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<1>The new year begins in the springtime. <2>As the earth starts a new life cycle, so also the human can begin a new start. That is why this time of year has different periods to observe, each having a definite relationship with the regular life of every human.

<3>As the human is in the childhood state for the first seven years of his life, so the first seven days of the first month of spring (Eve) should be as the childish period. <4>The first day of spring can be designated as Parents Day for appreciation of parents. <5>In this period also study of books from the Far East, such as the Upanishads, Vedantas, Bhagavad-Gita, Puranas, etc., or any other mystical book, is recommended.

<6>The next seven days should be used in preparation for the Passover observation. As a child becomes prepared to enter adulthood at the age of fifteen, so the second seven days in the beginning of the year is a time of preparation for the Passover and period of unleavened bread. <7>In this period a more intensive spiritual observation should be practiced. Study of the Old Testament and understanding the second seal of The Greatest Sign in this period is recommended.

<8>On the evening of the fourteenth day of the first lunar month (Eve), Passover starts. This night is for putting away the sins and coming out of the lower nature (Egypt), which is symbolized by putting the yeast out of the house and eating unleavened bread. <9>It should be clearly understood that the rituals in religions are not important, but the meaning behind them is the important part. For example, people argue about the time of observation of a ritual or the way it should be done. This causes them to become so involved in the unimportant part that they forget about the true meaning behind the ritual. <10>During this third seven-day period, the study of the teaching of Esa the Christ and understanding his sacrifice as a symbol of the destruction of the false ego and overcoming the lower nature (going out of Egypt, or "to be born again") should be observed.

<11>The Passover and the seven-day period of eating unleavened bread corresponds with the third seven-day period of the life of the human, from age fifteen to twenty-one. <12>During this stage of overcoming a person should grow in such a way that by the age of twenty-one he is able to decide if he is more suited for family life or becoming a renunciate. This decision, however, can be made between the ages of eighteen until twenty-five.

<13>Those who choose the family life should seek a profession according to their natures. By the age of twenty-eight they should be completely settled and should utilize all their energies and efforts toward an ideal family environment in God's way. By the age of thirty-five they should have finished the number of children they would like to have. By the age of forty-two there should be no children with them in the childhood years (less than seven) but all on their way to adulthood. <14>At age forty-nine (7 x 7) a human reaches his/her highest maturity. Either in this age or sometime later, he should go back more toward the spiritual world and give less emphasis to the family and external world. By this time or a little later, all the children should be mature enough to be independent or even be helpful to the parents. This period can be the second period of the growth of the couple, either together or separately.

<15>Those who decide to become renunciates should go through intensive study, discipline, and spiritual practices until the age of twenty-eight. From the age of twenty-eight to thirty-five, they should develop their own ideal for their teachings. After that they can start their careers as spiritual teachers. By the age of forty-two they should be completely developed in the spiritual path. <16>At the age of forty-nine (7 x 7) they should be matured completely in understanding and teaching the realities behind this universe by their example.

<17>But, as we know, there are always exceptions in this universe, and also everything, including these teachings depend on time, place, and person. <18>According to time, place, and person, the decision can be from ignorance, passion, or knowledge.

<19>The fourth seven-day period of this month (Eve) corresponds with the period of human life from the age of twenty-one to twenty-eight. In this period a person completes his decision for what he wants to become, and also completes his spiritual understandings. <20>So this period relates to the fourth seal in The Greatest Sign. Therefore, study and understanding materials related to the fourth seal in the fourth seven-day period of the first month is recommended.

<21>The fifth seven-day period (which will start in the first month and continue in the second), is related to the fifth seal or the age period from twenty-eight to thirty-five, when man destroys all narrowness of the mind and becomes a universalist. <22>So in this period the material about the fifth seal will be helpful to complete the studies of the previous periods.

<23>The sixth seven-day period, as a symbol for the ages thirty-five to forty-two, is related to the sixth seal. This is when a person, with the knowledge of all the previous seals, should become a dynamic spiritual force in establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without. <24>So in this period of the year, a study of the materials related to this seal is recommended.

<25>A sum of all the previous studies, and understanding their inter-relationships with each other, the Master Plan of God, and the ultimate goal of life, should be understood by the study and contemplation of the materials of the seventh seal.

<26>The observation of these periods are only recommended and are not mandatory, but if an individual would observe them, it will be a great help to him in understanding the overall goal of The Plan of creation and God. This will help in the acceleration of the spiritual journey.

<27>Also, as usual, in all these studies, we should keep The Greatest Sign in our minds and always remember the place of each teaching in The Greatest Sign. <28>After study of the Scriptures and observation of these periods, then the person should contemplate the overall meaning of all of them and try to reach Pure Consciousness (bliss) and <29>help the whole universe to reach there also.


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