Satsangs Given From 1987 Through 1991

These are the Discourses that Maitreya gave in the years from 1987 to 1991.

The Discourses (from 1987 to 1991) contain more than the topics explained below for each. They usually occurred spontaneously and Maitreya covered many topics in each of them. So the topics, usually, reflect what seems to be the most important in each Discourse. If you are looking for an specific topic, you can search the website.

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Explanation of the First and Second Seals: Lecture explaining the First and Second Seals in The Greatest Sign; The evolutionary process. It was given 10/15/89.

Explanation of the Third and Fourth Seals: Lecture explaining the Third and Fourth Seals in The Greatest Sign, and their relationship with the chakras. It was given 10/17/89.

Explanation of the Fifth and Sixth Seals: Lecture explaining the Fifth and Sixth Seals in The Greatest Sign, and their relationship with the chakras. It was given 10/19/89.

Doing The Reminder Three Times A Day: The Reminder (The Great New Invocation - Or: The Greatest Invocation), Why repeat the verses in The Reminder three times a day. It was given 7/3/88.

Baptism: Baptism and Other Topics. It was given 12/27/88.

Communities Of Light 1: Concept of Communities Of Light, The Greatest Sign, etc. It was given 3/4/90.

Communities Of Light 2: Another discourse on Communities Of Light. It was given 12/18/88.

Communities Of Light 3: Third discourse on Communities Of Light. God's Will or your will. It was given 5/29/88.

Discern True Son: How To Discern The True Son Of God; Maitreya among us; Why is it so hard to get to our Goal and why do we have to suffer to reach It?; Tools Maitreya recommends; Are we doing God's Will or our will? It was given 7/16/89.

Discipline: How to create discipline; Does God have a Will for us? It was given 10/25/87.

Dogma: Difference between mind and intelligence; Negative thoughts. It was given 5/21/90.

Education: Education, as it is envisioned by Maitreya, in the Communities Of Light. It was given 7/20/90.

End Of The Old Age: The Signs of the End of An Age; Meaning of the using the Name Of The Lord in vain; Effects of Satsang on a person. It was given 11/15/87.

Escapism: Escapism and the Spiritual Path we follow. It was given 6/23/91.

Eternal Divine Path: How the Practices We Do Help Us In Our Path to Become Divine, and How They Help Us To Follow the Eternal Divine Path. It was given 3/30/91.

Farewell: A Farewell and Commission to two disciples by Maitreya. It was given 1/8/89.

Feel God Deeply: How to feel God Deeply, and why we give spiritual names to people! It was given 3/17/90.

Healing: It was given 5/15/88.

Healing Powers: Use of Healing Powers. It was given 2/5/89.

Hierarchy of Beings: Hierarchy of Beings in someone's life; parents; children. It was given 11/21/87.

Holy Days vs. Holidays: It was given 12/24/88.

Holy Name: Holy Name of the Lord. It was given 6/21/91.

History as Lessons: History and how we can look at it as lessons for humanity. It was given 7/3/91.

Karma: What the Mission means by Karma; how Karma affects our soul. It was given 3/25/90.

The Kingdoms: Three Kingdoms Of Heaven; and the most pressing need of humanity. It was given 10/3/87.

Meditation 1: Can meditation be a form of escapism? It was given 4/17/90.

Meditation 2: Reincarnation; Love; The Best way to meditate; How do we start a Community Of Light?; Is there a possibility to speed up our evolution? It was given 10/8/89.

Not of the World: How to be in the world, but not of it; also The Seal Of Paravipra. It was given 1/17/88.

Passover: Passover and its meanings, etc. It can be read on the first night of the Passover to remind us why we should observe it. It was given 4/9/90.

Prodigal Son: The parable of the prodigal son, what does it mean?; What do I say to someone who asks me, may I see or speak with Maitreya?; False dogma. It was given 4/30/90.

Pure Consciousness: The Goal Of the Life Is To Be(come) Divine (Pure Consciousness); Why has man been with a lower nature?; The power of creative thoughts. It was given 4/22/90.

Purification: Purification of one's life; My burden is light. It was given 3/11/90.

Reincarnation: Reincarnation; Ghosts; Meditation; Dreams; Universal Mind. It was given 10/11/87.

The Reminder: The Reminder (Great New Invocation, done daily); Relationship between ego and the death and/or out of body experiences; Twin Flames and Soul Mates; etc. It was given 12/6/87.
The Reminder is a very POWERFUL spiritual exercise given by Maitreya to humanity. This exercise bring the focus of a person back to the Goal of Life.

Respect: Gaining respect; The Middle Path; How to Guide others; Healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Immortality and Eternity. It was given 8/21/89.

Sabbath: Also Meditating on The Greatest Sign. It was given 1/24/88.

Satsang: What is Satsang? Also, the war between Iran and Iraq; Blasphemy of The Holy Ghost. It was given 11/1/87.

Seal Of Paravipras: The meaning of the Sixth Seal, The Seal Of Paravipras (Sixth Seal). It was given 1/17/88.

Separation from God: Being Separated from God; Fasting; How to quiet the mental chattering in meditation, Can we Love God and at the same time a man or woman? It was given 10/11/89.

Study The Teachings: How studying the teachings, constantly, helps us greatly, and other topics. It was given 7/14/91.

The Temple: The Temple will be built based on The Greatest Sign. The Greatest Sign unifies All and Explains Creation and History under One God. Building of The Temple will bring another great symbol of unity to humanity. It was given 2/7/88.

The Ego: The Ego; The Swastika; Why use the Hebrew symbols instead of the name Jesus?; Our Universal Mantra. It was given 3/12/89.

The Greatest Sign: The Greatest Sign is The Sign revealed to humanity through Maitreya. It reveals the unity of all Religions and Spiritual truth on earth (Universe). It unifies all religions of the world and fulfills the prophecies of a unifying teaching to come. It was given 2/21/88.

Universal Mind: Universal Mind or God. It was given 1/4/89.

Unity: Maitreya explains the difference between the way the Mission brings Unity to all and the others who preach unity; also many other topics. It was given 11/11/90.

Unwanted Thoughts: How to deal with unwanted thoughts and desires. It was given 6/19/89.

What is your Calling!: What is your calling in this life? It was given 8/14/89.

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