Contributions of a Dedicated Disciple, Now Passed

John Norton joined the Mission in late 2013. He steadily became more and more dedicated, from paying regular tithes, to helping find website corrections, to suggesting creative ideas on how to spread the Mission further. However, we learned that he suffered from some mental difficulties, including schizophrenia. We were glad, and praised God, when he told us that the Teachings were helping him with his personal struggles.

In 2015, John made the Covenant and was given the spiritual name Xhaiden by Maitreya. The name Xhaiden has an American origin and means "beam of cleansing light," its deeper meaning being: To always contemplate on the Beam of Light emanating from God to Know what is His Will in every situation.

In November 2016, the Mission received an anonymous gift of a star being named after Maitreya (PDF file) in the International Star Registry. It was a beautiful gift and gesture. We later learned that Xhaiden was the one who had done this.

Unfortunately, soon after, in December 2016, we were greatly saddened to receive the news that Xhaiden had been overcome by his illness and committed suicide. His parents wrote an obituary of him (PDF file) for a local newspaper in their area which mentioned the Mission as being an important part of Xhaiden's life and a great comfort to him, and included the Mission's mailing address as a suggestion for donations in lieu of flowers.

Although we consider suicide to be a serious sin and a greatly destructive act to both the self and others (rejecting the opportunity provided by God to be incarnated in and learn from the manifested universe), and wish Xhaiden had not taken this route, we would like to acknowledge the dedication and good works he did for the Mission while he was alive (all thanks go to God), and also show appreciation for his parents acknowledging the Mission in their remembrance of him. Therefore, we dedicate this page to Xhaiden to memorialize him and his actions (Fruit) for the Mission.

We pray that, if God Wills, Xhaiden will be given another chance to overcome, learn his lessons, and further serve God's Plan. All thanks to God, and Sal-Om, brother.

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