THE HOLIEST Readings (The Koran)


Tablet Fifteen


<1>Unless all the real spiritualists of the world unite, the Light will not be able to destroy the darkness. <2>Corrupt people support each other because they do not have anyone else to support them. <3>But spiritual people think they have God and do not need anyone else, so they are divided by insignificant differences in their beliefs.

<4>These insignificances should be shattered by understanding that any religion which divides man from man, no matter what its origin, is not expressing the spirit of God, and God will destroy it. <5> Especially at the brink of the new era that we are now entering, all narrowness of the mind should be destroyed and the universal truth should be understood. Only then can we kill the devil of ignorance and corruption.

Surah The Spoils of War (Al-Anfal)

Spiritual people should support each other in order to destroy corruption:

Disbelievers are supporters of one another, if you do not follow as you are commanded, there will be mischief and corruption in the land (by them). (73)


<6>The human was in the image (likeness) of God. <7>However, God separated them into two parts, male and female, so the human is no longer in the image of God until the two soulmates merge together and become one again.

<8>When both male and female merge together and become a perfect unit, they can become the same as He ("same knows same").

Surah Women (An-Nisa)

Merging with the other part upon entering heaven:

For those who have believed and done good, surely permission is granted to enter the Garden which underneath rivers flow and dwell therein forever. There also will be pure spouses for them... (57)

<9>Only when a person merges with his or her other part (becomes male and female) will he become in the image of God and enter paradise or the Garden of Eden (Pure Consciousness).

Surah The Creator or The Angels (Al-Fatir)

Separation of male and female from their original:

God created you from dust [cosmic dust, manifested unit consciousness], then from sperm-drop [after humans became more flesh], then you were made pairs [male and female]. (11)

Surah Sad

The two separated soulmates (whtss15c.gif (901 bytes)dark150c.gif (900 bytes)) will join together in heaven (ichvs15c.gif (941 bytes)):

With them would be pure women with modest gaze, companions of equal age. (53)

<10>The male and female will join together as one perfect, complete being.

Surah The Smoke (Ad-Dukhan)

They shall be given fair maidens as companions, having wide and lovely eyes. (54)


<11>The universe consists of consciousness and the three gunas (tama, raja, and satva). Father (God) is the first who was in Pure Consciousness. Then He manifested the First Begotten Son and created the whole universe with the power of the three gunas and the unaware unit consciousnesses. So all things are made from consciousness and are able to reach Pure Consciousness. However, not all unit consciousnesses are equal in the spiritual world. Father is the greatest, and there is a Hierarchy.

Surah Women (An-Nisa)

...God took Abraham as a friend. (125)

<12>This sentence shows completely that the Father (Lord God) is consciousness like us who is able to choose another unit consciousness as a friend. The Son is God manifested!

Surah They Are Expounded (Fasilat)

All parts of the universe are unit consciousnesses:

...God who has given us speech can make everything speak [all are unit consciousnesses]...

..their ears and their eyes and their skins will testify against them [all are consciousnesses] of what they used to do. (21-22)


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