As it is mentioned in the revelation Temporary Marriage, "The best relationship is between a men and a woman is to be married permanently." God clearly revealed this in the Bible:

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)”

There are situations, however, that polygamy is scribed!  Again God in His Most Compassion reveals to man a way to ease this situation, with Great awareness that this is not the Highest relationship between men and women.  In this case there should be a clear agreement that the women want such a situation to exist.  If the first wife would not agree with this situation, she should divorce from such a man.

A man who engages in such a relationship should treat the women involved equally and fairly.  All efforts should be toward cutting down such a situation to what God has already ordained (a man and one woman as One Flesh).

In any divorce and/or separation the woman has to wait for four month and ten days before engaging with another man.  As explained in “Temporary Marriage,” this would assure who is the father of the child.  If this is not observed a genetic test can replace this requirement!

Polygamy is most permissible when such an arrangement helps the financial (survival) situation of the woman (done from compassion).  It is also permissible if this will help to spread the faith by a woman becoming a Divine, and also by creating many diverse children, from many women, into the faith.  Again this situation (polygamy) should be clearly understood, done amount adults, and all involved agree with it.

If there were no prospects for any permanent marriage, men and women would be in a much Higher level if they would dedicate themselves to the work of God, and become sannyasins (renunciates).  In this role they can bring many to God’s Faith instead of using polygamy.

The Highest relationship for men and women is a Permanent Marriage based on God’s Will (be-come One Flesh), or to dedicate their lives to the work of God (be-come Renunciates).  Those who practice polygamy are those who do not live in the COLs!

One more point to consider about the Polygamy is the continuation of the stronger and more successful genes.  Usually successful males in nature are allowed to have more children from more females.  This way genes are strengthened and it guarantees survival of the species.  Some societies might consider this another reason for permitting this practice!

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