The Elephant and The Five Blind Men

Our teachings and the present religions of the world are similar to the five blind men who wanted to figure out what an elephant looks like. They found an elephant that they could get close to, touch, and decide for themselves.

One of them touched the legs of the elephant and proclaimed that he knows what the elephant looks like, he said it looks like a cylinder. Another blind man was touching the trunk and replied, "No, it is like a hose." The one who had the tusks disagreed with both and said, "It is a bony, smooth, round and long thing." Another blind man who had the tail chuckled and said, "No, all of you are wrong. An elephant is a long broom with a handle that is similar to an snake." The fifth blind man confidently said, "No, no, no the elephant is like a huge leaf." He had the ears of the elephant.

A man with Eyes was crossing their path and saw the commotion. He asked these blind people, "What is the problem that they are all so excited about and yelling at each other?" They told him that they are trying to figure out what the elephant looks like and each explained why he thinks the elephant looks like what he has been touching and knows about.

The man with Eyes said, "Brothers, fight no longer, you are all right. The elephant is what you each have discovered and it is more." Then he explained why each of them have a part of the elephant and why to know what the elephant looks like they have to Know his explanation that brings the whole elephant into the picture.

After they each saw the truth they realized that they no longer have to fight, and peace came among them. They all indeed rejoiced that they all now have the perfect vision of what the elephant looks like and they all agreed on that Vision.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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