Some More Evidence/Sayings That Further Support Our Teachings

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Old Testament was lost completely.


Christ did not Reveal everything, so He could not be the only way.
Christmas, cutting trees and decorating them, etc., are a man's tradition (heathen): God does not approve of them!
Christ followed the Passover.
Christ Initiated the Elects (His Disciples) by Revealing to them The Holy Name of God (The Word).
Christ observed the Sabbath.


Prophet Muhammad did not Reveal everything, so He could not be the last Prophet.
Khatem or Khatam?
There were many versions of the Koran!
There are different Arabic versions even today (if the link does not work!)!
Is Isaiah 29:11 about Prophet Muhammad, if yes then doesn't that make Maitreya a false prophet?
Islam Will Only Cover 1/4th of the earth.

Baha'i Faith:

Bab and Baha'u'llah did not Reveal everything, so another Prophet will come soon after them.
The Baha'i Faith, their symbol originally was a five-pointed star not nine points.

Seventh Angel (Mission):

The whole Truth will be Revealed after the Seventh Angel (Prophet) comes.
Does The Seventh Angel, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Have to Suffer, be Poor, Crucified, etc?


Is He One of the Antichrists or a Messenger from God? (An article written by Maitreya on Mr. Creme and his claims about another Maitreya!)
Bible Codes, Creme and Claims Related to them.


Gandhi believed in all religions.
Edgar Cayce was asked...

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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