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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Missionof Maitreyas Conversation Room.

We have so many videos and audios that have been explaining this Revelation for the last twenty-some years. Anyone who has an avenue or any way to spread this Message to humanity should take advantage of it and reach as many people as possible so at least everyone can hear it once in this lifetime. Maybe next lifetime they will come back and when they hear it again, this time they will understand.

Of course our Revelation and teaching is way ahead of everyone. Humanity is still in the state of separating themselves with all kinds of psychological, emotional, and religious differences. Ours is unification, oneness, and one earth. God has been giving all the signs to humanity that separating one from the other is not going to be acceptable any longer but it is time to realize and recognize that we are one planet, one humanity, and one nation, and there is one God and now one Scripture, which reveals all the Scriptures on earth.

Humanity is in the progress of expanding their consciousness but still we are separated in many small-minded ways and small visions. Now is the time for expansion.

There is nothing worse than having a part of the information and not having the whole information and the truth. When you have only a part of the information, in this case one seventh of the information that God has sent to humanity, you have no choice but to err and make mistakes because you do not have the whole truth. You do not have the whole Vision. You are basing your information on one seventh of the truth and therefore you cannot reach the correct conclusion.

Winn2005 is asking:

Winn2005: I was wondering to know if Cabbala is bad or good in Maitreyas mind?

Maitreya: Cabbala is the mystical part of Judaism, or the Hebrew teachings. The Old Testament and Cabbala actually have come from the same Source and from the same teachings as what Noah brought to humanity. Of course, the purest form of those teachings is the Vedas that are followed by the Hindus. All the religions of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai lineage and the Zoroastrian religion have come from the same source, as the Zoroastrian religion. All of them have been influenced by that religion.

Zoroaster was from the same root as the Hindus are. Therefore he was probably familiar with the Vedas and the teachings of Hinduism. Eventually he brought a new way of looking at the religions as, There is only One God.

As we know, there are many gods in the Hindu religion, which in the higher level still says the same thing as there is One God. But in the lower level they believe in many gods and there is separation even among all the Hindus, each having their own gods and their own rituals. Still there is separation between them.

Therefore, the Cabbala is a mystical understanding. It has to be understood, meditated on, and brought in a greater degree of understanding and relating it to the teaching of the Mystical Paths, which basically say, Know thyself to know God, that self and God, that your Essence and Gods Essence, are one.

All the Mystical Paths have to be purified. They also have been influenced with the different ideas, dogmas, and misunderstandings. In Hinduism, for example, the highest realization is that the atman and Atman (or God) are one. So if you know thyself, you recognize that your Essence and the Essence of God are the same.

Of course that does not mean you are already God but that means that you have the potential of manifesting Gods Qualities. Gods Qualities are: Compassion, understanding, realizing how the universe has been created, and all the things that are related to God and His Consciousness.

Therefore Cabbala has a validity. It is a part of our teachings. It falls into the First Seal as all the Mystical Paths fall into that Seal.

The Mystical Paths are not the end by themselves. That is what the Mystical Paths have to understand, that Hinduism is not perfect by itself, that Sufis are not perfect or any other Mystical Path is not perfect by itself but they have to recognize and realize that God sent the Second Seal, which is the creation of the Communities of Light.

If you go to the mountains and just meditate, and you neglect and disregard the communities, you are disregarding a part of Gods Plan. To create the Communities of Light, you have to sacrifice, which is Christs teachings and the whole New Testament. You have to surrender and submit the result of your actions to God or become submissive to the Will of God, which is Islam, and shatter all narrowness of the mind, which is the Bahai teaching and Babs Revelation.

Therefore you become an Elect, the Sixth Seal. That is what God has been saying about the Elects, My people, the people who will overcome and eventually become His Sons. That is the promise that has been given to all humanity that, Whoever overcometh will become My son.

So the hope is that we understand Gods Revelation and realize that He has been sending all these Revelations to humanity. They are all from the same Source. If they are all from the same Source, each of them now has something to overcome.

Cabbala and the Mystical Paths have to recognize that they are not the end by themselves, but they have to also listen to the Old Testament, New Testament, Koran, and Bayan and the teaching of Bahaullah and Bab, and also recognize who is a Paravipra, who is an Elect, and what the qualities are of the people who are Gods Chosen.

With this understanding, little by little we can become His sons as it has been promised.

Winn2005 is asking:

Winn2005: What is your feeling about scanning the Aramaic text, because many believe the letters in Aramaic that the Zohar was originally written in emits energy. Do you believe that the letters have energy and that scanning the letters gives off energy to the reader?

Maitreya: Every religion will tell you that their language, their Scriptures, have special powers and energy. Of course all the truth that has come through the words has that energy and power. They are power Words; they are the fire of God that burns the impurity.

That is why giving Satsang or Discourses on God and talking about God together brings the energy in a higher level, as Christ said, Stop the idle talk, because idle talk are the words that have lower energy in them and they affect the lower level of consciousness or chakras and therefore they bring you down.

People who talk idly, after a while, hate one another and they create animosity towards each other because intuitively they know that each of them is bringing the other person down instead of helping that other person to go to the higher level.

Therefore speech and words have power in them, and each carries different energy. That is why Satsangs, Discourses, and listening to the Words of God and Scriptures make you high and connected. Talking about the mundane things all the time and never talking about the higher things brings you down.

Of course many other things affect you, your food, your environment, the things you read, the things you watch, etc. The whole lifestyle should be based on the higher energy. Therefore you will be connected to the higher things instead of lower energy, which are the lower things.

So it is not a phenomenon only for Zohar or the Aramaic language. In any language there are words that are related to the higher energy and those that are related to the lower energy. Therefore it is not the monopoly of any religion or language to have a greater effect.

Of course there are specific wordings or mantras that affect different levels of consciousness. The closest to that language is Sanskrit, which has a greater effect and was the original language that the Mystical Paths were revealed to humanity 12,000 years ago.

I am pretty sure that Aramaic has been influenced with Sanskrit because most of the languages have been influenced with the Indo-European/Persian languages, which are from the same root. Therefore if you go deeper in the Aramaic languages you will see that they have been influenced with the Sanskrit language; that is why it has the higher energy of affecting the self. Of course even in Sanskrit there are words that are in a lower level and they are not very high. If you direct them to mundanity, they are going to affect you and bring you down.

So the whole idea is, as Christ said, The whole speech should be yea, yea and nay, nay. Anything else is from evil.

Why did He say that? It means that any speech about mundanity and the lower level will bring us to the lower energy and will affect us, and the Words that are from the higher level, are Godly, and are talking about the higher things and bringing the higher level to humanity, brings the energy high.

We have to create an environment that not only the words, but the shows, television, radio, videos, and anything we watch, or anything in our lives, directs us toward our goal. And the goal is, of course, to be(come) Divine. How you become Divine is by following the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore the whole idea is to direct humanity to create an environment that it stimulates their higher level and brings the higher energy to the whole earth.

The more we stimulate our lower energy by watching or reading these things, we all will become lower and we will become mundane. The lower the energy, the greater the separation because the lower the energy the greater the ego, and the greater the ego the more attachments and desires, and therefore greater misunderstandings.

So you are correct, the words have powers but it is not only related to one language. It is related to all the languages. In this time, English is the most popular or the most used language. Therefore we all have to learn it, become one with it, and bring it to a higher level.

The idea again is that we learn to talk about God, about creation, about the goal of the life, Communities of Light, bringing an environment that everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of, and on and on.

Tahirah is asking:

Tahirah7: Thank you Maitreya-ji. That just answered my question, and am ready to go to the next one: What is the value of thought? And part two, how does it affect our soul?

Maitreya: Thought makes our lives. It depends on how you think and that is how you act. The thought process is the beginning of the steps we take in our lives.

Of course not every thought we have will we take a step toward fulfilling it. But if we have a pattern of thinking that affects our lives, therefore we follow the way we think and we will bring manifestation from our thought process.

Thus, the thought process is very important to humanity and they should envelope themselves with an environment that brings a greater degree of higher thoughts. The lower the thought we have, the lower our action. The higher the thought, we will not engage in separation, destruction, and ungodliness and therefore we bring a greater, purified environment for everyone and ourselves. Anything that affects our thought process should be taken into consideration.

As I said, the food we eat, the movies we watch, the environment we live in, the places we go, all affect us. Of course the idea is to eventually reach a point that nothing can affect us as deeply as usually it would if we are not in a higher level.

Therefore the thought process has a great affect on our lives. That is why the company we keep is so important. If you come to the Mission rooms and listen to the words that are read in them, of course your thought process the whole day is going to be higher.

If you come to the morning session that we have here, we all read about God, THOTH, and this Revelation, the whole day you might be enveloped in that process. But if in the morning instead of THOTH you listen to the news, you will be depressed the whole day for all the terrible things that are happening in the world.

So you have to choose your connections. Therefore you can become high more and more. Of course if we create Communities of Light, you will not have any problem because in the Communities of Light your physiological and safety needs have been taken care of and therefore the only thing left for you is to create greater thoughts.

How does it affect our Soul? Our thoughts, our actions affect our Soul. That is Karma. That is the Law of Karma; our actions affect our Soul and where we will be incarnated the next lifetime and where we will be in our future incarnations, and how well we have learned our lessons.

The more we stay in an environment that it helps us to grow, the sooner we will reach a point that we can become Divine, become Godly.

I hope that answered your questions, Tahirah. If it did not, you can follow up.

Winn2005 is asking:

Winn2005: Maitreya, what are your feelings about the Urantia Book, because I am contemplating reading it? But before I do I would like to hear your feelings about the book. Does that book come from God?

Maitreya: If you show me any place in the Words of God, the prophecies, and the Revelations from God that God said there is going to be a book called Urantia and it is a part of His Revelations, and the person who has brought that book has fulfilled the prophecies of his coming and revealed that book as the Word of God, then we might consider it as a part of the Scriptures.

If it was not prophesied to come, if God did not say in His Scriptures that such a thing would be sent, it is not from God but is man-made. Therefore it makes the Revelations of God very exclusive and makes it very few that you really have to listen to. Any other teachings you have to compare with the Words of God and take those, which are the Words of God and throw away the parts that are not.

I have looked at the book of Urantia. As usual it has some truth. But also it has a lot of things that are not important. It has a lot of hierarchy and hierarchy over hierarchy like the brotherhood, which they become your God and they become in your way to go to God.

In this teaching, in this Revelation, in this Mission, we connect you to God directly, which is within you, which is your Essence. Anything that says or teaches that there is something between you and God, that teaching is false, is incorrect, and it will connect you to something that will be in your way to go to God.

This teaching and Revelation teaches you, You have the ability, power, and tools to go to God directly, which are based on the Words of God and are revealed through His Prophets, Great Manifestations, Messiahs, and those who have been prophesied to come. They came with the fulfillment of the prophecies and brought the Words of God to you. As you listen to the Words of God more and more, you will recognize that, that is the best way to go.

So if who wrote the book of Urantia is not fulfilling the prophecies and what it says are not based on the Words of the Prophets, it is not from God.

Winn2005: Thank you very much for answering that question, Maitreya.

Maitreya: You are welcome Winn. I hope that answer makes sense to you. One thing about this Mission is, it just makes sense. It takes you to God directly. Of course it asks you to forego your ego. That is the reason why from the very beginning this universe went out of balance. The ego is powerful. The human ego rationalizes its way of thinking and way of acting as, it is better even than God.

When God tells them, No, it is not OK, they do not want to accept it.

Now Amina is asking the question about chanting versus meditation.

They have two different affects on the human mind. Chanting is the use of the words in a higher level. Not only do they affect you but they also affect those who are around you and bring their energy to the higher level.

The idea is that when a group of people chant together, they bring their energy collectively to a higher level and therefore they become united. Also chanting affects the person himself and brings the energy to a much higher level.

Therefore chanting and meditation are two tools that go hand in hand. That is why it is so good to chant and bring the energy to a higher level and then meditate. So when you sit in meditation, your energy has already been loosened up, your aura is open, and you are ready to meditate well.

That is the reason we chant in the beginning and then we do The Reminder, to again affect a collective unity and bring the energy in a higher level. Then we go into meditation. By the time you have done your chanting and Reminder, you are ready to sit down for a good meditation.

Also most of the time, the dancing goes with the chanting. Dancing itself is a movement and rhythmic energy, which brings a greater coordination in the body. Also by hitting your feet on the floor, you are actually massaging the very base of your feet. Everyone by now knows that our nervous system ends in the soles of our feet. When we dance we are also massaging all our psychic centers and therefore we become in a more blissful state of being, and especially when a lot of people are singing together, the energy is going to be very high.

The Reminder is a yoga posture. Not only do the words have a higher level of energy, but also they have a greater affect on the chakras and psychic energies and therefore again they help you out.

All those techniques have been given to help the person to have a better meditation, a greater degree of recognizing that you and God are One. All those techniques are necessary. None of them are better or worse. Some appeal to some people, and others appeal to other people.

Chanting and dancing do not appeal too much to the intellectuals and they are very alien in the western world. But Satsang, meditation, Discourses, and written words appeal to them much more. That does not mean that they should not dance or chant and meditate but at least they should do each technique for a while to see if they like it or it affects them.

But there are going to be people in other cultures that might just want to dance and chant, which is OK, and they do not care too much about the words.

So this Revelation is for the whole humanity and everyone should consider it, and eventually reach a point that you benefit from all these techniques.

Amina is asking:

Amina Rachel: With household chores I find that chanting makes it easier. It seems that meditation takes away from the laundry, etc., or taking care of my husband.

Maitreya: That is another good thing about this Mission. There are so many techniques that have been given to you that you can adopt each technique for what really works for you.

Meditation is the way of listening to God because you are meditating, you are closing your eyes, and you are calming all your senses. You are not worried about what should be done and what should not be done. Therefore you have the ability to know God.

Prayer is when you talk to God. Therefore meditation and prayer go hand in hand. The rest of the techniques are given to facilitate these two main practices. But if chanting helps you, great, just do chanting.

Start with whatever works for you and little by little if you and your husband meditate together then you can sit together and meditate at a specific time, ten, fifteen minutes a day or something like that. That will bring a greater degree of closeness to the couples.

When they pray together, when they meditate together, they stay together. Therefore they bring a greater degree of unity between you.

That is what we need. We need a lot of Godly couples who come and join the Communities of Light and create communities that are based on them. They can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. The Kingdom of God is based on the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are based on the pure married couples who follow the Eternal Divine Path

So hopefully we can have more couples to come together as a unit into the Mission. It has never been recommended that you forego your chores or your work, especially if that is a part of ones responsibility.

I hope that answered your question, Amina.

Again anyone who did not receive their answers completely, they can follow up with another question.

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: In the Quran there is a passage that refers to Christ as not being crucified, however when Christ appeared to Thomas, He asked him to touch the marks on His hands and side. Please explain.

Maitreya: Actually Prophet Muhammad did not say He was not crucified in a sense that a lot of Moslems now-a-days refer to it as He opposed crucifixion. He just said, It seems to them that He died, and that is correct. No one dies. Anyone who seems to be dead, their Soul still lives on and no one can kill the Soul.

That is one of the things humanity really has to concentrate to understand that the Soul has not been created. The Soul is a part of God that has been living here, it is here, and it will live forever.

Of course the concepts of forever, eternity, and no beginning, are so hard for the intellect to grasp. The only way you can grasp that truth is with experience. That is why we emphasize more and more, meditate, chant, dance, and eventually reach a point that you can experience God. Before you experience God these words are just pretty words: Eternity, forever, and all those things are just pretty words. But when you experience it you say, Yes, it makes sense.

Then you come back and then you cannot explain to other people what it means. So it is not something you can explain.

But one of the things that humanity has problems with is the idea that the Soul has been created. The Soul has not been created. If we understand that then we understand that we are already one with God so we have the potential of manifesting His Qualities.

God used His own Body to create the rest of creation. That is why He created gases and then eventually He created super novas. He created heavier material things, and eventually He created the whole universe. Therefore that is the creation.

The Soul is not a creation. So when Prophet Muhammad said that Christ was not crucified, He was not dead, what He was referring to was that He was not dead. Nothing is dead or can be crucified or killed.

But in the final analysis it really does not matter. Was He crucified? Wasnt He crucified? Was He crucified upside down? Was He crucified sideways? Were nails put in His hands, His feet, and was He given vinegar or water? All of them are not important.

The most important thing is, what did He say? What was His message? What were His words?

It is just like people were asking Prophet Muhammad, Why do you eat, drink, speak, walk, and talk? He said, There has never been a Prophet that God sent that He did not do all these things.

So we have to understand how God works and what is most important. The most important work of the Prophet is His Message, His Words.

Of course in the case of Christ, His crucifixion also was a symbolic killing of the lamb and putting the blood on your door so God passes over you. So when Christ came and sacrificed Himself, was crucified, that was taken away and The Grace was released to humanity.

However the suffering of Christ was not only with Esa. The suffering of Christ was from the very beginning of the creation when God decided to project His Spirit to the darkness and He sacrificed His state of Being in absolute Bliss by coming to this world. Therefore He suffered for it by coming into this world, accepting a body, and going through the suffering in the universe.

So we can see that Christ or His suffering is the symbol of God Himself coming down from Pure Consciousness or the higher level, to a gross world and manifesting Himself so He can help humanity to turn around and go to God.

In that sense his crucifixion is important, and we have to recognize that He suffered. Whether He was crucified or not is not important. The most important point is the symbolic meaning of the innocent lamb of God being crucified and He pays for the falling of humanity by coming to the body and bringing the Message of God to man. Therefore they can see their way and go back to God.

So every Prophet is the Spirit of God, which comes to the gross world to manifest Gods Words. Every Prophet is Christ. Every Prophet suffers by doing that, and therefore it is the ultimate sacrifice of God to come and bring that truth to humanity.

If you understand this, again it does not matter. Was He crucified in the tree or was He crucified on a cross? All those things become unimportant. What is important is the meaning of the coming of Christ, His teachings, His Words, and why He came.

He had a three-fold mission. One was to bring the message of sacrifice. Without sacrifice, the Eternal Divine Path would not be perfect or completed.

The second mission was to gather the lost Children of Israel who left the Northern Kingdom and came toward Europe and eventually ended up in the United States.

The third one was to release The Grace back to humanity that was taken away at the time of the Adam and Eve. That is why those who followed Christ, the Children of Israel, were blessed with His Grace and Blessing because they had it so far.

Now that Grace, with this Revelation, is released to the whole humanity. Therefore again humans are on an equal footing, and we can see that Grace is manifesting itself on earth and all are equal with each other.

That is the beginning of unification again. God says, OK, now all humanity come together, realize what have I done, what I have been doing, how I sent the Christ, why I sent all these Revelations, what I meant, how I promised both Abram and Abraham a Prophet and a territory, how I sent the Revelation of the Mystical Paths to the Far East, and what the role of Judaism, Hinduism, etc., are. Therefore we can see what God has been doing all along up to this point.

This Revelation is the most perfect Revelation and it has all seven parts of the Revelations sent by God. So if you do not know this Revelation, if you do not know this Message, you do not know your religion.

Then you have no choice but to make a mistake because you have only one seventh of the truth. Therefore you have to see this Vision clearly, you see the prophecies, you see all the signs that God has given to you and you dedicate your self and your life to it.

That is the only way out. There is no other way. This Revelation is the Way for humanity to go to God. No one goes to the Father but through this Revelation and truth. Therefore it is a call for humanity to come together and see this truth that has come to them.

The details are not important. The details are something that they have to overcome and say, What is the essence of this Prophets teaching? What did God mean by sending this Prophet? What was the Message? What was the reason for it? Therefore let us stop arguing with each other. Let us stop separating one another, but bring our energy and thoughts in a higher level so we can become unified.

That is really something humanity needs badly, to bring their energy in a higher level instead of arguing and staying in the lower nature and creating destruction, wars, disunity, and the problems that we have on earth.

As I have said many times, they are not ready. Any time a Revelation comes, however, a few people are ready for it. They are the ones that have a great responsibility to reach out in every way possible so the other people at least can hear it once. After they heard it once, we are done with them. We have given the Message of unity of the Seven Seals.

And of course some of those who are not ready become very unhappy about it or even try to fight us and say that we are wrong and it is not from God, when clearly God has shown it is from God.

With all the truth that has been revealed through this Revelation that God said would come, and also the prophecies, genealogy, etc., what else do you need to prove this is from God?

Even the Words of God say, The last Revealer of the last Revelation who opens the Seventh Seal has to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It has to be from King David, not from Ishmael.

Moslems say Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet. How could it be? In chapter five in The Revelation God clearly says, It has to be from King David, not Ishmael. So they have to see these truths clearly and overcome their dogmas and cultural understandings, and come to the greatest and highest level of realizing what God has been doing.

Now God is telling humanity, That is what I have been doing. This is the whole picture. This is the whole truth. If you do not know this, you are wrong. No matter what religion you follow, what Prophet you have, or whatever dogma you might espouse, still it is not the highest because it is only one seventh of the truth.

Even the Mystical Paths, including the Cabbala, do not have it. Even Hindus and Buddhists do not have it.

Of course Buddha also talked about Daharma and Sanga. Daharma means the innate nature of each person, and Sanga means community. So each person follows their innate nature and they stay in the community, and they can create Communities of Light.

If they want greater truth from Buddhas teachings, they should know the Eternal Divine Path. They are a part of it because not only do we teach Daharma and Sanga, we also teach sacrifice (the New Testament), surrendering and submission to God (the Koran), universalism (the Bayan, Bahai), and the Elects.

All the religions are talking about, We are the Elected Ones, we are the Chosen Ones. What does that mean? Do you just believe in a couple of dogmas to make you a Chosen One? Or is there a Path, is there a quality, is there something you become and you manifest? And then God says, Yes, you are an Elect; you meditate, you chant, you dance, and you do anything that makes you awaken your spiritual forces and eventually experience God.

This is not a religion that you just believe in a couple of dogmas and say, Oh yes, that is it. I am an Elect. No. You have to try to experience God. When you experience God then you do not have any religion anymore. You know the truth.

Then create Communities of Light. You do not even have to wait to experience God to create Communities of Light. Start creating Communities of Light, and in the process you will reach Pure Consciousness.

By sitting there and saying, I want to reach Pure Consciousness, I want to reach Pure Consciousness first, it is just like putting a seed in the ground and going every day and picking it up and looking at it and saying, Are you growing up? Are you growing up? It is never going to grow up. But if you go ahead and become engaged and involved with the Eternal Divine Path, eventually one day you will experience God.

Amina is asking:

Amina Rachel: Maitreya, in a previous Satsang you urged, Do not mix mantras. Can you please explain more about this?

Maitreya: Mantras are the teachers energy. He has put that energy into that mantra which in our case is, pure Gods Energy. Any other mantra has a different kind of energy with it.

The highest energies of the mantras are the words that are revealed to you in the seven initiations of the Mission. Second to that is the HOSH Mantra, which not only has a great energy to it, but it also explains what the goal of life is: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

Even if humanity just understands that mantra and nothing else about the Mission and the Eternal Divine Path, the reason this body has been given will be revealed to them.

Of course after someone says you have to be(come) Divine, the next question is, What do you mean by Divine?

Then you can explain to them that you be(come) Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore right there, in the first verse, it gives you the essence of why you are here and what is the reason you have been created. Then the second verse says, Om Nam Kevalam, That Divinity or God, is everything.

Therefore you are a part of everything; you are a part of God. That again shatters the narrowness of the mind and separation.

If I am a part of God and you are a part of God, can we be enemies? How can God be an enemy of Himself if we are from the same Source? Can I kill you? No, because I am destroying another god, a part of myself. So we are all part of a greater unity that already exists.

Therefore the whole meaning of this mantra is greater than any mantra you can have. Also the energy of it and the effect of it is twice as powerful as Om Mani Padmeh Hung, a mantra which someone wrote a book about how powerful that mantra is.

So you can write two books about this one because it is twice as powerful as that one.

It is a very powerful mantra. Other mantras will bring you down because they are not at as high a level as this mantra and this Revelation.

This is the highest. In every way you look at it, this is the highest given by God to humanity. Therefore anything before it cannot be compared or mixed with this.

They can be realized where they fall in this Revelation. For instance, Christianity, where does Christianity fall in the Seven Seals, or Hinduism, or Buddhism, or Islam?

Is Islam bad? No, it is not. Is Christianity bad? No, it is not. Their dogmas are bad and each is only one seventh of the truth.

If we recognize that, we recognize also that other mantras are not bad, they are OK. There are other mantras but they are not the highest. They are a part of this mantra. So by mixing them you are just like saying, OK, I am just going to follow all the dogmas of the Moslems, at the same time follow the Eternal Divine Path.

It is not going to work together very well because you are going to try to fit this, which is seven times larger into a container, which is one seventh of the size of this. And it is not going to fit.

Therefore the recommendation is to just use the Haree Om Shrii Hung Mantra. If you already have a mantra, if it is completely different than this mantra, forget about it. If it is similar to our mantra, still you should use ours instead.

That is why we recommend not mixing the mantras together. Go for the highest.

We do not recommend following the dogmas of religions. Rid yourself of the dogmas. Instead follow the Essence of that religion. What did that Prophet come for? What was His message? Why did He come to humanity to go through whatever He went through to bring this message, and what did He mean? Therefore we can overcome any dogmas, any binding doctrines, any mantra that will bring our energy in a lower level; we go for the highest.

Again if everyone follows and uses our teachings and our mantra, that brings greater unity between us and does not bring separation. If you use our mantra and someone else uses the Haree Krishna mantra, after a while you are going to be the group that uses Haree Om Shrii Hung and they are going to be the group that uses Haree Krishna, and therefore separation. Ego might come in and they say, Yes, Haree Krishna mantra is better than Haree Om Shrii Hung, and therefore separation again.

Whatever separates and brings ego is not good. We have to overcome and forego them.

The more humanity focuses on the last Revealer and Revelation, and comes together, the unity and possibility they will become united will be greater. That is why I have said many times, I am the heart of the hierarchy. The more people focus on the Revealer of the Seventh Seal and follow His sayings, the more they will become one. So there are many reasons for that recommendation.

Brucepk is asking:

Brucepk: My sister has a question concerning the body and death. After the breath of the life is withdrawn, should we not disturb/cremate the body for three days, as is the practice with some religious beliefs?

Maitreya: That practice probably has psychological and emotional meanings for it. The body is dead and if you put it underground, people might still be very attached to that body and they will not be able to forego their attachment. Their grief might continue. However, if the body is laying there for three days, they might lose their attachment in a greater degree.

Also there is another reason for it. Sometimes the body might look dead but the person really is not dead, they come back to life after a couple of hours, or a day or two. It has happened before that they have buried someone under the ground, and then that person came back and found himself buried.

Probably that is a very painful death that you wake up and you cannot get out from under six feet of dirt. They have found some examples that the buried person has been trying to get out, but of course they did not make it and died. That would be a very painful death.

Therefore the recommendation is a very good recommendation. It brings closure to the people and you see that the body is not moving; it is dead. Little by little after three days you might be ready to let the body go. Also it has a practical reason so the person might not come back when he or she is already buried under six feet of dirt.

It is a good idea. We might even go ahead and recommend, Yes, that is a good idea. Let us wait three days after the person is dead, and then after three days you can let that person go and you are sure he is dead. Therefore if he came back into the body in those three days, you have not buried that person and made him to die again in a very painful and desperate situation.

About cremation, maybe it is also good to wait three days before doing the same thing, cremate the body if that is what those people or that person wants to be done with their body.

So it is a good recommendation. Let us wait for three days before we put the body of the dead away.

OK, our hour is gone and we hope that you all go to our website, read our teaching, and see it is from God. It is not a man-made religion. It is impossible for a man to bring so much truth to humanity and explain so clearly what God has been doing and why He has sent all these Revelations to them.

Understand in a deeper level and teach those that are opposing us and who think it is a man-made religion. Let them know that they are attached to their religion. Unfortunately if this continues they will not be incarnated for a long time.

More and more of us will be on earth, and fewer will be those who oppose us. Surely we will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Be with God. Have a Godly week, and become a channel for God to manifest His Truth.

Sal-OM everyone!

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