Paravipras are Themselves Classless

Beside the five active social classes, namely, Shudras, Ksattriyas, Vipras, Vaeshyas, and Brahmins, there are four more types of humans who live in society but are classless. They are Prophets (Avatars, Gods sons, etc.) Gurus (true spiritual teachers), Artists, and Paravipras.

All these four different types are beyond the regular human classification. They each create a special class at the same time out of the five active social classes, but their existence is very necessary as any other class in human progress toward the goal.

Prophets (Avatars, Sons of God) are those who have come on earth to bring a new message to humanity or to re-establish a forgotten faith. They come whenever it is necessary with the proper signs, prophecies, and powers according to time, situation, and their mission.

Gurus (true spiritual teachers) are those great Souls who manifest Gods qualities to their disciples and cause many (according to their capacities) to realize God through them. They go beyond the Scriptures and writings. They awaken and open spiritual understandings of their disciples by their powers that have been entrusted to them. These spiritual teachers help in keeping the basic truth of God-realization in simple form, and will prevent these simple basic truths from becoming lost or changed by intellectual spiritualists (priest class). They teach from the foundation of knowledge within themselves (Heart).

Artists are those intellectuals in higher and finer levels with their intuition awakened. They can invoke higher thoughts in others by their art. They are teachers to others. They see the society from the outside and recognize its weaknesses and strengths. They can see where it is headed and guide it to the next phase by invoking the inside visions in others.

True artists are different than those who commercialize and sell their abilities for some material wealth. They do the art for the sake and fulfillment of their thirsty Souls for truth. They are also the teachers of humanity. They can help Paravipras to understand the state of society in each period of time.

As we know, Paravipras are those universal, dynamic leaders who have awakened their spiritual forces ( ), long to establish the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth ( ), sacrifice all for their ideal ( ), and become one-pointed and surrendered to His Will ( ). Also they direct all for the good of the whole universe ( ). At the same time they have the abilities of all the active classes in society.


They can work like a Shudra if it is necessary. They guide Shudras with an iron hand and understand their needs and mentality, so they deal with them on their level.

They are courageous and fearless like Ksattriyas, so they will fight for and protect the oppressed. They have Vipran abilities to grasp the realities behind the material world and intellectual understandings, so they also will prevent intellectuals from spreading superstitious and binding ideals.

They are shrewd like Vaeshyas in economic development, but understand how all can be exploited through it. Therefore they can prevent Vaeshyas from going too far before a revolution breaks out. Also they are spiritually incorruptible like a Brahmin.

They will unify all the different religions in the world under one true faith and will destroy the differences between them, as it is explained in The Greatest Sign.


Only such leaders can guide all classes toward the best position possible, because they are classless and therefore would not prefer one class over the others. Because a Paravipra does not belong to any particular class, he will treat all equally and according to the time, place, and state of society.


Paravipras can work with each class, and they understand them very well. As it is explained in THOTH, there are weaknesses in each class that will eventually bring their downfall. Because of the qualities of the Paravipras, they will be the Elders or at the top of the pyramid in society.


As the Seers, as the watchers of society from the top of the system, they can see when a new era is approaching. When the signs are there that the old class is losing power or is becoming a burden on society, it is then that they devise measures that transfer human societies from one period to the other in an evolutionary manner.


They can see the signs in society of the end of the dominating class and the coming of the next one. They smooth things out, and they transfer the society from one phase to another phase.


Paravipras will ease the way for the domination of the next class by active participation from the center of the society (as leaders). At the time that the dominating class starts to go toward stagnation or exploitation, they will ease the way for the next class and weaken the hold of the previous one. With this, a smooth progressive society can be created. Each era will come and go without violence and unrest, but after each era society will progress one more step toward the ever-reaching perfection.


Without having these Paravipras as the facilitating body and without their understanding this process the process of changing, especially when going from the business class to the warrior class there will be revolution, and that will create conflict and destruction.


Revolution means the movement starts from the bottom of society, and that usually creates a lot of friction between the revolutionary elements and the ruling body.


That is why the best change is the evolutionary change. An evolutionary change is by education, by reaching out, by teaching people. It was just like Muhammads movement, it was an evolutionary kind of movement. It took them thirteen years to go back to Mecca. But for that period he had so many people preaching his teaching to so many other people, that little by little they became ready for the idea of, Yes, we need this new teaching. This teaching makes sense. It is wonderful. We would like to be with him.

So when Muhammad marched toward Mecca, though he actually started with a very small band of people, many more people heard and they came and joined him. By the time he reached the gates of Mecca, he had a very large group of people with him. He had an army of around 120,000 strong. When the Meccans saw that they said, We cannot fight these people. There are too many of them. So they said, OK, we give up. And Muhammad and his people just marched in. See that was kind of an evolutionary change, and the people were ready for it.


Also, evolution comes from the top of society and it usually does not create friction between the classes. So the transfer becomes very smooth.


Only if humanity establishes this Paravipra-society, and chooses true Paravipras as their leaders (with their great intuition and understanding of the phases of society) will a peaceful world be created and progress toward the goal be accelerated. Otherwise, as the last six thousand years have shown, during which God has guided humanity to this point, the progressive steps of class domination will continue, but with unrest, revolutions, and suffering. In any case, God is the true King of the universe and guide of humanity.

However, because the whole universe is marching toward perfection and the nature of this world is progressive, the emergence of Paravipras is imminent and the Kingdom of God will be realized by all on earth as it is in heaven. They will create a society in which all have equal opportunities to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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