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By Maitreya



Bootin-Swede: What does dogmatic beliefs mean?

Maitreya: Sal-OM Everyone.

Well, I was going to answer the question but it sounds like our brother is going toward thinking we are here to make ourselves rich, and I do not blame him. He has seen a lot of churches and other religions that have used God to fill up their pockets with money and riches. But this one is not one of them. We are here to reveal the Truth.

You have to first understand this Revelation, teaching, and organization, and then you can sit on the chair of judgment. Judging a people without knowing who they are and what they have done or are doing is not the best way to approach the truth, organization, religion, or people, or group.

We recommend that you go to our website, study our teachings, and be in touch with the people that are already in the Mission and know what is taught. Then you would recognize that God has prophesied the coming of this teaching, and He clearly explained that no one knows the truth until this Revelation comes. Therefore no matter what is your idea or anyones idea out there, or they think they know the truth and they have their own ideas, none of them have the whole idea until this Revelation comes.

Humanity is on the brink of a great disaster, and the salvation of man is this Revelation. You had a good question in the beginning: What is dogma?

Dogma indeed is the opinion of the people who think they know. But what they think they know to be the truth is not according to Gods Revelation and teachings. You have to see what is taught.

Money, like everything else, can be of three kinds. It can be the root of evil if it is from passion. It can be from ignorance if it is wasted. It can be from knowledge if it is used for God and His Work. Therefore you have a lot of things to learn. We recommend that you go to our website, study, and you will see that we do not disagree with you, but there is more.

If there are legitimate questions, go ahead and post them.

Unus has a good question there for us.

Unus11: Can regression therapy be helpful for an individual to learn the necessary lessons to clear his/her Karma?

Maitreya: Regression is one technique to go to a deeper level in a past life of a person. As we discussed before, a person who is performing it really has to be skillful, highly spiritual, and know exactly how to guide the person through experiences that have affected him or her in this lifetime.

As we saw in our discussion with other people, there was one person who had a good experience, and then another had a bad experience. So it is a very delicate technique that has to be performed very carefully and not overdone.

That is why I said that if any one wants to do it they really have to purify themselves, study, and have the ability to guide people to the place where those experiences are affecting them. If you do not know what you are doing or your intentions are not purified, or pure, and you do something so delicate, you might actually damage the person more than help them.

Still, after all those precautions, if you performed regression, you have to recognize that is not the only technique or the way to reach to the deeper level of the human psyche and subconscious mind. Meditation and the person who meditates is the best person to see the trend and the past lives that they can experience through their meditation or through their lives.

Sometimes we have fears that we experience in life and we share with other people. Some other people might tell us, Maybe your fear is because of that of your previous lifetimes. Suddenly you recognize, Yes. That makes sense.

You had this fear all your life. You did not know why and suddenly someone says, Something has happened in previous lives that might be the reason for these feelings.

Or we see people that have some feelings about something, or some phobias that they have no idea why they have them but if they deeply meditate on them, they might recognize that something happened to them in previous lives that made them to be afraid of it.

If a person can regress another person to see what happened to them in previous lifetimes, that phobia or fear subsides. But if the person who regressed the other person does not know what they are doing, they might make the matter even worse.

Psychologists, or the people who try to cure psychological problems of other people, usually work only with this lifetime. That is why they cannot cure the other person completely. If they combine psychology with regression, meditation, and other techniques, they have a greater chance to get to the deepest corner of the dark part of the subconscious mind and help other people to see themselves much clearer.

Indeed such a people can be even greater than gurus, spiritual teachers, and the people who have tried to help other people, because they are combining science with psychology and spirituality, and they have a greater grip of the depth of the human psyche then either a spiritual person or a psychologist or any one discipline they are using to see the people to know themselves.

The best way probably is psychological therapy with the combination of the skillful regression and meditation by the person himself/herself to see the pattern, the deep psychological longings, following the Eternal Divine Path of course, overcoming their attachments, desires, fears, and little by little to become a master of their psychology and the psychological problems.

At the end they will be connected to God. That is the reason for us doing psychological therapy and meditation, to know our subconscious mind, what drives us to do the things we do that are not according to our spirit or the deepest longing of Gods Way.

What is Gods Way? Gods Way is the following of the Daharma, or innate nature of everything. Why arent we doing that? Why are we resisting it and we do things that are not according to the innate nature of life? What is the goal of life? Why have we been created? Why are we here? What is this that makes me resist that call and do the things that are not according to the goal of life?

And it is not only one human; the whole of humanity is not following that. So we can see the subconscious mind is really running the world. The sooner humanity goes to the darkest part of their subconscious mind and recognizes that they are driven with these forces, and bring that according to Gods Way, the sooner we can bring peace, unity, and the Kingdom on earth.

So if you are tackling the psychological part of humanity, it is more than psychology, it is more than regression, it is more than any one technique, but a combination of many techniques together.

Eventually no one can help another person unless that person wants help and accepts it. Again, it goes to free will. If the person exercises their free will and not to accept the offer, no one can help that person because they decided not to submit their will or free will, to the Will of the greater good or God.

So to answer your question, the regression technique is only one part. It is the part that psychologists stop because they deal only with this lifetime of the people. If they want to know more about them they should go beyond this lifetime and know what are other affects from previous lifetimes that are affecting the psychology of this person.

Also some psychological problems are created by childhood experiences with the social set-up, expectations, propaganda, and the advertisements that put desires in our subconscious minds to be a special way and to have special things. When those advertisements become overwhelming and we cannot satisfy that desire, also we are going to be affected. Also we are affected with our diet, the people who keep us company, or the environment we live in.

You can see it is a lot of things involved to a persons psyche. That is why the purification comes in and the person has to stop listening to the advertisements that tell them, You have to buy this. You have to buy that. After a while you do not even know why but you go and follow all those suggestions that have been put in your subconscious mind and you do them. And if you do not, you feel bad because everyone else is doing it and you are not doing it. The psyche of the human is affected with many, many different things.

So purification, psychological analysis, regression, meditation, all have to be combined for a person to eventually release themselves from all these forces.

I hope that answered your question. If you have follow-up, go ahead.

It is OK if there are no questions in these sessions. It is great, actually. I feel much better because I feel that then it means that a lot of questions have been answered. Do not feel bad if there are no questions in the room. That is great.

Do not feel obligated that you have to bring any question to the floor if you do not have any.

Sal-OM everyone. Have a good month. Again, meditate on this Mission and know that we are here to answer any questions and accept anyone who really wants to know these teachings. Love God, and spread the Mission as much as we could.

Sal-OM everyone.

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