Keepers of the Door

Women are the keepers of the door to Heaven and hell. Be, therefore, aware of your power, duty and responsibility. Keep the door Holy and let no unworthy man have access to it. Reject men who are not with God and are unworthy. Choose one Godly man as your mate and help him stay Godly. If he fails, shut the door until he has changed his ways. Then be generous with him, in fulfilling his desire that he is satisfied, and you are satisfied.

You can be the most powerful influence in bringing men to God or making them fall. When you are Godly (by Listening to God and following His Ways) men will also become Godly. When you fall, they will also fall. Share your body with no unworthy man. Only share it with One Godly man. Cover your body as much as possible and let only that one worthy man see what other men may desire to see. It is then that you will receive the Highest respect and Love there is. You will not achieve this by cheaply unveiling your body to the world.

It is you who should realize these. If it is imposed on you by force, then you have not realized it, and you may fall at the first opportunity you gain; this fall will be Great. So, in the Golden Age to come, women are not forced to be modest, they will be modest because they understand their place in Gods Kingdom.

In this regard, men also have responsibilities. They are encouraged to wear modest clothing and become Godly. Approach no un-Godly woman and do not choose one as your mate. You are as responsible in creating a Godly environment as women are. Be strong and strive to overcome fleshly desires! Be only with one whom God has chosen for you. As she is instructed to satisfy your desires, you are also asked to satisfy hers. As you and your wife both age, go to God more and desire less what the body of a woman may offer you, and Love them for what they are (a Lover of God).

If a man or a woman cannot find a worthy partner to dedicate their life to God together, they should dedicate their lives to God alone. They should become Sannyasins (Renunciates).

We have neglected nothing from man in these Revelations. These are all Guiding Lights sent by God to man. Follow them and you will see Gods Kingdom on earth. Neglect them and destruction will result.

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