A Paravipra is a Person Who Direct All His Energy To Create The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth


Our task here is to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  Isn’t that simple [laughter]?

Some people say, “Oh, good luck.  How can you do that?  There is such a mess in the world.  How can you bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE)?”

But it is very simple!  You can bring the KOHOE by creating the Communities Of Light.  Just create the communities where the people practice, and meditate, and are God-conscious.  Eventually each community will become a unit, a cell in the Body of this Kingdom.

They are so important, the Communities Of Light are so important.  The whole thing, the whole idea of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, is based on the Communities Of Light.  They are the building blocks of the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.


Communities have been on earth for probably the past 12,000 years.  The best known are the Children of Abraham, or the Children of Israel.  They had the twelve tribes, and there were communities.

Now why do we have to create communities all over again?  They are already trying to build so many communities; there are some in Arizona, Quebec, California, and many other places.  There are communities that are doing a lot of wonderful things.

But not every community is a Community Of Light.  Communities Of Light are based on married couples following the Eternal Divine Path.  If a community is not based on the Eternal Divine Path, it is a community, but it is not a Community Of Light.


So we can see that these communities that we are trying to create are different than most of the communities.  We are pretty flexible actually in every community.  The communities will be created by the people.  As long as they are following the Eternal Divine Path, it very much depends upon what they want to make that community into.

That is why you can have a community in the middle of a large city.  You can have a community in a rural area, a village, or a small town.  You can have a community in a desert, if you want to.  So it is very flexible.  But the base is the Eternal Divine Path.  The base is to meditate and to do spiritual exercises together.  When a community does spiritual exercises together, there is unity in the group.  So that is the community that we want to build.

Why do we want to build communities?  We build communities as a base of the system.  We are not just creating communities as isolated entities where people go and live together, shut themselves off from the world, and say, “This is our community and that is it.  We have nothing to do with the external world.”  We are not trying to create communities that have nothing to do with the external world, where they just want to meditate and go to heaven.  They have been trying to do that for the last 6,000 years and probably not many of them made it!

Then Buddha came and said, “You meditate and you go to heaven.”  The Buddha was Buddha.  That was one Buddha 2,500 years ago.  We can see that that was a very exceptional thing that happened 2,500 years ago.  Now all these people are escaping the world, going to the mountains, and forsaking society to become a Buddha.  And not very many people are making it.

We are creating these communities, not to escape the world, but to be in the world but not of it.  In these communities, we are creating the base of the system.


A Paravipra is not an escapist.  No, we meditate to clarify our minds, to create the Communities Of Light, to learn how to sacrifice, be submissive, become a universalist, and eventually become a Paravipra.  Therefore, in our meditation we never can become escapists because we do not teach that you meditate to go to Pure Consciousness.  We say, Pure Consciousness comes to you.

Just look at India.  Many people escaped life by going to the mountains, to escape the family, etc.  What did they sow?  Misery, disease, social upheaval, killing between the Moslems and Hindus, between the Sikhs and Hindus, etc.  Why?  It is because escapism does not create the environment necessary for everyone to progress toward Pure Consciousness together.  Reaching Pure Consciousness is a collective effort.  An individual endeavor to reach Pure Consciousness alone is not going to work.


The first priority in anyone’s life is to do the first work (establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without, establishing Daharma).  Even reaching Pure Consciousness by forsaking the world will not help you in escaping the suffering of this manifested world, because this whole universe was created in order to help All reach Pure Consciousness.  If a person desired to reach Pure Consciousness and did everything necessary to only reach there himself, he would be “spue[d] out” (Rev. 3:16) of heaven back to earth to help others on the path.


It is a collective march together.  You cannot go there by yourself.  I cannot go there by myself.  He cannot go by himself.  We go together.


Communities Of Light are based on the families, the married couples.  Every six couples gather together and create a unit in the Community Of Light.  The six couples, six women and six men, become one unit.  That is not a Community Of Light; they are a unit in a Community Of Light.

Twelve such units create the first level in a Community Of Light.  And twelve of these twelve units create the second level.  A Community Of Light is around 2,000 people.  Of course, it can be bigger.  It can be smaller.  It is not completely set how many, but twelve people is the base.

For instance, there are six couples, then a new couple joins them.  They become seven couples.  Other couples join; they become eight couples, nine couples, ten couples, eleven couples.  When they become twelve couples, they split into two units.  They become two six-couple units, and they can again accept other couples in their houses or their units.  Eventually, when they become twelve couples again, they split into two groups of six couples each.  So that is how they spread out.


A recommended housing for those twelve people who truly want to be close physically, mentally, and spiritually is a housing complex that is built around a circular or a six-sided (hexagon) center:

So there will be six houses around the center.  In each house one couple with their children will reside and the hexagon center will be their place of worshipping and gathering.

With this set-up, although each family has relative privacy, they still will be close together and can use the center as a place of love, sharing, worshipping, and becoming one.

Such a house also can be used to invite others to their private temple and share their oneness with them.  These twelve people will also be a unit of decision-making and a base to create the system, and there are many other advantages.

Each of these six houses should become a center of love and as a healthy unit (family) to build the society.  Then after each individual learns how to create a great family, the next step is to become a good citizen of his small community and to be able to share with the rest of the twelve people, and then reach the rest of the community.

All of these will help a person’s growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Of course, such an arrangement can only continue to exist if it is based on God and His Laws.  Otherwise the self-centeredness and selfishness will destroy it.  However, one of the functions of the family (marriage) and this twelve people arrangement is to dissolve the ego-centeredness and make a person reach out of himself, follow the Eternal Divine Path in his environment, and create the KOHOE.

Then after this training ground, he can reach out to the other communities that surround him and eventually toward the whole universe.  So in truth this is a training place to create true leaders who are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced with having developed the ability to live with others.  So they can grow to lead others to the path of righteousness (Divinity).

This arrangement can even be expanded and twelve such housing complexes can be built closely to create a second level of decision-making, and twelve of such twelve houses will be the third level.  So there will be at least 12 x 12 x 12 = 1,728 (or more), which can be called a community.  Then a community center can be built to serve them on a broader scale.


So, even the couples can become Paravipras in that sense that the base of their relationship is God.  The base of their relationship is not, “Oh, you have such beautiful eyes.  You have so much money.  You are from a higher family.  Or, you are from this.  Or, I just like you.”  No.  “I love you because we are together to do the Will of God together,” and that is the most important purpose.

The two people in a couple should not look at each other; they should look at God.  That is how they become one.  Physically two people never can become one.  There are always going to be differences.  There are always going to be separate egos, separate wants, desires, and needs.  But if each concentrates on God, “You are one with God, I am one with God, I understand your needs, you understand mine, at the same time we are one because we are concentrating on God and are one with Him.  So because we are one with Him, we can be one with each other.”  So with this, even the married couples are going to be based on God.


Either you are a Paravipra based on marriage, the couples, or you are a renunciate and you have dedicated your life to God.


About the renunciates, each being has two parts (male and female) which when merged together become one or in the image of God.  When they are together ( ) a person who is born in this state (androgynous) does not feel too much a need for a partner to be complete.  Such people are those who “were so born from their mother’s womb,” or their partner has not been born in the flesh, so they cannot find it on earth.

Another type of people who can stay unmarried are those who have been made impotent, especially in the past, by man, “and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men.”  They usually were used in kings’ or rich people’s harems.

The third kind which does not marry are those who avoid marriage (become renunciates or sannyasins) because they feel they have a greater mission to fulfill and dedicate their lives to God and His Work, “and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake” (Matthew 19:12).  They sacrifice all for their ideology and higher self.  They are completely dedicated to God.  They are married to God.  That is who their partner is.  Their partner is God.  They are married to Him and that is where their focus is.

But those who have found their partners and are inclined toward reunion and married life also are greatly blessed.  With a marriage centered on God’s Laws, they become one and create a great block for society, a beautiful environment in which to raise children, and can manifest God’s beauty and creative forces (regeneration) through themselves.  They can help each other and others to reach higher consciousness.  So they can reach Pure Consciousness even in the middle of the family.

So, with these two kinds of Paravipras, we can create the Communities Of Light.


What is the reason to create the Communities Of Light?  The reason is, to create more people with a higher level of consciousness who are connected to God.  You do not just create the Communities Of Light because they economically are better, which they are.  You do not create Communities Of Light because they are safer, which they are.  You do not create Communities Of Light so we have better companionship, which we will.

But the goal is to reach Pure Consciousness, to go to God, to create an environment where we are not worried about these things, to create an environment so that we can have a better earth where we will not have those fears, or attachments, or desires, so we can meditate better and go to the higher level of consciousness and reach God.


By concentrating on creating the Communities Of Light, you will do the Will of the Father.



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