Join the Mission

Once a seeker has learned the Mission and is ready to join, it is time for them to become more involved.

The first step in the process of joining the Mission is to Know and accept the Goal of the Life. Be sure that you have seen the Vision of the Mission.

There are several levels (categories) of membership to choose from. However, the fastest way to fully join the Mission is to become a Light Bearer. Those who are called to do so should also make their Covenant with the Mission, God and Maitreya.

After you profess your Covenant, you have to be a tithe-paying supporter for six months before you are accepted as a full member. Paying your monthly tithes is the least any member can do. After that period, we can discuss what further position and/or activities (depending on your talents and Mission needs) you might be willing to do.

All members of the Mission are also contacts for the Mission. Contact people direct others to the website and the Mission.

Some recommendations for new members:

  • Read the pages suggestions to newcomers and how you can assist the Mission and follow these suggestions as much as humanly possible (the more Godly you become, the more often you will attend the services, etc.; indeed, you will crave them).

  • Sign up for our mailing list to receive important updates from the Mission (Holy Day reminders, events, announcements, etc.).

  • If you are on Facebook, join our presence there, especially our group "Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya".If you are not a member of Facebook, we highly recommend you become one and join our activities there, as we are currently using Facebook for much of our outreach, discussion, and fellowship.

  • Join us in our Paltalk room. Our "cyber church" there is active 24 hours a day, broadcasting daily services, previous conversations and Satsangs with Maitreya, readings by disciples, etc. We also hold scheduled live events where we come together from different places on earth to share God's Teachings. We particularly recommend joining us for morning and evening services, THOTH readings, and meditation, as well as for the live discussion "synthesis sessions" held on the first Sunday of each month. For further details, see our schedule of activities. If you subscribe to our mailing list, you will also receive announcements of live events.

We at the Mission of Maitreya wish all who join us a Joyous Journey and a warm welcome Home. Anyone finding his or her way to the Teachings is already on the Right Path!

If you are not yet ready to join but simply would like to learn about the Mission..!

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