More About the Mission Of Maitreya

1. When did the Mission Of Maitreya (Mission) start?
2. Who started the Mission Of Maitreya (MOM)?
3. What is the Goal of the MOM?
4. Who can join the Mission?
5. How to join the Mission?
6. Is there any initiation in the Mission Of Maitreya?
7. What is expected from the members?
8. How much does it cost?
9. Does Maitreya take all the money?
10. How are the finances handled?
11. Is there any special book or Scripture to follow?
12. Is Mission a non-profit organization under 501-C3?
13. What is a Community Of Light (COL)?
14. How to start a COL?
15. How are the finances handled in the COL?
16. Can families join the COL?
17. Can singles join the COL?

A1 –  After Maitreya received the name Maitreya, he started receiving his revelations from 1977 to 1982. He wrote them down and published them in 1982.
A2 –  Maitreya started the Mission in 1977. He has been teaching this Message since 1982. We have THOTH in all the continents of the earth and many people are aware of our presence on earth.
A3 –  The goal of the life, according to our teachings, is "To Be(come) Divine." The fastest way to accomplish this is to follow the Eternal Divine Path (EDP). The EDP is the five steps in The Greatest Sign. The Greatest Sign (GS) is the visual manifestation of our teachings. It is through the GS and EDP that one can create COLs. COLs are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth. It is the path to salvation of humanity, physically, mentally, spiritually, individually and collectively.
A4 –  In reality there is no one who is not in the Mission. Therefore it is open to everyone who is sincere and realizes the beauty of our teaching.
A5The only requirement to join the Mission of Maitreya is to acknowledge that The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine (Haree Om Shrii Hung), that Divinity (God) is Everything (Om Nam Kevalam). This mantra is our universal mantra that is called the HOSH mantra. Anyone can give it to anyone else to meditate on. After this preliminary acknowledgement, it depends on how far you want to go in this process. You can stop there, or join the Mission formally. If you join the Mission further, you will be more involved in the Mission and what it is trying to accomplish. For more detail go to the Join us page!
A6 –  Yes, there are seven levels of initiation in the Mission. The first level is the use of our universal mantra (Haree Om Shrii Hung Om Nam Kevalam, or HOSH mantra). The second is the introductory initiation. The next four levels are the initiation to the four parts of The Holy Name. And the Seventh level is the Highest initiation to the Mission!
A7 –  If you just use our universal mantra, it is absolutely up to you how far you want to go in understanding and helping the Mission. If you formally join the Mission and are initiated, then you will be more obligated toward the Mission.
A8 –  When you join the Mission formally, the minimum requirement is the financial help of 10% of your gross income (tithe). This is the least commitment you pledge to the Mission. Anything more than that is your own decision to pledge or offer. Since we are looking for the most dedicated and those who have been born to help the Mission, we hope to attract very dedicated people to the Mission. If you are only interested to know the Mission and meditate on the HOSH mantra, there are no obligations. Whatever efforts you would put into the Mission, in this level, is voluntary.
A9 –  Maitreya takes no money whatsoever from anything that comes to the Mission.
A10 –  The finances are handled with the collective decisions made by the board of directors. The expenses are handled by the secretary.
A11 –  Yes, our Scripture is called the The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. It consists of eighteen books plus a glossary. It explains many things, including the Eternal Divine Path, in detail.
A12 –  Yes.
A13 –  COLs are the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path (EDP) and The Greatest Sign (GS). The GS reveals the EDP. The EDP is a path. In order to reap the benefits of it, you have to walk it. The Mission does not have any dogma. It is a path.
A14 –  You join the Mission and become a contact person, wherever you are. By reaching out and attracting others to these teachings, you eventually can start a COL where you live. The more COLs we create, the sooner His Kingdom will come on earth!
A15 –  From the 10% tithes that we receive from our members and/or the COLs, 7% will be sent to the Mission (Center) and 3% will be used for the community. After that, each community decides how they want to set their financial situation.
A16 –  That is the mode we recommend mostly for the Communities Of Light. Families consist of married couples. Married couples and the COLs are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Destroy the family, and you will destroy a society!
A17 –  Yes. We, however, recommend abstinence until marriage. We also recommend young people to make a life-long decision about their sexuality early in life. If they decided to live a life of celibacy, they should become a renunciate (sannyasins, like nuns but more active in the world!). If they decide to marry, they should do it as early in their life as possible. Married couples become the stabilizing force in the community. The renunciates should become the spiritual force behind the community. Both should follow the Eternal Divine Path and help the communities in their own capacity. Both are an essential part of a good (God) community. For more detail about the COLs, read 1, 2 ,3.

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