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Nabovat: belief in Prophets.

This is one of the three principles of Islam. The other two are "Tohied" and "Moaad." Nabovat means to believe that God has chosen and will choose from among humans and Angels (Avatars) to bring His Messages to humanity. Or in other words, to believe in the Prophets and their messages from God.

Narrowness Of The Mind: any ideal that does not have a universal outlook and does not believe that all is God.

New Jerusalem: the state of Pure Consciousness.

Nicolaitanes, Deeds of: those who through ignorance, do evil deeds; followers of the darkness.

Nimrod: the grandson of Ham (the son of Noah).

He was the great hunter, warrior, and king, and is a symbol for the start of the Ksattriyan era (warriors, courageous ones) in history.

Nirvikalpa : the state of "I am"-ness; pure intuition; the seventh state of consciousness.

Niyama : the five external codes of yoga. They are:

(1) cleanliness: internal and external cleanliness.

(2) contentment: to stay in a state of equilibrium in all situations; magnanimity of mind.

(3) service: (Satsang, service, and meditation), which are internal and external services.

(4) to read the Scriptures: to read and understand the underlying truths behind the Scriptures.

(5) to become perfect as God: to let God do Divine actions through us and become perfect as our Father, so to glorify Him by our actions and become the same as He.

Notable Horn: same as the "little horn."

Nuh : Noah.


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