THE HOLIEST Universe and Man



Tablet One

Koshas and Lokas

<1>The universe has been divided into seven levels, which are called "worlds" (lokas). These seven worlds contain the whole universe. <2>The first level is the physical or manifested world. The second is the pranic level or outgoing energy which coordinates the universal activities (and are those activities). The third is the lower mental world which contains the thoughts of the manifested universe, including how to manage it (earthly logic). <3>The fourth has the higher thoughts and willpower which attract higher ideals. The fifth is beyond thought and is the complete realization of the manifested world. The sixth is the state of complete control of the three gunas but still active in the manifested world, <4>and the seventh is the state of withdrawal (satayaloka).

<5>The human body, mind, and Soul (individual) also consists of seven stages or layers corresponding to the seven layers of the universe. <6>The first five of these layers are called sheaths or koshas. That is, in these first five koshas man is bound by universal forces and can only function in each layer according to that sheath and its propensities.

<7>The last two states in the human are where he becomes free of the bondage of these sheaths and no longer needs them. He reaches the goal.

<8>The crudest of these sheaths is the physical body, as the crudest world is the manifested world.

<9>The manifested universe is nothing more than consciousness crudified with the power of the tama guna. <10>Through this crudifying process (centripetal force), the five elements, namely ethereal, aerial, luminous, liquid, and solid factors1 are created. The manifested universe consists of these five elements.

<11>Also the human body or the grossest layers of human existence consist of the same five elements. <12>Each cell in the body is an independent entity, existing in a collective effort for the well-being of the whole of the body and Soul.

<13>The active force, the life-force, or mutative force (raja guna) is the second layer or sheath in the human. This sheath, which is prana (life-force), is the coordinator and controller of the contacts between different organs and the whole body to the mind. <14>The prana, which is outgoing energy of the Soul (raja guna), has no knowledge or power of decision-making, but follows the orders given from the intelligent part of the mind (satva guna).

<15>That is why it can be used or misused according to the level of consciousness of the user. It is the life-force in the human. <16>One form of prana (energy) is electricity. It can only be found where the ether is. <17>Ether is the memory part of the brain. Without ether, prana cannot be verified and also no memory will remain.

<18>The outgoing prana (life-force) from the Soul becomes heedless desire (passion). <19>The ingoing prana to the Soul becomes will (controller of desires).

<20>Also in the universe, as the crudifying power of the tama guna makes the manifested world or the first loka (world), so the second world is the prana (mutative force, raja guna) in the universe, or the life-force (the breath of life). Through prana (mutative force), all activities are done and the coordination (through the satva guna, intelligence) in the universe is achieved. <21>Without prana, there would be no life and no activities.

<22>The prana is everywhere in the universe in many different forms. It is mixed with ether and functions through it. <23>The ether in the universe is the memory of the universe or the Akashic Records.

<24>These two, the physical sheath and pranic sheath, make up the external part of man. <25>Because there is nothing external for the universe (God), so there is no sheath for It, but only worlds.


1 - Read Appendix II.


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