Discourses for The Feast Of

Tabernacles 2000 to

Discourses given by Maitreya at our annual gathering of the Feast Of Tabernacles from 1991 to 2000.

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09/23/2005: Listen - FTP site

09/19/2005: Listen - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. The Secret is out! 2. Question: Will we be united in 100 yrs? 3. Education, Implementation, Execution 4. Question: Who are leaders, teachers, supporters? 5. The 3 Incarnations to complete the Mission 6. What is the Miracle of this Mission? 7. Reincarnation is the Truth. 8. Creating the Round Table and the 12 Knights 9. Where is the Holy Grail? 10. Question: Do you think humanity will reach out to space? 11. Everything has been covered


10/02/2004 (Feast - Talent night): Listen - FTP site

10/02/2004 (Feast): Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered: 1. This is not just your Mission but our Mission. 2. How much influence did the Egyptian culture have on Moses? 3. Does Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya have siddhis (special powers)? 4. You said that Esa (Jesus) was not submissive to God, was he taken away from the face of the Earth or to some other part? 5. Do you claim to be God or is it the Consciousness of Christ? 6. When Esa came he didn't come to start a religion he came to bring love and to return to the Father by love. Is this Consciousness of yours something that everybody is going to attain?


09/27/2002 (Feast) (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: We should accept each other and different beliefs by others. Is Allah one of the three of the trinities? Does Raja guna (Holy Ghost) Reveals the Revelations to the Prophets?

09/22/2002 (Feast) (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: What happens to all the crudified consciousnesses that will not have made it by the time the physical universe ends? Will there be a time when all unit consciousnesses reach Pure Consciousness? Is that the goal, to get back to the way it was before that desire arose in the Consciousness? How come when you reach Pure Consciousness you are not able to explain the unexplainable? What would you say to an atheist, what is the way to raise your consciousness? I was wondering if all those creation like those we see with the Hubble telescope are not just in our minds and just not Maya?


10/07/2001 (Feast) (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Can you explain what the Mission is? - God said, Thou shalt not kill, but in Samuel 25, God said, Smite them. - In the beginning verses of THOTH, in which it says, The Word became flesh and God projected the Universal Mind, did the unit mind become a unit consciousness and then walked the Eternal Divine Path? If so, did the Universal Mind cease to exist for God to use it? - Esa said, What I do all men shall do and greater things than this shall he do. How can we do the same things that he did? - You mentioned 2017, is that when everyone will accept the Message? - What was man like before the creation of man in this present state 12,000 years ago? - In Genesis 49:10 where He says about, The scepter shall not depart from Judah,until Shiloh comes. I am wondering, those learned individuals who read the Scriptures, how come they did not see that one?

10/05/2001 (Feast) (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Is someone channeling Maitreya? - What part of The Revelation does Maitreya fulfill? - How does one sing your mantra? - What about Sant-Mat? Is that a good path? - Could you speak about the tools, and how it will happen that the beast will be taken away so that the tools that make the people fall into Maya will be taken away from them?


09/17/2000: (Feast - talent show night): Mostly conversations!

09/15/2000: Some conversations and then questions: I was thinking about what has been prophesied for this Revelation in terms of persecution. I do not think it has been prophesied that there would be a lot of persecution for belief in this. Maybe that is the reason it was revealed in a country where freedom of religion is allowed. I have a question on this topic. It talks about in THOTH that when two people get married and they merge with their other parts and they become one. They find what was lost way in the beginning. But it also talks about like if you are a renunciate or a sannyasin, that eventually you come to a point where you merge with your other part. I am wondering about that. Does that mean that as you progress so much spiritually, even if you are on your own, eventually you just come into that fullness, that you feel really complete? I was just wondering about the Sannyasin part, how they merge. In THOTH, in The Holiest Book, the first step is to meditate and awaken the spiritual forces. It suggests that we meditate on the power of the tama guna over our Souls. How exactly would we go about doing that?

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