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Mission Center general contact info:

Mission of Maitreya, "Eternal Divine Path"
P. O. Box 44100
Albuquerque, NM 87174

505-717-8777 (7 AM - 7 PM MST; if we do not pick up, leave a message and we will return your call)

Become a Mission contact!

We encourage anyone who Loves this Mission and wants to help, to apply to become a contact. If you would like to become an official contact person for the Mission, first read Maitreya's essay "To Be(come) a Contact Person For The Mission" in Supplements of THOTH, and the contact expectations and application process found in the Light Bridges section of our Temporary Categories page. Once you have understood and are ready to accept all that being a contact entails, send an email to to begin the process.

Note: In the past, some people claimed to be official Mission contacts who were not. If someone is claiming to be our contact and you are worried they might not be, please contact us to verify their claim.

Other ways to get in touch and participate with the Mission:

Our Mission is for everyone. So all people, even those who call themselves agnostics and/or those who do not claim to be religious (do not believe in God as the current religions present Him/Her/It) are welcome to study, learn, and if necessary ask questions about our teachings.We believe our teachings indeed have also unified the intellect, science, and Spirit together.

Do nothesitate to checkour teachings and ask questions that others might not have been able to answer for you. Indeed Maitreya Himself could not find answers to His questions until He received these Revelations. It was then that He became satisfied with the answers He received.

So use the resources provided on this website, study and learn Maitreya's teachings, and answer your questions for yourselves, and if necessary go ahead and ask us your questions!

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