Letters from Baha'i's: Since we have been receiving many emails from many Baha'i's we made a special page for them.

A letter from a young Christian to Maitreya: The new generation of human is indeed on earth, and they are looking for the answers that old and dead religions no longer have. The human is indeed ready for Maitreya and His Message. The harvest is ripe and God's Barn is ready to receive them. May the Most High send many workers who will help this Most Holy Harvest. This letter is not only about Christians. It is about all old religions on earth!

A Reply To A Christian: Many Christians call Maitreya the Antichrist and refuse to learn His teachings, but judge without being the sinless themselves. They refuse to seek, knock and ask. Here is an answer to such a person from a disciple of Maitreya (A Divine).

A Reply to a Confused Person About Our Work And Ben Creme's Work: Many still believe in the work and claims of a new age claimant named Benjamin Creme (BC). He has been promising a Maitreya to come since 1982 and his Maitreya still has not manifested (it is 2001 now). His claims about this Maitreya are not Scriptural and indeed oppose many of the Words of God.

Like John the Baptist who claimed Christ but later was confused who He really was, BC foretold of the time Maitreya would Declare His presence on earth (spring of 1982), but has refused to recognize the only Maitreya who did indeed Declare His presence on earth at that time. It was the Maitreya whose coming has been Prophesied by the Scriptures and whose Teaching is Based on the Words of God, and is the One we represent.

We have been dared: We have been dared to post this email onto our web site. Here it is, including our answer to it!

A Jew seeking the Truth and the meaning of the chapter fourteen of the book of Zechariah: I am a Jew. I am sincerely seeking the truth, waiting and searching for the Messiah to come. Not from the sky as some Christians believe but born again into another man. In my mind he must fulfill all prophecy of the Old Testament, that relates to the coming of the Messiah. It must be in that understanding (terminology). Would you kindly reveal this to me in brief and/or in full in this email, how he does this? I am interested to know.

How does he explain, what is the true meaning of chapter fourteen of the book of Zechariah verse by verse if you may?

Talmud and our teachings: Please can you tell me why there is a slight difference in Cosmology in the literature on the Maitreya web-site, contrasted with that of 'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel'.

What about others who claim that they are the Christ!: Some other people also claim to be The Christ, how about that?

A Scientific mind that has to know and understand the teaching first: Everyone has ideas and opinions. They want Maitreya to listen to them. However, it is the Seventh Angel (Prophet, Major Manifestation, etc.) that has the whole Truth. They should know what He is teaching first before any dialogue can start! This person seems to be one of those who is interested in his own ideas, not of God's. We hope his example helps others to humble themselves and accept God's Guidance and Blessings!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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