Golden Keys: A series of booklets which contain questions from many people and answers by Maitreya. Each of these questions and answers are like a Golden Key that opens a door to a greater understanding of Him and His teachings. This is the third in the series.


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Each of these booklets contain answers given by Maitreya or approved by Him to questions which were asked in the letters He received from many. Each question and its answer is like a little Golden Key to unlock the meanings of His Mission and teachings a little further.

The questions are separated into categories. After the question and answer, there may be a reference to the books in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament or The Plan, the main writings of Maitreya.

We hope these booklets answer all questions you might have. If not, you can further search for answers in our website. If your questions have still not been answered, please send them to the Mission. You will receive answers that are either directly from Maitreya or have been reviewed by Him. We may use answers that are not a repetition in new Golden Keys in the future.


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This booklet, Golden Keys 3, entirely contains questions and answers pertaining to the socioeconomic applications of Maitreya's teachings.......................................................1

Who is Maitreya?



Dedicated: To the Essence

In Each Man and Woman

Which Knows No Race, Religion or Creed.




1- Your system is based on communities. Communism also comes from "commune" or "community." What is the difference between them?

In socialism and/or communism, the ultimate goal is that all commodities are owned by the state. In our system this is not true. Also communism, like capitalism, emphasizes only the material well-being of each individual. The goal is to provide for the physiological and safety needs of each person through a one party system. This results in a state where a few people with great power rule. Therefore each individual becomes molded to a set of values imposed by those in power.

This emphasis on only physiological and safety needs, and the molding of the individual to conform to the standards of the society destroys the creativity of the people and results in great emotional and spiritual upheavals. "Man cannot live by bread alone."

In our system the idea of providing for the physiological and safety needs of all is not the end. It is the means to achieve a greater emotional balance and spiritual fulfillment. Any system which is based only on the fulfillment of physiological and safety needs is bound to fail. Even if we achieve a fulfillment of these needs for all, without a moral base and spiritual goal such societies will resort to sensual orgies and further unnecessary physiological fulfillment, leading to complete destruction. We have seen this occur all throughout history in such civilizations as the Grecians, Romans, etc. These civilizations prospered to great heights, but were destroyed. Because they lost their moral base and spiritual strength, their prosperity was not used for greater spiritual achievements. They fell into the delusion of their egos which always results in destruction.

The past history of humanity has great lessons from which we have to learn if we want not to make the same mistakes. Our system [read The Master Plan For Planet Earth (MAP)] presented to humanity, with its spiritual base (read The Light) will eliminate the shortcomings of the past and present systems. This system will be filled with benevolent leaders from the people and the spiritual base is a non-dogmatic path (Eternal Divine Path) which will help the Kingdom of Heaven to be manifested on earth (read The Plan).


2- Many teach that in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE) there will be no private ownership. In your teaching, however, it does not look this way. How will it be then?

As it is explained in the book THOTH, in the section KINGDOM, there is a cyclical movement which will continue to occur because of the existence of different classes in society. As it is explained, one of these classes is the capitalists (businessmen). When few capitalists become the sole owners of most of the commodities, then private ownership or capitalism becomes an obstacle to the progress of humanity and its creative forces. It is in this time that the leaders (the Hierarchy as explained in MAP; read The Plan) will devise ways to bring about a greater equality in the distribution of the wealth, or even prohibit private ownership if necessary.

However, if ownership of wealth is taken away from the private sectors and given to the government for a long time, a great bureaucratic and rigid system will develop which will again destroy the creativity of the individual. Therefore, after creation of a more equal distribution of wealth, the best way to create greater efficiency is to let the forces in the free economic system (private ownership, free enterprise system) work by themselves. In such an environment individuals will be motivated to take advantage of the opportunities provided for them.

It is in this period that the intellectuals will use their creative minds to manipulate new discoveries for greater comfort and higher standards of living for all. Those who use these new inventions and discoveries economically for consumption in society will become the new entrepreneurs or businessmen of the future. When they become the controllers of most of the resources and start to misuse their powers, the leaders in the society will again create an environment which will bring a more equal distribution of the wealth in the society. Use of taxation and other economic tools might be most effective.

This cycle will continue until the next cycle is started. This cyclical movement can infinitely continue. At the end of each cycle greater heights of human achievement will be reached (for more detail read the section KINGDOM in the book THOTH).

In other words, neither capitalism nor socialism nor any other ideology is the answer. Each of them has some merits but each also has its shortcomings. Only by wisely using all possibilities, as is described in THOTH, can we take advantage of each and every social phenomenon for the highest achievement of humanity.

The wisdom of all things is good in its proper time; this truth is presented in chapter three of the book Ecclesiastes in the Bible, "There is an appointed time for everything,...." There is a time during which private ownership and the free market is good. There is a time when it will not work. The question is how to realize the right time and who should be in the position to realize it!


3- What is wrong with materialism?

There is nothing wrong in this universe, it becomes wrong when it is used for the wrong reasons. Material well-being will provide enough comfort and excess time for humans so that they can concentrate on their higher purpose instead of on the lower ones. So far, however, any time a civilization has prospered, the attention was directed to physiological and safety needs (the propensities of the first chakra), sensual orgies (the propensities of the second chakra), and political and power domination (the propensities of the third chakra).

All these propensities are related to the first three psychic centers (chakras) of man. These three centers are the sum total of the lower nature of the human.

However, if we create an environment in which the physiological and safety needs of everyone are provided for, and then direct human attention to their higher selves, we can bypass the unreal needs or help to overcome them. Then the prosperity through advancement in the material world will be a means to achieve the goal of our lives, which is To Be(come) Divine.

As long as humans look at material advancement as an end, their destiny will be the same as many great civilizations which ended up in destruction and infamy. However, if it is used as a means to achieve greater spiritual and mental advancement, they will prosper beyond their wildest imaginations.


4- Are there political parties in your system?

What is a political party but a group of individuals rallied around a broad ideal? In the long run, however, that ideal will be lost. People in the party continue to stay in it as a means to reach political power. The loyalty to the party becomes more important than the original ideal behind it.

Each individual is unique. However, a small group of people might find greater similarities between themselves. Such people may come together to create a Community of Light. Leaders will emerge from these small groups and in each level of the Hierarchy each leader has to prove himself worthy to emerge to a higher level of service to others. In this system there is no loyalty to any special group or party, but to the highest human inspirations of being benevolent for the good of the majority and the highest standards of spiritual and ethical values.

Only in such a system will a government of the people, by the people, and for the people emerge.

In the system with political parties, a few people will gain most of the power and impose their will on the majority. But in our system this will not happen. In our system, there is no political party, but there is room for like-minded people to gather together and influence the system as much as it will allow them.


5- What is the true meaning of Mount Zion and Zion?

The word Zion is not separate from Mount Zion. Like the upward and downward triangles in the star of David (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) which go hand-in-hand, one cannot exist without the other. Separate them and the sign will no longer be the star of David.

Let us see what the Bible means by "mountain." The meaning of mountain in the Bible is given in chapter two of Daniel in the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. In verse 35 it is described how in the King's dream a stone smote the image and "became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth" (Daniel 2:35).

The interpretation of this great mountain which "filled the whole earth" is given in verse 44 to be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, "...shall the God of heaven set up a Kingdom..." which will "fill the whole earth."

The triangle upward in the star of David has a shape similar to a mountain standing alone. The triangle upward is a visual form to show a hierarchy or organizational structure. Mountain in the Bible means God's Kingdom, and the triangle upward in the star of David can be representative of a Hierarchy. Therefore, it can represent the Hierarchy of Heaven on earth. When this Hierarchy is composed of chosen people as His servants to bring the Kingdom on earth, then this Hierarchy will be Mount Zion.

The triangle upward as the representation of Mount Zion is the externalization of the true Hierarchy on earth filled with Masters of Wisdom. The very top of the triangle represents the manifested Christ (which is one with the same as Christ, God) and the rest of the triangle as a body or extension of Christ's body.

The triangle downward in the sign of the star of David represents the authority and justice of God. This authority and justice will prevail throughout the earth to make the Kingdom of earth His Kingdom. This triangle downward is Zion, or authority with justness of God in His Kingdom.

Therefore, Mount Zion means the Hierarchy of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and Zion the authority and justice of God which will be represented by Christ and His Hierarchy (Body) on earth. As the two triangles in the sign of the star of David are inseparable, so are Mount Zion and Zion! (For more detail, read Mount Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System in the book THOTH).


6- Is not the Kingdom of God already here? Isn't the Kingdom of God within?

The sentence, "The Kingdom of God is within you" is true, but not all conclusive! The external manifestation of God's Kingdom on earth for a period of 1,000 years (a long period of time) has also been promised in many religions and Scriptures.

This externalization of His Kingdom is what we are experiencing in this conjunction of human history. This Kingdom of God as an overseer of the progress of Elects to reach perfection in order to go to Him as His sons has not yet manifested. When it is manifested, those who have found His Kingdom within will be the ones who will fill its Hierarchy. This will accelerate many more also to establish His Kingdom within. The more people who find His Peace and Oneness within, the stronger and more accelerated will the Kingdom on earth be, until the day of the great judgment comes!


7- Who is a Paravipra?

A Paravipra is a person who truly follows the Eternal Divine Path!

The Eternal Divine Path is a non-dogmatic crystallized path which not only leads to individual liberation but also collective liberation. The Eternal Divine Path is the central point in Maitreya's teachings. It is a seven step path in which each step is a sub-sign in The Greatest Sign. Not only do each of these steps reveal a profound spiritual step to complete salvation, but also each is the main message of one or more religions of the world.

The first step in the Eternal Divine Path (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) is the necessity of awakening the spiritual forces in any individual. This first step is the message of all Mystical Paths which guide a person to realize his Oneness with the universe or God. Therefore it includes a great spectrum of many Mystical Paths including all such paths or great religions of the Far East, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, and any other anywhere on earth.

The second step is to direct the energy, wisdom, or power gained through the first step toward creating a better community, city, state or world (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)). Those who love God and try to bring His Kingdom on earth are the ones who are chosen (Hebrews) as His children. The very theme of the Old Testament is the choosing of these Elects who represent God. Therefore, this second step represents the Hebrews or the religion of the Jews (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) which has been preserved to this point in history. The triangle upward (3upss15c.gif (899 bytes)) in the star of David represents the Hierarchy or Mount Zion, and the triangle downward (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)) represents the Divine authority to bring justice or Zion.

The third seal is sacrifice or not being self-centered (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)). Without sacrifice or by being self-centered, His Kingdom cannot come. This is the very theme of the mission of Esa (Jesus) who sacrificed Himself for the salvation of man. So we learn from Him, to be as Him in order to bring His Kingdom on earth. To sacrifice means not to be self-centered.

The fourth step is surrendering and submission (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)). Even after a person sacrifices for the sake of the Kingdom, he might become attached to the result of his action. Then such a person will either become egoistical of how great he is who is sacrificing so much, which will make him become self-centered and lost, or he will become discouraged as to why with all his sacrifice others do not learn and do not help (sacrifice) to bring the Kingdom. That is why the next step is to surrender the result of our actions to God, or contemplate that we are doing for Him, not for men, so we would not be attached to the result of our action or expect something from others!

With this, we will be free from the two pitfalls mentioned above (self-centeredness and discouragement) and will be free to continue our work toward establishing His Kingdom (Will) on earth.

Even greater than surrendering is submission. In submission a person ideates that he is a channel for God, and God's Spirit does the action through him. With this the real doer is God, so the result is also His. We just become an observer of the process and will see when our egos interfere with the process.

Whenever the ego interferes we will become attached to the result and things will not go well. With this we perfect our work and become a greater channel for Him. Islam (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) means both surrendering and submission.

The fifth step is universalism (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). In the previous four steps we might direct our efforts only toward a small portion of the universe. This will result in narrowness of the mind and also a possessive feeling. But if we realize that God is everything then we cannot separate any component of the universe from any other. Because God is One (universe) and is indivisible, with separating any component we will create an illusion of separation, so will create a separate center in the universe. This is from ignorance and will bring suffering.

Therefore, we should be able to see God as One who is All, and so direct all our endeavors toward the progress of the whole universe, not only a part of it. The very pivotal point in the Baha'i Faith (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) is to reveal this Oneness (universalism).

Although apparently the Eternal Divine Path will be completed with the five steps described above, still there are two stages of progress which remain. A person who truly incorporates the first five steps mentioned above will become a Paravipra (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) or an Elect. These people are truly chosen of God. They are the ones who will bring His Kingdom on earth. By creating the characteristics mentioned above, they will also establish His Kingdom within (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)).

Therefore a Paravipra is a person who has reached the sixth state of spiritual progress in the Eternal Divine Path. These are the ones who will eventually reach heaven (center-s.gif (899 bytes)). They become the same as the Father or in His image (center-s.gif (899 bytes)). They reach Pure Consciousness.

Therefore, a Paravipra not only will help to establish His Kingdom on earth (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) but will establish the Kingdom of Heaven (His Kingdom) within (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), and will enter the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven (center-s.gif (899 bytes)). That is the goal of the life, To Be(come) Divine (for more detail, read The Plan and THOTH).


8- Who can become a Paravipra?

Anyone who is resolved to truly follow the Eternal Divine Path and become it.


9- Why do we not have true leaders today?

True leaders have been in the process of being perfected during the last 12,000 years. Also the systems which have been followed so far have not been developing and promoting true leaders. Our system of manifestation of the Hierarchy based on Communities of Light will allow such leaders to be developed and be manifested.


10- It seems in the system you propose the basic foundation of separation of church and state is violated. If it is so, would it not again result in the domination of one religion supported by the state? Have we not suffered from such a set-up enough already?

The concept of separation of church and state was developed by those who had seen how the churches in Europe dominated that land and imposed their dogma to the point of complete intolerance to any new ideas that they could not understand. In such an environment the progressive ideas of the seekers of truth and/or any other progress was harshly suppressed. That was one of the reasons for many immigrants coming to America.

These people with the longing to put aside the battle of dogmas introduced the concept of separation of church and state. They truly meant separation of dogma and state. That is, government (state) should not sponsor any special group or dogma as a state religion. They did not mean a state without God. That is why they also printed the motto, "In God we trust" on the dollar bill.

Therefore, the idea was to create a state under God, but provide liberty for all to be able to worship God according to their beliefs. This freedom is also protected by our system.

First of all, there is no belief or religion which is not included in Maitreya's teachings. Secondly, the Eternal Divine Path is not a dogma but a path which when followed will free a person from any spiritual bondage. You do not have to conform to any set of beliefs or dogmas in order to benefit from The Path.

Thirdly, you do not have to change your religion or beliefs. You can stay where you are, but open yourself to understand how other paths and religions of the world are related to yours. With this our writings and the belief in other religions will enhance yours. Therefore, not only will you not lose what you had, but you will understand it in a deeper level and see its position and its respective place in relation to others.

Fourthly, if a person still wants to stay narrow in one set of dogmas, he will be allowed to do so. He will suffer himself by closing the self to this new expanded teaching.

Fifthly, there is no requirement of a special belief for a person to be able to join a community as the base for emergence of the Hierarchy. But any community will benefit from the Eternal Divine Path and can become a Community of Light if this non-dogmatic path is followed.

After all, spiritual belief is a personal approach to God. There are as many approaches as there are people, so in this sense there will always be separation of church (individual approach to God) and state.

The Plan will unify All with acceptance of individual freedom based on God's Laws (following Dharma) under the expanded umbrella of the unifying teaching of Maitreya. Although a diversity exists, indeed there is a unity of All into One. Maitreya's teaching fulfills a Plan which has been designed for this purpose.


11- Why is a world government necessary? Is it God's Will?

It surely is God's Will. In all the Scriptures of the world religions, including the Bible, it is prophesied that His Kingdom will come on earth with Him as the King.

In question #5, the stone which became a mountain (Hierarchy) "...filled the whole earth." In other words, His Kingdom is a worldwide government!

We are now in the beginning of the period which in The Revelation is called the first resurrection (Revelation 20:5). When His Kingdom is established on earth a period of the Golden Age will dawn on earth which will last for a long period of time ("...a thousand years" Revelation 20:6).

After this long period again a short period of tribulation will exist. But those who have truly mastered the Eternal Divine Path and have made themselves ready will, this time, go to God and be with Him. This is the final judgment. Those who lag behind in their spiritual progress will have to wait for a long time before another opportunity is given to them to reach Pure Consciousness or Oneness with God.

Therefore, a world government as His Kingdom on earth is necessary to prepare many to reach the highest spiritual achievement. Those who reach such spiritual heights will become teachers. They will help others who will come back after 1,000 years to reach Pure Consciousness. After all these chances given, if still a person refuses to progress and lags behind, then God is just to disregard him and throw him to the utter darkness!

It should be our prayer, as we have been instructed, that, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven ... For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen" (Matthew 6:10-13).


12- Who are the Elders?

Elders are those who have the ability to diagnose real problems in society (and/or in their immediate environments) and are able to inspire others, by their character and respectability, to accept their recommendations to correct those problems. Elders do not have direct authority in the system, but because their opinions are respected, they can influence it indirectly. However, they are one of the very essential parts in the society.

They are the ones who stay out of the activities in the system, so they can have a more objective view of what is going on. That is why they will have a larger scope of the situation and will be able to guide those who are engaged in the activities toward the goals they strive to achieve.

There will be two stages of emergence of the Elders. First will be those who in the beginning of the formation of the system will emerge to help bring about the externalization of the system (the Facilitating Body). Second will be those who will emerge as Elders after the system is completed.

The first group of Elders will be chosen by their works, "You know them by their fruits." They will work and inspire others to see how through the system presented in The Plan a peaceful world can be created. After the system is manifested, then those who have been chosen as leaders in the system will achieve the status of an Elder after some period of service in the system (for more detail, read MAP in The Plan).


13- Has this governmental system ever been on earth before?

Yes, it was the system which was given to the Children of Israel through Moses. Their social structure was formed based on the twelve Communities of Light.

They were supposed to manifest the whole system after they became a nation. But the system did not manifest in full, because the time was not yet right for it. But, now is the time.


14- Why is government necessary? Cannot the coming Age be a time of everyone being themselves and working for spiritual growth without a government binding them?

Government is not supposed to be binding. The current view of government is such because all present systems are based on a limited view (egocentric). Those who are now in power are not chosen by a system which would bring true leaders to the position of authority: those who have the physical, mental, and spiritual progress of all of humanity in their hearts.

In fact government should be the facilitator so humanity might achieve its highest progress in all levels of existence. But, as is explained in THOTH, so far leaders have been chosen from a special class of society. Therefore, each of these classes has dominated the society for its limited view or ends.

In our system, however, those who emerge from the grass roots of society (Communities of Light) will not belong to any special class. Also with the knowledge given in our teachings, they will not allow any one class to become the dominating factor. Therefore, they will facilitate human progress infinitely toward perfection (for more detail read the section KINGDOM in the book THOTH.)

Therefore, a government as the center of a facilitating agency to bring about a greater flow of energy to all is necessary. Without such a body there will be great chaos. The idea of a society without government is idealistic but not realistic. Our ideal should also be practical. Even in heaven there is a Hierarchy. This does not mean those who are in the Hierarchy or in the leadership positions are greater than others, but it means they have a special responsibility to perform. In fact those in the governmental body are indeed the servants of the people and are doing service for God.


15- How will this new system start?

It has already started. Those who have been chosen, knowingly or unknowingly, are working toward fulfillment of The Plan.

There are two classes of people who will manifest The Plan those who are here as facilitators and those who will fill the ultimate Hierarchy. These facilitators can also be called the initial Elders (Facilitating Body). They will help The Plan to be manifested but are not actively participating in its ultimate manifestation.

It is these Elders who will help the Communities of Light to be manifested, and from these communities the Hierarchy will be formed, as is described in MAP.

16- How will the transition from this government to the new system occur?

It is a matter of the awareness which is awakening many to realize that the way humanity is going will end up in much suffering the awareness that we need a new approach and a new outlook. Many have seen a glimpse of this new world to come. But these small visions each are a part of a whole.

Maitreya and His teachings are the unifying whole of this great movement which is manifested all throughout the earth. The governmental system is meant to transfer the managerial authority of the planet to the hands of those who are prepared to bring about the transformation of the present system to the New One.

Those who are ready to take up the task to facilitate the manifestation of The Plan are called the initial Elders (Facilitating Body). They are the ones who will work, inspire, and help to manifest The Plan. These Elders will fill the required positions in the Hierarchy of the system; the administrative, judiciary, and legislative authority will rest on them. But they will act in these positions merely as advisors and inspirers. Their advice will be heeded because of their respectability. Their authority is delegated by Spirit, not by humans.

After the Communities of Light are created, then the administrative and judiciary parts in the system will be developed as is described in MAP. This system will function side-by-side with the present ones. When many realize the limitations of these present systems, then the authority will be transferred to the New system and then the legislative body will also be formed. Until this last transformation, the authority of the legislative body will be carried out by the Elders. After this final manifestation of the Hierarchy, the Elders will become advisors to those who are in the manifested Hierarchy from the Communities of Light. They will help the system to perfection.

After the Elders, who will emerge from the Hierarchy, are chosen, if needed (as is explained in MAP) the new Eldest can emerge from these Elders. This system will continue to exist perpetually. It is then that the "Kingdom of Heaven" will be "on earth as it is in heaven."


17- Are you against democracy?

Democracy comes from "demos," which means people, and "kratein," to rule. Therefore in essence, it means government (to rule) by people. In other words, a government by the people, for the people, and of the people. That is exactly what the New system will bring to humanity.

However, not only will our system bring democracy, it will also help to choose leaders who are truly benevolent and concerned for the well-being of all of humanity (and the universe). Only those who are able to share (not being self-centered) would be willing to join the Communities of Light. It is from these higher spiritual people that the leaders will emerge.

In each level in the Hierarchy, each leader's ability and benevolence will be tested. Therefore, when they reach its heights, they will have truly manifested great qualities necessary for the leaders of the Age to come.

This system also eliminates the effect of mass hypnosis which occurs in the systems with a mass voting process, a phenomenon that is highly manipulated by modern technology and will be manipulated in greater degrees in the future.

With the safeguards devised in the system, the possibilities of misuse of authority are minimized. With the progress of human consciousness, any misuse eventually will be eliminated (for more detail read MAP).


18- Will it be necessary to have a judiciary system in the new government?

God is Just, therefore, His Kingdom on earth also should be based on Justness. Those who are able to bring justice to humanity are necessary. Therefore, a judiciary system with such people in it is also necessary.


19- Why is twelve such an important number? There were twelve disciples of Christ, twelve months in a year, twelve tribes of Israel, etc. and now your system is based on twelve?

There have been twelve different vibrations (energy, rays, etc.) which have been recognized in the manifested universe. God, Christ, or the Universal Being is the one who manifests (incorporates) all these rays. That is why the House of Israel was unified by Moses who manifested that Universal Being, and the twelve disciples of Esa (Jesus) were unified by Esa (Y'shua, Christ, Universal Being).

Each of the disciples or the tribes were symbolic of one ray, but they could only be unified by a universal personality (Christ). Therefore, always the number thirteen is God who unifies. Without God, these rays will be scattered. People cannot become One by trying, but by bringing God amidst themselves. God (Holy Ghost) unifies. That is why it has been said, "Those who pray together stay together."

That is why in our system of twelve the unifying force is God. He is the number thirteen among them. Those who take the position of unification (13, 1 as leadership or consciousness, and 3 as trinity or three manifesting forces in nature; 1 + 3 = 4 or the ability to manifest) should truly be universal men. Otherwise they will bring great suffering upon themselves and others. The number thirteen in this position is considered bad (luck).

In our system the person who manifests the qualities of the rays related to guiding and leadership ability will emerge as such (as Judah represented in the twelve tribes). He will assume the position of leadership (Christ's representative) which is the number 1 (one) leader not in the sense of the head, but as guide, facilitator (of the energy in the group) and counselor. The other eleven people would be the symbol of cooperation (1 + 1 = 2, two is cooperation). They are the body of Christ whose number is eleven.

To demonstrate the truth above, a special round table is designed by Maitreya around which the twelve will sit for making decisions (the Community Round Table). At the center of this table a HOSH (Haree Om Shrii Hung) sign the sign represents God (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) is drawn. With this round table all people participating are at the same position and equal. With the presence of the HOSH sign at the center of the round table, the true decision-maker or the head of the group, which is God, will always be remembered. The emerged leader will act as the monitor to guide the energy manifested through the group to the proper decisions.

The person who manifests the quality (ray) of being just will emerge as judge. His judgments, however, still will be evaluated by the Round Table!

Many people in the world are being prepared to realize and manifest different vibrations (rays). However, they will be scattered as long as they try to unify by themselves. Maitreya is the universal man for the Age to come. Only by realizing this and accepting Him as the center of the unification of all will the unification of the rest of the twelve rays be possible. This is the most prime awareness necessary in order to bring about the system and the Kingdom on earth.


20- Must everyone live in a community?

No. As it is explained in MAP (in The Plan), only those who desire to live together in a community will do so. However, the Hierarchy in the system will be manifested mostly from these communities. Those who do not live in these communities plus those who live in the communities will also select a number of the leaders in the system. The idea is that the leaders emerge from the bottom of the society after they are tested in many levels of the selection process. Everyone has the right to live, but not to lead!


21- Must the twelve people in a community live together in the same housing?

Not necessarily, but ideally that is preferable. Special housing proposed by Maitreya can be used for those who want to live together as a group of twelve. This housing arrangement will have many advantages for the group, while preserving relative privacy for each family participating in it (for more detail read MAP).


22- Why is the family so important?

The family is the block on which the society has been built. Like a building, which will be strong and sturdy if it has been built with strong and well placed bricks (blocks), so will be a society with strong families well placed according to their Daharmas.

The community is an extension of the family. In the system presented by The Plan, the twelve people as the base for the Hierarchy to be manifested is the second family for those who participate in it. With formation of the Communities of Light and progress of human consciousness, every individual will find his or her place (Dharma) in society. Such a set-up will allow the energy to flow with no obstacles in its path, so humanity will achieve the heights of physical (material), mental, and spiritual progress.


23- How will the system be financed? Will there be taxes?

In our system a clear distinction is made between financing the expenses needed for the society and those that are necessary to maintain the Hierarchy. The expenses needed for services to the society, including expenses for the Senate (and/or the House of Representatives) will be provided by taxes (if necessary) and other income gained by the government.

The expenses to maintain the administrative and judiciary bodies and the Elders will be provided by the tithes and gifts which will be especially donated by the people to the system. If this is not enough, up to 100% of the amount gathered from this source can be taken from other incomes of the government.

This set-up of financing the system is devised to create a greater control over the Hierarchy by the people. The necessary expenditures by the government for services to the people are financed by taxation (and other governmental income), so all have to participate in them. However, the people in the government (Hierarchy) should manifest their trustworthiness so people would be willing to support them. They cannot continue their existence by considering the expenses for maintaining themselves as a part of public expenses (taxes).

With this arrangement, if the Hierarchy is not manifesting what they have been chosen to do, people will withhold their contributions (partially or totally). This will be a signal to the Hierarchy that they are not fulfilling the will of the majority. With this and other powers (safeguards) given, the people will have a greater control over the system than in the present system. This has truly been the goal for democracy.

The provision to be able to use income from taxes, matching up to 100% of the amount provided by tithes and gifts, has at least two benefits. First, it will allow enough resources to be provided for the expenses of the Hierarchy. Second, it will give leverage for economic maneuvering to control and direct the society toward the desired directions.


24- What is the role of tithes in this system?

As it was explained above (question #16), there are two stages in complete manifestation of the system. First is when the initial Elders (Facilitating Body) will work and inspire others to manifest the Communities of Light, and second is when the Hierarchy (administrative and judiciary bodies, etc.) will come to complete manifestation.

In the first stage the tithes and gifts by those who want to see The Plan manifested will be directed to the Mission of Maitreya.

These resources will be used to maintain the expenses necessary for the Mission, Elders, and The Eldest until the manifestation of the administrative and judiciary bodies (the Hierarchy). Then these funds will be handled by the Hierarchy according to the procedure explained in MAP.

After the complete transformation of the system to the New One, the taxes collected will be used to form the Senate and/or the House of Representatives. Then the system will be completed and the funds will be used as described in MAP.


25- Who is The Eldest?

Maitreya is Eternal Eldest.


26- Where did this system come from?





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Maitreya is me, Maitreya is you and all others. He is beyond and the near. He is the Formless, Nameless, Invisible and Eternal (FINE). He is all there is (Om Nam Kevalam). He is the One and the Only. He is many in One. He is the force behind the peace. He is and He is not. There is none beside Him (La Elaho Ela Hoo).

He is the One, the Incredible, the Powerful. He is the Merciful, the Compassionate One, He is the Destroyer, the Creator, the Preserver, the Sustainer. There is none beside Him.

He is Y'shua; He is Mehdi; He is the Savior; He is the Messiah. He is the Knower of the Scriptures, He is the Revealer of the Scripture, He is its Writer. He is the Savior and the saved. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is Christ (Christos: Christ-us); He is Krishna; He is the Vishnu, He is Brahma. He is Shiva. Maitreya is the first Adam and the second, and the third,... He is Mohammed and Bab and the Babas. He is the Teacher and He is the Student. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is the Buddha and the Bodhisattva. He is none but the Nirvana itself. He is the Light seen in the moment of death. He is the Enlightened One, the Truth and the Way. There is none beside Him.

He is Brahmacharya and the Family Man. He is the Brahmin and the Rabbi. He is the Priest and the Mullah. He is Hindu and Buddhist. He is Jewish and Christian. He is Moslem and Baha'i. He is all religions and is none of them. He is bound and is Free. There is none beside Him.

He is a Brahmin; He is a Shudra (worker). He is a Ksattriya (warrior); He is a Vipra (intellectual) and He is a Vaeshya (businessman). He is an Avatar, a Prophet. He is an Artist, a Guru and a Paravipra. He is economy and the Force behind earthly powers. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is the Father and the Mother. He is the Son and The Holy Ghost. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the first and the last. There is none beside Him.


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