Apple Pie, Crunchy Top 9/21/94, 9/26/96
Applesauce Cake 9/17/97
Avatars Delight 10/7/98
Banana Cream Pie 10/3/93
Blueberry Tart 9/23/99
Carob Brownies 9/30/96
Carob Cookies 10/11/92
Carob Cake 9/22/99
Carob Topping 9/16/97, 10/6/98, 9/22/99
Cheesecake, Individual 10/8/98
Cheesecake Parfait with Raspberry Sauce 9/29/99
Cheesecake with Berry Topping 10/4/96
Cream Cheese Frosting 9/17/97
Date/Oatmeal Bars 10/10/92
Fruit and Ice Cream Pie 9/20/94

Fruit Tart 9/29/96

Frozen Yogurt (Orange) 10/1/93

Lemon Cake 9/15/97

Mangoes & Raspberries with Frozen Yogurt 9/11/00

Maple Baked Apples

, 9/12/00
Pears, Honey Lime 9/26/99

Poppyseed Cake 10/4/98

Rice Pudding 10/9/95

Ricotta Cake 9/22/94, 10/10/95
Ricotta Cream (with different berries or fruit) 9/19/94, 9/18/97, 10/13/95, 9/27/96
Sesame-Lemon Cake 9/30/93

Sour Cream Apple Pie 9/29/93

Sour Cream Orange Cake 9/27/94
Yogurt Cream Cheese Pie 10/9/92

Hospitality is a virtue. Be hospitable from knowledge. Keep the company of other spiritually awakened beings and share together your material blessings. Help each other in the path and talk about God, His wonders, and glorify only Him. Do not glorify men.

Even if you have nothing to offer to those who come to your house, offer them a glass of water. Hospitality warms the heart and brings out the best in others. [THOTH, Essays 3, 7:7-9]


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