Golden Keys Six: A series of literature (booklets) which contains questions from many people who wrote their question to Maitreya and their answers from Him. Each of these questions and answers are like a Golden Key which open a door to a greater understanding of Him and His teachings. This one is the sixth one in this series.



These small booklets contain answers given by Maitreya (God Bless Him and His family) to questions which have been asked in the letters He received from many. Each question and its answer is like a little Golden Key to unlock the meanings of His Mission and teachings a little further.

After the question and answer, there may be a reference to the books in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament or The Plan, the main writings of Maitreya.

We hope these booklets answer all questions you might have. If not, please send your questions to us. Maitreya will answer your questions, if appropriate, directly to you. We will use answers which are not a repetition in new Golden Keys and will publish them periodically.

Mission of Maitreya

"Eternal Divine Path"

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Dedicated: To the Essence

In Each Man and Woman

Which Knows No Race, Religion or Creed.


1- My desire is for the unification of humanity, but I am unsure how this can be done...?

Your desire for unification of humanity and religions is shared by many all throughout the earth. Many are longing to stop this madness and confusion between different people, nations, religions, etc. The world is still enflamed with the old rivalries, beliefs, superstitions, intellectual pride, self interest, and fragmentations. A growing number of people see, however, a unity lies behind all these apparent separations. These are the ones who are the pioneers of the coming events. They are the forerunners for the future of a united world.

It has also been prophesied that a unifying teaching will come which will bring peace, tranquility and unity on earth it is the Prophet of this new teaching, and the teaching which will gather those who are ready for this unification and will unify them to bring about that peaceful earth, which has been foretold in all religions of the world.

We believe we have these Teachings and its Teacher.

2- Why does it seem that many people cannot grasp this Great Message that we are bringing to them? To talk to a person who is not ready to receive the Teaching is like talking to someone asleep!

We understand your agony of how asleep most people are in understanding the Message and becoming a Light Worker. You will discover that to find a dedicated person is harder than most people think.

However, they are there. As Esa (Jesus) said, ours is to spread the seed. Some of them fall on the road and are trampled over, some on the stones and are weathered, some are choked by weeds, etc. However, a few fall on fertile ground and give a harvest of 30, 70 or 100 more. It is not surprising that you feel they are asleep!

Remember the Message is here and it is prophesied that It will be manifested. Spread the seed, one day you will hear from someone who you least expected to respond. Then the seed will increase to fulfillment!

3- It seems sometimes I speak too little about the Mission, and sometimes too much. How can I know the right thing?

It seems you have been doing very well with spreading the message of the Mission, etc. You had said that you sometimes talk little about the Mission and sometimes talk too much. Well, that is why God has provided those opportunities for you to talk to those people. It is a training for you to learn when to talk and when to be silent!

When we teach about God and we talk about Him, and we let His Spirit come through us, most of the time we learn from the experience more than those whom we teach. Therefore, let the Spirit of the Father come through you and let Him teach you by becoming an observer. When Truth comes through you, you know it is not you but the Spirit of The Father, The Grace, The Holy Mother, The Holy Ghost.

Once you experience this Grace, you want to talk about nothing else but God. Later you will create the discriminating mind of when it is God who is talking through you, and when it is you (ego).

When God speaks, it is always wonderful. When ego comes through, we are not successful. Of course, when Communities of Light are created, this discriminating mind will understand in even a greater degree.

4- How can I be a great channel for His Will?

Remember: The more you dwell in God, the more God dwells in you. The less of you is there, the more of God will be. Then great things will manifest through you. When men see your great work, it reminds them that it is the Spirit of the Father doing it, not you!

5- How can I spread the Message of the Mission?

In reply to your letter and your desire to spread the Message of Maitreya, work and help to spread it all around you and to those far away. Put an individual and collective effort in this matter.

To spread the Message where you live: We are hoping those like you who are interested in the Mission and have seen the light, will create a body (or bodies) of believers. It is from these bodies that the Elders and eventually the Eldest will emerge. For the time being, you can create a center to study Maitreyas teachings and practice spiritual endeavors to awaken many to the Truth.

To create a central body as the coordinator of the activities in your area and surroundings is of paramount importance. We hope you and others will come together and create the central coordinating body to carry on the Mission.

Individual effort consists of meditating, prayer, and doing all spiritual endeavors to awaken your latent spiritual forces. Individual endeavors also include reading Maitreyas teachings and other Scriptures, then finding how other Scriptures fall in Maitreyas teachings and how His teachings unify All into One. Each individual has to become professional in this.

Collective endeavors consist of creating a collective body of individuals interested in the Mission and creating an organization which will facilitate these collective efforts toward fulfillment of The Plan.

When individually and collectively the Eternal Divine Path is followed, then His Kingdom will come.

6- I really long to spread the Message of the Mission, but my problems are financial resources and the ability to reach the mass. What is the answer?

As you had mentioned, the problem is financial resources and ability to reach the mass. Creating humanitarian activities to help the needy to create good will and at the same time spread the Message, not only will further the elimination of human suffering but will expose many to our teachings.

The whole problem is a "catch-22." You need resources to reach the grass roots and you need the grass roots to create resources. That is why the process sometimes seems so slow. But we have to do our best with what we have and improve our situation gradually toward the Goal.

When Marx presented his ideas, it took years before any serious notice was given to them. When people eventually see some truth in new ideas, then they take it upon themselves to promote and implement those ideas.

However, as we know, and it is becoming more apparent everyday, the communist ideology is not the ultimate answer. It has some limited truth but not all. It, of course, appeals to oppressed people who see a relief by adoption of that ideology. It flourishes in the places where a gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" has reached an unreasonable degree. It is this situation that invites the communist ideology, a way to bring down the high towers of the rich and the not rich. It is an attractive proposal to those who have nothing to lose!

However, as we have seen in many places, when it is established it suppresses the very creativity in man. It limits the individuality and uniqueness. It is this unfavorable element that only encourages people with Ksattriyan (read "Kingdom" in THOTH) mentality to prevail. Such a system will eventually be destroyed by those who want to be unique and creative, as we can see many such beings, such as democratic movement in Russia and same movement in China, will rise up and oppose it.

These truths are explained in detail in THOTH. It is these that should be taught to those who follow the communist ideology, or for that matter, capitalism. These ideologies are not the ultimate answer but are a part of a greater truth. If we could open their eyes to see these truths, they would no longer be trapped in a one-track-minded ideology but will cooperate together with all and more expanded elements in life to bring about a balanced environment for All.

It is up to you and those who see these truths in our Message to take it to all and teach it as a truth greater than any smaller ones which separate man from man. Of course, it needs patience, perseverance, and resources. Those who first saw the truth in the Marx teachings or capitalism became so possessed with these truths that they did everything in their power to teach them to others.

That is also how you should be(come). Be possessed by the revealed truths of Maitreya and teach them to others. As you teach, you will learn them in greater depths.

As you can see in our teachings, neither capitalism nor communism is the ultimate answer, but each have a place in the circular social movements (read section "Kingdom" in THOTH). However, if our teachings are understood, the phases of changes will be continued in a smooth progressive manner. Otherwise, the friction between the approaching period and the old creates many clashes and sufferings, as is evidenced in the Philippines between the government of Mrs. Aquino and the communist elements.

You should become well versed in these truths and teach them to others. Start a newsletter and let all know about these truths. If you need help or have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

7- What kind of support does the Mission need now?

We need people to carry on the Mission and at the same time need financial (material), mental (abilities) and spiritual (understanding) support for the Mission. The two elements of success, which are people and their support, are so interrelated that their lack slows the process. That is where patience is needed. We have to use as many resources (support) as we have, to gain those who are ready to receive the Message. As more people join we will have greater support and can reach a greater number of people.

This interrelationship between the number of people and the support we need is so great that we have no choice but to be patient. The only thing we can do is further purify ourselves so we can be greatly influential in our efforts, so attract those who are pure and Light Workers. This is the only Way we can succeed!

However, we will not sell our Souls to gain followers. Only those who are called to do the Mission and are willing to do it in all their capacity are welcome. God promised His Kingdom will come, so it will. Our trust is in Him!

8- Why has it taken so long a time before we can talk of unification?

Around twelve thousand years ago, a great disaster befell humanity (flood of Noah). The reason for this disaster was because man went astray and violated all the Laws of God (Nature). It was then that the third eye of man was closed and he was left alone by himself. This resulted in the creation of history and the fall of man.

In the same period, seven steps of the Eternal Divine Path were revealed, each as one great religion of the world. It is in the seventh step or seal that the rest will be explained and all will be unified. Maitreyas teachings reveal this seventh one. It is now that, "we can talk of unification."

These truths have been revealed in much more detail in Maitreyas teachings in THOTH.

9- Each religion separates itself from others, and there is such a fragmentation on earth. How are we going to have the Golden Age come to humanity when such a separation exists between all? Will the Christians only be "lifted up unto God" in the last days?

Our vision is the vision of God. Are we going to have the Golden Age come to humanity when such a separation exists between All? Will there be a lift-up of Christians to the clouds to meet Christ and the rest will be destroyed? Will Jews be the only chosen people forever? Do the Moslems have the last word? Or, are all these illusions according to the Hindus?

The answer is they all have a part of the truth. Only when these all are put together will the whole truth be revealed. That is what we are doing. The Mission of Maitreya (Eternal Divine Path) is the fulfillment of the prophecies. It has brought to humanity what they have been waiting for, for so long!

10- Is it true that religion was created by Lucifer to deceive man away from Yahwehs law?

Religion means mans dogma. To find the Truth and become One with the Spirit is not religion, and is not easy. There are thousands of physical, mental, and spiritual pulls. Many will be called but few will be chosen.

After a founder of any religion (in its purest form, spiritual truths) dies, that religion adopts dogmas. It is usually then that many join it. The original teachings are replaced with some simplified dogmas. It becomes a source of suffering, instead of Bliss which God-realization is supposed to bring.

You cannot find God by following mans dogmas. It is by Grace that man is saved, not by religions. Religions become politicalized to bind man.

11- Why do we have so many religions?

I am sure you have heard the story of the three blind men and the elephant. They were trying to explain how the elephant looks. One of them touched the trunk of the elephant and proclaimed that the elephant looks like a hose. The other blind man got hold of the elephants ears and cried, "No, it looks like a leaf." The third one hugged the leg of the elephant and said, "No, it is like a tree." These three blind men started a great fight with one another, each believing he was the one who was right.

It is the same story for humanity. God is infinite and unexplainable in human understanding. However, they want to explain Him. Each one realizes a small part of Him and believes he has the only answer. Each of them creates their own dogmas and beliefs. Each becomes a religion.

However, as each blind man was right and at the same time wrong, so are all the religions of the world. In order to expel the illusion of those three blind men, a man with sight was necessary to explain to them that the elephant is what each had realized and is more than the realization of each of them or the combination of their realizations.

To expel the illusion of humanity, it was also for the Messiah (man with Sight or Vision) to come and explain that each of them are right but God is the combination of All their realizations and more. That is what Maitreya has done and the Mission is trying to accomplish.

12- How can I find time enough to do everything I want to do to manifest the Mission?

If you are always busy trying to get things done, when are you going to let It happen?

13- Is this a new religion which will be in full force in the year 2001 AD?

Maybe so, however, meanwhile we have to gather those who have been called together, so when the year 2001 is reached and humanity is ready, we will have the laborers to harvest the ripe!

14- What is the best way to manifest the Mission?

Since we announced The Plan in the spring of 1982, we contacted many people. People of South Florida especially were called to be a part of The Plan. However, there is always choice for a people to accept the call, to reject it, or to procrastinate.

From the very beginning, the plan was to create a core group which would become the staff of the Mission. This would release me more and more from mundanity and everyone would fall into their places.

A support group is also needed for the financial needs of the Mission. As the Mission progresses, we would have those who will go out as teachers to spread the Message, initiate people, and so on (evangelize). However, the process of creating the initial Hierarchy and formation of the Communities of Light could have started simultaneously.

This would be possible if those who are called would respond as they should. However, the same excuses as two thousand years ago keep many from a vigorous and positive response. They say they have other things to do! Although we still have great hopes for them and know that they eventually will manifest great things, for the time being their energy seems to be scattered. They need to go through their processes until we meet again on a more productive level.

We can start the process of the formation of the core group, or a community, now. With this, of course, the core group will be strengthened and we will have greater resources to support the Mission and spread the Message.

15- Can I be a representative of the Mission in my country?

As you accepted, you are a contact for the Mission in your country and other nations in that continent, if you receive any inquiries from other nations. This is a great honor to become a contact person and connect those who are called to the Mission.

To be a representative, however, is a completely different matter. We call them missionaries. They are the ones who come and stay in the Mission. In the process of being so close to Maitreya they are emptied of their old concepts and knowledge. They are then filled with The Holy Ghost and will go out to reach others. They also will be very familiar with our teachings. These are the ones who truly can be called representatives. The word "representative" means he who can truly represent. Only those who have been with Maitreya (God Bless Him and His family) and learn His Ways and the Message can represent the Father. They can then go out and prepare many more for the task.

Therefore, please accept the position of a contact for the Mission and do your best in this capacity. If you want and can, you may register a chapter for the Mission in that country.

16- How can we germinate the seeds and process the Mission of Maitreya in this country? The government here only recognizes two major religions: Islamic and Christian religions.

Right now we are only working with the contact people. Mainly their function is to distribute our literature and let all know that the Promised One is here and these are His teachings. This will create enough interest for when we have missionaries, and some ground work will have been set.

We hope you, by accepting to be a contact person, are not in trouble. We understand some countries are very particular about what religion everyone has to follow in their territories and if someone disobeyed, he would get in trouble. We hope this is not your case!

As I understand, although Islam and Christianity are the two major religions in that country, there are many others, including Eastern religions, such as the one you wrote me you are following. Besides, our teaching is not against Islam or Christianity, but unifies them and enhances them for the further progress of humanity to a greater understanding.

17- I think the Mission should only make contact in my country and leave other countries alone...

You agreed to be our contact in that country. That is a great way to do His Will and spread The New Message Of Hope and Oneness. To realize the Soul, as it is explained in the brochure you sent us, is to Love all creation and not to be judgmental. However, it seems you have not developed love for all parts of creation. A contact of the Messiah does not separate man from man by nationality, religion, language, race, etc. He will simply send our literature to whoever asks. Of course, you should charge a reasonable amount for copying, etc, but not much.

Now it is time for you to evaluate your situation with us and let us know if you still want to be the contact person for the Mission. Who we contact in any continent is our concern. Probably you want to be the contact person only in your country, since you have stated, "Just make contact only in my country and leave other countries alone." Of course we will not leave other countries alone. The Mission is not only for those who speak English, French, Arabic, etc, or are white, black, etc. It is for the whole universe.

We await your reply. May God guide you in all your endeavors. Know that the presence of the Messiah on earth is a rare occurrence and being able to serve Him is even rarer.

18- What about a college to study the Bible and all other religions of the world?

The idea of a college to study the Bible and all other religions is excellent. Would you like to start it? I will help you in any way possible.

The colleges which will be built around the seven seal Temples (in the shape of The Greatest Sign) are proposed in THOTH. It is up to dedicated people who are for The Plan, The Greatest Sign and Maitreya, to manifest them.

19- How can I know this is the One? There are many who claim that All religions have come from the Same God.

All through history, many have claimed that all religions and spiritual understandings come from the same source, One God, but there has never been a strong proof of this for the majority. However, Maitreya and His teachings are different in this matter. He does not teach that all religions are the same and are conveying the same message. He teaches that each major religion of the world has a unique message. Each of these messages is a part of a greater truth. When we combine all these messages (religions) together, it is then that we can see the whole picture, the Eternal Divine Path.

Not only have all these religions (messages) come from One God, but each message is unique and a part of a Greater Message. This Greater Message is the Message of Maitreya. In this, Maitreya and His teaching is the most unique from any previous Prophet and whoever is alive and claims to be the one wrongly.

At the same time, the coming of a teacher who will unify all the religions of the world and bring a new teaching to this end has been long prophesied. Maitreya, with His Unique Message, not only unifies all religions of the world, He also uniquely and subtly shows that all have come from One God. He also fulfills other prophecies which have been told about His coming. The coming of the Messiah is now fulfilled.

Maitreya as the embodiment of all previous energies and teachings has brought the essence of all the great religions of the world together and has demonstrated in His teachings the proper place of each. Only when this is understood will the significance of each and all religions of the world, including the Mystical Paths, be understood also.

These religions and paths put together, reveal a practical, non-dogmatic path, Eternal Divine Path. Not only does this path lead to individual salvation, but also to collective (humanity) salvation. Not only does It (this Path) unify all religions as from the One Source but also will, eventually, lead to the unification of mankind and un-mankind, etc.

The Mission of Maitreya represents Maitreya (God Bless Him and His family), His teachings, and His Message. We believe that those who have been chosen to be a part of this wonderful work (144,000 at least!) have already been chosen and prepared for His work, "You shall know them by their fruit!" (Matthew 7:16). If you also feel you would like to be a part of this Great Work, and represent It in your country, please let us know. Enclosed we are sending some materials to you to assist you in your decision. Please, if you have any questions let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. When you have made your solid commitment, further materials of how you can spread the Message more effectively will be sent to you.

20- Why is it so hard for others to believe that the Messiah is here? They grow very still when I tell them...

You are receiving the experience of how willful man (woman) is. It is amazing how many claim they want the truth and say they are waiting for their Messiah (be it Christian, Moslem, Hindu, or Jew, etc) but when they are told He is here, they grow very still indeed.

They create such unreasonable expectations that they have always rejected Him all through history, but a few. These few are the Ones, are chosen, and will eventually convince the rest. To manifest The Plan is an all-out effort by many. I am the First Flame, I am waiting for others who also will be aflame by these teachings!

You have been in the process of knowing who I am. You can share your experience and what you have received with those who are open (I know you do). You also can bring them to a more realistic understanding of how God works. He will not come and do it for you. But the Messiah and His teachings come to accelerate human consciousness to the next phase. Humans cannot stay like little children and expect their father (God) to take care of them forever. God wants to see many mature to His level (Kingdom). Then He will have many friends to Be with Him!

21- I still am not sure. I feel confused and ineffective. What should I do?

I am sorry for you who still doubt my identity. If you do not trust the Spirit in you, which led you to me, you will not trust the Spirit in me, which is one with the Father.

Whoever knows the Father (Spirit), knows me. Whoever does not know the Father, does not know me (will doubt). Whoever knows me, knows the Father. Whoever knows me not, knows not the Father.

You have all been chosen as the core group, but so far have refused to do what you all know!

Many of you should be preaching the Good News of the presence of Maitreya and the "Holy Plan" all through the earth as others are doing. Some of you should have been here to create an environment that will attract many to come and see the heaven on earth. Then they would want to be a part of It also. Many of you should be supporting It, so It could be manifested here, and all through the earth and universe.

Listen to the voice of God which is coming to you all. I Love you all and am waiting to see you in the work of the Kingdom and in the Kingdom.

Ponder, you all, on these words and sit not on the side, for the time is short and great things have to be accomplished. The heaven and earth might go away, but what I say will not.

22- (An answer to a doubting seeker...)

I dont know what else is left to say. The Spirit greatly guided you to me. You have to trust this Spirit and never forget how you were guided. That is your thread to trusting in me and having faith in the Father.

This is not the time to heal physical sickness, give sight to the physically blind, or raise the physically dead. It is the time to heal the human spirit, open their spiritual eyes, and raise them from their spiritual death.

This time, also, it is you (as those who have chosen to do His Will) who are the ones who will do greater things than I, as it was said 2,000 years ago, "You will do greater works...." And also,"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain..." (Matthew 17:20).

I am just here to be as the Focus, as the Heart of the Hierarchy on earth, as a Testimony of the Presence of my Father in Heaven (and Everywhere) and my Mother on Earth (creation). I, of course, will help in the process.

Therefore, be of great cheer and be in the ecstasy of being in His Presence and Kingdom. Give the Good News to all, that the Kingdom is at hand. If you trust your Spirit, you will trust me. They are One. If you do not trust your Spirit, you will not trust me and yourself. This is where doubt will come. Doubt is the first sin and the fall will follow, as Eve doubted God and failed. If you do not trust yourself, how would you expect others to trust you and heed your claim that Christ is here and the Kingdom is at hand?

Many also will be led to you. They also have to trust The Spirit in them, which will lead them to you, and through you, trust me. Blessed are those who have not seen and believe!

Do not think that you cannot do this work. This time each of us, in our little ways, can do great things. If each person does her or his part in the collective body of Christ (Christos = Christ Us) with a central focus to channel and coordinate these activities properly, then we will be 144,000 Christs. If one Christ could have done such great things, imagine what this collective body can do!

23- I am asking for clearing understanding...

You have been blessed to be one of the first to be guided to know my presence on earth. Spirit has guided you and given you many signs to recognize this. The final decision should come from your Self.

I always feel great compassion for those who are torn between their carnal minds and spiritual longings. Those who follow their carnal minds are not confused, since that is all they know. Those who have reached the Goal (Spiritual Understanding) are not confused because they know where they are going. The place in between is the place for confusion, "you cannot have two Masters."

24- I now understand that you are the true Maitreya, and your teaching is the way... Why did it take me so long?

It seems this period in which you have been away was not wasted, and The Holy Ghost has revealed to you great things. My heart was moved by your words. By your true proclamation of the station of Maitreya as the one and only in your letter, I will welcome you to the Body of the Christ.

You have been blessed with a beautiful vision and realization of Maitreya, and have been given a great deal of knowledge. It is best for you to work on yourself to manifest your Highest Self. The more you manifest this, greater work will be done through you.

When such a vision and knowledge are given to one, such a person no longer belongs to himself or herself, but to the vision. Therefore, the process of purification will be on a voluntary basis (when a person becomes observant and realizes the impurities) or he will be forced to see the impurities through an intensified life. The negative forces which you see that oppose the manifestation are the impurities which create those situations. Therefore, work on thyself or you will be forced to do so!

We are getting in touch with wonderful energies and people, many dedicated Souls are pledging their unconditional support, as you did, to the vision. The vision is from the Highest and Victory is ours!

25- I love the teachings of Maitreya, and want to let everyone know about them, but many are not receptive to them. What can I do?

Your observation that many people are not receptive to new ideas is very true. It has been the way of humans since creation. They love to hang on to the familiar, even when you offer them a better alternative. They live the old religions and kill one another because of not understanding each other. Now we offer them Maitreyas teachings which clarifies the confusion between all. They still do not want to let go of the old. However, with patience, wisdom and realizing that It is the Will of God, we will establish this Truth.

What you are doing for the Mission is great, keep up the good (God) work. As long as you are doing the best you know how and continue to improve yourself, that is all that is required. We hope many will join us in our Divine endeavor.

26- It seems that so many of us, New Agers, spent many years developing our abilities. We can do so much in the healing arts, etc. We can be of that kind of service to our Family of Man. Yet, as we move into communities that we are to serve, nothing of what we know seems of much value, though we know nothing is wasted. Why is this happening?

It is much easier to isolate oneself and be content that we are wonderful. The challenge starts when we have to share and adjust to others who would be living close to us. That is what happens in the Communities of Light. It is here that the true growth occurs, because it is only in such an environment that we have to compromise, adjust, feel, understand, heal, be healed, and grow. This most people are not equipped to handle, and that is the lesson which has to be learned.

How many people have read our literature and even agree that it reveals a wonderful truth and system, but still are not prepared to join 100% to manifest it? It is the time of growing pains, humanity will eventually learn. That is the reason I do not use the word "New Agers" because the New Agers are not yet ready to manifest The Plan. When they are ready, it will be The Golden Age.

If New Agers have any "abilities," they will have to realize that they are God-given and have to be used for Him and His Will. Indeed it is He who does those wonderful acts through them.
Therefore, they have to utilize them in a group set-up (group dynamics, other people) to create greater manifestation, the Communities of Light!

27- How do you tell them gently that their arm which is full of exchange gifts to contribute in service must be, for the moment at least, left behind? I am led to tell them that there is no exchange for what they really want, it takes knowing where you are, who you are, and a dedication or discipline or detachment.

We can tell people what we are "led to tell them." But the ultimate realization has to come from within. As Esa (Jesus) said, He is a sower of the seed. Some of these seeds, only, will fall into good ground and will give multiple fruit. You are a sower too.

The true power of detachment is revealed here. Give the truth to all who approach you, but if they do not see the truth you revealed to them, then release them to God. Some might eventually manifest great fruit. Plant the seed, nourish it to fruition. Or plant the seed and forget about it, it might give you an unexpected fruit some time later.

Guide them, be patient and use wisdom that the work for God is the Hardest of All, but the Most Joyful!

Man is willful and well attached to his possessions, be it physical (wealth), mental (ideas, desires) or spiritual (a little realization of God). They depart from them not easily. Be patient with them and tell them what you have seen and received. Be an example so they might see the Light of God and then tell them it is not you who is the Light, but God. When they become surrendered, then they will be a second fruit for God. Be the First Fruit.

28- Maitreya is the first Adam, and the second, and the third...?

If you read THOTH, it is explained how the First Begotten Son came to Be. He is the One who comes as The Christ. He has come as the First Adam, the first spiritual teacher to man (adam). It was man who is referred to as Adam who failed, not Christ who is referred to as Adam.

It is these similar words with different meanings, in the Bible, which have led many people to misunderstand. Adam (the First Begotten Son) comes as the Messiah or helps those who are chosen (Prophets) to reveal the truth to humanity. So He has come as the First Adam (the First Messiah or spiritual teacher to man), Second Adam, such as, Abram or Abraham, and so on.

So He is the First Adam, the second, and the third...

29- How can I convince others that this is the Messiah?

Now that you have seen the vision and know what I say is the way, you have assumed a great responsibility. As it is explained in Golden Keys IV, you realize first the truth I am revealing to humanity with your mind and heart, then it is time to proclaim me with your mouth.

In this regard you cannot be lukewarm. You have to realize this is the truth and have conviction about it. If you are lukewarm, it will not be accepted.

Do not try to convince others of your realization of who I am. Convince yourself by understanding the truth which has been revealed, the unifying force behind our teachings, fulfillment of the prophecies, great vision of the future, etc. When you have convinced yourself, then others also are convinced!

30- Is there a sign that I can know Maitreya is the One?

You claim that you have been waiting for a system as perfect, spiritual and practical as The Plan. Now you have received it and have contacted us. Why do you still doubt and look for signs and manifestations? Drop these and get on with the Work. Be exceedingly glad that the Kingdom Of God is at hand. You are wondering if it was me who manifested himself at that feast in Africa. Whether I was there or not is of very little consequence. To do the work is the true test of those who are called to be the Elects.

Those who need a physical manifestation (signs) are not of the Highest. Those who see the truth in THOTH and do the work are the Highest... As Esa (Jesus) said: A generation of vipers asks for signs.

31- How can I see Maitreya?

Maitreya always says that the Message is more important than the Messenger. "Blessed are those who have not seen and believe."

The Message has been given in Maitreyas writings and through those who are chosen to convey it to others. We would rather see many hear the Message, see the truth in It, and get on with the work. Remember, "...if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not." (Matthew 24:26). Maitreya is with you where you are!

However, if you still have a burning desire to come and visit us, you are welcome. I have to warn you however, do not come to judge and to find faults. If you do, Maitreya will create a situation such that your doubts will be magnified a thousand-fold. Come humbly with an open heart, otherwise your own impurities will take you away from seeing the Light.

32- What can I do about my family?

If you cannot love your family, how can you Love the rest of humanity, universe and God? You and they are your Community of Light (at least the beginning of one).

They are your disciples. Love them with all your heart, mind and being. Look not at their faults but the Divine Spark in them, that they are a part of God. Remember, "Love one another as I Love you."

It does not mean to give in to their unreasonable demands or compromise your focus on God, but let the Love of God manifest through you. I left my family to do Gods Will. Physically I am farther away from them than their other children. Yet they feel my Love for them stronger than those so close to them.

Everyone is looking for God. Their other problems and/or their clinging to others to solve their problem(s) is really a cry, "Please help me to find my Peace (God)." Gently guide them to God (within and without). They will see the Love of God in you and their thirst will be quenched.

Pray and meditate on these words, and let the Spirit tell you more. And let Him tell you how much Love you have within to share with others.

33- Can one stick to his religion/membership of mystical society while joining your Mission?

The ultimate realization of God has nothing to do with any religion, society, group, etc. The Mission and its existence is a necessity to manifest The Plan. After it is manifested, its existence is not necessary any longer. We have no members in the earthly sense. Either you have been chosen to help to manifest this vision or not. If you have been chosen for this cause, you belong to no one but One (God).

34- How can I be initiated into the Mission of Maitreya?

The true workers are chosen to be a part of the Body of the Messiah (Mission of Maitreya), and are initiated in Heaven. They already have pledged their lives for this cause, "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16).

However, Maitreya reveals The Holy Word in a four step initiation. Very few people have received the entire four parts so far (indeed only one person has received it). As more people receive it, eventually some will be authorized to reveal it to others. These will become authorized teachers for the Mission. Then hopefully many will be initiated into The Holy Word.

For the time being, however, those who desire to be in touch with Maitreyas energy can use our Universal Mantra which is revealed in the accompanying sheet to our announcement (pamphlet) "Lets Unify Humanity." This mantra which is called "Shrii Shrii Para Maha Mantra" is twice as powerful as the Tibetan Buddhist mantra "Om Mani Padme Hung."

The mantra is: "Haree Om Shrii Hung Om Nam Kevalam," which means, "The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine - That Divinity (God) is Everything." Anyone can use this mantra and give it to others to use, provided they reveal that the mantra is given by Maitreya and belongs to Him. Otherwise, it will not carry Maitreyas energy and will be useless to the receiver. This mantra, the teachings of Maitreya, and the whole revelation by the Mission go together. Separating any component will weaken the power of manifestation.

Therefore, if you want, you can use this mantra and be one with the Mission. The greater your manifestation of The Plan, the closer you will be to Maitreya (God).

35- What are the conditions an aspirant can take before he or she is entitled to "your initiation" of The Word (The Divine Name) as contained in the pamphlet "Lets Unify Humanity?"

The condition and criteria were given two thousand years ago. It will be given to those who are chosen. To know the Chosen Ones was given as "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16). There are many who are like the fig tree which Esa (Jesus) went to, to obtain a fruit. Although the tree was full of leaves, it did not have even one fruit. That is why Esa made it to wither away.

Many are those who talk much (have many leaves) but manifest no fruit. They are not the Chosen Ones. There are a few who might not talk much but bear great fruit, those are the ones chosen. You know them by their fruit! They are worthy of the Divine Name.

36- Naam or Word of Shabd or Kalam or Naad...shall I remain with this mantra given to me by my spiritual teacher until you can send a teacher to initiate us in four initiations?

This decision is completely up to you. Have you benefited from these mantras? Are they helping you to become more compassionate, loving, wise and a center of Light and wisdom for others? Are you manifesting Gods Qualities through yourself, etc? Would you use the HOSH mantra instead, until some teacher is available to come to where you live?

This is the time for disciples to become wise and make decisions themselves. The power of governing the self is gradually released to humanity. Man has come to maturity. It is no longer the time that man has to be told what to do, but to create intuitive sensitivity to realize what is right or not. In THOTH and His other Scriptures, God has given everything man needs to reach Him.

If you have realized the wonders of Maitreyas teachings and The Plan, get on with the work, the rest will be added to you. As it has been said in the Bible, "The workman is worthy of his meat," (Matthew 10:10) and, "Seek the Kingdom, the rest will be added to you." When the time is ripe and you are ready, you will be initiated. Meanwhile use the HOSH mantra which carries Maitreyas energy and has great meaning to contemplate.

37- What about the true name of The Lord?

The name of the Lord (yaweh.gif (110 bytes)) cannot be pronounced in the manifested world, neither can the name of His Son (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)). Whoever thinks he or she knows His Name is in Illusion. Only the Messiah knows His Name, and His (Messiahs) Sacred Name is the name of His Son.

Do not be deceived in believing any man knows His true Sacred Name. Maitreya reveals His Sacred Name and The Sacred Name of His Son in four initiations. They neither can be written nor uttered, they are etheric sounds revealed only by Maitreya to a few select.

Therefore, none of the written names be it Yahweh, Jehwah, etc, are His real names. Neither any name given as the name of His son in this manifested world is His true Sacred Name. Only the Son knows the Father (and His Name) and only the Father knows the Son (and His Name).

38- I follow a great Master, and we are strict vegetarians. Why is that not enough?

We are very familiar with the teachings of the Far East, the many Gurus and those who call themselves Masters and/or The Living Masters. There are many all over the world, especially in India, who claim these titles. As it is shown in our literature and the book THOTH, we believe in many of their basic teachings. However, their teaching is not complete as any other religion, and they also have gone astray as many other religions and philosophies.

They try to go to God by discipline and meditation alone. Salvation is not discipline alone, but is gained by The Grace of God. What comes out of your pen (writings) and your mouth comes from your heart. We have seen many who follow Far East disciplines and practices, but their hearts are darker and they are more dogmatic than most so called "religious" people. Your progress is not measured by the amount of vegetables you eat, but by how much Love you have created for the Creator (God) and how much of Him you manifest.

In this regard Scripture is very clear. The verses below are from THOTH which explain some verses from the book of The Revelation in the Bible:

  • "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot." (Rev. 3:15)

  • They are this way because they have overcome any effect of the external world on their bodies and Souls, and are in the higher chakras.

  • "I would thou wert cold or hot:" However, God wishes them to be "cold or hot," because the purpose of this universe is to bring all to Pure Consciousness. Therefore, those who have reached this stage by merely using techniques and exercises should come back to this world of suffering (cold and hot, up and down) and help others to come to the path of enlightenment.

  • "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." (Rev. 3:16)

  • Even when a person reaches Pure Consciousness ("neither cold nor hot") this way, he would not stay there for a long period of time but would gain his "I" back as an entity separate from God because "I will spue thee out of my mouth." He would not be able to stay there forever, until he proves himself worthy by his actions in helping the whole universe to higher consciousness.

  • Indeed, this part has the identical message as the third chapter of Genesis, when God threw Adam and Eve out of heaven and set up the flaming sword to keep them from the tree of life (Pure Consciousness).

  • As it was explained, the reason for that was because Adam wanted to enter heaven and eat of the tree of knowledge and life when he was not yet ready for it. He was still in his lower nature (Eve).

  • He also had the same desire to go to heaven by force and through mastering the powers in the universe ("tree of knowledge of good and evil").

  • Just as he was sent out of the garden, also those who attempt the same path will be thrown "out of his mouth," or a flaming sword will keep them from entering heaven (the tree of life).

  • Therefore, those who are indifferent ("lukewarm") to His Plan will be "spued out" of His mouth.

Otherwise, we agree with most of the rest of the material in the brochure you have sent us. There are truths in all religions and philosophies. But the Highest is to do the Will of God, and the Mission is His Will!

(The Greatest Invocation)

1- We pay our salutations to The Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the path of enlightenment. Ignorance is the state of unawareness of the reality behind this universe, and enlightenment is the state of Pure Consciousness.

2- We open our hearts to Your Grace and pray for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the tama guna over our Souls and detaching ourselves from Maya.

3- We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness.

4- In reverence we bow our heads in front of all the Great Souls in the past and those to come who have helped and will help all to understand Your Compassion and Mercy in Your Actions and Creation.

5- We surrender ourselves to You, the Words revealed to us through Your Prophets, and Your Greatest Sign which clarifies the confusion between all.

6- We submit only to You which is Formless, Nameless and Invisible. You in this state unify -- in any other state, humanity will be divided. Also, this will prevent us from surrendering to false prophets and teachers.

7- However, in reverence we bow our heads in front of all the Great Souls who will teach us how to know You and show us the way to be(come) Pure Consciousness, as is the goal.

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