Meditation Without Prayer
and Escaping the World

There was a yogi who meditated on the mountain and escaped the world for ten years. He reached a state that he realized much and was calm and apparently happy. Indeed people started becoming attracted to him and he started having some disciples.

One day a messenger was sent to him that the government needed to talk to him about an urgent matter. He had no choice but came to the crowded city and presented himself to the authority and fulfilled their request. So he left the mountain and came to the city. The city sure was very different than where he spent the last ten years. It was crowded, busy and uncaring, etc.

As he was passing through a very busy area a person who was in a hurry pushed him aside to pass by. The yogi had it with all this disrespectfulness and unaccepted behaviors. He pushed back the person and yelled, "Do not you realize that I am a holy man and a great yogi?" He demanded respect from that person. That person was puzzled and asked the yogi, "If you are such a Great Yogi, why such an anger and demand for respect?"

The yogi was taken aback and realized that this person is correct and he has much to learn and a long way to go before achieving that center of Calm and Unity.

He prayed for greater understanding. He humbled himself toward God and so he realized it is easy to be in the illusion (egoistical) of being a great yogi in the calm and unfettered environment like the top of the mountain. He realized that he needs humility and prayer and realized it is even greater to reach a state of Unity and Calm in the middle of the society and the world. This can be easier accomplished by Meditation and Prayer in the Communities Of Light. It is better to be, in the world but not of it!

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