(The Voice Of God)

(explanation of these sessions)



This is the Voice of God Calling you, humanity. Humans have to come together and create one world, overcome their differences, and realize that this earth is not as stable as they think it is.

The differences that they have, have been created because they have been confused. And they were created to be confused to this point because they have been using the unity among themselves to glorify themselves instead of realizing that the goal of life is to be(come) Divine and return to the Essence

They take this universe as a permanent place, which it is not. We have revealed this to them through our Prophets. Every time a Prophet comes he tells them, "Do not be attached to this external world. This is temporary. Your essence and the goal of your life, is to return back to the Essence."

But humanity is not listening to the Prophets, as the original darkness was not listening to the voice of reason. Now Our Voice has come to earth again and is Calling man to turn around, to overcome the glitter and Maya of this world, and to set their lives, their societies, and the world based on the purpose of life.

They have to recognize that they are all Our Children and they are not separated. Anything that separates one part of the universe from the other is not from the highest, and the ego is involved. When the ego is involved you are separated from your essence and Us, and therefore you fall to the Maya and your understanding, your desires, and your wants.

Humanity has to recognize to see the essence in each person, which is the same as the Essence in the universe, start respecting that Essence in each man, create respectful relationships with each other, and become highly moral in their behavior, in their dealings, and in their lives.

They recognize that, that Essence is always present and therefore they are not escaping the judgment of the Essence. They should become courteous to one another and create a society that people respect one another in every level, in the streets, in their homes, in their governments, in their dealings with others, and eventually bring the earth to a point that the morality and the dharma of the universe is implemented.

This Voice has come to humanity again and clearly Revealed to Our Prophet the Truth that has been kept from humanity for thousands of years. Indeed Our Mystery is no more.

Since that Mystery is no more, We are Calling them to come and join. We have prophesied that indeed at the end time, Our Prophet will come. As We know humanity, he will be rejected. That is when the time of the tribulation and the shake-up of this world will come.

Those who are the Elects, hear these words, and succumb to the Call have no fear because Our Protection is with them. But those who reject this Call, those who resist the Call, those who will not hear the plain truth of this Revelation, as many have done, do not leave Us any choice but to sunder them, to bring the Elects together and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Those who reject this Call do not harm Us; they will harm themselves. They would rather go to a concert or to a little attraction to the world, instead of coming and hearing the truth of the universe.

Read the Scriptures, the Revelation, and the Promises that We have given to many Prophets and Beings before you. We have carried out Our Promise, and Promises to them. It clearly is in your Scripture that there will be an end time. It is in that time that We will open the Seven Seals and will send a Prophet to you with the clear signs explaining what was happening for the last 12,000 years and before.

We have already given the Vision of what will happen after these Seven Seals are open. Therefore, this Promise also will be fulfilled.

We do not want to bring the tribulation to man. We indeed have taken every step and every action necessary to avoid this. As We can see, the Call is not answered as We have predicted. The Prophet is not accepted. The Revelation is not listened to. They still separate themselves by countries, religions, genders, colors, etc. They cannot see that We exist in every man, woman, and child.

When you kill a man, a woman, a child, you indeed are shooting at Us. When you are not just to a people, you are not just to Us. When you are not courteous to your neighbor, you are not courteous to Us.

It is for you now to decide, do you want to change, turn around, face the Essence, improve yourself and your life in every level possible, and teach others also to create societies based on respect, based on sharing, based on creating an environment that more and more people can close their eyes, meditate, become friends, understand the limitations of the relationships, and the Essence of man, woman, children, and why We have created them? As We can see, in comparison with the world that We are in at this time, they indeed have gone far astray, and it is getting worse.

The real world, the real earth, is the earth where there is no violence, there is sharing between people, all men, women, and children are equal and taken care of. Of course, equality does not mean similarity.

The children should act like children. The men should act like men. The women should act like women. The grandparents should act like grandparents. The government should act like a government that is based on the Essence and the Laws, bring peace and unity among people, and create the opportunities for the citizens to progress physically, mentally, spiritually.

We have to create communities that people share with one another, respect each other, see the place of each individual in it, create courteous relationships in the streets, in driving, in shops, and therefore a society, which living in it is like being in heaven, and more and more create the Communities of Light which make life easier, and not to direct that "easy life" toward egoistic persuasions but toward progress in our spirits.

The way has been given clearly in this Revelation. The answer is the Eternal Divine Path. The answer is for humanity to come close, progress, see the Essence in everything, why and for what reason anything has been created, respect the nature of things instead of intellectualizing it and trying to discuss it away as something that they think should not be followed, and even rejecting the Essence of God because if they acknowledge that We exist then they have to follow Our Laws.

These Laws are not created for Us. They are created for you to purify yourselves, create strong family bonds, stay in these strong families, create wonderful children, join the communities, and create the Communities of Light, therefore accelerate your, and others' progress, to come back to the Light.

You are indeed living in darkness. Those who take this darkness as permanent and become attached to it, go further into darkness.

Indeed, the original darkness still exists in the universe, and the whole creation is created to bring you to this point and ask you to turn around and see the reason for this creation.

There is a reason. There is a purpose. Therefore, come, create the Communities of Light and bring the society back to the state of respectfulness, sharing, and an environment that no child goes hungry, no man is disrespected, no woman is abused, and all of them know that the goal of the life is to meditate, to contemplate, to concentrate, to think, and to purify themselves more and more to the point that eventually we will have a humanity that will put away their guns and their wars.

That cannot be done with human thinking, human understanding, and the human intellectualizing things. It only can be done by listening to the Prophets, to the Revelations, the reason that this creation has been created and creating the Communities of Light.

No longer are the excuses accepted. This is Our Will, and Our Will is for you to step up and come and join the Communities of Light.

This is the time that indeed has finished the fulfillment of all our prophecies and Revelations, and the decision has been put on man and the Elects to see this clearly and step up and recognize the coming of the day of reckoning.

We do not send our Prophets to come here and say, "Worship me and all is OK." It is not OK. It has not been OK since the separation of the darkness from the Light.

The darkness is so powerful and attractive that many cannot see that they are in darkness and indeed they hate the Light. That is because in the Light there is discipline, there is overcoming, there is purification, and there is standing against the impurity of the world. It means going out on the limb. It means swimming against the tide. It means to go against the darkness.

And darkness, of course, does not want you to go back to the Light. The darkness makes you comfortable, even entices you and makes your mind to reason why not to go to the Mission and why not to go to God. And the reasoning is so perfect for you that you believe it.

But that is not what the Essence is Calling you for. That is not the Light. Those who experience the Light, the darkness indeed is darkness and the reasoning is empty.

The darkness promises a lot of things and feels good. You think it will fulfill it. But the more you eat of the darkness, the hungrier you will become. The more you drink from the darkness, the thirstier you will be. It is an empty promise. It has no bottom. It is a bottomless pit that the more you fall into it, the darker and more unpleasant it will become.

Look at their relationships. Look at their lives. They are falling apart. They are destructive. There is no commitment in their lives. The couples are not committing to each other because of God but because of the reasons that are never going to satisfy. Therefore compare other people's lives and relationships and destructive tendencies coming to them and learn. Observe.

Observe the world to see how the darkness is destroying them. They are killing one another. Some kill because of their religious beliefs. Others kill for economical gains. Others kill just for pure ignorance. But each of them have their own reason, and they believe their reason is correct. Even they kill each other for the ideology that is man-made.

They believe that their ideology can bring peace. They say, "If everyone follows our way, the peace will come." No one says, "Let us follow God's Way; He has created us and therefore He knows better what is best for us."

Indeed, We have created this universe and We have put the nature of everything in it. If that nature is followed, if that dharma is followed, the peace and Light will come to you. We clearly have revealed that the only way to peace is to follow the One We anoint to bring Our Words and Ways to you. It is not who you choose as your leaders but who We choose.

They chose Saul, a tall handsome man. He took them to wars and destruction and was not following Our Ways. Then We chose King David who took them to a higher level and became the best leader humanity has ever seen.

Therefore know Our Ways and understand Our Revelations to you. It is not what kind of opinion and intellectual argument you can bring to the table, but what is this universe about? How has it been created? Why has it been created? Are we here to just eat, drink, make children, and die, or is there a reason, a purpose, in this creation?

Indeed, there is a purpose in this creation. There was darkness on the deep. A part of the Essence left and fell into darkness. After We meditated on the darkness We recognized that their ego, their self-centeredness, their separation, made them go away from Us.

We sent Our Spirit into that darkness, and that Spirit indeed sacrificed Itself, as Christ, and eventually returned to us with the recognition of the Eternal Divine Path. We tried to make that darkness to turn around and come back to Light but that darkness would not listen. It has all the power that We have; therefore, there was a great struggle between Us. It was then that it was decided to use Our Powers to contain the darkness and create this universe.

In order to do that We had to surround the darkness and create the lighter elements in the universe, gaseous stars, super novas, heavy elements, and eventually the manifested universe, and then reverse the evolutionary process from the crudest form back to plants, animals, and humans, or any beings who can now meditate and turn around and recognize that their goal is to go back to the Essence. So you have come from darkness, and that darkness indeed does not let you to see the Light, which is within you.

That Essence resides in that darkness. Our Hope is based on that Essence and Light that you will close your eyes, see that Light, experience the Joy of being free of this Maya, turn around, and come back to Us.

That is the goal of life. That is what humanity has to learn and the children have to be taught. We have to create an earth that accelerates this process instead of creating disunity, wars, destruction, and separation between nations, genders, and people. That is what this organization will promote. That is what Our Prophets have brought to you, and that is Our Goal.

Therefore, commit yourself to this endeavor. Use your talents and abilities to make this to happen. We want you to create an organization that can educate and reach to every corner on earth, and learn from those who have created ways that make perfect products.

Do not settle for mediocrity but for perfection. Create the best CDs that you can, the best website, the best way to educate and spread this Message to man. We are indeed an anomaly among the darkness that is on earth.

We have no quarrel with those who still fight and destroy each other. We leave them alone. Let them kill each other, destroy one another, and not listen to the signs that have been given even with the weather, with the hurricanes, with the global warming, and with whatever is happening to them, and still they go on. Sounds like it is going to stay forever. It will not.

We will not let them to destroy what We have created. We have created this universe for a purpose and We have given them all the opportunities to turn around, repent, and listen to this Message and Our Prophets. They do not.

They still think they know better than Us. As Adam and Eve thought that they knew better than Us and therefore, We had to throw them out of the Eden, and they had to till the ground.

Indeed, the Eden can come back. The garden can return to humanity if they recognize that their ways will not create the Garden of Eden (their ways are against the universal set-up), and turn around and meditate on everything in their lives, "Why have they been created? Why have they been created as a man? Why have they have been created as a woman? Are they really similar, or have We put that nature in each of them?"

If they follow the dharma or nature for what they have been created, they can create couples that bring children that become respectful to the parents, courteous to others, have a nurturing environment in the Communities of Light, and they will become community material. When they are old, the children and young people will take care of them.

These are the nature of things that We have created to be. You go against this nature, you break yourself against the Laws. The Laws of the universe cannot be broken. Those who go against the Laws of the universe break themselves against those Laws. Humanity indeed is powerless.

We made them powerless 12,000 years ago. We closed their third eyes. They cannot even know that there is an unseen universe that exists. They have only two eyes that are directed to the external world.

A few people open their eye. And it is Us who open their third eye when they are ready because before 12,000 years ago they misused the powers of the Spirit and therefore their third eyes had to be closed. So humanity is so powerless and cannot do anything but what We allow them to accomplish.

We are not here to torture them or make their lives miserable. Indeed, when they overcome We rejoice to open their third eye. When they overcome We would want them to gain their spiritual powers.

Gaining Spiritual powers is not the goal. The goal is to come back to Light, become a Light Worker, become a Paravipra, become a person who dedicates his ability and talents to create the professional organization, the perfection in everything they do, and they progress to make whatever they do, perfectly.

Their dedication, the perfection of their products, sets them aside. That is when you know he or she is an Elect. Even if they are not perfect in the beginning, they study, they observe, they meditate, they progress, they make themselves more and more perfect in what they do.

We do not expect anyone who walks into the Mission to be perfect, but we expect those who indeed are chosen to become an observer of themselves. They do not need Maitreya to make them happy. They need their Essence, concentrate on their own Essence, recognize how they can be a perfect part of the Mission, and be happy because they are progressing.

They are unhappy because their Essence knows that when they lag behind, when they do not progress, when they do not go toward perfection, they become depressed and unhappy. It is like the river that is going to the ocean. As long as it flows, it jumps of joy and laughs and is happy. But the moment it stops and becomes a pond it becomes dirty, smelly, and depressed.

Become a river. Jump of joy and laugh loudly toward the perfection, and return to the Essence.

We have done everything for you to see this Vision clearly. We have sent Prophets, thousands of them. We have sent the Major Manifestations with the clear Revelations.

We Promised that there would be Prophets coming from Abram and Abraham. We fulfilled them. We sent a Prophet from Abraham as Christ. We sent a Prophet from Abram as Prophet Muhammad.

We Promised that all the Prophets would come from the same race, and they have, just to make you recognize that We can do all these things. Therefore do not intellectualize Us. Do not try to put Us out and say, "God does not exist."

We clearly have proven that We do exist. We are in control no matter how powerful the nations or people might be, and no matter how much destructive force you might have. If you do not use those powers according to the Will of the universe, they will be broken.

Humanity, listen to these Words very carefully, and recognize that We have made you powerless for your own good. We have taken control of your lives because you have fallen into darkness. We are trying to turn you around, to baptize you.

That is what humanity has to recognize: that the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine, to turn around, to be baptized. Recognize this Revelation. Realize the power of the darkness.

The darkness indeed is powerful. It was powerful before this creation and the steps we took to make humanity powerless. The only thing it can now offer you is the glitter of this world, your ego, your fears, your attachments, your desires. If you close your eyes, if you listen to these Words, if you contemplate, "Why am I here? Why the Scriptures? Who is the Essence?" you have no choice but to recognize that there is a purpose in your life, and that purpose is not to follow into your desires or going toward what this world offers. Indeed, close your eyes toward this external world and what it offers, go within to see yourself, your Essence and recognize that we have already given the way back to the Essence.

In one level We are independent from this creation, and whatever happens will not affect Us whatsoever. In another level We are concerned about this creation and the darkness and that is why We have gone through all these steps to this point.

This darkness will return to Light for sure. But the more you resist It, the more you delay the dedication to it, the longer it will take.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine what else We could have done to give this Message clearer to you. It shows that the Light went through the darkness and recognized the Eternal Divine Path. We put you through step-by-step of evolution to this point.

The creation is logical; it has been created with the Logic behind it. And now with this Revelation We have given you the whole truth. And still you resist it, or humanity does not want to see it.

I think our work is done. Indeed, We are finished to give the Revelation to humanity. Read THOTH. Read the Satsangs that have been given. Indeed Maitreya has given you everything We have told Him to give you. He did not add anything of himself to it. We and He are One.

So not only are these the Voice and the Words of God, or the Essence, also the whole THOTH and the Satsangs and the Revelation for the last thirty years that have been given to humanity, is Perfected.

This will be Our last session of Revelation. We will reveal to Maitreya what will be the next steps in reaching out. It is done! It is finished!

Listen to these Words. Create the environment that is necessary to bring the Kingdom.

These two Revelations indeed give Our Will to humanity, and the rest of the Revelations which came through Maitreya before these two, are the details that are given to man.

We are done!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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