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Feast Of Tabernacles 2009

10/06/2009: Listen - Read - FTP

Topics Covered:

  1. We have an arsenal of tools which everyone can use to defeat lifetimes of darkness, shame, and the feeling that Perfection is unreachable. Would You, Maitreya, please synthesize this process?

  2. "Therefore if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light," is equivalent with being one-pointed in doing God's Will, i.e., following one's Dharma in life?

  3. Every single religion of The Greatest Sign has predictions and prophecies of a Savior or Messiah to come, except for Ananda Marga. It just seems like this would make it very difficult for Baba's followers to open their hearts to something new, since they are not expecting anything else. I was wondering why this is?

  4. Where does the concept of the Kalki Avatar come from in that case?

  5. Should we store eatable rice, grains, canned goods, and water before the coming Sundering? What preparations should we observe?

  6. How long can a body reasonably make it by fasting or by eating very, very little?

  7. What is meant by the term "God is Everything?"

  8. So in essence this creation is God's medicine to heal from the dysfunction that existed?

10/04/2009: Listen - Read - FTP

Topics Covered:

  1. Could you clarify more on the subject of laughter and how it is the closest way to reach Pure Consciousness?

  2. Can laughter be from ignorance, passion, or knowledge?

  3. Please elaborate on the history, time period, and numbers of Sages of the Past and how did they achieved Sage-hood. Will they be part of the Communities of Light?

  4. Could you comment on if maybe the sundering coming up is really going to be so universal around the world, and so gross, that in a sense it is not necessary for the future builders of the Communities of Light to be here and experience that, and that the main emphasis and growth will come after the sundering occurs?

  5. Do I need to prepare myself for after the sundering, when the interest might be greater, to dive into the teachings, to explode with them, and just be all that this individual consciousness could be so that I can assist and be of greater service in the future?

  6. Please talk more on God being proactive and not reactive? Is it fair to say God punishes people, for example, bad things happen to good people? Or are we more subject to the Law of Karma and when we break ourselves against what is the Law, we are subject to a reaction to our actions and therefore we punish ourselves and not God?

  7. The current economic situation worldwide, could this be part of God's sundering?

  8. Receiving a major organ from a donor: Are there any energies from the donor's organ that are also transferred to the recipient? And if so, can they affect their thinking and actions?

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