THE HOLIEST Universe and Man


Tablet Two

<1>The mental sphere in man is the beginning of the internal part of man. <2>The first level is the subconscious mind or subconscious sheath. It is the part which internalizes the external world. Whatever is in the external world will be created in this part and stored away to be used later.

<3>In this lower part of the mind, the desires toward the external world reside. In other words, the energy (prana) is directed outward (desires). So we can say it is the part that the "beast" (Rev. 13:1), which symbolizes desire, arises from. <4>This part collects information, elaborates on it, and comes up with the best decision for the fulfillment of its mundane desires.

<5>Also all the mundane decisions for the external world are made in this part of the Universal Mind, which are the collective lower thoughts of the individual plus the lower thoughts for maintenance of the manifested universe. <6>We can call this the lower mental world. In this third layer, the raja (mutative) and satva (sentient) forces are active, but are under the influence of the tama guna (external world).

<7>In the next sheath in the human, the noble or higher thoughts reside. It is deeper in man and the origin of the thoughts are not from the external world but from the internal. <8> Or in other words, the prana (energy) is directed internally and not externally. So the higher thoughts arise and prana becomes willpower and imagination (creative mind) instead of heedless desires. <9>Therefore the life of the person in this sheath becomes more under his control and he strives for things higher than only mundane satisfactions ("Man does not live by bread alone"). The mind becomes spiritualized (Buddhi). The intentions will be toward the spiritual world rather than toward illusion (Maya) of the external world.

<10>In the universe, this can be called the supramental world. The origin of noble thoughts and ideals occurs with this part, the unconscious mind.

<11>The next sheath is the state beyond mind, or when it is realized that all is Mind or all is God. It is the state of the beginning of freedom. <12>It is the state where a great joy (Ananda) is experienced. <13>However, still the person is in bondage and has not yet mastered his mind.

<14>This state in the universe is also the state of "All is He," the beginning of the shattering of ignorance. It is the collective joy of those who have realized this state.

<15>The sixth state in man is beyond any sheath. He realizes that "I am He," or that he is god also and can enter into Pure Consciousness and return, because a thin thread is still left between him and Him. He becomes the master of his mind (three gunas). He becomes a son of God.

<16>This state in the universe is known as savikalpa or the state of closeness to objectless-ness.

<17>The next (seventh) is the state of complete mastering of the illusion of separation. The only thing left is will and the creative mind. There is no separation between "I am" and "I AM." However, through will, he can return to his individual nature as an Avatar. <18>There is no heedless desire left but a will to help others reach the goal also. The direction of prana is completely internalized.

<19>This state in the universe is that of sat and the world in this state is called satayaloka. It is the absolute state, Pure Consciousness.

<20>These last two states are described as indescribable.

<21>Also because of the experiences which each unit consciousness goes through, he creates an individual character which will be carried with him any time he comes back to the manifested world. <22>This individual character will be enhanced, expanded, and modified by each new experience. So the nature of the universe is infinitely progressive.


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