THOTH Children Of Abram (Abraham)...

Children of Abram (Abraham)
"All Prophecies Are Fulfilled"


Tablet One (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
SECTION I (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

The earth is divided (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Abram is chosen as the father of the Hebrews (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
A promise is given about Abram's seed (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
This promise is given for Ishmael (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Two (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

The name of Abram is changed to Abraham and new promises are given for his new son, Isaac (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Three (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Abraham is tested by the Lord (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Four (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Promises given to Abraham are repeated to Isaac (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Esau sells his birthright to Jacob (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Jacob receives the blessing of Isaac instead of Esau (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Promises are repeated to Jacob (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Jacob's name becomes Israel, a new promise is given to him, and the old promises are repeated (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Two sons of Joseph's become Israel's (Jacob's) (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Israel blesses Ephraim and Manasseh, and prefers Ephraim over Manasseh (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Five (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Israel separates the spiritual promises (the scepter) from the material promises (birthright) and gives them to two of his sons (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Six(Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

The Children of Israel reject God as their King (Children of Abram (Abraham)...) The meaning of the Star of David (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Seven (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Jews become separated from the House of Israel. Jews are the House of Judah (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Prophets predict the fall of the House of Israel and the Jews (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Many of the House of Israel leave their country even before the attack of the Assyrians (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The House of Israel is captured by the Assyrians (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The House of Judah (Jews) falls also (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Eight (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Jews return to their land. The House of Israel apparently never returns (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The ten lost tribes are the House of Israel (Samarian, or Ephraim) (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Nine (Children of Abram (Abraham)...) (with Audio)
SECTION II (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Fulfillment of the "birthright" (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The nation is the United Kingdom (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
America is the company of nations (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The promise was unconditional (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Ten (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
SECTION III (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Fulfillment of the promise of the scepter (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Prophecies of the coming of the Messiah (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The Messiah comes (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The promise of the "scepter" to Judah is fulfilled (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Christ "gathered the people" (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Eleven (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
(with Audio)

The meaning of the teachings of Christ and the cross (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)) (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The promises to Israel are fulfilled (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Twelve (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
(with Audio)
SECTION IV (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Promise of spiritual blessing also was given to Ishmael (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Akashic Records (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Readings (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Koran means "readings" (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
What the Koran says about the future of Abram's seed, Ishmael (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
It is also revealed in The Revelation (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Thirteen (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
(with Audio)
SECTION V (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

All promises given to Abram's and Abraham's seed are fulfilled (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The spiritual truth was finished by Prophet Muhammad (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Fourteen (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

The next Prophet did not come from the children of Abram or Abraham (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
God is no longer obligated to any special people (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
All earthly powers will be humbled (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Fifteen (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

The Elected Ones are not a race(Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
His Will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Sixteen (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

APPENDIX (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Seventeen (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

THE USE OF THE POWER (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
The people who created the foundation of the United States were evolved beings (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
Explanation of the obverse side of The Seal of the United States (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Tablet Eighteen (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)

Explanation of the reverse side of the seal (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)
To be chosen does not mean to be greater (Children of Abram (Abraham)...)


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