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read the paragraph below very carefully

I represent the Spirit, God. So does The Greatest Sign and THOTH. Therefore, remember the Spirit behind the Mission and our work. Anything given is to realize this Spirit. So do not let the appearances (manifestations), such as my picture (or physical body) deter you from the purpose. They are provided to you:

Whoever Knows me (my Spirit) Knows the Father (Who Is Spirit)

And Whoever Knows the Father Knows me


Maitreya's picture taken in 1982
Maitreya coming in the clouds (confusion)
In His chair [Close, Closer, Closest], On the Throne!

Thus Speaks Maitreya
See and hear Maitreya
(Now all can see Him and Hear Him!)


No one knows the Truth until the Seventh Angel comes, neither in the past...,


To hear much longer videos of Maitreya:

Mission of Maitreya YouTube Page


Discourses Given By Maitreya:
audios and audios from the Feast
(go to each individual Discourse to hear the audios),
videos (click on the year and date you want)


Discourses by Maitreya playing on Paltalk, informal
conversations with Maitreya, Maitreya, Calling Elects!


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