The Family Unit Based on God is the most important aspect
In the Creation of The Communities of Light And the Kingdom of God.

No matter how powerful a society looks, how much they have, or how many weapons they might pile up, they are going to be destroyed from within if the focus is not on God, the family structure, and the Communities of Light. It has always happened in history. Look at the Romans, the Persians, and the Greeks. No one destroyed them from without. They were decayed from within. In the beginning they said, We trust in God, and then later on when they became rich and powerful, they said, We trust in ourselves. And then the fall started.


The house, the family, the community that is based on the Spirit is strong. It is a very strong unity. If you have a nice strong house, it does not matter how strong a storm is outside, you sit inside, warm and comfortable. Outside, yes, there is a storm. You are not afraid because your house is strong. It is built on a good foundation. If someone comes and says, Hey, lets put this door in this place, and another says, Lets stretch that wall that way, after awhile your house does not look like a house any longer. It is just going in all different directions with a weak foundation. And because you have not planned it very well from the foundation, it becomes a very weak, ugly house. If there is a strong wind, that is it. It falls like a house of cards. It falls all the way to the ground.


Communities of Light are based on the families, the married couples. Every six couples gather together and create a unit in the Communities of Light. The six couples, six women and six men, become one unit. That is not a Community of Light; they are a unit in a Community of Light.

Twelve such units create the first level in a Community of Light. And twelve of these twelve units create the second level. A Community of Light is around 2,000 people. Of course, it can be bigger. It can be smaller. It is not completely set how many, but twelve people is the base.

For instance, there are six couples, then a new couple joins them. They become seven couples. Other couples join; they become eight couples, nine couples, ten couples, eleven couples. When they become twelve couples, they split into two units. They become two six couple units and they can again accept other couples in their house or their unit. Eventually, when they become twelve couples again, they split into two six couple units again. So that is how they spread out.


The best, most beautiful parents are the parents who connect their children to God, or at least provide them opportunities that they can be connected to God (like finding a true spiritual teacher for them). So if they do their Daharma, then they have done very beautiful work; and they are the most respected, the most wonderful beings in our lives.


There are many, many significances of marrying legally and the marriage ceremony. God wants His people to be married, to be couples and have children. Also children have a better future in the marriage. They have a legal father and mother.

It is very important that both parents are present in the growth of the child. The mother is as important as the father in the growth of the child. The father is as important as the mother. You cannot take the children and leave them with the father or mother alone.

I know it is done in the West easily. Divorce is easy. Living together is easy. Even a "one-night stand" is easy. But that is not the way God created it to be. That is why He made men and women different. They are equal, but equality does not mean similarity.

Men and women are not similar. If you say men and women are similar then something is wrong. They are not similar, but they are equal. In their physical, mental, and spiritual progress, they have to be provided for equally.

If a woman has leadership ability, fine. That person has to be given the opportunity to manifest her abilities. Equality, however, does not mean similarity.

And because there is not that similarity, they have to come together and be present in the raising of the child. They both have to take this responsibility seriously based on Gods principles (marriage based on God, forever). So again there is a significance for the children having legal parents, growing in a loving environment, and becoming a productive member of the society.


In the Communities of Light, children who grow in the community and learn in the community are connected with different energies. It is not like having an apartment with just Mommy, Daddy, and the child, where everyone else is out. In that kind of environment, when the child grows up, he is so narrow. His experience is very narrow. So, he is afraid of the world or will be against it.

But the child who is raised in the community, when he grows up, he is free, he is open, he is much more flowing. That is one of the things Communities of Light do for the children and their future.

Actually the whole society is based on the family. The families are the blocks of the society. If the family is weak, that society is weak. That would be the end of that society.


The second chakra is related to the thirst, hunger, and procreation, and also it is related to the liquid factor. We see the liquid waste comes from the second chakra, which is the sexual organ related to procreation.

So, we see the second seal is related to the communities. What are the communities? Communities are children, taking care of your thirst, food, etc. Again, we see the relationship of the second chakra to the second seal.


The base of the Communities of Light is the couples. The children of these couples in the community will grow together, so they create very strong bonds with one another. Probably, after awhile, many of them will marry at early ages because the communities support them.

Marriage is going to happen early in life. See, if a man and a woman marry when they are sixteen or seventeen years old, when they are together for thirty or so years, they almost know each other inside-out. They are completely one. I have seen that kind of marriage. For example, a couple is married for thirty years. And the man does this [raising hand] and she knows what it means. She does like that [lowering head] and he knows what happened. They are one with each other.

Then put together these kinds of marriages based on God, based on the Communities of Light, based on the Eternal Divine Path, and you have a society that is very strong.

So Communities of Light will become a very powerful force on earth. Any nation that picks this idea up and implements it, is a nation that is Blessed. It is a nation built on rock, not on sand. That is why after awhile we will not have so many lost bachelors or singles with no purpose in life.

There is a decision that the single people have to make. Some people have not been born to be married. They were born to dedicate all their lives to do Gods Will, to do His teaching, to help other people, to spread the Message, to go wherever they have to go because they do not have that connection to the family. They can just live day-to-day, go where they are supposed to be, and preach Gods Word.

Tomorrow someone is needed to go to India. It is very easy to send a person who is not married. Ok, we have this opportunity, who wants to go to India?

Those who are married say, Oh, I have a child. I have my wife. I have my husband. I have this house. I have that payment. But the single person says, Oh, I will go. I have nothing to worry about. I have no attachment. So there is a place for the singles.

It is around the age of twenty-one, twenty-two, or twenty-three, if you are not married, that you have to make a decision. Do you want to remain single for the rest of your life, or do you want to become a married person? With that decision you choose your path, which way to go. If you choose marriage, that is beautiful. That is a wonderful choice in Gods Plan. If you choose not to, and decide to dedicate your life to Gods Work (become a renunciate), that is wonderful too. Then you become a teacher or a worker for God.


The life of a renunciate means the person who renounces the world and dedicates himself or herself to the work of God. As in the Bible, Esa (Jesus) said, There are three kinds of eunuchs. There are the ones who were born as eunuchs. There are the ones who are made to be eunuchs by men. And there are the ones who decide to become eunuchs because they want to dedicate their lives to the work of Christ, the work of God.


The Greatest Sign has come to humanity to bring the focus back to God, instead of to each other. I am talking about future families. If we create more and more men and women who are concentrating on God, they are going to create beautiful families that are based on God. The family is the base of society. The family is like a block of society. You cannot build a building without blocks, and that is what the families are. If the family structure is weak, that society is weak.


You have to believe the first step. What we are saying is the wheat, not the chaff. We are trying to create families that are pure, based on Gods Word, based on the purity of relationships, based on the Communities of Light and the Eternal Divine Path. Those things are the base of the communities. You are responsible. You are responsible for your life. You are responsible for the community, and you have to serve in that capacity with all your heart, mind and spirit.

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