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Maitreya: Good morning, Sal-OM, and welcome. As usual we will be with you for the next hour or so for your questions.

This room basically is to answer any questions about the teachings. They have all has been posted and provided for everyone on our website. See what has been revealed to man as has been promised by God that He will bring a teaching that will open the Seven Seals and will reveal the Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals.

This Revelation, which was prophesied to come could have been opened by only one person, he who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and therefore anyone who has not been or has not fulfilled the prophecies before it cannot say he is the last Revealer of the Revelation of God.

Humanity has a lot to learn and understand, to know the Will and the Plan of God and to realize that no one can claim anything until the Seventh Revelation comes as God said He would be a mystery until this time. He has sent Warners to humanity that He will leave them alone but He expects that they will progress. Eventually at the end time there will be a sundering, a separation, between the wheat and chaff. The wheat will be gathered to the barns of God, to His Kingdom, to heaven, and those who will be left behind will not make it there.

Therefore humanity has been sent many Warners. This is the last warning to them to come together, to realize God and His Revelation, to bring His Kingdom, and to progress to Pure Consciousness or Oneness with God.

Of course the world, the tribulation, and the Maya have also become stronger and more powerful than before. Many people have fallen for it and they have left God out of their lives. Many people are not listening or hearing this Revelation.

We already have a question from Kurdiya:

Kurdiya: Which Prophets do you believe in?

Maitreya: We believe in all Prophets before Muhammad and whoever Prophet Muhammad believed in. Also we believe that God promised that there would be three more Revelations that would come after Prophet Muhammad, which Moslems do not accept but God has said they would come. Therefore if you study our teachings and understand that God indeed is revealing the Mystery of God to man, even Moslems and other religions will clearly see that God has promised that this Revelation would come.

If Moslems believe that Prophet Muhammad finished all the Revelations of God, they are making a mistake because Prophet Muhammad was not the person who was from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He was from Ishmael, not from Isaac. So we can see that He could not be the Revealer of the seventh truth or the Seventh Angel, and of course He never even claimed he was.

Humanity has a lot to learn and understand of Gods Plan. All the people are invited, are Called to this Revelation, to realize that there is more in Gods Words and Revelations than what they know and believe. So they can come, study, and realize that what they believe has a deeper meaning. As we have revealed, indeed Prophet Muhammad did reveal the highest spiritual realization, which is surrendering and submission to God, but He did not reveal the whole Plan, which will come at this time.

Therefore it is an invitation to all humanity to come, study, realize and recognize that there is another Warner, that indeed the last warning has come to man. It is not that God will leave men where they are, as Prophet Muhammad said and the Bible and other Scriptures confirm, but He will eventually look in their hearts and their minds and choose those who have progressed. He will sunder them and separate them as those who have progressed and those who have not. He will make the Elects to come forward and become surrendered and submitted to God completely.

So this is another warning and a Call to humanity. This is not a joke. It is not something we can come here once a week and say, "OK, we have done our duty," and like a church or a mosque or a synagogue, we can go out and do whatever we want to do.

That is why once in a while I do not show up to make everyone realize that this is the time for you to understand the teachings in the deepest level and to start listening, becoming involved, and following Gods Will and Call. It is not to just stay on the fringes, coming here once a week and saying, "Well, I did my duty; I came to Satsang," and that is it.

No. It is the Last Warning. This is a Call for the Elects. It is a very serious matter that has come to humanity.

Kurdiya is asking:

Kurdiya: Do you believe in Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) from the teachings of the Qur'an?

Maitreya: Yes we do, and not only do we believe in Prophet Muhammad because of the teachings of the Koran, we believe in Prophet Muhammad because God promised both Isaac and Ishmael that a Prophet would come from them and He also would bless them with a great portion of the earth.

That promise was fulfilled. Prophet Muhammad came as that promised Prophet. The land that was given to Ishmael, which God said would be from the north and the west and the east, was given to them. They spread very huge and large, in a sense that you cannot even count their numbers. We can see that that was fulfilled.

The Children of Ishmael cover Arabia and most of the west of the Middle East, go all the way to North Africa and to Spain, and eventually went to South America. So all these people have Arabic or Ishmaelite blood in them. If you study Spanish you will find that there are a lot of Arabic words in the Spanish language. Spain was under Arabic rule for 200 years, so we can see that there was a great influence in the Spanish people with the Ishmaelite blood. They even influenced some parts of France and there is a bloodline in France of Arabic descent.

So we can see that the Children of Ishmael cover a great part of the world and there was also a Prophet who came from them as God had promised. Therefore God indeed exists. He promises and He fulfills those promises.

He also promised Isaac a King or a Messiah, who came as Christ. They have a great portion of the earth from Israel to Khazar, to the south of Russia, to Europe, and eventually to North America.

Actually New Mexico is where the Children of Ishmael and the Children of Isaac meet, because South America mostly has Arab blood and North Americans have the blood of the Children of Isaac or Israel. Therefore we can see that God has fulfilled His Promises, and in history God has brought humanity to this point.

Kurdiya is asking:

Kurdiya: So then from the same Qur'an you would believe that He is the last of the Prophets/Messengers/Warners?

Maitreya: Well, it is a very controversial word that is used in the Koran as Khatam or Khatem. Khatem and Khatam have two different meanings. One means "seal" and the other one means "the end, the finish, the last." Both of those meanings have been a point of controversy between Moslems and many people who came after Him, especially at this time that it is very controversial between the Moslems and Bahais. Bahais say, "It means the seal of the Prophets," and Moslems say, "No, it means the end of the Prophets."

As we explain in our teachings, both are correct. He brought the highest spiritual realization. No other Revelation can bring a greater spiritual truth to humanity, and He finished the spiritual part of Gods Plan and Revelation. Also if you look at The Greatest Sign, Islam is at the very top of the ring and therefore He is indeed the seal of Prophets. So He also is what the Bahais believe, or those who take it as the seal of the Prophet.

Therefore they both are correct. But Prophet Muhammad by no means was the last Prophet. In the Koran He Himself said that He did not reveal everything, and therefore He could not be the last because only the last Prophet can reveal the whole truth. He did not include the Mystical Paths although he was a mystic himself and meditated in the cave for fifteen years.

And He was not the Lion of the Tribe of the Judah and therefore He could not have been the one who could have opened the Seven Seals. Also God said there would be Seven Revelations, and Prophet Muhammad brought the fourth.

Therefore you have to study our teachings and realize that Gods Plan, Revelation, and Words are different than what most of the religions believe. Come and be surrendered and submissive to God, and realize what these Revelations are because Prophet Muhammad could not have been the last Prophet or the last Revealer as God said there was going to be much more after that.

Also the Koran itself was not written until the Third Caliph. By that time there was more than one version of the Koran. Eventually they accepted one version as the official Islamic Koran. There have been other Revelations that came that were not included, or things were included that might not completely be exactly the Words that came through Prophet Muhammad. As the Bible has been changed, the Koran also is not a Revelation that came to the Prophet, was written by the Prophet, was published by the Prophet, was put on the Internet, and was made into a hard copy for humanity.

There is no doubt that the last version of The Holiest Of The Holies is the last Revelation of God. It covers everything including Mystical Paths and all the religions that have come to this point, and there is no one who is not included.

So although Prophet Muhammad is accepted by us as one of the Major Manifestations and a Promised One by God, we can see that God has more than what Moslems believe.

We have to be surrendered and submissive to God. Go and study, search, and eventually realize that the Words of God are different than what we believe. Become a submissive one to the Will of God and accept His Words as the truth, not what the people in our religion or culture or tradition tell us. Be only committed to the Words of God and His Revelation.

If we do that, then we have no choice but to see that indeed God has promised there were going to be Seven Revelations and the last Revealer of the whole Revelation is the one that covers the whole Plan of God. Therefore every religion has to overcome, forego some of their beliefs and dogmas, and understand this Revelation that reveals the whole truth.

If we are hanging onto our beliefs, we will not progress and go ahead with a greater Revelation that has now come to humanity.

Kurdiya is asking:

Kurdiya: Who wrote your book?

Maitreya: The book, like the Koran, has come from God. Indeed this reveals much more than any other book that has come to humanity. As many believe that the Word of God is twenty-seven, by the time of the coming of this Revelation only two of these will have been revealed. When this Revelation comes, the rest of the twenty-five will be revealed to humanity.

Indeed that is correct. Those who read these teachings, and realize and recognize the depth, beauty, strength, and truth in them and see the unification will utter, "Yes, it is from God."

Many do not believe it is possible and wonder out loud, "How can you unify all religions because they contradict each other, they are different, they have different Revelations, they condemn each other, and they say, 'No, ours is better than yours?"

That is the miracle of this Mission. The miracle of the Mission is the Message, the Message that incredibly unifies all religions, shows the Plan of God, and reveals the Words of God that have been coming to humanity for the last 6,000 years through His Prophets. Now they are unified and they are indeed all from God. He has sent all of this Revelation in seven pieces. Each of the religions of the world has one piece of it.

They cannot see the whole picture. So there is confusion and separation between them. That is why they think it is impossible to unify them. But God said, "At the end time they will be unified," and they are now.

Therefore with this understanding, humanity can see the beauty of God that He indeed exists. He is there. He sent the Warners; He sent the Prophets. He sent the Revelations to man, and they have been called to come and become the Elects.

Those who will not listen and will not hear this Revelation have been warned that they are not going to be reincarnated for a long time. They will be thrown into a place with the "gnashing of the teeth" (destructive forces) and that is not a very pleasant place to be.

So this is a Call for you to recognize that God is calling you to become an Elect, progress, follow the Eternal Divine Path and His last Revelation, and come together as His Children. There is no separation.

God has prophesied that Islam will take over one-fourth of the earth and it already has. The other religions have been here for two hundred years, or twelve hundred years, or two thousand years, or three thousand-five hundred years, or four thousand years or more, and they have not been able to unify humanity because they do not have the whole truth.

Kurdiya, the only people who have the microphone privileges in this room are those who have gone to our website and know our teachings. Apparently you do not know our teachings. If you have a question you only can type it in text. If the admins in the room see that your question is relevant to this room, they will IM it to me. And if it is not, they will not.

I will receive only text questions from those who have not been in our and if they are relevant to our teachings. Therefore if you have a question, type it in text. You will not receive the microphone privileges because you do not know our teachings.

We would appreciate if you take your hand down, otherwise the admins will take other actions toward you.

If you are attached to Islam, or Christianity, or Judaism, or Buddhism, or Hinduism, or the Bahai Faith, you will not hear the Message that is so clearly given to you. You might even try to twist it to your own understanding, tradition, and beliefs that you had before, and it will not fit.

Kurdiya: I need to clarify something. Why wont you let me do that?

Maitreya: You can clarify it in text. Go ahead. This room is not for those people who do not know anything about our teachings and come here and judge us. You cannot judge something that you do not know anything about. That is the idea.

If you want to talk about Islam, we know about Islam. We have read the Koran, and we have actually been born in that culture and were raised with the ideas of Islam. Therefore we are expert in Islam and we know Islam well.

This is not a room to preach Islam. This is a room to preach the Eternal Divine Path. If you want to discuss, fine. Go this week to our website, study our teachings, and come back here next week. I will ask you a few questions about our teachings. If you know the answers, then we will give you the microphone. It is very simple. Just know our teachings before coming to this room to discuss things with us.

Kurdiya is asking:

Kurdiya: What you said about the compilation of the Quran was incorrect.

Maitreya: Well, those are historical facts, Kurdiya. When Prophet Muhammad received the Revelation of God, he uttered it orally. There were people around him who memorized it. There were many of these people who had memorized the Koran at that time, but after Prophet Muhammads time there was a war where many of them were killed. Therefore Uthman became very concerned about the rest of the people who knew the Koran by heart, if they also were killed or died, so he decided to put the Koran together as one book.

But by that time there were many versions of the Koran. There were many people who said, "No, Prophet Muhammad said that," and the other people said, "No, He did not say that, He said something else."

There was a great disagreement between even those who had memorized the Koran and people who came later on and quoted what Prophet Muhammad had said. Therefore Uthman had to gather two versions and eventually decide which one is the one that they will accept as the Koran.

So it is a historical fact. If you did not know about this, you should study more about how the Koran was compiled. And that is the truth. That is not something we made it up. It is something well-known to everyone as the truth.

Therefore there was more than one version. Actually after they complied the Koran, later on they found some additional verses that some other people remembered Prophet Muhammed had revealed but they were not included in the Koran.

For thirteen years Prophet Muhammad went to the mosque and gave discourses. If you put together thirteen years of discourses, it is going to be ten times bigger than the Koran that they have now. Therefore there are lots of verses that were not included. There are a lot of verses that might have changed. Also it is very logical.

But of course the message is correct. The message is surrendering and submission to God. That is exactly what the Moslems have to recognize in the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore we can see indeed that there were many verses of the Koran and many verses have been omitted. Maybe some of them are not completely what Prophet Muhammad had said.

Kurdiya: You said the Qur'an was not put together until the time of the Third Caliph. Well, it was revealed before that, and there have been no changes in the Holy Quran since it was revealed.

Maitreya: That is what I just explained to you. Yes, there were changes in the Koran.

Go ahead Bill.

Bill: Sal-OM Maitreya and the room. When we are talking about misunderstandings, I was wondering if you would clarify about the word "jahad." That seems to be so misunderstood and misused for such a long period of time, and it seems to be such a burden to mankind right now.

My question is, isnt there something somewhere that was written to like stop doing that or something communicated that it is no longer needed? Thank you.

Maitreya: The word jahad was revealed to Prophet Muhammad after he was badly treated with the Meccans or the people in Mecca. Eventually he had to flee from Mecca and go to Medina. He was in Medina, and after the tribes of the Qureysh recognized that they could not have access to Him to kill Him, etc., they started mistreating the Moslems who were left in Mecca.

Prophet Muhammed resisted fighting with the people in Mecca for a long time. Eventually the concept of jahad was revealed to Prophet Muhammad that you have to struggle against the unbelievers who were in Mecca. They were persecuting them for their beliefs and for this new religion.

Prophet Muhammad did not want to fight them. He wanted to be peaceful and be in a peaceful way with them. But of course at the end, he recognized and realized that there was no other way but to defend the Moslems in Mecca and Medina, and the enmity started between them in the way of the war.

Actually the Meccans attacked Medina and with the army, which was many times larger than what Prophet Muhammad and his followers were. They were almost pushed to the point that they had no choice but to defend themselves and had no choice but to pick up the sword.

Of course in The Revelation it is clearly revealed that the Fourth Seal would conquer one fourth of the earth with the sword. And they did. They took the sword, they fought, they conquered, and they became a great empire. Eventually they came all the way to Spain and to the south of France. They eventually were defeated because God already had fulfilled the promise of one fourth of the earth, and they took over one fourth of the earth by sword.

Later on when Islam came to the point that they lost the original teaching, the Sufis split from Islam and became the Mystical Path in Islam. It was mostly the Sufis who went to India and other places and taught meditation, the dancing of the dervishes, and how to experience God directly instead of putting God up there somewhere inaccessible to humanity, and if you said anything bad about it your head was chopped off. That was not the original teaching.

Again just like the Roman Catholic church that became a power in Europe and the Dark Ages came over Europe, the same thing eventually happened to that religion. That also has to be recognized with the people who follow this Revelation that Mystical Paths, having a direct relationship with God, and experiencing God by yourself individually is a human right and has been given to man as a part of the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore it is not that you are cut off from experiencing God. The Path is that you meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, and YOU have an experience with God. The Elects are those who will eventually have an experience with God directly and they will recognize that they do not exist; God does.

Therefore with this understanding we can see that a very beautiful concept that came in a time that was prophesied would come to those people who received that Revelation and would use it to gain control of one fourth of the world reached to a point that anyone who does not agree with them had their heads cut off. That, of course, was not the original teaching.

Actually jahad is very similar to what Krishna revealed to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita, that when the time comes that morality is destroyed on earth and humanity is not following the truth of God, what is the reality of creation, and the relationship between man and God, then "My Spirit will arise on earth."

Krishna encouraged Arjuna to fight with his family, with his relatives, and with everyone who was dear to him, and actually overcome them. Some of them were killed. Arjuna was very overwhelmed with the idea of fighting his own kin and things that they were so dear to him. But Krishna revealed to him that he had to struggle.

Actually the very word meditation in Sanscrit comes from the word of Sadhana, and Sadhana means struggle.

The word jahad has a very deep meaning, which is a struggle within. Jahad should start from you struggling to awaken your spiritual forces. When you invoke your spiritual forces, if there is a situation that you have to defend your faith or bring Gods Kingdom or there is an urgency that you have no choice but to establish the righteousness on earth and you have to take up the sword for it (and you are a person who has experienced God and you have overcome yourself, your shortcomings), then you might declare a jahad and struggle against those who want to destroy Gods Way.

The Word of God is never going to end. You never say, "This is the end of jahad." No, jahad continues. But the understanding has now been explained in a very deep level that jahad starts with you as an individual. You meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, overcome your weaknesses, overcome the patterns in your life that always take you to a place that you really do not want to go.

It is just like you have a bad relationship over and over and over, a desire to have a situation that is not Godly, or do things that are not Godly and God said, "Do not do them." The meditation, which means Sadhana, which means struggle, is to close your eyes and look at yourself squarely and say, "Look at me. What am I doing? I am doing these things that are not Godly."

Close your eyes. Look at them. Examine them. Test them. Go through with them. Do not take the action. Before you take the action, close your eyes, "OK, I am going to do this. Is it a good thing to do?" Go through it to see what is the consequence of your action and how it affects you, your environment, your relatives, your family, and of course more importantly your relationship with God. That has to be number one.

Therefore your struggle is to overcome those things that take you away from God, and go to God in a greater degree every day. So after a while you become an example for other people to look at you and say, "Look, this person has overcome all these weaknesses of the human." Then you become a leader of men, so they can also struggle like you, become like you, and recognize that jahad starts from within.

Of course at the end if we reach a point that we want to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and we have struggled with this process, we will not hesitate to do that. But chopping peoples' heads off when we have only one seventh of the truth and we have only received a Revelation that does not reveal everything, we have no choice but to make mistakes.

So humanity is in confusion. The West does not understand the East; the East does not understand the West. The Christians do not understand the Moslems. The Moslems do not understand the Christians. The Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc...., actually if you do not belong to the Judeo/Christian/Islamic religion, you are an infidel. So all the Hindus, Buddhists, and even Sufis "are infidels." They are not following Islam, and therefore one billion Moslems are against five billion who are not Moslem.

They are coming to the point that they have been there for twelve hundred years, and Prophet Muhammad, or at least the traditions or Haddiths, are telling them that after one thousand years the Kingdom of God should have been on earth. And it is not. They have reached a point they are doing things that are not based on the Words of God, and they are getting themselves in trouble more and more.

We can see that the same situation was in Europe. At the time of the Dark Ages, the Catholic Church was in power and they even burned you if they felt you were a witch. If you had some experiences with God or manifested some qualities that were not according to their understanding, your life was worth nothing and the priest decided you were a witch. They put you on fire and killed you by burning you.

So we can see it is not only Islam that has gone wrong and now they are struggling and are desperate. We can see other religions have reached to the same conclusion. And we know why. The reason is that each of them have only one seventh of the truth.

It is like the ones that each had a part of the elephant and each of them was adamant that the elephant looked exactly what they were touching and the part that they had. Therefore they had no choice but to be wrong. The one who had the tail said, "It looks like a broom." The one who had the tusks said, "No, it is smooth and very hard, and it is something different."

Of course they were going to fight with each other. The tail and the tusks are not compatible. It is impossible to come to a conclusion that you can have a point of agreement because they are absolutely two different things.

But when you open their eyes and say, "No, that is the tail and that is the tusk, so the elephant is more than just each part that you have," then you have the ability to be correct when you make a decision.

And you say, "Yes, God sent all these religions. That is what they each mean." Therefore now the jahad or struggle is between us, creation of the Communities of Light, creation of the facilitating body, bringing the Elects together, and eventually making humanity recognize and realize, "God exists. It is not an imaginary Being that the yogis or the Prophets created."

It is you. It is Everything.

This is another struggle. That is another meditation, that humanity eventually realizes that they all are a part of God. God is Everything, and each person is a part of it. Therefore we have to salute the Divinity of every man, woman, and child, and recognize that they are a part of God.

They are not American, Russian, Jewish, Hindi, Buddhist, white, black, yellow, man, woman, child, this and that. It is our human categories that we have created and separated, and that brings destruction. They are based on ego. "If God is this and this and this, therefore I am better than that and that and that." That is not a correct realization.

So we can see there is a great darkness on the human and society in their Souls, in their religions, in their understandings, in their separation, in their cultures, and in everything that they have been taught that separates man from man.

That is again a meditation; it is a struggle; it is a jahad. We have to struggle against all these separative ideas and understand that they are not correct. They are not Godly. They are not a part of God. God is a part of everything, and everything is a part of God. Indeed God is Everything.

We have to teach humanity to recognize that everything is God. The Moslems, Jews, Christians, and probably Bahais have a hard time to accept that God is everything. If you talk to one of them they say, "No, God is IN everything but it is not that God is everything. He created everything from nothing." Therefore they create that separation right there.

If He created everything from nothing therefore some of them are good and some of them are not good. But if you recognize and realize that He created everything from Himself or Itself, then you can recognize that everything is a part of God and therefore you cannot separate man from man or anything from anything or any part of the universe.

So jahad is a beautiful concept that has been given to Prophet Muhammad. But at that time He had no choice. He was attacked. His followers in Mecca were being persecuted and their possessions were confiscated. He had no choice but to rise against them.

That goes very well with the prophecy that God said, "The Fourth Seal will conquer one fourth of the world by sword." Moslems have to recognize that it is only one fourth. It is done. It is finished. It is gone.

God fulfilled what He promised them. It is now time for them to recognize and realize that they are a part of a greater truth, accept the Bahai and Babs teachings as universalism that came after Prophet Muhammad, as was promised and prophesied to come as the twin Prophets that would come to humanity.

The concept of Elect is not just because, "I belong to this religion or that religion, or even belong to this Mission." The concept of an Elect is he who follows the Eternal Divine Path, recognizes and realizes what God has been doing, comes forward, meditates, awakens his spiritual forces, uses all the techniques that are given to him or at least some of them in the Mission, and recognizes and realizes the Oneness with God.

Eventually we will have an experience with God, not because, "So and so said this; therefore it should be the truth," but, "So and so said this, and yes, it is based on the Words of God and the Word of Prophets. It is in the Scriptures, and God did send it to humanity. Therefore we will accept that and implement it in our lives."

Until that personal experience happens, we are intellectualizing God and the Revelation, and our egos still might come up and be in our way to God. When you experience God, you become a channel for God. When you say, "God is doing it," or, "Thanks be to God," you really mean it. It is not something intellectually you say; it is something you recognize that indeed you do not exist but God does.

Then, of course, how can you do anything when God is completely in you and you know indeed God exists? You had experienced Him and your Oneness is complete, and you recognize that you really do not exist but you had a delusion of separation from God.

These are all struggles. They are all meditations. This Revelation is the ultimate goal or ultimate guidance for humanity to recognize that, "Yes, indeed, the Eternal Divine Path is the Path of salvation."

Following it is not easy. It is a meditation. It is a struggle. It is a jahad. Therefore jahad is not something that is finished or we will not have it anymore, but the meaning of it is revealed to humanity in a greater degree. Moslems have to recognize that. Of course they will not, as the Christians do not when we say it is the Revelation that God said He would send. They say, "No, Christ has to come from the sky, suddenly fall from the sky and say, 'Here I am and here is the Kingdom, and it is going to come.'" It never happened like that before.

If God wanted to do it that way He would have done it at the time of Christ. Why would He wait another 2,000 years and then come and say, "OK, now I am going to say Kingdom come and it will come?"

Also God promised both to Ishmael and Isaac that a Prophet would come from them, and they have. So we can see that His Way is not going to change. He is going to send the Prophets because He wants humanity to progress. He wants humanity to grow up. He wants humanity to eventually recognize that they are responsible to meditate. They are responsible to awaken their spiritual forces. They are the ones who eventually will have an experience with God. They are the ones who have to create the Communities of Light. They are the ones who have to sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become universalists.

It is not something that God is going to come here and say, "OK, now everyone follow the Eternal Divine Path," and everyone suddenly says, "OK, we are going to follow the Eternal Divine Path." That has not happened before. We can see even before the Flood of Noah, God struggled with humanity and man and eventually said, "My Spirit will not struggle with them."

That is why He closed the third eye and the human became completely disconnected from the Spirit or any experience. Now they are helpless and some of them are even hopeless because they do not have any connection to God.

But the Way has been given back to man: Meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, come together so you do not need as much from the external world and the rat race that is going on there and trying to cope up with the Jones, but cope up with God and His Words. Therefore bring your life in a sharing position. That is the salvation of man.

Sharing is the Law. The more people come together and share with each other, the less they will need from the external world. Eventually we can create many Communities of Light that are going to be self-sufficient. They are not going to follow the propaganda of "buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, you have to have this and you have to have that," and eventually each person becomes a slave of what they want to have or they want to have the things they are told to have.

Therefore we have to recognize that our salvation is the Communities of Light. Our salvation is to come together, share, and create an environment that more and more we do Godly things.

This external world is not a permanent thing. It is temporary. You are not going to be taking your Rolls Royce with you, or your mansion, or your yacht, or anything in this world. When the time comes to die and leave, the only thing you will take with you is your Soul.

You even do not take your body. No matter how many surgeries you are going to have on your nose or tuck your fat away from your body, when the time comes to die, the body is going to be left. All the money you spent to make it pretty will just be wasted because your Soul did not learn to become one with God. You are still separated from Him.

So we are asking humanity not to be human, to become gods, to become the Children of God and recognize that this life is given to them to come together and to create an environment that they share. Therefore they can meditate and experience God.

Then create Communities of Light. Choose their leaders from these communities, sacrifice in them, surrender and submit to the Will of God, and expand their minds to become universalists. That is what God was talking about as the Elects, "My Elects will inherit the earth." That is a promise.

The only question really left for everyone is, is this Revelation from God? Did God send this to humanity or did I just one day make it up? I sat there and said, "Oh this is a good idea, come together and create Communities of Light and then meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, sacrifice, surrender and submit, and become universalists."

Or, God made it clear this is a Revelation that would come at this time, at the end time, and it has. It explains the Plan of God. If it is a Revelation from God and has come from Him, it is a warning, it is guidance, and it is a Blessing to those who understand it, recognize it, and realize it. It is torture to those who do not.

It is just like those who open PalTalk rooms and call us all kinds of names with destructive tendencies, and they do not want to listen. They do not want to acknowledge, "Yes indeed, it is from God and this is a warning to me. I had better get on with it and jump on the bandwagon; otherwise I will be left behind."

This bandwagon is not going to stop for anyone. It is going to continue. If you recognize, "Indeed it is from God," then you have no choice but to jump into the bandwagon and see that you have to follow what God revealed to you and see that you do follow the Eternal Divine Path.

By following the Eternal Divine Path, you will become an Elect; you will become a Child of God. It is not just being in the Mission or doing a little for the Mission and saying, "Yes, OK, I have done enough. I am an Elect now and I do not have to do anything," but it is something that is going to be constant to the end.

Those who follow the Eternal Divine Path, recognize this Mission and this Revelation as the Will of God and the Word of God, and stay to the end, God said, will be My Children. They will overcome. They will no longer be humans separated from God but they will be One with God, and we are all going to be with God forever.

So these are the promises. This is the process. This is the Plan. This is the Revelation that has come.

God has been very protective of this Revelation. It did not come in the streets. God said it is not going to come in the street. God said this Revelation would not be preached in the streets. It will be preached like this, through the Internet. All of humanity can hear it and download the teaching. They can go to the website. They can read it. They can understand it.

But still they resist it. Most of them do not even want to acknowledge it. They do not want to even go to the website. Those who go to the website still have their own ideas, religions, and beliefs. They are still hanging onto the old wine or old teachings that they want to fit into the new skin.

As Christ said, it will not work. You cannot put the new teaching in an old skin, especially this one, which is twenty-five from the twenty-seven truths that God said He would send at the end time.

Understand the teachings. Understand this Revelation by itself. The best way is to empty your cup. Just say, "OK, I know nothing. I am just going to throw out everything I knew; I am going to go to the website and study what really this Revelation said."

Look at what you have or what you understood, what you recognized, what your religion or tradition was, and then say, "Where does it fit in these twenty-five parts?" You will see that yours is just a little of these twenty-five. You will say, "Oh, OK, now I realize; yes, it is one twenty-fifth or one-seventh of the whole truth."

Then you will not be disappointed. You will become a source of this teaching. Then you can teach other people this teaching. But as long as you resist it, you do not come and recognize it, as long as your cup is not empty, whatever I fill or put in it is just going to flow over, and it is not going to get in.

Therefore this is the Revelation for your salvation. This is the last Revelation. There is nothing comparable to it. So you cannot have another master added to it. This has to be number one. We are not even saying to not read other Scriptures, to not study other truths, or news, or anything like that. We are just saying, recognize where each falls in these teachings, recognize all the bad news you are hearing in the news, they are just a part of the process God promised is going to come at this end time.

So the more we concentrate on God, the more we concentrate on the Light, the more we concentrate on the promise of the coming of the Kingdom, what is happening at this time is not going to affect us. Whatever we read is not going to pull us away from God. But we are going to have a strong foundation based on stone. No matter what we watch, what we see, what we read, what our life is about or where we are, we trust in God. We surrender and submit to Him, we recognize His Will for us, and we are not attached to anything but God.

Therefore with this teaching, with this Revelation, man has been called again to turn around, to be baptized, to forget about their own understandings, and to recognize Gods Understanding. That is a struggle. That is a jahad.

The people in the West have to recognize what was the meaning of jahad, which was revealed through Prophet Muhammad, and the people in the East, especially Moslems, have to recognize and realize that the teaching was based on a deeper meaning than what people think it is.

Oregano is asking:

Oregano11: Some of my Bahai friends are so confused and there is internal persecution of some, where their Universal House of Justice is expelling and punishing people for perhaps a thought or an opinion. They wonder, "How could God abandon us, maybe it is a test?"

Maitreya: No, it is not a test. It is the finish of the Bahai Teaching and religion and Revelation.

The only religion God said is not perfect is the Bahai Revelation. We can see that Bab brought the Revelation; He was the first Revealer of the teaching and He brought the base of the teaching. But He was very militant from the very beginning. That was one of the reasons that the enmity started between the Babies in Iran and the central government. The destruction came to them, and many of them were martyred.

Therefore when Bahaullah came he tried to "water down" Babs teachings as much as he could. The teaching of Bahai came to the point that it said, "Do not even engage with the governmental process or political systems but concentrate on the Bahai teaching only, which has some truth in it. Do not concentrate on what is now but concentrate on what is coming."

The Bahai teaching as we know it has split to seven already. When those who were martyred in the Bahai Teaching cried to God, "When then will your Kingdom come, when will the justice come?," God clearly said, "Shortly."

So shortly after the Bahai Teaching, the last Revelation or the Justice of God, would come to earth. Two hundred years is a very short period of time when it took 1,000 years after Prophet Muhammad for Bab and Bahai to come. Therefore we can see the Bahai people have to recognize and realize that God said it is not perfect.

Also it goes very well with the fifth chakra or fifth level of progress. In the fifth level, those people who reach there can travel in the ethereal level, meet a lot of masters, do astral projection and traveling, and have out of body experiences. It is such a wonderful thing that they think they have reached the end. But they still have two more steps to go.

It is the same thing with the Bahais. Bahaullah and Bab were fantastic writers. Persians are very well known as good poets. Omar Khayyam, of course, is very well-known in the West. But there are many more poets than Omar Khayyam, which are even more famous than Khayyam in Iran and the Middle East.

So they were very good poets. They were beautiful writers. Their writings are fantastic, and they really put you into heaven and take you to the fifth level of consciousness or ethereal level. But Bahais, just like Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Jews have to recognize that there is more than what they have received.

The Bahai Teaching is no longer the one that will bring the Kingdom or will bring the Vision that Bab and Bahai had, but this Revelation is. Bahais have to recognize and realize what is happening. If they do not, as you said, the House of Justice is becoming more and more dictatorial.

Abdul Baha very clearly said, "The Baha'i without the Guardian does not exist; it is not there." So you have to help your friends to recognize that more Revelations would come shortly after Bab and Bahaullah, and that it is finished. It is done.

Therefore it is not just a test. It is a warning. It is a realization that the Bahai Teaching is finished; it is time to move on.

I hope that answered your question.

We are at the end of our time this week. Again I leave you all to God. This is not a church to just come here once a week and think that we have done our duty. It is a Revelation of God, a warning. It is serious. It is a Call to all of you to really meditate, to struggle, to embark on a jahad with yourself and with everything, and to recognize that you indeed have to go with what is revealed to you and dedicate your life to it completely.

The audio of the corrected Conversation will be ready tomorrow afternoon and you can download it or tell other people to listen to it.

And all become One. Create Communities of Light. Follow the Eternal Divine Path and spread this Mission. Go way out of what you have received before it.


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