THE HOLIEST Readings (The Koran)


Tablet Three


<1>The Prophets, Gurus, and people in higher consciousness should be provided with plenty of time and privacy. They should be highly respected by others, especially their disciples. Impure vibrations should not be created in their presence. <2>In short, a pure environment is necessary for a high conscious person to be able to help others effectively.

<3>That is why people should approach him only for important matters or when they are given permission. Otherwise others will affect the mind of the spiritual teacher (or Prophet) and this will create annoyance toward disciples and others.

<4>In India, some people cover the picture of their Guru under a curtain during the day to prevent anxiety for their beloved. This also has another great significance. <5>Impure and unaware people who do not have enough respect for the beloved then cannot affect their spiritual environment and create bad energies.

Surah The Clans (Al-Ahzab)

Manner of disciples toward their spiritual guide and Prophets:

O those who believe, enter not the house of the Prophet uninvited for a meal, even then come in the proper time. But come when you are called, and when the meal is ended, disperse. Linger not eager to talk. This causes an annoyance to the Prophet -- he would be shy to ask you to leave, but God is not shy of showing the right manner. And when you ask something from the wives of the Prophet, ask from behind the curtain [with purity in your hearts]. That would be purer for your hearts and their hearts. (53)


The Elected Ones are those Souls who, through many lives and much struggle, have cleansed themselves to such a state that they can easily ward off evil (the power of the tama guna) over their Souls. <7>They understand The Plan of God and are ready to take the responsibility of carrying out this Plan.

<8>These are the real spiritual soldiers for bringing the world back to the spiritual path and for helping others to understand that the true happiness is the way God has shown us, not the pursuance of selfishness.

<9>They will fight not by sword but by their spiritual powers, purity, and true knowledge of the spiritual world. Of course, if to establish the truth use of the sword is necessary, they would not hesitate to use it (Bhagavad-Gita).

Surah The Family of Imran (Ali 'Imran)

Remember when God told Esa, I will cause you to die and then your Soul shall be ascended unto Me and will clean you from calamities of disbelievers, and will exalt those who follow you above disbelievers to the Day of Judgment; then unto Me you all will return, and I shall judge between you on what you used to differ. (55)

10><10>Why will Christ and his followers be preferred over the disbelievers to the Day of Judgment? Because he and his followers were always preferred to the disbelievers. <11>They are the Elected Ones. The people who followed Christ were Elected Ones, as the people who followed Prophet Muhammad were Elected Ones. As Prophet Muhammad said, "I am (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes))!"

<12>These people have been reincarnated again and again, and each time they set the world in the right direction. After they leave, in a short period of time, humanity becomes corrupt again. So they have to come back. Each time they come back, however, some new people will be saved and reach higher consciousness. <13>This process will continue until all understand The Plan of God and establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is why Christ called them "the salt of the earth." Without these people we wouldn't even be here where we are now. That is why they are above disbelievers. They are the Elected Ones, the Divines.

Surah The Heights (Al-A'raf)

Those who lead the truth are always chosen to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven, have been with Moses, and are always with the appointed Prophet of each era (the Elected Ones):

From the followers of Moses there is a group who follow the truth and establish justice by means of it. (159)

Surah The Prophets (Al-Anbiya)

Inheritance of the earth by the righteous:

Verily we have recorded in the Scriptures, after the exhortation, my righteous bondmen shall inherit the earth. (105)

<14>Who are the righteous bondmen? They are the Elected Ones. Those who are elected will come to this earth again and again until they establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and inherit it. They are the Paravipras. They are the ones referred to in Matthew 5:10 as, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." They will inherit the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, within themselves, and in heaven.

Surah The Story (Al-Qasas)

He who does good will be rewarded more than his good deed; and he who does evil will only be punished equal to his action. (84)

<15>Those who do good will inherit the earth and His Kingdom.

Surah The Spider (Al-'Ankabut)

Tests to choose the believers (Elected Ones):

Do humans think it is enough to say that: We believe and would not be tested?

We verily tried people before them and also God will make known who is truthful and who is not [is a hypocrite]. (2-3)

Surah The Event (Al-Waqi'ah)

Elected ones from the past:

A large part of those of old. (13)

Elected ones who will be added to the ones from the past after each Prophet comes:

Add a few from later time. (14)


16><16>Evolution is the process of progressing from the unaware state of consciousness to Pure Consciousness (complete awareness).

<17>In complete unawareness, a unit consciousness has no sense of knowledge of Self and is bound to its crudest form by the power of the tama guna. <18>However, as the grip of the tama guna loosens up, the unit consciousness becomes more and more aware of Self.

<19>The complete awareness of a unit being will not be gained unless the ego develops, which is a sense of separation from other parts of the universe and a feeling of independence. This achievement is very hard to gain in eternity (un-manifested universe), and when it is gained it is even harder to actualize that ego. Therefore, the false ego is developed. Without any process that could guide this false ego toward perfection (actualization) it is almost impossible for men to achieve, but not for God (His Grace).

<20>That is why the evolutionary process has been created in this manifested universe. This body is given to the human and is put in this manifested world in order to be used as a guide for the unit consciousness existing within it, by suffering whenever it goes wrong. <21>A realized person uses this universe and its suffering as a guiding light to reach the goal by overcoming those obstacles which are the source of the sufferings.

<22>All of the universe has been evolved by God. He has taken man through the evolutionary process to reach the stage of using the human body to ward off the power of the tama guna over his Soul and reach Pure Consciousness, and to help others reach there also.

<23>God has created the history and has left many marks for humans to understand the way this universe works. <24>Whoever misuses the power and Grace given by God is bound to be doomed. <25>But he who understands the realities behind this universe and utilizes this in order to reach the goal and help others also to reach it, will be given the greatest reward, Pure Consciousness (heaven).

Surah Cattle (Al-An'am)

There is no one animal in the earth, nor a flying bird which flies on its two wings, but are people like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book. Then with their Lord all will be gathered. (38)

<26>This verse shows that the evolutionary process has been revealed to Prophet Muhammad. He says all animals are like people, because they are unit consciousnesses too. They are in the evolutionary process and will reach higher consciousness, and eventually Pure Consciousness. Then they will become sons of the Lord. So they will be gathered unto Him.

Surah Ta Ha

Moses answered: Our Lord is He who has bestowed upon everything its nature, then has guided it to perfection. (50)

<27>How can a person be "guided to perfection" if he has only one lifetime to do that and fails? Unless he comes again and again to this world in many lifetimes and is guided a bit each lifetime towards perfection, it would seem to be an unfair creation. There are some people who never even have a chance to think deeply about God, creation, their destiny, and so on. <28>If we had only one lifetime, and did not have the chance to perfect ourselves, either from ignorance (being lost in Maya) or because of the situation we were in, then either God will not judge us or if He does, we cannot say He is a just God, which He is. So it is necessary for humans to go through the evolutionary process until they reach perfection (Pure Consciousness).

Surah Noah (Nuh)

God has created you from the earth to grow, (17)

<29>Therefore, the evolutionary process goes from very subtle to very crude solid factors (earth), then goes back to human, and eventually goes to Pure Consciousness.

Surah The Fig (At-Tin)

Through the evolutionary process God has taken away the powers of the humans. Only those who are worthy will gain those powers back (as explained in The Base and The Essence):

Truly we created man in the best mould;

Then we cast him down to the lowest of the low [after the fall of man, but for his own good],

Except those who believe and do good works, for them is everlasting reward [to reach Pure Consciousness]. (4-6)



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