Soulmates (Other Parts) and Twin Flames

There are two aspects in the universe, male and female. Male is the Logic of the universe; it is the consciousness (Father). Female is the Creative Force in the universe. In its Neutral Form (raja guna with no polarity), it is unconditional (Motherly) Love. In its Positive State (dominated with satva guna) it is Freedom and Divine Knowledge. In its Negative State (dominated by tama guna) it is Bondage and Desire.

Every unit consciousness (Soul) is under the influence of some amount of the creative forces (satva, raja or tama). When two Souls complement one another, they are soulmates. There is a great attraction between soulmates.

Of course, because of many incarnations and differences in experiences, even soulmates create some differences which might create some friction between them. This intensifies as greater ego (separation from God) is present. The greater the separation of the couples from God, the greater the separation from one another.

This separation lessens as the couple becomes closer to God. Indeed that is the only way individuals can feel close together. As one person is One with God, and the other person is also One with God, then they are automatically One!

That is why even those who are not truly each other's soulmate can become one if they base their marriage on God. If everyone becomes One with God, then humanity is One!

However, if two people are one another's true soulmate, the process of oneness with each other and God will be greatly accelerated.

Those who have been created androgynous, however, are perfect in themselves. They are Male (Divine Logic) and Female (Divine Grace) in one body. Such a people can either live as renunciates (sannyasins) or married people.

If they choose to be married, they usually have two partners. The one which satisfies their Divine Logic (Father) is their twin flame and the one which responds to the Divine Grace (Mother, playful) is their soulmate.

It was the Divine Grace (soulmate) who failed at the time of Adam. She failed to be Divine (Mother, she became woman -- Eve). That is why another female was created for Adam, who was his twin flame (Divine Logic). It was from this second female that Seth was born (Genesis 4:25), "And to Seth,...was born a son; and he called his name Enos: Then began men to call upon the name of the Lord [Divine Logic]" (Genesis 4:26).

This truth continued in the future lives of Adam. That is why we can see that there have always been two females with him -- one quiet but strongly supportive (his twin flame), and the other flamboyant, scandalous (when fallen) and graceful. Some of these well known situations can be mentioned as follows:

Shiva Shakti (Parvati) Kali
Krishna Rahdah Durgah
Abram (Abraham) Sarah Hagar
David Michal Bathsheba
Esa Martha Mary (Miriam)
Muhammad Khadija Ayesha
Bab (Baha'u'llah) his wife Tahirah

Every one of these beings were surrounded with two powerful females. Some of them might have married more than two wives. But these two females which always incarnated with them, stand out. Some of them might not have even married them, but the Scriptures testify to their closeness with the incarnated personality.

The twin flame is usually more attuned to the higher ideal of these beings. That is why she is his true helper. They are so similar that they are like brother and sister. That is why Abraham called Sarah his sister (twin flame). He was not lying in a spiritual sense, she was his sister in spirit.

Because of such a similarity, she has a very respectful place in his heart and his Love for her is Divinely inspired. The soulmate, however, because it is the female part, sometimes becomes woman and tries to bind him. However, the attraction is irresistible, as the love of King David for Bathsheba, etc.

Because Adam (the First Begotten Son) is perfect by himself (androgynous), these two females complement him, as God also is perfect and the Father (consciousness) and Mother (creative forces) complete Him!

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