The Holiest Of The Holies
The Last Testament

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O, Son Of Man

M THE HOLIEST: The section THE HOLIEST consists of the first twelve books. It is primarily about creation and history. These books explain how God has directed the human and his history for the last 12,000 years. They also cover many other things that had happened in the past and a few things of the future. The essence of this section is the revelation and explanation of the Eternal Divine Path.

THE HOLIEST BOOK: The first book in THE HOLIEST, which contains the basic teachings from which the rest of THOTH has been derived. This is the only book in THOTH which has been divided into seven subsections as Holiest One to Seven.

THE BASE: The base of Maitreya's teachings.

CHILDREN OF ABRAM (ABRAHAM), "ALL PROPHECIES ARE FULFILLED": An explanation of the historical events of the Children of Abram (Abraham), how all promises given to them are fulfilled, and other revealing points.

THE HOUSE OF JUDAH (JEWS): An explanation of the historical events of the Jews and how they have been chosen as an example for humanity to observe.

CREATION AND HISTORY: An explanation of how creation occurred, and history from a spiritual and historical point of view.

ALL ARE LESSONS TO LEARN, NOT TO ARGUE, BUT REJOICE: A brief explanation that the teachings of Maitreya and whatever happened, is happening, or will happen are all lessons. They are not to argue about and create division within humanity, but to learn the lesson and rejoice in the bliss of progressing to Him.

COMMENTARIES ON ST. MATTHEW (Chapters 1-23): A commentary on the first twenty-three chapters of the gospel according to Saint Matthew and their relationship to the rest of the teachings.

SAINT JOHN (EXPLAINED) (Chapters 1-4): A commentary on the first four chapters of the gospel according to Saint John and their relationship to the rest of the teachings.

READINGS (THE KORAN): An explanation of many verses in the Koran, topics related to these verses, many revealing points, and the relationship of the verses to the rest of Maitreya's teachings.

UNIVERSE AND MAN: A brief explanation of the structure of the universe and its relationship with man.

REVELATION OF THE REVELATION: A complete revelation of the meaning of the whole book The Revelation (the last book in the Bible).


This is the essence of Maitreya's teaching and a more in-depth explanation of the Eternal Divine Path. This book emphasizes that the teaching is not a dogmatic one, but a practical path to salvation and freedom from bondage and narrowness of the mind.

M KINGDOM: This section contains three books which explain how human social systems have been guided by Divine Will for the last twelve thousand years. Now a system is given so that the human might manifest His Kingdom (Will) on earth.

COMMENTARIES ON PROPHECIES IN DANIEL, "Period Of Intellectual Domination": The meanings of the four important dreams and visions in the book of Daniel and their relationships with the events in our time and soon to come.

THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH: Reveals how, through a unique set-up, God has been guiding humanity through the last six thousand years of history, and why man has no choice but to follow Him.

MOUNT ZION AND ZION, AND EXPLANATION OF THE SYSTEM: The true symbolic meanings of Mount Zion and Zion, and the explanation of the system for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

M ESSAYS: There are three books of ESSAYS. They are called Essays 1, 2, and 3. In these three books, Maitreya covers many topics. They show how the future societies should follow these recommendations for greater unity, peace, and prosperity.

ESSAYS 1: Short essays on family, society, education, world and other topics.

ESSAYS 2: Continuation of Essays 1.

ESSAYS 3: Recommendations, guides, and rules given by Maitreya to help an aspirant in his spiritual progress.

M Supplements:The last book in our Scripture, THOTH. It is an open-ended book, while Maitreya is alive, so Maitreya can add to it if a clarification, new revelation, etc. is needed to be added to THOTH. In any new edition there might be some changes in this book.

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