Physical Pleasure vs.
Spiritual Joy

Those who are earth-bound only know the physical pleasure. They know the pleasure of eating, drinking, sleeping, entertainment, sex, etc. These are the things they are concerned about. Their very political and social arrangements are based on these. Sex, of course, is the highest pleasure most of them experience in this physical body, bound to earth.

Those who seek the Oneness with God and the joy of the Spirit seek the minimum necessities of life. They view sex as a way to create new bodies for new souls to come to the physical body and progress to God. The pleasure of sex is just a bi-product of this goal. Even in this they refrain from indulgence as they understand that sexual waste is equal with spiritual falling. They also view any other path to achieve sexual pleasure (any way that does not produce children) as also a waste and against the Spiritual set-up.

The more people realize this and follow it, the more sexual topics become unimportant and the Spiritual Oneness becomes the reason for creating political and social set-ups. Every man should strive to purify in all levels of his and/or her existence. This will further accelerate humans toward creating the Spiritually-centered societies (KOHOE). This accelerates the formation of the Communities Of Light (COLs) and COLs accelerates creation of the societies based on Spirit (KOHOE).

This is what society should support and the human political and social set-ups should follow and encourage. Those who believe they are attracted to any other sexual orientation than this spiritually based behavior should be encouraged to seek the Joy of spirit so that sex will not be an issue anymore. Going against the basic Laws of nature (God) has consequences. Sexual orientation should never become a political issue!

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