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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation room.

Let us make sure this is the Revelation from The Most High, The Compassionate, The Merciful, who has created all things and has sent the Revelation to man to warn them, to guide them, to bring them back to the truth and the reality that God was in the beginning. There was no chaos before that.

Let us make sure that we understand that we will be presented in front of God, and He will ask, Did you receive My Prophet that I sent to you, that he brought you the Revelation clearly with all the signs? When you are in front of God, you will not have any excuses, and you will know what you have done.

Therefore, anytime you meditate, meditate as if you are in that position in front of God and He is asking you the question, Did not I send you all the Prophets and the Scriptures? Now what was your excuse that you did not listen to them, did not come to My Prophets, and engage in the work that I sent to be done with you?

If you meditate like that you will always know the truth, and you will not have the excuses that humanity has. As the woman in the garden said, If I eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, I will be wise. The woman rationalized.

Let us meditate in that state that you are in front of God and you will hear His Question, Did not I send all the guidance by My Prophets to humanity? They resisted it, did not follow, and brought all kinds of excuses not to follow Gods Words and Guidance. Then you would know what kind of excuses you are bringing up to yourself and therefore, you will not follow them any longer.

So let us meditate always as if we are in front of God and we cannot have excuses and rationalization why we are not following Gods Calling.

On another topic, we have a new contact in Jemez, New Mexico, around fifty miles from here. When I received the Revelation, for a long time I was guided to look for a place that is 444. Four is the number of manifestation, and a number repeated three times means certainty. Like 777 is the number of God.

Therefore, I looked for a place to see where that 444 is. I could not find anyplace, any road that is 444 in New Mexico until I realized that there is a road close to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho that is Route 44. And it would go to another road, 4, which would lead to Jemez.

They already have a Buddhist Center there. There is also a Native American pueblo, and it seems that there is a group that is living in a community way and helping one another. Of course, it is not completely connected to the Mission yet. But it is a place that they are more community-oriented than big cities and other places.

There is a possibility that we might be able to start a community there. If the people are interested to live in a place that is smaller, just like a village or small town, and they do not like the big cities like Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, that is an alternative to explore.

Another thing that I would like to talk about is the news. When I listen to it, it amazes me how people are not aware of the truth of God and His Revelation, and how they suffer because of it.

It is just like this leaving the Gaza Strip by the Jewish communities. They were so upset that they were leaving a land that they think God gave to them. But if they read our teachings and recognize that God fulfilled all the promises He gave to them and other religions, they would realize that the whole world and the universe now belongs to everyone, and they would not be attached to a specific land. They would understand that they should come and work for the greater truth of God that has come through this Revelation. They would not be so attached to a land that fulfilled its purpose.

It really pains me when they cannot see Gods Work and the way He Promised He would send all these Revelations. Instead of all coming together, sharing, and recognizing that indeed they are brothers and that they both (the Arabs and Jews or Hebrews) are from the same Father.

Instead of realizing our teachings and seeing that everyone is equal now, and that only those who are the Paravipras and follow the Eternal Divine Path are called the Elects, they will indeed save themselves a lot of grief, wars, destruction, mistrust, and disunity. They will all recognize that the only culture is the culture of God, and the only Way is the Eternal Divine Path and the Communities of Light.

When you know these teachings, when you know the Work of God, you will see how far away all of them are from His Revelation and the unification. God said that no one knows the whole truth until this Revelation comes. Therefore, everyone should realize that they could not have It, they cannot know the whole truth, until this Revelation comes. And now It is here.

If we can just give this Message to humanity and invite them to see the complete picture, we have brought a lot of peace and we have prevented a lot of headache and heartache. We will guide them to meditate and to overcome their egos, separative ideas, and their individual longing to dominate other cultures because of their egos.

All of them need this teaching. It is not only the Jews, or Hebrews, or Christians, or Moslems, or Buddhists, or Hindus. All of them need to recognize this and realize where their teaching stops, and how they can improve themselves by accepting the messages that have been brought by other religions.

It is amazing that we do not have more people here to reach out, teach these things to humanity, and reach to the grass roots so more and more people become aware of the work of God, overcome their own separating ideas, and realize that the salvation of man is only through the Words of the Prophets and the Revelation from God. They are the guidance for man to follow.

If they resist it, at the time that they leave this body and are questioned if they have received this Revelation, they will have no excuse. God sent His Prophets with clear signs, with the prophecies, with the genealogy, with the Word of God, which is based on His Scriptures. Still humans resist coming and doing His Work. They bring all kinds of excuses as to why they cannot do it.

But when you are in front of God, you cannot bring any excuses. You will be truthful, and you will see yourself clearly.

It is better to do it now. See yourself clearly. Put yourself in front of God and His Presence, and listen to His Questions. Then compare with your own answers. Look at them very, very squarely and see where you are not following Gods Will and His Calling. And stop the excuses.

When the time comes, you leave your body peacefully, and God says, Did you hear My Prophet? Yes, I did. Did you follow It. Yes, I did. You are indeed a Paravipra. You are saved, and God will let you be in His Presence, One with Him, and in Pure Consciousness.

When you come the next lifetime, or are sent to another body, things are going to be much easier. You will not have any excuses anymore because you know they are not going to work.

Rationalization and not to follow Gods Way but ourselves, all kinds of ways that we think we are correct, they really make sense to us, but they are not the truth or the Word of God. The question is, is that the Word of God, and is that what He wants us to do?

We have to face ourselves. That is the greatest and the scariest thing a person can do. When you put yourself in front of God, He is a reflection of you and you have no choice but to see yourself in the mirror clearly. When you see yourself in the mirror you can progress, get rid of those parts that you do not like, and become more and more perfect.

This teaching shows every way you want to become perfect: psychologically, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and scientifically. Everything has been covered and revealed to humanity, which really makes sense. Actually, it is the only thing that makes sense.

If it makes sense then we have no choice but to accept that indeed God said that this Revelation would come, it is His Word, it would make sense, it explains and, I have sent the Prophets as guidance for humanity. Still we believe that we can hang onto our own ideas and opinions. Then we are not following God. We are following our lower nature. We are doing what Eve did.

We should meditate in a way that we are in front of God and realize that He sent the Prophet. Recognize that when we are in front of God we cannot bring any excuses any longer. Recognize that this is from God, and if it is then really consider ourselves. God is asking us, Did you receive My Prophet? Did you receive the Seventh Angel, the Seven Seals, the Truth that I sent to you? When you are in front of God, you have no excuse. Therefore, you start meditating in that situation now and overcome any excuses that you have so that when you are in front of God you will not be embarrassed or be sent to a level that is not as pleasant as Pure Consciousness.

This room is called the Conversation with Maitreya. It is a room that we encourage everyone to go to our website. Study our teachings and try to understand as much as you can. Then come here and ask the questions that you might have related to our teachings. Or, compare other religions, where they fall into these teachings, and how our teachings unify all the religions of the world.

It sounds impossible. How can you unify all these separative ideas from all religions and still it makes sense? It is impossible to unify Moslems with Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Baha'i's. But believe it or not, it is done! They are unified and God indeed said He would unify them. He has sent all of them. Now we know that clearly.

When we know this we will shatter any narrowness of the mind, any separative ideas, We belong to one religion. We will recognize that all religions are from God.

Therefore, we expand ourselves and no longer are narrow in looking at other religions as not from God, It is from the devil. They do not have what I believe in. But we will see the truth of Gods Revelations and Work, and we will progress in our spiritual endeavor a thousand-fold. That is because we will shatter everything that binds us to religions that have been created by man. Man loves to bind other humans, to really keep them in ignorance. They can dominate other humans. If they can dominate, if they have the means, they will use it.

Do not listen to man and the religions made by man but listen to God who has said, prophesied, and promised many things, and He fulfilled them. Recognize that there was darkness in the beginning when many unit consciousnesses fell from The Grace. Still humanity is in darkness. They love their own set ups, religions, and the way they have set up this world, which is full of suffering, destruction, wars, and separative ideas.

Gods Way is unity, sharing, peace, and progress (physically, mentally, and spiritually). If you recognize these teachings, you will become one of the Elects, those who have been called to come and see the last Revelation of God for the next 1,000 years.

Even after 1,000 years nothing new is going to come. Maybe it is going to be explained in a deeper level, or the parts brought back that have been forgotten or ignored. But there is nothing really new that can be added to this Revelation because this Revelations is the whole Truth of God. He provided this Internet so that we can reach everyone around the world. Everyone can come to this room or go to our website and see that the whole Revelation has been revealed to humanity.

Also, it is done! It is finished. It is perfected, as all the Prophets of God declared that they have finished their Revelation from God and they had nothing more really to say.

That is the reason for this room. We can add much to what already has been revealed to you. We might clarify it. We might explain it.

There might be some misunderstanding that is not explained as clearly as it should have been. Or, you might have an idea, that you are still twisting the teaching to what you think it should mean. But when you come here and it is explained to you, then you have no choice but to see much clearer how God meant for this Revelation to come to you.

Again that is another call to everyone to really get to know the teachings. If you do not have any questions, I assume that you already know what the teachings are, and everything has been explained so clearly.

I might feel good about myself that, I am such a good teacher that I explain it so well that all of you know it completely. Then the next question is if you really know it clearly, the next step is for you to engage with the Mission in any capacity and level that you can. As Prophet Muhammad said, The number is the hand of God. The more number we have in the Mission, the more people who have seen the Vision clearly and can explain it (not according to their own understanding but the way it was revealed to you), the more we can reach to many, many people and humanity.

Do not become attached to the small things that separate you from one another but keep your vision so high that small little things will not affect you and you can ignore those small separative ideas, or what is not according to your liking. But know that becoming proficient in the teaching and overcoming being upset with the small things is a part of sacrifice.

We have to learn to live with each other. We have to learn to create groups and communities that the people will be different from one another, at the same time stay with it. Not with the first difference of what we think it should be, and that it is, we just run away. Or, we will not do what we have been called to do. The Paravipra will be able to withstand any situation, meditate on it, and work on it.

It is just like water hitting a stone. What does the water do? Does it tell the stone to go away, or it runs away? No. It just goes around the stone. It meditates on the stone, what part it can erode and help the stone to become a straight path. Then as the time goes on, little by little, it is possible for it to erode the stone and make a straight path for itself to God.

That is where we are going: we are going to God. This is the last Revelation. This is the whole Revelation that has come to us.

Now we are going therethen there is some disagreement between us and another person, or something that we do not approve of, or like, or understand, and the next thing is that we are saying, Uh-oh, I am out of here.

You are not going to go to God. Your Path, everyones Path, the whole humanitys salvation, is this Revelation. You have to work with it. If you can improve something, great! Come and improve it. We are always looking for improvement and those who can come and show us a better way to do the Mission, reach out in a great degree, and how we can be more effective.

If you did not like something here in the area, in the Mission, in the people in the Center, improve it. If you can improve it, we will accept your improvement and see that you indeed have the ability to do it. That is one of the Thirty-Three Virtues: Aversion from faultfinding (unless you have a solution).

In our weekly meetings on Saturday evenings, after the Sabbath, the whole community comes together. We have a round table and everyone sits around it, and they bring the problems they see in the community.

But the rule is that if you have found a problem you cannot complain about it unless you have a solution for it, or you have some idea that can replace the problem. Just complaining does not work. You have to have a solution for the problem so that you can replace the problem with the solution.

In the Communities of Light you are always meditating. You are always considering the situation. You are always thinking to improve it to a better way of living for everyone. That is the understanding that should come to every member in the Communities of Light.

It is not for the people who are looking to be taken care of only, Me, me only. It is the whole package, Communities of Light and how you can be a part of it, how you can improve it, and how you can bring greater beauty into the community. It is given to humanity for meditation and improvement, making a better community, and improving it all the time.

If we can create these communities everywhere, humanity will learn little by little again. That is because they knew that before the flood of Noah. In the beginning of creation, that is how God created it to be: People come together, create community, improve it, and share. Therefore, they go out of the rat race, or this world. They are going to be in the world but not of it.

But it does not mean that it is a cult. We are not creating a cult saying, Oh, we are better than them. No. We are reaching out all the time. We are not going to let the energy fall on itself so it becomes a warped star. That is what cults become. They become warped stars. They do not let light escape from them. That is why they become dark. Eventually they end up killing themselves or completely losing the light of God.

That is why we have to reach out all the time. It is not a place for the cult mentality in this Mission. It is a Revelation of expansion, reaching out, teaching, and making humanity realize what it is.

No matter how difficult it is to turn the ego around, ego likes to just say, I go. I just dip in the water and I am OK. I am saved. But I keep my ego. Still I am selfish, self-centered, and have all the problems that Eve had, the lower nature of man has. But I am saved.

The truth is that you will be saved when you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you have no ego and no subconscious mind left, but you are connected to God directly. That is the truth. That is baptism. That is being saved.

But humans like fiction. Humans like to believe in the things that do not make sense, and they still believe that they are following God. Just look at the seven religions on earth. At least six of them have been here. Each of them thinks that they have the whole answer when clearly God said, No. You cannot have that. None of you has that. You are all following fiction and dogmas, not the truth.

It is hard. It is hard to make ego to surrender and submit to God and dissolve itself in a way that it is not in the way, and connect man directly to God. That is what this universe has been created for, to turn our ego around, put ourselves in front of God, and let us see how we feel.

What is it that is keeping me from following God 100%? That is our salvation, isnt it? Our salvation is to 100% become Godly. Of course, we wont, or many will not. They will have to wait for another creation after millions and billions of years, and come back and start all over. Hopefully we are going to have more workers then and we can accelerate their progress a little bit.

But those who really want to have salvation this lifetime, or at least for the next 1,000 years, have to imagine themselves standing in front of God. You cannot lie in front of God. You cannot hide anything from Him. Therefore, you have to face yourself. That is the way of salvation.

You are not going to be saved with only a couple of dogmas and believing that if you say the Shahed (Moslem declaration that there is no God but One God, and Mohammed is His Prophet), That is it, I am saved. Or, you are not going to be saved by being baptized with water. As Christ said, you will be baptized with the Spirit, not just water.

That is why this whole earth is in such a mess because each of the religions believe they are saved, but they are not, no matter what their preacher told them.

If you recognize that, you again see that only this Revelation is the salvation of man that has been sent to humanity to recognize that ego is the problem. You can have a covenant with God but that is the beginning.

You can say the Shahed, you can be baptized, you can believe that you are initiated, but that is the beginning. That is the beginning of the Path.

Then it is to overcome the ego, the barrier between you and God. That is when you meditate, you chant, and you dance, anything that helps you in calming your mind and making your turbulent consciousness to become still. Therefore, you can see God clearly.

Then, little by little, you reach a point that you are connected to God directly and you do His Will because you know that is the best thing for you and for other people. You will become a Paravipra and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

These are the things we have to teach humanity. These are the things we have to let man know. These are the things that man has to recognize that psychology, religions, science, everything that God has sent to humanity now is explained here.

The salvation of man is to overcome their egos, to take away the barrier between themselves and God. The fastest way to do that is the Eternal Divine Path, which creates the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of God On Earth.

In order to create such communities we should form the facilitating body, those who will come and work with me and the Mission in creating this body, and eventually reaching the grass roots, in every culture, and any place that the people will listen and understand this teaching. And eventually we will create more and more people who no longer believe they are Christian, or Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists, but Divines.

They follow the Eternal Divine Path. They are no longer attached to Palestine, or Mecca, or anywhere else, but their Spirit which is within them. The sanctuary, the temple, the land, and the Promised Land are within them. They are not out there.

If it has shape, if it has sound, if it has touch, if it has smell, it is not the ultimate. It is not God in the highest level. Yes, it is God, it is a part of God, but it is not where you are supposed to go. You are not supposed to go to Mecca; you are supposed to go to Pure Consciousness. You are not supposed to go to Palestine; you are supposed to go to Pure Consciousness.

You are not supposed to have all these holy places, particularly places that a lot of people call them holy and if someone touches them, they become so upset about it. None of them is it! The only place is within you, Pure Consciousness, and that is where you find God.

As long as you are looking for it anywhere else, you are not going to be able to reach it. You are still in the physical body, and you have not seen the ultimate.

Therefore, close your eyes. Go within. Meditate on yourself. Go through the process that we have given for meditation. Gain control over your mind so it cannot take you where it wants to take you, but you take it where you want to take it.

Little by little in that process, you might gain control over the mind. It is very difficult for a lot of people because the mind likes to wander, and so it is hard to control. Mind likes to have the control.

Yes, it has been in control all this time. It has told you what to do, where to go, where not to go. Now you are telling it, No. I want to do this process. You just listen to me. Close your eyes. Expand yourself to the room, to the house, to the neighborhood, to the city, to the state, to the nation, to the whole earth. Now I am sitting at the top of the earth and wishing peace to man and all the good wishes for humanity. Then leave it and go to the moon, the planets, the galaxies, and the universe, to reach to the center of the universe.

In each step the mind is going to tell you to think about something else. What did I eat? Where did I go? What have I done? It wants to still tell you what to do.

But if you gain the power to go through the process, going inside the Light, sitting in it, and going through the process to meditate, then little by little you gain the power over your mind. You can hear the whole process in our room called Meditate On The Universal Mantra in this same section in PalTalk.

When you meditate, now, put yourself in front of God and see yourself clearly. That is how the meditation should be.

Meditation is not to gain powers. Meditation is not to have siddhis. Meditation is not to create energy that you can control or dominate other people. Meditation is to be prepared at the time of death to face God. And because you have done such a good job in this lifetime, you have no fear to face Him. You have no excuse. He told you what to do, and you did it. You have not done anything that you would be ashamed to be in front of God. You go to Him. He sees you, and He already knows that you have done what you could.

Therefore, that is the goal of meditation. The goal of the life is to be(come) Divine. That Divinity, or God, is Everything. But not everything is in Pure Consciousness. That is the difference between this creation and Pure Consciousness when you face God in that level, which is at the time that you leave your body. Of course, you can experience God in the body when you have no ego left but very little karma to just keep you in the body.

We can see the whole creation is created, and this Mission, and this teaching is toward accelerating human progress to go back to where God wants them to go to, back to equilibrium, unity, and oneness with God. If you create your own life based on this premise, I want to go to God, you really want to go to God. That is the first thing that you want to do. That is the highest goal in your life.

It is just like that yogi that I was telling you about many times. This disciple went to this yogi and told him, I really want to go to God.

He said, Are you sure, you really want to go to God?

The disciple said, I really, really want to go to God.

The yogi said, OK, come with me. He took the disciple to the water, pushed his head under the water, and kept him there.

After a minute, ten seconds after a minute, fifteen seconds, the disciple was getting out of breath. He could not breathe anymore. He was really upset with the yogi and said, What is he doing? Is he going to kill me or something, underneath here?

He was respecting his teacher. He did not want to do something that would make him unhappy. So he stayed there. But the air was getting really bad. A minute and a half, a minute and forty-five seconds, two minutes, yogi or no yogi, teacher or no teacher, the disciple pushed his head up, gasped for air, and said, What the heck are you doing?

He really wanted the air. He came up, breathed deeply, and said, Are you trying to kill me?

The yogi said, No. When you want God as much as you wanted that air, then your meditation will be based on God and going to Him, and no excuses.

Do you want God that badly? Do you want God as badly as that disciple wanted that air? Is He number one in your life, or do you still have a lot of desires, wants, ego, excuses, and this and that, that you still do not want to go there?

We are breathing the air. We are not in the bottom of the water but we feel good about, The air is going to be there all the time. But that is not true. The air is not going to be there all the time. This is the last call. The train is going home. Are you going to get into it? Or you are going to say, Oh I have plenty of time. Eventually I will get into it. Maybe not!

Maybe when you go to God this time He will say, Look I sent you all the Prophets, all the Revelations, Seven Scriptures, all the truth, and all of them told you that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The whole creation is based on turning around, being baptized, and to go back to God.

Then I sent you Maitreya. He brought the Revelation to you with all the great supporting signs, the Revelation based on the Word of God, prophecies, etc., and still you resisted him. Why? What is the reason you did that?

You knew it was from God. How could you not know this is from God? It is based on My Scriptures. I told you such a person would come. The time is telling you it is the time for this to come, and still you resist it?

What do you have to tell God? Do you think you can still bring excuses when you are in front of Him that, No. I was going to do this, or that?

As Christ said, the people had excuses, Well, I have a wedding of my daughter. My feast needs to be prepared, I have to pay this and that, whatever excuses Christ said they had. Instead of going to God they had their own excuses. Any excuse they had was not acceptable. However, it was also prophecised that God will bring the workers at the end time, and they would be prepared to want God as bad as that yogi wanted the air.

I started this Mission with that promise and with that understanding that there are those who indeed have seen the Vision, they want God first, nothing will deter them, or keep them away to come, join, and do the work. They want God. They come to me and say, I have seen the Vision. What can I do? How can we come together and work together?

It is not to be a faultfinder, Why do you walk, why do you talk, why do you eat, why do you sleep? The way you have the computer is different than mine, or this and that. No. I am here to work together. I am here to improve the Mission. I am here to improve the situation here.

Eventually we can make such a wonderful community that there is no problem in it, and we can create such a place that everyone will come. It will be run perfectly, efficiently, and wonderfully. People will come and join with a great feeling and unity. These are my expectations.

But I am not attached to it. Do not think that if you do not come that I will suffer or anything like that at all. Not whatsoever. I trust in God.

I am looking for results from all these Satsangs, Conversations, the website, writings, THOTH, and the Supplements. I do expect to see people see the Vision, get rid of their egos, come here humbly, and join me in this great endeavor so we can work together. But I am not attached to it. The only thing I am attached to is God. That is it! That is the only thing that I am attached to really.

And that is how you should be. You should only be attached to God, nothing else. Anything else that you are attached to will keep you away from your salvation. That is what humanity has to recognize, that the whole universe was created, this creation was created to turn the unit consciousnesses around to go to God.

So learn from me. Do not be attached to anything else but God. And when you come here, the only thing to be attached to is to do the Will of God.

If you see something that is not to your liking, still say, Well, I am here to go to God. I am not here to judge. I am here because Maitreya proved to me that this Vision is from God, this Revelation is from God, has come from God, and it is the last one. It is the last call. I have to go to God. I am not going to drop anything or go anywhere else. I am going to stay the course because that is where God is.

So learn from the Eternal Divine Path these teachings. Recognize and realize what the Eternal Divine Path is really talking about: Meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces, facing yourself squarely. If you cannot face yourself squarely by yourself, put yourself in front of God where there are no excuses. You cannot lie. You can see yourself clearly when you are in front of God. You cannot say, Oh no, I cannot do this, or I cannot do that.

It is just like in the Garden of Eden. Eve ate of the tree and gave it to Adam to eat. But when God came and asked them, What have you done? they could not lie anymore. They could not bring all those excuses that it was good to the eye and it is going to make you wise. Both of them professed.

They did not want to accept the responsibility. Adam said, Eve gave it to me. Eve said, No. The serpent did it. They still wanted to avoid the consequences of their actions and not to accept the responsibility that they did it themselves. But God did not accept that.

God said, No. This is your life. I told you not to do it. Excuses and rationalization is not going to save you. Even not accepting the responsibility is not going to save us. We have to accept the responsibility for our actions, for our thoughts, for our decisions. They were told that what they had done was not acceptable.

That is where we should put ourselves, in front of God. Imagine we are Adam and Eve. We are in the garden, and we did not respond to the call of God. We did not turn around and be baptized. We brought all the excuses and rationalization not to do it.

This is the teaching today. The teaching is to face yourself by putting yourself in front of God. Realize that we have to create the Communities of Life. Come to the community. Become an Elect and a person of the facilitating body.

Do not let any one or any thing come in front of you. Overcome anything that is between you, coming here, and going to where God calls you to go. Do not let anything or anyone deter you.

Then sacrifice for it. Give of yourself. Surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. That is the Eternal Divine Path. You will get to God as fast as possible.

I leave you all to God. Be with Him. Meditate on your situation and the goal of your life, and decide what this Revelation Is. Is it just that I come here, I say a couple of things, I leave, and that is it? Or, it is a call to all of you to really face yourself, go to God, and know your salvation is based on it.

Be good. Be great. Be a Paravipra.

Sal-OM everyone.

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