Remember The Greatest Sign And The Relationship Between The Different Seals

This Will Greatly Help To Clear The Way Toward Understanding The Truth Behind Them All

To know the Koran and Islam, like any other religions or truth, the seeker should eagerly ask for guidance and be zealous in pursuing the truth behind the stories and symbols of the revelation. Only with His Blessing will the true meaning be revealed. But a real seeker will find the answers regardless of the confusion between religions, arguments, and the influence of intellectual spiritualists, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (Matthew 7:7).

Furthermore, for additional help, when studying a religion, there are three points that should be remembered: the common truth that underlies all religions, the mission of each Prophet, and the people for whom the revelation was given.

God gives truths to people according to their capacities and readiness. That is why He uses the symbols most revealing to those people. But the truth behind those symbols is one, because the truth is ONE.


I am just here to reveal to you that it is possible to present that Spirit to humanity. It is possible to let them know God exists. It is not by chance, there is a God. There is a Being there, that, God is evolution. God is the creation. God is you and me. It does not mean that we should not have the discriminative mind and discriminate between levels of consciousness. But God is there.

We are here to show humanity that all these religions of the world have been sent by God, with the same Mind, the same God. If we can see that all the religions of the world have come from the same God, then with what do we have to separate one from another? Nothing. This is up to each human. This is up to us, the people. The more people in the different places of the world come together and realize that we are One, and create the Communities of Light, what will we have? We will have all the beautiful communities based on God. And this is the realization that there is no Jew, there is no Moslem, there is no Christian, there is no Hindu or Buddhist, there is only one religion and that is the religion of the Spirit and we are all Spirits. We do not have any religion.

The Eternal Divine Path is not a religion, it is a Path. It is a crystallized path. It is not a dogma. It is a path of the Spirit, and each of these religions has a part of it.


We have to realize that God works in a way that is beyond human imagination.

Now God sends this revelation to humanity and tells them, These are the seven seals. This is how I promise the Children of Abraham that I am going to send this revelation through them, and I sent them. So humanity has to listen and stop this madness that we are in.


In every Scripture it says that there is a chosen people who will inherit the earth. They are the people who God has taken as the Children of Israel, as the people who have listened to Him, who have wanted to follow His Laws and be His chosen ones. In every Scripture you pick this up. In Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc, in every Scripture, it says that there is going to be a chosen people.

Who are these chosen people? This has actually created a lot of problems with many people because every religion says, We are the chosen people, no one else is. That is one reason why there is so much confusion. Each religion says, If you are not in our religion, you are no good. You are going to hell.

But really, who are the chosen people? The chosen people are the ones who seek to know God, follow His Laws and become one with those Laws. So it really does not have any boundary, any religion. It is not an organized religion. They are the people who have purified their hearts and let God come through their hearts. They are the people who want to be His Channels.

What is the fastest way to do that? The fastest way is to know that all these religions and all these Scriptures have come from the same God, and He has guided them one by one, to the Eternal Divine Path.


So God-realization and feeling Him deeply is an all-around lifestyle. You cannot go halfway with God. You have to go all the way. That is why I said, Those who stay to the end will be saved. You cannot go halfway and say, Oh, let us just turn around here and do this thing for awhile and see what happens. OK, let us turn this way and let us stay for a while. No, it is a lifestyle. You wrap up yourself with God. That is why we are working toward Communities of Light. It is not just one philosophy, or teaching, or one realization, it is the whole thing, physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is something that grows on you. It takes time. Of course, as I said, God can do whatever He wants to. He can touch you right there in a minute, and you say, Hey, He touched me. Then that is it, for the rest of your life you are touched. But you have to let that Love grow in you. Let it flourish. And as it grows in you more and more, you become more flowing in God-consciousness. Then you can love God deeply, because you recognize His universe. That is another way to realize God, by recognizing His universe, and knowing His ways and His creation.

It is a complete turn-around. That is what baptism means. You cannot belong to the world and also belong to God. You can be in the world, it is OK to be in the world. You have no choice; you have a body. But be not of it. You should be of God. It is a complete turn-around to God. It is a complete commitment to God, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Without it you are going to be half-hearted. He said, If you are lukewarm, I will throw you out of my mouth. It means that you are not completely whole-heartedly for Him. So when you turn-around completely, physically, mentally and spiritually, then you are baptized in the Spirit.

When you are baptized in the Spirit, the more you go toward God, the greater and deeper you are going to feel God within you. And it starts with the longing to want to know God. That is the first step. You want to know God. That is the beginning. That is when you are called to God.

God is calling you, Son come to me, come home. That longing is there that, I want to know God. I want to know God deeply. You have done many other things that you thought were going to give you joy and happiness. They did not. You wanted a house. You wanted money. You wanted the opposite sex. You wanted children. You wanted all those things for many, many lifetimes, they did not satisfy you.

Eventually you will reach a place where you will say, What is this? I am not receiving any satisfaction out of all these things I have gathered around me, or I experienced. Still I am empty. Something inside is not filled up. That is when God says, OK son, you had enough. Now you can come to Me.


We are here to manifest the Love of Esa (Jesus) with the wisdom of Buddha, the practicality of Muhammad, the universality of Bahai, and any other qualities of God which exist. Probably our path is more comprehensive and more difficult than any of them alone. But to struggle to understand and come close to God is the only endeavor that will yield a permanent result. If you ever progress (in the Spirit), be it a little, it will stay with you forever. Any other possession, be it physical or mental, has to be left behind.

Therefore, arise above all the trivialities of life, and raise the shield of righteousness and the gird of purity with the sword (Word) of the truth, even if the rest of the universe stays opposed to you. That is the Spirit of God (Holy Ghost) manifested through His servants. Be one with this Spirit.


He has prophesied that His Kingdom will come on earth. If He said in the past something will happen, and it happened, then this will also come true. We will see everything accelerated on the earth. It will come, we will see. We will be all together and every day we will see things accelerating themselves as part of the prophecy for humanity.

When they realize that, then we will not have these wars. We will not have these separations and we will not have racial problems. We will not have all these evils that are on earth. Not only that, we will also have different kinds of technology that will not destroy the earth.

So the whole thing is coming to a head for humanity. It is just like a diseased body. All of the diseased parts have to be cut out first before it can heal itself. And that is where we are right now. I wish this thing would happen like a lot of people are saying, very, very harmoniously with no problems. Yet we see that things are not becoming more harmonious, but are even worse.

Those people who are in the Spirit of God and working for His Kingdom, have no fears at all of what is coming. Their strength is in God and they are One with each other because of God. Because of the Lord and because they are one with each other, they will go through this period very easily. They have nothing to fear of what is coming.

So, that is our strength. That is our power. That is our faith. The Spirit of God will do it. This Spirit has come to us and has told us that is what has to come to earth. Now we brought this Message down from the ethereal level onto the earth and it is on earth. The Spirit and the Message will go through and eventually humanity will realize that there is no choice, only Gods way.


They cannot stop us. It is just like, they crucified Esa. Could they stop him? No, he came back as Muhammad. That is the truth.


So, The Greatest Sign and our teaching gives humanity a yardstick, a map or blueprint, of how to reach Pure Consciousness through the Communities of Light, through meditation, through prayer, through reading Scriptures, through studying the Word of God, through understanding Gods Word and actions with understanding THOTH and The Greatest Sign, and then bringing those understandings to the community.

By bringing these understandings to the community, we create the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light we sacrifice to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven, of Light. Then we become submissive to God. We find what is Gods Will, and we submit to it. We do not argue. We do not kick and scream and say, No, no, I am not going to do Your Will, I am going to do my own will. I do not care how many signs You give me that this is the way to go, still I am going to scream and yell, No, I am not going to do it. Then there is something wrong. We are not listening to the Will of God.

He gives you a sign. He guides you so you become submissive. Then you become a Universalist. You are here to help the whole universe to reach Pure Consciousness. Not just my country, not just my city, not just my neighborhood, not just my nation, not just the earth, but the whole universe. That is the way it is, the whole universe.

So now we have given the opportunity again to humanity, to consider to apply this principle to their lives, to go toward Pure Consciousness. They can become workers for the Father. And then we can come together and create more Communities of Light, more people, and eventually the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE), where many people will reach Pure Consciousness.

They will have plenty of time to meditate, to contemplate on the Words of God, to contemplate on each other, and to understand. They can become loving beings one with another, and become great beings, Great Souls, the Souls who have God within themselves

When we talk about God, we know, this is Him talking through us. How can I say these wonderful things that come through me? It is not me saying them. It is God saying them.

Then that is Pure Consciousness, that Joy, that assurance, you are sure when you speak. When God comes through you, you are sure, you have no doubt. And that is the moment of Pure Consciousness. It is a moment of Oneness with God.

So we can see the signs. We can see the teaching that has been prophesied to come and unify all of humanity together. We can see the beauty of what we teach here and the fulfillment of the prophecies. The time that we are in and all these signs show us that the opportunity has again been given to us. This is another call to all, Come, come and join us. Come and become One with God.

Any way you look at it, this is the time, and this is the place. That is why we would like to spread this Message to every corner of the earth and let them know that it is here. If it is here, and the more people listen to it, the more they are going to be able to reach out and touch others. And as more people are touched, our work is done. If we can make everyone on earth hear at least once about this Message, or work is done because, what is the work of a Messenger? The work of a Messenger is to give the Message.

My work is not to convert you to the Mission of Maitreya. My work is to give you the Message. You become converted yourself. If you are chosen, God will convert you. If not, it is between you and Him. All are chosen and called!


The End

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