THE HOLIEST The House of Judah (Jews)


Tablet Six

<1>It is very important to realize that the word "Jew" was selected to identify a certain people. However, each individual is responsible for his own actions, regardless of race or creed. <2>In fact, no individual (his Soul) belongs to anything in this world or in the world to come. He is a Soul made to progress, not to be bound to any human or body identification.

<3>People who are born in a specific race or place are there for gaining a certain experience or for repaying some of their past deeds. Therefore, no one can look down at any particular race or creed. <4>A man should be honored or dishonored for his individual actions, not because his body (for the reason of genetic combination) belongs to any special race.

<5>The reason for this repetition in explanation is to make this point completely clear that we should not recognize an individual as a Jew, but we should look at the name as an identification for a special group of people who were chosen to be an example for the rest of humanity. This is to teach humans that the Law of Karma is true and is not just a philosophy. That is, no Jew is responsible for the misdeeds of his ancestors, but he is a free Soul without ties to any binding force in this universe.

<6>Therefore, each Soul should make his choice in his life of be(com)ing Divine or not. <7>However, when the whole community fails in a case, those who were part of that failure will be punished. But those who realize the truth of the revelations by the Prophets and understand the truth behind history and God's Plan will be saved as free Souls.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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