Any Religion Or Truth In This World Is A Part Of The Eternal Divine Path

             We can look at the earth right now and see that the signs are all over.  There are wars.  There is strife.  There are purifications.  Cultures are mixing with cultures.  People are not satisfied with their different religions any longer.  Either they are not satisfied, or they are becoming dogmatic about them and are trying to convert other people to their own religion, not with love, understanding, and bringing greater truth to them, but by buying them, fighting them, or overpowering them.

            So which religion is going to make it?  Is everyone going to become Christian?  Is everyone going to become Jewish, or Moslem, or Hindu?  They have been here for thousands of years.

            But there is religion, and there is truth.  That truth is what is going to unify humanity, not religion.  And all these religions that have come, according to our teaching, have a part in The Greatest Sign, in the greater truth.  But none of them have the whole truth.

            That is why this is a great opportunity for humanity now, to see the signs, to see that not everyone is going to become a Hindu.  Not everyone is going to become a Jew.  Not everyone is going to become a Christian, or a Moslem.  But what can unify them?  If you are a Moslem, if you are a Jew, if you are a Christian, if you are a Hindu or a Baha’i, etc., still you have a part in The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path.


            All through history, many have claimed that all religions and spiritual understandings come from the same source, One God, but there has never been a strong proof of this for the majority.

            However, Maitreya and His teachings are different in this matter.  He does not teach that all religions are the same and are conveying the same message.  He teaches that each major religion of the world has a unique message.  Each of these messages is a part of a greater truth.  When we combine all these messages (religions) together, it is then that we can see the whole picture, the Eternal Divine Path.


            Now you may ask, what is the Eternal Divine Path?  It is shown in The Greatest Sign.  If you look at the first sign ( ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), the sign at the very bottom of The Greatest Sign, you will see an I-Ching there.  It is in the horizontal position.  What do we do when we want to sleep?  We lie down and we become horizontal.

            The I-Ching in the horizontal position symbolizes unawakened spiritual forces in the human.  The kundalini, or spiritual forces, are usually asleep and are not awakened.  When our spiritual forces are not awakened, we do not have any concept of the Spirit.  We are really rational animals.  We eat, sleep, make children, and die.  That is exactly what animals do also.  They do not have any spiritual tendencies.

            But when our spiritual forces awaken, then we feel that there is more than this physical body.  We are not here just to eat, sleep, make children, and live for our physical bodies, and then die.

            So that is when we start realizing and we become more meditative, in a sense.  If we have not started to meditate yet, we become a more meditative person.  Our spiritual forces start awakening, and we really become mystics.

            We are searching, looking for mysteries, reading, meditating, understanding, getting in touch with people who are spiritually awakened, etc.  So this horizontal I-Ching ( ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), which is the first sign in The Greatest Sign, relates to all the Mystical Paths on earth.  That covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, Cabalists, Sufis, and whoever is trying to have a personal experience with God, with the Spirit.

             Whoever meditates, tries to come in touch with himself or herself, has a mystical tendency, teaches mysticism, or tries to have a personal experience with God, falls into this first sign, the horizontal I-Ching.  With the first sign, we cover all the Mystical Paths.

            The next sign is the sign of the Hebrews ( kohoe-s.gif (869 bytes)), or Judaism.  If you read the Old Testament, you will find that the whole Old Testament is based on, “God wants to find a people who will create the tribes of Israel and create communities.”  So we teach that after you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct your energies toward the creation of the Communities of Light.  This is the sign of the Communities of Light.

            In this sign for the Communities of Light ( kohoe-s.gif (869 bytes)), you can see that there is a triangle downward and a triangle upward.  The triangle downward is the Spirit of God coming to humanity.  The triangle upward is the hierarchy which will emerge from the Communities of Light.

            So after meditation, we have to direct our energies toward creating a good environment that is conducive to everyone’s physical, mental, and spiritual progress.

            With the first sign, we include all the Mystical Paths.  With the second sign, we include the Old Testament and the religions related to the Old Testament.

            The third sign, of course, is the sign of Christianity ( cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), Christ.  What was the symbolic message that Christ brought to humanity?  He sacrificed all the way to the cross for his ideal.  So in a sense, in order to create such an environment and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth based on the Communities of Light, not being self-centered, or sacrifice, is necessary.

            In a community where everyone wants their own interests and is not interested in sharing, that community is not a Community of Light.  Sharing is the essence of bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  By sharing in the community, we can create an environment for everyone to have a place to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. So in the third sign, we cover Christianity.

            Now when we sacrifice, or we work hard to help others, if the people progress a little bit, we become very excited, elated, and say, “Oh, great, such a great work I am doing.  I am helping people.”  If they do not progress, we feel let down, and we become depressed.  So the next step in our teaching is surrendering and submission ( I).

            Surrendering means, when we do some work we say, “OK, this is the work I had to do.  I did it but I surrender the result to the Spirit.”  With this, we are not attached to the result of our actions.  So we neither become too elated, we do not go too high, nor do we become depressed, we do not go too low.  We stay steady, and that is where we want our minds to be, to have steady minds.  As it is said, “Be still and know that I am God.”  So in that fourth seal, the very name Islam comes from the word “tasleim” which means to be submissive and surrendered.

            But still we might direct our effort to a very small part of the universe.  That is why the next step is universalism ( baha-s.gif (97 bytes)).  The Spirit is everything, the whole universe is the Spirit, is God.  In separating one part from the other, we are violating that very unity based on God.  That is why the fifth seal is the seal of universalism, or Baha’i.

            In going through these five steps, meditating and awakening your spiritual forces, directing your energy toward creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth or the Communities of Light, sacrificing for them, being submitted and surrendered to them, and being universal, you become a very dynamic spiritual force (Elects).

            Such people who meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, who are trying to create a good environment for themselves and others to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, who are ready to sacrifice for it and not be attached to the result of their actions, and at the same time direct this energy to the whole universe, become the people who are free of all the narrowness of the mind, all the attachment to the results.  They ( Elects) are free to go on and create the environment that we all long to see.

            So we tell humanity, “Look, we unified all the Mystical Religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Baha’i into one teaching.”  We are telling them, “You do not have to give up your teaching, it is fine.  You can keep whatever you have.  But look, there is more. You are a part of a greater truth.”


We are not against any religion.  We are not trying to say this is the only way.  They say, “You have to be a Jew to be a chosen person”, or, “You have to be a Hindu to reach Pure Consciousness”, or, “You have to be a Christian to follow the Only Begotten Son of God”, or, “You have to become a Moslem, as Muhammad was the last Prophet”, or, “Follow Baha’i which preaches all religions of the world are basically the same”.

            We say, “No, no.  All of them have come from God.”  And we do not even say that all of them have the same message.  There is a different message in every religion that has come from God.  That different message makes that religion distinct.  But when you put them all together, then you see the whole picture, the whole truth.

            We are hoping that this wonderful truth will be revealed to many people.  They will say, Yes, I can still be Christian, and I can be Catholic, but I can expand myself to see, “What do Moslems talk about?  Do they have any truth to offer to humanity, or are they all yielding a sword and killing one another, or shooting, or are they all terrorists [all laughing] or something like that?  Or, do the Jews really have a place in God’s Plan, or Hindus, or Buddhists, etc?”  The only thing you do here is expand yourself.  You open yourself to other energies.  And the more people do that, the more united we will become.


            Look at what we have now on earth.  Do we really have a peaceful earth? Do we have a good environment?  Is the air on earth clean to breathe?  Are our oceans pure?  Are our political systems in harmony?  Are our economical systems in prosperity?  Is there peace on earth?

            We look at it and say, “No, not at all!”  Something has gone wrong on this earth.  We need something to correct it, to bring it back to the peace for which everyone longs but no one knows how to achieve.  Now we give an alternative which says, “This is the way to do it.”


God prophesied that He would send a unifying teaching to humanity.  Here it is.  He said He would send a way to bring His Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and the Communities of Light are the base of it.

So we can see that the Spirit of God has again risen on earth to guide us into a new era, the Golden Age, that all the Prophets and all religions have prophesied will come.  That is what we are here to do.


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