Discourses Given From 1999 to 2003

These Discourses (Satsangs) are not edited as well as the Satsangs in the Satsang page (that you might just came from!) They were read only once and corrected in this review (reading). So we might have missed some mistakes and other possible errors; that is why we are asking everyone to let us know of any mistakes they might find in them.

If you found any mistakes, send an email to: correction@maitreya.org and tell us the URL of the Satsang, the paragraph, and the mistake in that paragraph (and what is the correct wording, if needed). We appreciate your help.

Satsangs given in 2003
Satsangs given in 2002
Satsangs given in 2001
Satsangs given in 2000
Satsangs given in 1999

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