THE HOLIEST Readings (The Koran)


Tablet Eight


<1>There are three kinds of resurrections. One is when a person shatters the walls of ignorance and through knowledge, devotion, or selfless actions steps into spiritual realities. This can be called "being born again."

<2>The second kind of resurrection is the one which comes in the last days when men will be sundered. During this period both good and bad people will be in the world, and humans will eventually realize that spiritual people should be as dynamic and efficient as possible. They will become united and establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Then they will help those who have lagged behind to the goal (higher consciousness). This resurrection is the re-establishment of the truth of spiritual knowledge in the world. This is the first and second resurrection in each era.

<3>The third is when the end of this world is reached. This will happen because the original energy created to maintain the creation will wear out. Then this manifested universe will be dissolved into its original form. Those who have reached Pure Consciousness by then will escape the state of ignorance and will be with the Father. Those who have stayed in ignorance should wait until corers of years for the next creation. Then they might progress to Pure Consciousness.

<4> So the human should not delay his progress and should utilize all opportunities to reach the goal and avoid the torment of hell (ignorance). However, eventually there is the victory of truth (knowledge) over the devil (ignorance).

Surah The Ant (An-Naml)

Discovery of the movement of the earth in the last day (when knowledge will increase); also at the end of creation all things will be dissolved and become like clouds.

And you see the mountains as if they are solid, in truth they move like the passing clouds. It is the creation of God who has perfected all things. He is aware of what you do. (88)

Surah The Romans (Ar-Rum)

On the Resurrection Day men will be sundered (separated); also at the end of the time of this creation they will be separated:

Before the unavoidable Day which God has designed to come, people will be sundered. (43)

...This is the Day of Judgment but you do not know. (56)

So, it is the Day of Resurrection. Every day is the Day of Resurrection. These days are also the days of the first resurrection. The second resurrection will be sometime in the future -- one thousand years (Rev. chapter 20).

Surah Smoke (Ad-Dukhan)

"Smoke" in the Last Days (air pollution) and disbelievers:

Then wait (O Muhammad) for the Day in which visible smoke will appear ["fireless smoke": the brown cloud],

Which will envelop the people: that will be a painful torment.

They will cry: Relieve us from this torment, we do believe.

How can there be admonishment for them when there came a Messenger with clear explanation of the truth to them,

And they turned away from him saying: He was taught (these things), a madman?

Still, we remove the torment a little, but you will surely return to disbelieving. (10-15)

Surah The Enshrouded One (Al-Muzammil)

In the last days the children will grow old quickly. They will have so many problems to solve that they will not understand what childhood is:

...A day which will turn children gray-headed... (17)

Surah "He Frowned" ('Abasa)

Description of the last days, which corresponds to this day (this period of human life):

On the day when a man runs away from his brother,

His mother, his father,

His wife, and his children,

Every man that day will be engaged with his own concerns alone (heedless of others). (34-37)


<6>The shower of the Grace of the Lord is constantly raining in the universe, but those who have the umbrella of their false egos over their Souls will not receive it.

<7>God gives His Blessings and Grace to people, nations, and individual humans. When they start misusing this Grace for ways other than His Ways, then the doom of those people, nations, and the individual human will come.

Surah Spoils of War (Al-Anfal)

God will not take His Grace away from anyone (or nation, etc.) He has given it to, unless they start misusing it:

God never withdrew the Grace He has bestowed upon a people, until they change their hearts toward Him. (53)


<8>>Life is a struggle (jahad) within and without. The struggle within is the fight between the higher and lower natures. This battle involves warding off the power of the tama guna (the force bending the Soul toward the external world) to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven within (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)). <9>>The external struggle is to overcome excess attraction of Maya (illusion of life) and establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)).

<10>All these struggles are to create an environment that allows each individual to grow to his fullest potential.

<11>Those who say life is an illusion are greatly mistaken. Life and the manifested universe are not illusions, but excess attraction to this manifested universe is illusion.

Surah The Romans (Ar-Rum)

When We bestow Our Mercy on mankind, they rejoice in it; but if there be a tribulation because of their own actions [karmas], they become despairing [and forget about God and His mercies]. (36)

Surah The City (Al-Balad)

God created man in an environment of suffering in order to direct him toward the goal of life. As it was explained, through many evolutionary processes, man has reached such a powerless position that he suffers when he goes astray from the path, through the weakness of the flesh. So suffering is a purifier and is a guidance to salvation (Pure Consciousness):

We verily have created man committed to toil (in affliction). (4)

Surah Solace (Al-Inshirah)

The ups and downs of life, like a fountain when it goes up, it then comes down:

Verily, there is ease after hardship,

Surely there will also be hardship after ease. (5-6)

<12> Therefore, we should stay in the middle path.


<13>Man has two natures, the lower nature (lower self) and the higher nature (higher self). In the lower nature (bestial nature), man is like an animal and is only concerned about himself. 14In the higher nature, man becomes more aware of his Divine self.

<15>It is this lower nature which is the source of suffering for the human. This is the false ego of man, the part that sees himself separate from others, the part that is not universalist, the part that does not view all humans as brothers and sisters, and the part that gives that empty feeling of separation from the Lord, which is the greatest suffering of all (illusion of separation).

Surah Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukhruf)

Lower nature as idle talk, play of life:

So leave them alone in their idle talks and busy with their plays [in the material world] until the Day which they have been promised. (83)

Surah Smoke (Ad-Dukhan)


Saying, suffer now, you who hold yourself as mighty, the noble. (49)

Surah Muhammad

Animality is lust, excess comfort, and overeating, which all are related to the lower nature of the man:

...while the disbelievers enjoy this material life and eat and drink as animals do, and the Fire [of ignorance, Maya] is their resort. (12)

Surah The Private Apartments (Al-Hujurat)

The ugliness of too much suspicion, spying, and backbiting:

O You who believe, refrain from too much suspicion; because some suspicion may create great harm. Also do not spy, nor backbite one another. Do any of you like to eat the flesh of his brother's corpse? Surely you would abhor that. Remember your duty to God. He is compassionate, Ever-Merciful. (12)

Surah The Event (Al-Waqi'ah)

There will be no idle talk:

They will not hear any vain speaking nor recrimination therein, (25)

Surah The Ascending Stairways (Al-Ma'arij)

The human's nature:

To be impatient is a part of man's nature [man's but not God's],

When tribulation comes he is full of sorrow.

But when good befalls he does not admit it is from Us,

Except constant worshippers. (19-21)


<16> Maya means illusion. This world is not illusion, but the illusion is anything that makes us forget that this body, universe, and all the facilitating faculties which have been given or are provided for us are there to help our physical, mental, and spiritual progress. <17>That is why it has been said that anything which keeps the person from remembering the Lord is devilish (Maya). That is completely true, because humans should keep their ideal high and constantly in remembrance. Otherwise they will easily fall to their lower natures and be drowned in Maya (illusion of separation from God).

<18>Pursuance of Maya is like chasing the wind. There is always something in the external world which we think will give us everlasting happiness if we obtain it, but everlasting happiness can never be found there. It only comes through understanding His Bounty and Beauty. <19>However, this does not mean escapism, but being content with whatever we have and enjoying anything extra which happens to come to us. But we should never lose our Souls for material possession, or for any other illusive gain.

Surah The Cave (Al-Kahf)

Expound to them the similitude of the life of this world, like water which we sent down from heaven, and the vegetation on the earth grows and mixes with it to look fresh, then in one morning they become weathered and dry which is scattered about by the wind. God is able to do all things. (46)

Surah The Story (Al-Qasas)

The pettiness of wealth and power:

Karoh said: I have been given this (wealth) because of my great knowledge. Did he not know that God had destroyed those who were even mightier and richer than him before? (78)

<20> Wealth and power are really nothing, because even the proud, wealthy, and powerful nations were destroyed in the past, and no man can ever be that wealthy and powerful. <21>You do not even have the power over your own death. So when you die you have no choice -- all the wealth you have accumulated will have to be left on earth. You are completely helpless. <22>These things are only the attractions of Maya to keep you from progressing toward the perfection of your Soul. They only bring the human a big false ego.

Surah The Spider (Al-'Ankabut)

This life is nothing but Maya (its attraction):

This life is nothing but a game and a pastime, the hereafter is but the true life, if they only knew. (64)

Surah Sad

The reason for forgetting the Lord is excess attraction to the external world (Maya):

We commanded him: O David, We appointed you a vicegerent in the earth; so justly judge between people, and follow not vain desire [attraction to Maya] that it lead you astray from the way of God. (27)

Surah Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukhruf)

Idle talk and the play of life is Maya:

So leave them alone in their idle talks and busy with their plays [in the material world] until the Day which they have been promised. (83)

Surah Iron (Al-Hadid)

Maya is illusion of excess attraction to the external world:

Know that the life of this world is nothing but a play [notice "life of this world," not the world itself], and idle talk, and a show, and a subject of boasting between you, and competition in respect, for riches and children. Like the vegetable after the rain which makes it pleasing in the eyes of the tiller, but it dries up later and turns yellow, and then it becomes straw. In the hereafter there is severe punishment and also forgiveness from God and His satisfaction, whereas the life of this world is nothing but a matter of illusion. (20)

Surah The Ascending Stairways (Al-Ma'arij)

Most of the people are deeply unaware (sleepwalkers) of the reality behind this universe:

So leave them [the ignorant] chatting idle talks and playing until they face the Day they are promised. (42)


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