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Laws On Nations and People

These are the lessons of History (His Story) that man has to learn:

1. The oppressor will be oppressed.

2. The oppressed will be the oppressor, and later on will be oppressed again.

3. Those who let their government oppress others, their government will eventually oppress them.

4. Those who see some unalienable rights for themselves, but will deny others the same rights, will lose those rights as well.

5. The conquerors will be conquered.

6. The conquered will be conquerors.

7. Those who are oppressed will use all means against the oppressor. They will eventually exhaust the oppressor. No matter how powerful the oppressors are, they will eventually lose.

Those who do not learn these lessons of history will repeat these mistakes, and so history will repeat itself. The only way to stop these vicious cycles is to create the Communities Of Light and to bring His Kingdom on earth, according to His Revelations in THOTH.

The universe marches toward Balance and Unity. It will do it with violence, or it can be done in an evolutionary way if the cyclical changes are understood and helped to change smoothly. Now with these Revelations man knows how they can smooth these processes. It is up to humanity to accept these and bring a Balance and Unity to these processes, or continue their ways and see the violence and destruction continue.

This world indeed is the Babylon (Babel On) the Great. Men cannot hear the background, Quiet Voice of God. They are drawn in the foreground noise of the world. Come out of the Babylon, those who have been called for this Mission. Hear this Voice of Reason and Truth. Come together, meditate, and Hear the Background and Quiet Voice of God. Create, and/or join, the Communities Of Light. This is your Salvation and the Salvation of Man.

Creation of the Communities Of Light and bringing the Kingdom Of God on earth is the Most Urgent task for humanity to accomplish. Therefore march on toward this Most Holy Goal. Do not let any unworthy, earthy goal hinder you in accomplishing this Goal!


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