is called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.

So do not work for siddhis. Do not fall for the miracles and wonders. Actually it has been prophesied that those who do miracles and wonders at the end time are not the ones who God sent to humanity.

The Christ, at this time, will bring a healing power for the nations, for the whole earth, not for the individuals. He will teach you how to heal yourself, and you will become a healer by yourself. The way has been given.

The understanding has to come to those who are seeking the truth. Even Christ said when he healed, the unclean spirit leaves the man and goes and finds seven more wicked than himself and says, The house is empty and clean, let us go back. He brings seven more and, The state of man will become worse than it was before. That is because the man did not learn how to heal himself. When the seven wicked spirits come back, they can easily possess the man and his state will be worse.

By realizing that, we can see that even those who heal other people will not be bringing benefit to that person. That is why Christ said that at the end time, You come and tell me that you healed in my name. And I will tell you, I know you not. You worked iniquity.

God does not accept those people as his disciples or the people who are in the highest state of realization of God. Also God said that you would know them by their fruit. He did not say you know them by their miracles or by their wonders and siddhis.

You know them by their fruit and fruit means their work, how they can manifest, bring Gods Qualities, work, and establish the Communities of Light.

Siddhis are discouraged. They are not the goal. If you still want them, fine. Just take them and say, Thanks God, now I have the siddhi, how can I use it for You in the best way? Not as an ego trip, but as an instrument of God to be used to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

I hope that answered your question. This Maitreya is not emphasizing siddhis but actually discouraging people from becoming attached to those who have them, because they have worked for the wrong thing. They did not work for the manifestation of Gods Plan.

GivesRiseTo is saying:

GivesRiseTo: Right. I know this, but I was wondering if you have any.

Maitreya: Well, I might have any. I am not claiming anything at all. Many people claim things for me or about me. I neither deny it nor confirm it. That is not important. That is not something we should emphasize or concentrate on. It does not really make any difference anyway. We are not emphasizing on them, and we are discouraging it. It is not important if I have some siddhis, the most important thing is to understand the Message, to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Your question is not going to be answered directly.

There are miracles in this Mission. Things happen that really are miracles by themselves. But the greatest miracle is the Message of the Mission.

Even the wars, destruction, and all the tribulation that is coming to humanity is a miracle of this Mission because it was foretold to come. The whole earth is in upheaval because of this Revelation. The whole of humanity is going through the great leap of consciousness because of this Revelation. The whole of humanity is going toward the creation of the Communities of Light because of this Revelation. These are miracles by themselves.

But do I create crosses in the windows of people? Who cares? Is it really important? How is it going to help to bring the Kingdom of God on earth? Or, energizing water, and appearing here and there, those things are just silly. Being attached to such wonders and manifestations is really not going to help the cause of God. Those things have to be recognized as not important. Those who do those things and brag about them, do not understand the Words of God. Even if you look at their teaching, their teaching is not based on the Words of God. They say a lot of things that have nothing to do with the Words of God.

There is nowhere in the Scriptures that it says that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Revealer of the Seven Seals, will come from Tibet, build his body, and will come and take over the world. That is not Scriptural. Of course, Crmes Maitreya never showed up. Many things they say are not Scriptural, and they are not based on the Words of God.

But ours is. Ours is absolutely based on the Words of God, and this is the way God sent His Revelation. He chooses a man. He prophesies for thousands of years. Then that man comes and fulfills all the prophecies that God said would be prophesied. Then He brings the Words of God.

We can see those who follow those kinds of things are not following the Words of God. That is because God will not change His Ways. That is His Ways. And that is how this Revelation came, and it is exactly based on His Ways. Those who disagree with us are just using their own imagination or are under the influences of the forces that are not completely connected to God, and an ego is involved. Anytime an ego is involved, it is not completely from God.

I hope that answered your question. Of course, as usual if you have a follow-up question, you can go ahead.

Adel is saying:

AdeLDaharma: Matthew 24:24, For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Maitreya: I supposed that he is just confirming what I was explaining. That is exactly what the Scriptures and the Words of God say. Do not fall for wonders. Do not fall for miracles. Do not fall for those who say things that are not based on the Words of God but they attract the attention of the worldly. Those who say these things have more followers than this Revelation so far, because they have deceived people. The people believe that those miracles are important.

From my experience if you say yes, you do miracles, you have siddhis, and you are manifesting things, you will find people who are going to come and say, Yes, you are right. I saw you walking on the water, and you came to me. There are people who would like to make up these stores to deceive others. There is ego involved there.

They want that attention and to become famous, or so that people would say, Yes, you have some spiritual understanding and power. They come out and actually claim, Yes, you have those things, and I have seen it. I wonder how many of those miracles they claim happened for that other organization that presents the other Maitreya, how many of them really have seen any miracles.

Even if that is true it is not that important because it is right there, as Adel has posted here. That is not the way to know the Spirit of God and Gods Revelation.

As Prophet Muhammad said, God has a specific way to send His Prophets, the Messiah, the Revealer of the truth. His Way is, He prophesies for a long time. When that person comes, he fulfills those prophecies.

There is a section in our website. I do not know if you have been there or not. I did not write them, other people wrote them. This is the part about how many prophecies this Mission has fulfilled. There is no other Prophet that ever has fulfilled as many as this Mission has, so that absolutely shows that this Mission is for the whole of humanity. Other Prophets fulfilled the prophecies specifically given for them for that religion they brought for those people they came for. But this one is for all the religions; all the prophecies from all the religions have been fulfilled.

This shows the universality of this Revelation, how this Revelation is for every one on earth, for all the religions. It is not just for Christians, or Jews, or Buddhists, or Hindus, or Moslems, or Bahais, but it is for the whole. That makes sense because the whole Mission and the Revelation explains everything that you want to know about God. There is no question left about God that has not been answered.

After He prophesies for a long time, He sends that Prophet. That Prophet will fulfill those prophecies, and therefore that person becomes very unique in the sense that no one else can claim those things. That uniqueness is proof for the people who come to him and see his Revelation.

Also his Words are based on the Scriptures and the Words of God. He does not make things up or say things that you cannot find in any Scripture. Then you can recognize, realize, and accept that person, Yes, indeed. That is the way God does things, and this person is from God. Then you can trust that Revelation and follow the truth that he reveals to you.

Gods Way is this way. Gods Way is not someone who comes from the Himalayas, makes his body, and never manifests anyway, overshadows everyone, and the Kingdom comes the next day. God never said that.

God said that there is going to be tribulation, there is going to be destruction, there is going to be a lot of upheaval, and at the end there is going to be a great war that will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

We have to become aware of the Word of God and those who are influenced by the deceitful people or the forces that are not Godly.

The end is here. Zoom is asking:

ZOOM-4: Is the end near?

Maitreya: The end is here. If you know The Revelation, in chapter 5, that at the end time the Book sealed with the Seven Seals would be opened. We are in that period. We are at the time.

ZOOM-4: Looks like the same old earth here.

Maitreya: Well, the tribulation does not mean that the earth is going to change much. History and human endeavor is going to change. There are rumors of wars and destruction. All the tribulation and things that God said were going to happen at the end time are here. We never had the ability to destroy humanity 50 times. Now we do.

We are at the point that the Seven Seals are opened, the Seven Trumpets have been sounded, and all the Mystery of God is finished. It all has been done. We are at the point that will be coming next, which is the fall of Babylon the Great. Babylon the Great is the world.

ZOOM-4: Same people, same animals, same wars.

Maitreya: You can type your questions in text for now Zoom. Have you been in our website? Do you know about our teachings? [silence] What do we teach? Go ahead. [He gives an answer in text.] Well, that is the name of our organization but how do we unify all the world religions? Can you tell us a little bit?

We have had people who have come to our room and they have not been very kosher in their approach. Therefore they have to prove themselves first that they really are interested in this teaching. If you would like to type in the text, go ahead. For the time being we want to know you a little more.

We can see that this Revelation has come from God for humanity. It is their salvation. It is the time that the Seven Seals are open and we are here to talk to everyone, but they have to prove that they really want to talk about this Mission. Tell us. That is the arrangement here in this room, you go to our website, and you study our teachings. If you did not receive all your answers, come here and ask questions [some more typing].

[laughing] This is our room, what do you mean this is not fair? This is our room and we make the rules. You can go and open your own room, and you can make your own rules.

OK. Tell us a little bit. What do we teach? [more typing]

That wording and that kind of approach are not going to get you anywhere, Zoom. If you want to be respected and be given the mic, you need to tell us you know at least a little bit about our teaching. Then we will give you the mic.

I can give you the mic. But before, they have brought the energy down and we do not want to see that, as you already have brought the energy down. Without knowing our teaching, you try to judge. And that is not fair. You have to become fair and follow our requests in this room. This is our room. We can make the laws and the rules in it. The rule is to go to the website first, learn, and then come here, and we will talk to your for sure.

If the group in the room does not agree with me and we should let Zoom take the mic, I will go for the vote. If you all think we should let the people come to the room and they do not know about the teaching, to have the mic, just vote and say yes, he should take the mic. We can take a vote if you all want to take a vote.

OK well, five of the people in the room said No. It is all right. If you do not agree with me, that is fine. We can make the mic available to anyone who comes to the room. All right. It sounds like most of the people agree with me. That is great. So we will go on with this policy.

If the people come to the room, they have to let us know that they really have gone to the website and at least know a little bit about what we teach. They can type their questions in text. Anyone can do that. But when they take the mic and say unkosher things, then it really brings the energy down.

In general, if we gather people around ourselves and become two, three, four, five, hundreds, then we have a greater ability to create an environment that we can let only good energies come to us. We can filter those bad energies before they even come to the center, or to the place that it can affect the organization and the Mission.

It is unfortunate that we have people that come here to create impure energy. The only thing we can say is, God forgive them that they know not what they do. But at least we try to filter them as much as possible.

Again this is the Conversation Room for the Mission of Maitreya. In this room we ask everyone to go to our website, which is at the top of the banner, and it is posted in the text. In that website all the questions you might have will be answered. It will teach you how all of Gods Revelations and religions, and the Mission, have come. Each of them has a Message for humanity. When you put them together you see the whole picture, and that God said that, God is a Mystery until the Seventh Revelation of God comes to earth. This Seventh Revelation now is on earth and unifies all of humanity.

Taliesin_The_Bard: Greetings Maitreya.

Maitreya: Greetings to you too, Taliesin The Bard. Sounds like you have been in our room or you have been in our website. If you have a question about our teachings, you are welcome to put it in text or take the mic. Tell us your question, if you have been in the website and you know what we teach.

Now the Seventh Seal is opened. The Mystery that was kept even from the Great Prophets is revealed.

Taliesin_The_Bard: I have no questions. I listen.

Maitreya: Great. That is fine. That is also one option. You can come here and listen. It is our Cyber Church. But the room mostly is for that purpose. We have been preaching this Revelation for the last twenty-three or twenty-four years, answering questions. There are many, many questions answered that all have been posted in the website.

If you go to our website, there is a search engine that you can just put your question and you will receive many resources to see what the answers for those questions are. That is why we come to this room. Not many questions are left to ask but sometimes there are good questions that come up, and we answer them.

Also this room is for new people who can come to the room and ask questions, and we answer them.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: My question is concerning Christ. You said yesterday that Esa (Jesus) the Christ was not surrendered and submissive in his first mission. In Matthew it said that he was he taken away. Was he taken away completely off the earth or was he taken away to some other part? That is the first question.

Maitreya: If you remember in the Garden of Gethsemane he said, God, take this cup from me. He wanted God to take away the crucifixion and death if it occurred.

There is a controversy if he really died on the cross or not. It is really not that important, and we are not going to go into that. The most important thing is, what did he say?

In that moment he felt weak, and the flesh became too strong for him and he said, The flesh is strong and the spirit is weak. In that moment he asked God to take the cup away from him but he immediately recognized and realized, Thy will be done, not mine.

It is possible that God created that scenario for humans to recognize and realize that Christ, in that moment became surrendered and submissive to the Will of God. That is why when he came next lifetime as Prophet Muhammad, he brought the teaching of surrendering and submission to God. He recognized and realized that he had to go through the destiny that God had designed for him, and he had to accept the Will of God. The Will of God was for him to go through that suffering, and he did.

In that moment we can see he was not completely surrendered to the Will of God. Also he was the Messiah, he was the Anointed One. He was the First Begotten Son of God so he had reached Pure Consciousness and Oneness with God from the very beginning of the creation. How could anyone kill him?

Yes, you can kill the Messiahs body and he dies in body but his Spirit is one with God. Therefore no one really can kill him in the sense that is what Prophet Muhammad was saying that, It seems to them that they killed the Messiah, the Christ.

But really it seems to them, because really, how can you kill the Eternal Soul that already has reached Pure Consciousness? That is why he was an Avatar. He was the Maha Avatar, a great Avatar. An Avatar comes from God. When he comes from God, he returns to God. So you cannot kill him.

In your answer, did they kill him? Physically they might have. As I said, even that is a very controversial topic. Moslems do not believe he was dead or killed. Rosicrucians do not believe that he died. They believe that they took him off the cross, and he lived until an old age and he guided his disciples in that period. Which one is correct? It does not matter. The most important thing is, What did he say and what was his message?

You cannot kill the Messiah. You can kill his body, you can destroy his body but his Soul will continue coming back and saying, Here I am.

They stoned Prophet Muhammad. He came back as Bab. They shot Bab to death. He came back as other Prophets and brought the Revelation of God. You cannot kill the Messiah. Therefore Christ did not die. But he was taken, his Soul was taken to God, and he returned later as other Prophets.

We have to look at the Essence of the man, not the body of the man. The body can be killed but the Essence cannot be killed.

Not only the Messiahs Essence cannot be killed, anyones Essence cannot be killed. If you read the Bhagavad-Gita it clearly says, You cannot either kill or be killed. And whoever thinks they kill or are killed are in illusion. They associate a man or a person with the body instead of seeing they are the Soul. Soul cannot be destroyed.

Go ahead, Taliesin.

Taliesin_The_Bard: Hello Maitreya. My question is, I have noticed that in these days there is sort of a spiritual awakening that is taking place. You say that you have the Christ in you. Well, is this a consciousness that you see taking place in everyone? I do not feel that you are actually claiming to be God. But what I feel is that you are talking about a consciousness that is taking place. It is sort of like the same consciousness that Buddha had, or Mohammad, or Christ. It is that consciousness of being connected to God.

Is this what you are talking about or are you actually claiming to be God? Could you clarify that?

Maitreya: Sure.

Karl grabbed the mic: He thinks he is the Christ, the resurrection. He is just another guru without a robe.

Maitreya: [laughing] Karl, your sound, your voice, we know very well by now that is who you are. We just thank God to forgive you; you know not what you do. But you are creating a bad Karma for yourself, and you have no idea what you are talking about. Anyway.

We have explained as Christ said, I am the way, the only way. No one goes to the Father but through me. Therefore, the Christians now say he is God. He was reincarnated and no one goes to the Father but through him.

But that is not unique. So does the Bhagavad-Gita. The Bhagavad-Gita says, Krishna is the way, and no one goes to God but through Krishna. And Krishna is God incarnated.

Then, of course, Prophet Muhammad said the same thing, Listen to the Prophet, whatever he says is whatever I say. His Word is My Word. Therefore indirectly, Prophet Muhammad said, No one goes to the Father but through me.

You can see that all the Prophets have said the same thing. Are they all God? If that is true then why did Christ also say, I am the son of man?

When someone called him, Good Rabbi, he said, I am not good. The only good is God. What happened? A few days ago you were the only way and now you are not even good?

Or, Prophet Muhammad said, I am a plain messenger. I am a man. Do not make me God.

You can see there seems to be a contradiction there. In one sense he is the Word of God and whatever God says, he says. In another sense he is just a plain man. How can they be reconciled with each other?

The explanation is, indeed Christ is a man. Christ is a person. Christ is a human. But when he reveals the Words of God, when he reveals the revelation of God, when he becomes the Mouthpiece of God, when he gives Satsang or reveals the truth of God, the Spirit of God is upon him. His Essence and God are One.

It is the same Spirit, it is The Holy Ghost that went through the Eternal Divine Path in the very beginning and returned to God as One with God. Therefore in those times and periods he and God are one. There is no separation. His Words are the Words of God, and he is the Mouthpiece of God.

There are two natures in the Messiah: As the son of man, and as the Son of God, as a human and as the only way.

We say the same thing: There is no other way but the Eternal Divine Path and our teaching for humanity.

Every religion that comes, he brings and purifies the one before it. Of course when the Seventh one comes, it purifies everything. Now it is purified. No one goes to the Father but through our teaching and me.

We can claim that. It sounds like I am claiming I am God but at the same time I am claiming that I am a man. If you understand those two natures, and understand the prophecies and what the Messiah means, it means Anointed One, you will understand the way God works.

Go ahead, Taliesin.

Taliesin_The_Bard: What I am saying, Maitreya, is that when, for instance Jesus came, he did not talk about starting a religion. He never asked someone what their religion was when he healed them. That was not the point. The point was to love and to show us how to return to the Father by love. Do you think this awakening that you have is just part of, in essence what everyone is getting, this awakening to our higher consciousness, to our Source, and that we are gaining that same consciousness that Christ had? Not necessarily that it is the individuality thing, but indeed everyone?

Maitreya: It is the teaching of the New Agers that teach that. But it is not based on the Words of God. God said there are going to be Elects who come and progress to this point, and when this Revelation comes they will recognize this Revelation and come and help. Eventually the Kingdom of God will come on earth.

It will take one thousand years before these Elects themselves will be completely awakened to the state that they will overcome. If you look at chapter 23 or 24 of The Revelation, that is when it says, He who overcometh will become My son. The First Begotten Son was the Spirit of God who became the Son in the very beginning of the creation.

Now you are correct, there is an awakening for a lot of people who recognize that they have the Essence of God in them, and they realize that they can become as Christ was. Christ said, If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can do even greater miracles than I did.

The point is not to make miracles but to become the sons of God. So the Eternal Divine Path now has been given to humanity to follow. For one thousand years, when you master to follow the Eternal Divine Path and shatter all the narrowness of the mind and the disease of the ego, you will become the son of God. That is the promise God gave at the end time, the second resurrection.

This is the first resurrection, you are correct. There is a resurrection; there is an awakening of the consciousness and the understanding that you indeed can become a son of God.

But in this time you have to come, join the Mission, follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, become a Light Worker, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. According to the Words of God, God is going to take one thousand years before you become the son of God. That New Age thinking that, I am god but I am not going to follow the Eternal Divine Path, is a delusion that will misguide a lot of people.

That is not the Word of God. The Word of God does not say that at this time you are the son of God. You will become a son of God in one thousand years. That thing also New Agers have to recognize and realize, and then overcome their own understanding and go and see the understanding of God.

Therefore, the answer to your question is, you have to forego your understanding. See, yes, there is an awakening; there is a recognition and realization that, I have the Essence of God.

Also we do not claim that we are creating a religion. It depends on what you define as religion. But we say we have revealed a Path, a Path to salvation, physically, mentally, and spiritually, individually and collectively. That Path has to be followed by those who want to become the sons of God, or become Christ, or become as the Messiah.

There is a period; there is a commitment in this Revelation and becoming the son of God. Just accepting, Yes, everyone has the Essence, therefore I am God, has misled a lot of people. Their egos have come in between them and God. It has become an ego trip.

We have many people who come in our room and say, I am god too, or, I am the Messiah, but I have not fulfilled any prophecies. I am god because everyone else says I have the Essence of God with me.

Just recognizing that you have the Essence of God with you does not make you the son of God. But if you follow the Eternal Divine Path and truly dedicate yourself and your life to the Revelation of God, which is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, the promise is given for sure that in one thousand years you will become a son of God.

That is the part that New Agers have to recognize and understand. By just believing, I have the Essence of God, you do not become god, you do not become Christ, you do not become the son of God. But there is a process in it to manifest the qualities of God.

If you can manifest the qualities of God then you will eventually reach Pure Consciousness and be one with God, and you will become a son of God. There is no doubt about it. There is no teaching here that says that you cannot reach Christ Consciousness. Indeed we say that you can. But the Word of God says it will take you one thousand years.

Go ahead.

Taliesin_The_Bard: I find it very interesting, Maitreya. When I listen to you I hear truth. I just think that there are a lot of misconceptions that you need to clear up. I read your website and it is misleading like the people that even write about you. That is because I understand where you are coming from, and I can hear the truth in you but I think there is a lot of misconceptions.

Maitreya: Do you mean misconceptions in the teaching, or what I say, or what is in the website, or what the people have?

Taliesin_The_Bard: What the people have. I think it is what the people have because I hear what some of the people have to say and I am not getting that from you. I find there is truth in you.

Maitreya: Well, the reason is that Mr. Crme came and he said a lot of things that are not based on the Words of God. He popularized the name Maitreya. A lot of books were written that Maitreya is the anti-Christ. A lot of Christians just accept any person with the name Maitreya as the anti-Christ. We are the only really active Maitreya on earth that brought this teaching and have the website.

Still people connect us with what Mr. Crme teaches instead of themselves going to the website and hearing what we say, and they come to that conclusion. Their misconception is based on either what they have heard from either the Crme books or his claims about Maitreya. He has brought a lot of confusion to this Revelation.

Also he helped to popularize the name Maitreya. When people hear the name Maitreya, they know there is an expectation of coming. He called Maitreya Christ and took ads all over the world.

Even we do not agree with him in what he says. He almost seems like a John the Baptist. John the Baptist came and said, Christ is going to come. But John the Baptist had his own ideas of how he was going to come. He never recognized Christ when he came. Johns disciples even went to Christ and said, Are you really the one that John the Baptist was talking about?

Christ said, What do you see? You see the miracles, you see the truth.

But the people who come to this room, or come to us and listen to this truth, see it is based on the Words of God. Just like you recognize that it is from God. We are hoping even Crmes disciples, the people who know him, will recognize that what he said is not based on the Words of God. What he said is not going to come.

As eventually the disciples of John the Baptist came and joined Christ later, we are hoping even Mr. Crmes people will eventually recognize that what he said is not going to happen, his teaching is not based on the Words of God, and come and join us.

This Maitreya is not the anti-Christ. His teaching is based on the Words of God and he has a very great, long resume of the fulfillment of the prophecies, genealogy, and all the signs that it is from God.

If you find someone who has misconceptions, let them know that they do not know the whole truth. Hopefully you will become a channel for guiding others to come and see the Words of God. And we appreciate that you see that clearly.

We are at the end of our time today. If there are any questions, probably I can take one or two more. If there are no other questions, as usual, we leave you to God.

Apparently we have a question. This will be the last question for this week then. If you want to continue questions it is OK, I can wait. Go ahead.

Taliesin_The_Bard: I just wanted to thank you for sharing. It is not really a question. Just thanks for sharing what you have.

Maitreya: Sure. You are quite welcome. All thanks go to God. His Spirit is on earth, and it is wonderful. Let us bring humanity to see this clearly that it is actually from God and we can indeed bring the Spirit of God among ourselves.

I will say good-bye, and say Sal-OM.

Just a second, 020402 is asking, Can I type some question? I have no mic.

Yes, go ahead, 020402, go ahead and type your question. We hope you have gone to our website, you have seen the teachings, and your question is related to the Mission. But go ahead and type it, and let us see what you have.

020402: I will look at the website for now. I will ask questions another time. Thanks.

Maitreya: Good. OK. That is fine. No problem there. We are here every Saturday at 10AM. Usually there is an announcement in the room that says Maitreya will be here at 10 oclock. If I will not be here the announcement will say I will not be here that week or so. But usually I am here at 10 AM MST Saturdays.

You are welcome to go to our website understand our teachings, and come back here and ask your questions.

Be with God. Have a good week, have a God week. And reach out to humanity and let everyone know that the Word of God has come to man again.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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