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Merge Into God Or
Play The Play?

Many mystics and those on the path to self-realization have set their goal as to merge with God and/or escape the suffering to reach Nirvana. Of course if the desire is intense, God might allow such a merging. But that is not the goal of creation. In the beginning All was in the state of "Be"-ness. Then God's desire set the creative energy (Mother) into action. Then creation became a sport.

Therefore, insisting to go back as it was ("Be"-ness, merging by leaving the body, etc.) is against God's desire. That is why God said, "I will spue thee out..." (Rev. 3:16). Therefore, the Highest achievement while in the body is to realize The Play and play it. It is to see the hand of the creative force (Divine Mother) and the Divine Logic (Father) in the manifested world, then learn how to become a great surfer on their waves. Then like a good surfer, enjoy the ride to the shore of salvation.

Of course until we become a perfect surfer and professional in this art of cosmic waves (plays), we might fall from the surfboard many times. Each time we fall from our surfboard (Higher self), the waves will crush us and take us underneath. However, with a little struggle (meditation) and purification, we can mount the surfboard again a little wiser, stronger, and more professionally.

This will continue until life (surfing) becomes a Joy of Gracefully (with The Grace) riding the waves of destiny!



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