Golden Keys Five: A series of literature (booklets) which contains questions from many people who wrote their question to Maitreya and their answers from Him. Each of these questions and answers are like a Golden Key which open a door to a greater understanding of Him and His teachings. This one is the fifth one in this series.



These small booklets contain answers given by Maitreya to questions which have been asked in the letters He received from many. Each question and its answer is like a little Golden Key to unlock the meanings of His Mission and teachings a little further.

After the question and answer, there may be a reference to the books in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament or The Plan, the main writings of Maitreya.

We hope these booklets answer all questions you might have. If not, please send your questions to us. Maitreya will answer your questions, if appropriate, directly to you. We will use answers which are not a repetition in new Golden Keys and will publish them periodically.

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Dedicated: To the Essence

In Each Man and Woman

Which Knows No Race, Religion or Creed.

1- Dharma or karma is our own creation. How can we eliminate karma to reach Salvation?

Purification of the body and mind results in purity of the Soul. However, this is only possible by Grace. Karma is not something which stays forever. It is created so we will learn our lessons. We learn our lessons by Grace.

His Grace is obtained by devotion toward Him (Bahkti Yoga). Love God with all your Heart, Mind and Being, by doing His Will (Karma Yoga), or through knowledge (Jnana Yoga). The Mission of Maitreya utilizes all these three yogas to accelerate the process. Following Maitreyas teachings will win His Grace and only by Grace are we saved.

2- How can I find God? Do I need to go to a mystery school?

It is amazing that people go through such a long process to find God. In the description you sent me, this teacher had visited many monasteries, ancient temples, mystical schools, etc..., yet, we can realize God in the simplest things in life, in the smile of a child, in the process of birth, when a mother feeds her baby, or in a sunrise or sunset.

I suppose those who go through a harder process to see these simple truths need that time for purification. Only those who have shattered the power of illusion of separation and are One can see God in these and All of simple day-to-day life.

So the answer to your question, "Do I need to go to a mystery school?" is: No, you can realize God wherever you are!

3- The teachings of Maitreya lay emphasis on three kingdoms: The Kingdom Of God In Heaven, The Kingdom Of God On Earth, and The Kingdom Of God within each of us. Each Kingdom has a hierarchy. Can you tell me the meaning of hierarchy in relationship to these Kingdoms?

Heaven includes the Universal Mind (which is everywhere and is beyond) and the ethereal level. In the Universal Mind there is a hierarchy of thoughts which create many infinite levels of the manifested world (or worlds). In each level the reality perceived is limited only in that level. The illusion of separation of these levels is shattered only when the vision of the whole is perceived.

The hierarchy in the ethereal level consists of beings who have overcome the four levels of progress and have reached the ethereal state. In this stage also a hierarchy is established. These beings can only help a person to their level, which is the fifth level. It is two levels below the Highest. In this level still a person might fall into the illusion of the powers (siddhis) and be trapped in his or her creation. The highest realization is to reach Pure Consciousness or Oneness with God. This is beyond any illusion.

The hierarchy of God on earth is the hierarchy presented in MAP and in The Plan. It will be filled by those who are chosen (144,000) to bring about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE). The Kingdom within is when a person finds God in his or her Heart. It has nothing to do with any organized religion, philosophy, or external circumstance. It is a personal relationship between a man and God. It is God within the temple of ones body.

There is also a hierarchy in this Kingdom (within). Each person realizes God in a different level (hierarchy) within. Any person in a level above another can teach the person below. That is why we have so many teachers, each with a little knowledge, proclaiming to be a teacher and they do find followers, those who are a little below them.

However, the greatest teacher of all is The Christ (God) who teaches all levels in the hierarchy and each one is a part of His Body.

4- Why are the three colors (white, red/orange, and blue) of The Greatest Sign not the three basic (primary) colors (yellow, red and blue)?

Because God revealed them this way...! The color white, the color of unity, contains all colors. Yellow and red are a part of the white. So The Greatest Sign has all the primary colors.

5- If there is a sanctuary in the Center (in the Mission of Maitreya), what is the use, or is there any ritual there?

What is the purpose of any sanctuary, temple, church, mosque, synagogue, etc? It is to go away from the noise and pulls of the world, to go to the Spirit. It is to go to pray, to withdraw to God, to clear the mind, to meditate, to become One.

The sanctuary in the Center is also for this purpose. In order to create a greater power of spirit in the sanctuary, and also a greater unity for the community, to perform the spiritual practices in the sanctuary is highly recommended, especially for collective meditation and prayer.

The most important part of the collective meditation is the performance of The Reminder (to understand His Will and Him in greater degree) and meditation. Of course, the other recommended, as you put it, "rituals" have great significance.

For example, Kirtan (chanting and dancing) brings a greater harmony to the participants, a greater harmony to each individual and invokes greater spirit by opening higher psychic centers in the participants.

The recitation of Samgacchadvam, which is a great mantra from the oldest Scriptures (Vedas), directs the mind toward the universe and its oneness, and the necessity to know one another, to become One.

Recitation of the "Divine Path" not only explains the Eternal Divine Path, but also recommends that we do meditation and perform The Reminder at least twice a day regularly and follow the Fifteen Commandments. It is the Fifteen Commandments which bring us to higher ethics and oneness with God. It is not a series of commandments, but the essence of them, which guides us to realize why "Thou shalt not..." It guides us to where Esa (Jesus) wanted to take humanity, that: The goal is not, to not do adultery, or any other forbidden action, but to reach a point where no desire is left to do so.

As you have said, to perform these is a request. However, remember, God never requests from us if it is not good (God) for us. His request should be a command to us.

However, different rituals appeal to different people. Each person can place more emphasis on the one they like most and feel closer to God by practicing it. Also some rituals are given to make us more aware of their effect and to become more tolerant toward other cultures which practice them, such as chanting in some religions, Kirtan, etc. This will bring greater understanding and accelerates the unity.

6- My Sat-guru is Param Santi Kirpal Sinngh Ji Maharaj. Who is the Guru of Maitreya?

Maitreya is The Christ, the First Begotten Son of God. He is the first to reach Pure Consciousness before creation. He is the GURU of the Gurus, teachers, etc. They are all a part of Him. No one goes to the Father but through Him.

7- According to my realization, Avatars like Jesus Christ, Sai Baba are god-men. Guru Nanak, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, Sant Darshan Singh Ji are Satgurus or man-gods. Both Avatars and Satgurus derive their powers from God Almighty, Pure Consciousness. Which is greater, Satguru or Avatar?

You can add to this the Christ, the First Begotten Son, the Messiah. The Avatars and Satgurus come and are stationed on earth, each for a purpose. Each of them comes to attract specific people and/or individuals. They come to further the progress of those who have reached a certain level of consciousness. There is no one greater than the other. They each have a duty to fulfill, that is all.

However, the Christ or the Messiah comes whenever there is a quantum leap necessary for the collective consciousness of a planet, in this case earth. For example, Esa (Jesus) was not just an Avatar but The Christ. This is why he brought a new religion on earth. A leap in human consciousness occurred. Also Krishna, Muhammad, Bab, etc, were the Messiah. The culmination of all these past leaps in human consciousness is now ready to reach its highest. This is presented in Maitreyas teachings in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.

8- What is the difference for you, between seaweed, sea kelp, kelp and dulse (in the food section in THOTH)? And is the salt (sea) included in sentient food (and herbs also)?

Salt can be categorized as rajasic food, since it stimulates the body. All stimulants are rajasic! They release energy to the body, from the bodys reserve, which is for the use of the body at times of emergency. They usually do not have any energy of themselves. That is why they use the reserve energy of the body.

This will lower the tolerance of the body, because the reservoir of energy needed for the body to fight off many diseases, is reduced. Usually this type of food also gives a kind of rush energy and then a sudden crash. The reason is, some energy is released from the reserved area and then the body withdraws to rest to replace the energy lost by the stimulant.

Rajasic food such as tea, coffee, etc, may be good for the mind for a short period, but will damage the body if used excessively. People who use many stimulants are usually weak in fighting diseases, etc, especially at an old age. Salt is also a rajasic food. Sea salt is no exception.

Of course, we have to remember that nothing is bad in this universe, it becomes good (God) or evil (Devil) according to how we use it. Anything in moderation is better than anything in extreme, either way too sentient or too tamasic!

To answer your question about seaweed, sea kelp, kelp and dulse: Kelp is any of the various kinds of large brown seaweed. Therefore, kelp is supposed to be rajasic. However, the ultimate realization about any of our teachings should come from within.

There are three categories of food: Tamasic, rajasic and satvic. Tamasic foods might or might not be good for the body, but they are not good for the mind and spirit, such as meat, onions and garlic. Rajasic foods are good for the mind but are not necessarily good for the body and/or spirit, such as coffee. Satvic foods are good for the body, mind and spirit, such as most vegetables, grains, fruits, etc. The middle path is the best way.

9- (several people sent us Christmas cards)...

Thanks for the card, it was beautiful. Of course you know we only celebrate Gods Holy Days, but thanks for the thought and remembrance. I hope it was done with Purity and Love! We appreciate your thoughts and remembrance of us. May God Bless all and guide them to the truth and Oneness.

To bring about this Oneness not only in the spiritual realms but on the manifested plane, we follow Gods Holy Days, as the holidays. This not only is a sign of obedience to God, but also will eliminate many holidays in so many different cultures. Only the Holy Days of God are the days to honor the True Invisible, All-Pervasive God.

We accept the beginning of the New Year at the beginning of spring, when everything is renewed, the Beginning of a New Year of a new era!

10- Why is there still news of a presence of "Maitreya" in London and the newspapers?

Are you asking this for yourself or are you asking to see what to answer others? If you are asking for yourself, the answer should be in your own heart. Have your Heart and Mind accepted that I am "The Maitreya?" If not, then it is important for you to resolve this before proceeding. It is probably the most important realization and decision for each person to make. You have seen me and know my teaching. You have to make this decision now.

If you are asking the question for others, I have extensively answered it in the Golden Keys booklets, especially in Golden Keys IV. Look at the fulfilled prophecies, the names given to me, the unifying teachings, etc., etc. Even the coming of many claiming to be "The Christ" has been foretold. It is good to be skeptical but eventually, we have to draw the line and make up our minds.

We ourselves are patiently waiting for this confusion to be lifted. We have seen many contradictory claims by those who say they represent Maitreya, or are Him, and many unfulfilled promises. These make us wonder about the spirit behind the whole thing. God does not claim things contrary to His Word (Scriptures) nor would He promise anything that He would not fulfill.

If you are the follower of appearances and sensationalism of events, then you will not realize the Spirit of Truth which is Solid and Humble. Your mind will be clouded with confusion and will follow the crowd. You will not see the contradiction in their work and their momentary success will blind you.

Those who are guided by the Spirit of God are not blinded by these things. They put their feet on the solid unifying teachings and are not deterred by temporary attractions, be it more followers, the hard Path, more prestige or whatever. You are here to weigh everything the Mission represents and compare it to others. If you have the slightest doubt, your endeavor will not be very fruitful. Your spirit has to be One with the spirit behind the teachings and The Greatest Sign. Therefore, tell them about the teaching, about The Greatest Sign, about our literature and Maitreya. Then, let them make up their own minds. They might need some help and guidance along the way but the final decision must come from within themselves.

When they arrive at such a point, then they are One with us and can work toward fulfillment of The Plan. They will first recognize it with their minds, second with their Hearts, and when they also proclaim that It is It, then their Hearts and Minds will be One and the Oneness is complete. They are One and a part of the Body of Christus (Christ-us), one of the Elders (144,000).

11- What is the Universal Mind? Maitreya says you have to be in touch with the Universal Mind. I have read many books and still am not there. How many books do you have to read?

You do not be(come) in touch with the Universal Mind through reading books alone. They do help to create an intellectual perception, but only Grace enables one to be(come) in touch with God (Universal Mind). When you Love God with all your Heart, Mind and Spirit, then you will become one with Him (will be in touch with Its Mind).

Universal Mind is the mind that the universe is made of and also is beyond the manifested universe. The Universal Mind in our teaching consists of satva guna (Mahattattva), raja guna (Ahamtattva) and tama guna (Chitta). The consciousness is the witness entity or Soul of this Universal Mind. The Soul and the Mind of God Is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.

12- Why is it so difficult to meditate?

It is good that you are still doing the Reminder and meditating. No one said controlling the mind and be(com)ing one with God is easy. Without Grace it is impossible for man. Remember it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a man to reach God without His Grace.

Therefore, seek His Grace by wanting Him with All your Heart, Mind and Spirit, by doing His Will and realizing that He has given you this opportunity to go Home.

About helping you with your meditation: All the tools given in the Mission are to help you in your meditation. Reading THOTH, chanting the HOSH mantra, reading Satsangs and lectures, gazing at The Greatest Sign, talking about the Mission with others, service, etc, are all helpful in your path. Each person can do all of them or a combination of them, according to their temperaments.

In meditation, sit somewhere where you are comfortable, but not so comfortable that you may fall asleep (sit up, preferably in a lotus pose). Do the procedure given to you, if any, before starting to meditate on your mantra or HOSH mantra. Then breathe in the first part of your mantra. Between breathing in and breathing out there is a pause. Realize this pause. Then breathe out the second part of your mantra and also realize the pause before breathing in again.

If your mind starts wandering, gently bring it back to the mantra and awareness of your breathing. The genie (mind) wants to go to new thoughts (projects) and the mantra (the tail) keeps him from doing it. So when the wandering mind stops and becomes calm water, then you can see the reflection of consciousness (God) within.

So, do not force the mantra on yourself, but gently bring the mind back to it. Let the mind know that you are in charge and it has to obey you instead of you obeying it. You will win the struggle. Meditation (sadhana) means "struggle."

13- Why do you demand 10% tithes?

About I "demand 10%": I do not demand. Thanksgiving is the first Law. The tithe (10%) is a purifier which is sent as an offering to God. It is not only a sign of thanksgiving for what God has offered or provided for us, it is a sign of obedience to Him, and it also will enable the Mission to accomplish things it needs to do financially. If it is not coming from your Heart, God does not want it either.

14- Why cannot just meditating and prayer vigils around the world cure all?

We have to follow the middle path. In this middle path there is a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual plane. To emphasize any plane over the others brings disharmony. To be attached to the physical world draws you to the Maya. To neglect the external world will bring misery, disease and suffering. To emphasize the mental ability results in believing that you can solve all problems with the intellect or mental powers. To neglect this part will result in being simple-minded and not able to intellectually understand our world.

This is also true for spiritual endeavors. To meditate and/or pray alone will result in a person falling back on himself or herself. Meditation and prayer should guide us to Divine action(s).

Only the middle path, a balance between these three spheres, brings harmony to our lives and others. Therefore, those who think they can bring peace with mobilizing a collective, one time worldwide meditation, prayer, etc, only uplift humanity for a short time. These processes should be performed constantly. The end result is to realize that the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path will bring the balance between inner quest (meditation and prayer) with outer manifestation (action based on the Eternal Divine Path). Faith without action is dead!

When many realize this truth and Communities of Light start to be created all over the world, and are connected together focused on One God, then the permanent peace is at hand. Only this will bring the peace we all are longing for. Other activities, although they might have a short-lived effect, will not bring the permanent fulfillment of prophesied expectation to earth. Only meditation and prayer based on the Eternal Divine Path will...!

Those who do not realize this truth and stay lukewarm (escapists), as the book of The Revelation clearly states, will be "spued out of His mouth." God tells us also in The Revelation not to forget our first love, or not to escape from the world (your first love). "Be in the world but not of it."

15- What is true Baptism?

True Baptism has nothing to do with any earthly rituals. It is a spiritual awakening of the Soul. That is why John the Baptist said, "I...baptize you with water... but he that cometh after me...shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost..." (Matthew 3:11). Baptism means to turn around, to return, to face God instead of the world!

16- My friend who is interested in the Mission does little to support it. What should I do?

This person is a wonderful man, I have met him. But he has a family and a responsibility toward them. Also he is interested in spirituality and is willing to do things for the Mission, but he is not supported in these endeavors by his family 100%. This creates a great conflict for him.

Therefore, do not push him too much, let him do what he can. Otherwise he has to choose between the two. You cannot have two masters, otherwise...(Matthew 6:24). Create understanding for the situation people are in. There will be few who will be 100% dedicated.

However, even those who are not 100% dedicated can do great things and can greatly help those who are 100% dedicated. So be patient with them. Give them Love, understanding, support, and let each manifest according to their capacity. Many small helps have greater power than a few large ones! May All become 100% dedicated to God and His Will. That is the way to enter His Kingdom.

17- The group here, although others sometimes refer to it as a community, has still to undergo a lot of transformations before something like a Community of Light can really emerge. Although they do Zen meditation and social work, the members are not yet strongly rooted in the path and I believe many cant find a way to answer or solve their own questions... What can I do?

It is not easy to let go of the old pattern, which we are so familiar and comfortable with, and accept the new one. It seems that this is also the problem with the group with which you are working.

God always incarnates Himself on earth to further human evolution. The Mission presents a middle path in all levels of human existence. It is most necessary in this time of human evolution: A time when humanity has two choices, to destroy themselves to utter nothingness or to transform themselves to true civilized beings, and bring about a harmonious and well-behaved society on earth to accelerate the progress of man to his highest.

Zen meditation and social work are all good and are a part of The Plan, but they are a small part. As you have well perceived, we need leaders who will pioneer the formation of the Communities of Light. These communities are the foundation of the Kingdom.

It was these Communities which also were formed by Krishna, the incarnation of God in India. It was also these Communities that Gautama Buddha called Sanga (Community) which are based on Daharma. It is the same idea presented by the twelve tribes of Israel, the early Christian communities, the same as the brotherhood of Moslems and their communities, etc. Therefore, it is not really a new idea, yet this time the idea is crystallized in Its highest form in The Greatest Sign and Maitreyas teachings.

God is not something remote, up there, that we cannot approach. As your letter indicates, and someone there mentioned, "...Maitreya is one of the gods like Gautama. From her tone, she seems skeptical about Maitreya incarnating as human..." As Esa (Jesus) said, God is Spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit. The Spirit (God) incarnates Itself on earth anytime His Presence is necessary. This is revealed by Krishna, that "Whenever the Spiritual Understanding is faint, and morality weak, I will incarnate to guide man to Myself." (Bhagavad-Gita 4:7)

The spiritual understanding is indeed weak and morality is low now on earth. Many are following many gods, Gurus, teachers, etc, but know very little of the Spirit. Whoever knows the Spirit, knows God. It is so simple that many miss it. Also it is so simple that many Gurus and teachers would lose their position. That is why they have to make it so complicated that they can keep their disciples. Salvation comes not by these philosophies, but only by knowing the Spirit which is All and Everywhere.

Communities of Light will bring Harmony and Unity on earth and will help each individual to realize this Spirit or God. Therefore, this is the way to salvation, physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you think this group has potential to manifest something, that is great. It seems you understand them very well. Maybe everyone has to go through the old patterns first to see they will not work, then they might be ready for the New! This always has been a problem for a new and more progressive Ideal. Read about the founder of any great religion.

18- I am reading books about Esas (Jesus) life..., His Love is so High. How can we create that kind of Love?

I know that Love and practiced it when I first started the Mission. It is great. But I was stabbed with hatred and crucified by many who stepped all over my open Heart. I learned to Love others with the same Love but guard my Heart from being hurt (created wisdom). They crucified Esa (Jesus). He learned this lesson in that life that man crucifies such an open Love. My Love is with you all, with the same capacity as you have felt from Esa (Jesus). But it is time for the disciples now to understand this Love by knowing God, manifest it, and also create wisdom (discriminating mind).

We are here to manifest the Love of Esa (Jesus) with the wisdom of Buddha, the practicality of Muhammad, the universality of Bahai, and any other qualities of God which exist. Probably our path is more comprehensive and more difficult than any of them alone. But to struggle to understand and come close to God is the only endeavor which will yield a permanent result. If you ever progress (in the Spirit), be it a little, it will stay with you forever. Any other possession, be it physical or mental, has to be left behind.

Therefore, arise above all the trivialities of life, and raise the shield of righteousness and the gird of purity with the sword (Word) of the truth, even if the rest of the universe stays opposed to you. That is the Spirit of God (Holy Ghost) manifested through His servants. Be One with this Spirit.

19- Jesus Christ is the symbol of sacrifice on the cross. But followers of Christianity believe that Jesus died for our sins on the cross. If Jesus died for humanity on the cross, for our sins, why is it there are sins, wars, color discrimination, etc?

The notion that Esa (Jesus) died for our sins has a greater spiritual significance. Many people can forgive and forget other peoples transgressions but not their own. They truly do not believe that God in Its Highest forgives them for their shortcomings. He forgives all, especially those who learn their lesson and do not repeat the mistake.

Therefore, if it is believed that Esa (Jesus) died for our sins and we are forgiven by God, then we can forgive ourselves and start anew. But if we believe that we are forgiven and turn around and repeat the offensive actions, then we are fools.

God forgives your sins if you ask Him, no matter who you are, a Hindu, a Jew, a Christian, a Moslem, in the Mission of Maitreya (Divine), etc. But there is a condition, that you will not repeat it and will have learned the lesson!

The more people learn this and realize that God is All, the closer we will be(come) to perfection. Then we will not sin because there is no desire left to sin. There will be peace, because we do not separate ourselves by imaginary boundaries or different nations, races, etc. We will not discriminate against one another because we are all a part of God.

No one can die for anyones sin. The Gurus, Avatars, and Satgurus can take their disciples karma (sin) and Christ takes the karma of the world. That is why he accelerates the human consciousness as a whole. However, only by sacrifice (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)) (which is the message of Esas ministry) can we create the Communities of Light (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) which is the message of the Old Testament. These were supposed to be formed by the Children of Light (Israelites).

Sacrifice is the true message of Esa (Jesus) The Christ.

20- In the gospel according to Saint John, chapter 1 verse 14, "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as the only begotten of father) full of Grace and truth," this refers to Jesus Christ. Is Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of the Father?

In THOTH, it is explained how the First Begotten Son, who is The Word, The Christ, the Messiah, came to Be. Anytime the earth becomes corrupt, or the Father sees it is necessary, The Word is manifested, "and was made flesh," on earth and dwelleth "among" men (us). Man beholds "his Glory [His teachings], the Glory as the Only Begotten of Father, full of Grace and truth."

This is also revealed in the Bhagavad-Gita, where Krishna states, "Whenever the righteousness is faint, and the unrighteousness Spirit arises on earth..." (B.G. 4:7). This Spirit (God) was raised as Esa (Jesus) The Christ, as it was raised many other times. Now again it has risen on earth to manifest our teachings.

21- How was the name of Jesus Christ formed?

There are many plausible explanations, and there are others worth considering. One of them, which has been explained in our Missions main book THOTH, states that: The prefix "JE" in the name of Jesus is pronounced "JAY," the same as "JAY" in Sanskrit which means "victory to." The other part, also stated in your letter, is the name of the Greek god "Zeus." Therefore, the very name means "Victory to Zeus."

The true name of the Christ has been preserved in a manuscript in a monastery in India. His name, as he appeared as a man 2000 years ago, was Isa or Esa. He is known by this name all through the East. He also has a Sacred Name, like the Sacred Name of His Father, which cannot be pronounced in the manifested world. In their corrupted form they are known as Y'shua or something similar (for the Son or the Christ) and Yahweh or something similar (for the Father).

The Hebrews knew that his Name and Gods Name could not be pronounced. That is why it was forbidden to utter the name of the Lord. Later on those who did utter His name were stoned. The reason was that His name is in heaven and cannot be pronounced on earth. The moment you utter it as an earthly sound, it loses its true sound and becomes corrupted. His name which intermingles with the name of the Son, creates what is known as The Word (Holy Name, etc). This is what is referred to as "...if you know my Name and my Son." Only those who know His Name and His Sons Name know Him and will enter into heaven.

You refer to his name as Yohoshua. As it was explained, this is not his earthly name. The word Yahwehshua means Savior (Shua or Shalo) of God (Yahweh). It was the title for the Messiah. It is the corrupted form of The Word. The Word in Its purest form cannot be pronounced in earthly forms, be it by uttering it, or writing it, etc.

The Word, however, is always revealed to the Messiah. Esa knew It and healed many through It. So did Muhammad who talked about the Sacred Name of the Lord. So did Abram (Abraham), and whenever the Messiah comes, He knows It.

About the story of the crucifixion that you have portrayed: The most important thing is what the Messiah did and said, not how he died, who died in His place, if He died on the cross, or even if he was crucified, etc. These are all to divert the attention from the main issue: how we can become like Him!

22- What is the relationship between the names Christ and Krishna?

There is no doubt that there is a strong connection between Christ and Krishna or Chrishna. Both have the same root "Christos" or "The Anointed One." They are also related to the word Charisma which means "God is with Him." It is a well known fact that most European languages, Sanskrit, Persian, etc, all have the same root of Indo/European origin.

We also can see great similarities between the teachings of Christ (Esa) and Krishna. They both came from the same Source, through the same Source! This all confirms the interconnectedness between all works of God and the Oneness of humanity in Him.

23- Is it in the Bible that Esa (Jesus) died for the sins of humanity?

This notion that Esa (Jesus) died for our sins or for the sins of the world has, probably, its origin in John 1:29, "...Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world."

In the Christian world it is taken to refer only to Esa (Jesus). However, as the sentence says, it is "...the Lamb of God..." or the Messiah.

Remember for man it is impossible to overcome karma (sin). He/She is born carnal. The flesh is strong and the Spirit is weak (in most). That is why we are saved only by Grace. It is for this reason that God has to reincarnate Himself on earth as the expected Messiah (the Lamb of God) and take the sin of the world, and through His Grace man may be saved.

This sentence in the Bible is very much related to what Krishna reveals in the book the Bhagavad-Gita. In essence He says, "Whenever the righteousness is faint, and the unrighteousness Spirit arises on earth, and through Me man is saved [or brought back to the right path.]" (B.G. 4:7).

Yes, Christ or the Messiah takes the sin of the world. They are saying the truth when they say this. However, when they stay short of realizing that "the Lamb of God" comes again and again on earth, they narrow their view. When they do not recognize his other incarnations, they create separation. Narrowness of the mind and creating separation are from ignorance, and ignorance is the essence of suffering.

In answering your question, yes, Esa took the sin of man. However, his death on the cross had multiple purposes. It was prophesied that he would be crucified. It was a symbol of the lamb of God being sacrificed, so the practice of sacrificing lambs and other animals would be stopped. It was to fulfill the prophecies so The Grace of God could be released to humanity. Of course, because he took the sin of the world at that time, a part of his crucifixion can be taken as he paid for them.

The world has been pretty busy sinning since the crucifixion of Esa. He did not pay for the sins committed after him!

24- Did Jesus die because it was a way to show humanity there is sin and that we must repent?

Repentance has a great psychological and spiritual effect. You see, many of us can forgive others, but we have a hard time to forgive ourselves. Here is the way out, we repent and go to God and ask for forgiveness. God never condemns us. Do you condemn a little child for being clumsy? If you are a good parent with understanding, you wont. Father is all that.

So what we are really doing by repenting is we forgive ourselves. God never condemned us. This forgiveness is the beginning of "being born again." The belief that "Christ died for our sins" really is the same as repentance. If he died for our sins then all our sins are forgiven, arent they? Then we are free to approach God.

This notion really is a spiritual crutch to get you over the hurdle of forgiving the self, purifying the Spirit and feeling close to God. Now if you go ahead and continue a sinful life, then you are not really repentant. God will withdraw His Grace even further.

If you had not repented and accepted that what you do is sin, then you were in ignorance. After repentance it is a recognition that you had done sin. By returning to it, it no longer can be looked upon lightly since you are not ignorant of your actions any longer.

That is why God sends His Prophets and that is the reason the Messiah comes. They tell people the ways of God. After they give the message to humanity and tell them the ways of God, humanity no longer has an excuse. They have been told the ways of the universe. Now if they continue to go against His ways, they will break themselves against Him.

Therefore, repentance and/or accepting that God forgives our sins is the beginning of purification. It is when a man is born from flesh to Spirit. However, after this cross-point, the fall will be harder than before. The higher you go, the greater will be the fall.

Be therefore strong in your resolution and be single-eyed in your focus. When your eyes are single, your whole body will be filled with Light. Then you surely go straight to the Father and nothing of this world will divert you from your journey!

25- What do the verses in Matthew in the Bible refer to?

Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo here is Christ, or there; believe it not, for there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore, if they say unto you, Behold, He is in the desert, go not forth, behold, he is in the secret chambers, believe it not." (Matthew 24:23-26)

Remember Christ said, "...many shall come... and call themselves Christ, and deceive many..." Therefore, there is "the Christ" and there will be many who will call themselves "christs." There will be "The Greatest Sign" but many will bring "great signs" and "wonders."

To know the difference between "the Christ" and many "christs," and "The Greatest Sign" and "great signs" and "wonders," God has revealed the prophecies in many religions. Those who claim they are "christ" or bring "great signs" and "wonders" but have not fulfilled the prophecies are the false prophets.

We take your article as a cry from your Soul which wants to find the truth. That is why we wrote this, that it may help to answer this cry, and may the true meaning of Gods words be revealed to you and His Spirit (Holy Ghost) open your eyes to the truth.

26- ...Probably my ultimate question is, what is real and what is not?

You have described many dualities and pulls in your letter. It seems you have been torn between "what is real" and "what is not." The only reality is God...! All others are a relative truth, unstable and ever-changing.

Therefore, do not be attracted to what the world offers, physically, mentally or emotionally. And do not compare what the Mission does with what others have started. There has been a prophecy that this teaching will come. No prophecies have been fulfilled by the others.

Sometimes (always!) what we feel is not the answer,

but how God feels!


27- What does the verse in The Revelation mean: "For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles,..." (Rev. 16:14)

Maya, its attraction, the desires, and those things that brainwash humans to be pulled to the external world, attract many people. Like unclean spirits, false prophets make many miracles ("spirits of devils, working miracles") which are eye-catching to material life. Now is the time of a battle between God Almightys servants or Saints, and the power of the attraction of Maya and the false prophets.

28- A scientist just moved close by me on a lake with his wife. I talked with them about God, but they say they want nothing to do with God. Why should scientists be atheists?

Tell that scientist that he is closer to God than he thinks. Indeed most scientists are! God is not dogmas in the dogmatic religions. He is the very science itself. He is what scientists, especially physicists, search for as the unified field in the universe.

Scientists are opposed to dogmas. If they, however, realize God as the Essence of creation, the Logic behind the creation (science) and see it clearly, they will be closest to Him. When they say, "They want nothing to do with God," they mean religions and dogmas. They are opposed to the illogical religions they know, not the truth.

God is the very "sense" (science)! Everything else is, "nonsense!"

29- What is electricity? Isnt Yahweh electricity?

Electricity is that element which carries intelligence. God or consciousness is everything including electricity and intelligence. Scientists also cannot define ether. Ether is that element which carries electricity and other subtler elements in the universe.

Soul is the Pure Consciousness (God). It resides in the spirit or ethereal body. The ethereal body is further connected to the physical body through prana or life-force. At the time of death when the connection between the ethereal body and the physical body is disconnected, spirit and Soul leave the physical body (for a more detailed explanation, read Universe and Man in the book THOTH).

The process of death and rebirth is nothing but a change from an old cloth (old body) to a new one.

30- I wonder about scientists and their recent discoveries. How close can they come to realize God?

Indeed, most scientists are closer to God than many clergy and so called "religious people." However, the best instrument to realize God is our body (the temple of God). The scientists can come close to realizing there is Spirit. This will be intellectual realization of God, which is fine.

The greatest way to realize Him, however, is through direct personal contact.

31- Why were the Atlanteans destroyed?

The Atlanteans were destroyed because they misused their scientific and spiritual knowledge for self-glorification instead of using it for spiritual growth. Whenever people misuse their God-given Blessings, they are replaced by others.

32- What about astrology?

Astrology has its place but like many other things, it is not the ultimate truth. Whatever is not ultimate will not give you the ultimate answer.

Predictions of the future and the future belong to God. The only time He lets the future be predicted is through His Prophets. It is in the form of prophecies. It is done so that when they are fulfilled, man becomes more faithful and realizes God exists.

In the matter of how much choice we have in our life (being co-creator of the Creator) read "Predestination or Choice" at the end of the book Essays II of THOTH.

33- What are the causes of my present sufferings? How can I cure them?

It depends on what kind of sufferings they are. Sufferings, like everything else, can be of three kinds. In this case they can be physical (tama), mental (raja) or spiritual. Of course all these levels are greatly interrelated to one another. However, in a limited sense, you can separate them from one another.

Physical suffering occurs because of the blockages of the energy in the body. This becomes more profound if the body is toxic. Fasting, meditation and a balanced diet greatly helps the cure of the body.

Mental sufferings are related to the unbalances between the psychic centers (chakras). They also occur because of the social pressures. A harmonious environment, good rest, meditation, fasting, prayer, etc, will greatly help. They all will be provided in the Communities of Light.

Spiritual suffering, of course, is the worst. Indeed other sufferings have a spiritual cause. The cause of spiritual suffering is the feeling of being separate from God. This will result in feeling lonely, powerless, and vulnerable. He who feels that God is not with him is vulnerable and is at the mercy of the troubles and problems of the world. He who is above all these trivialities has no problems and experiences no sufferings.

This is the way you can cure your "present sufferings!"

34- I received a copy of The Plan and I feel really blessed to have been given such a work and even more blessed in knowing that I am taking part in this Plan. This first poem I received was in reference to the Communities of Light you speak about:

The cities will be lit, by Loves illumination,

The cities will be built, by mans determination,

Well walk the earth in Gods own light,

Through cities ablaze, both in day and at night,

And as we grow, well make needed changes,

With Maitreya to guide us, as Love rearranges.

(The Greatest Invocation)

1- We pay our salutations to The Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the path of enlightenment. Ignorance is the state of unawareness of the reality behind this universe, and enlightenment is the state of Pure Consciousness.

2- We open our hearts to Your Grace and pray for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the tama guna over our Souls and detaching ourselves from Maya.

3- We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness.

4- In reverence we bow our heads in front of all the Great Souls in the past and those to come who have helped and will help all to understand Your Compassion and Mercy in Your Actions and Creation.

5- We surrender ourselves to You, the Words revealed to us through Your Prophets, and Your Greatest Sign which clarifies the confusion between all.

6- We submit only to You which is Formless, Nameless and Invisible. You in this state unify -- in any other state, humanity will be divided. Also, this will prevent us from surrendering to false prophets and teachers.

7- However, in reverence we bow our heads in front of all the Great Souls who will teach us how to know You and show us the way to be(come) Pure Consciousness, as is the goal.

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