Golden Keys: A series of booklets which contain questions from many people and answers by Maitreya. Each of these questions and answers are like a Golden Key that opens a door to a greater understanding of Him and His teachings. This is the seventh in the series.

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Each of these booklets contain answers given by Maitreya or approved by Him to questions which were asked in the letters He received from many (Note: the questions in Golden Keys 7 are mostly from emails). Each question and its answer is like a little Golden Key to unlock the meanings of His Mission and teachings a little further. The questions are separated into categories. After the question and answer, there may be a reference to the books in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament or The Plan, the main writings of Maitreya. We hope these booklets answer all questions you might have. If not, you can further search for answers in our website. If your questions have still not been answered, please send them to the Mission. You will receive answers that are either directly from Maitreya or have been reviewed by Him. We may use answers that are not a repetition in new Golden Keys in the future.

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Dedicated: To the Essence

In Each Man and Woman

Which Knows No Race, Religion or Creed.




1- I watched an old documentary about Absolute Zero in physics.

In the last half of the program, I became increasingly fascinated and stunned as they talked about what happens as we approach the temperature of Absolute Zero or PERFECT STILLNESS.

They arrived at a point a few millionths of a degree above Absolute Zero where atoms of various elements would turn into an entirely different state of matter, lose their identities, and seem to overlap and assume a oneness while still remaining unique.

One of the scientists said that this made him joyfully stunned and yet uncomfortably confused. The atoms seemed to be so aligned that they were in one place but also everywhere at once.

They have achieved the level of one billionth of one degree above Absolute Zero. But they feel that they can never achieve actual Absolute Zero... "Be still and Know that I am God," it is actually a true statement!

What IS a Boze-Einstein-Condensate?

All the things you explained above support our teachings that the ultimate realization is Oneness with God (In Stillness). However, as our teachings reveal and scientists are also discovering, God does not want them to reach this state (He will spue them out), as in this state there is no mind and/or explanation. It has to be experienced.

If they ever could reach that state, they would not know what happened to the materials they experimented on, because that matter would be scattered all over the universe and One with it (beyond human perception and mind). So they are right: They never can achieve the Absolute Zero because even if they do they will not be able to know what happened and/or explain it!

The implications of these new discoveries will result in the science called Metatronic Science that the Mission advocates. It is Science based on Spirit. Indeed God has already given the way to use science to explain the universe. As you mentioned, one of them is: Be Still...!

The Bose-Einstein-Condensate theory espouses the same idea: That as matter is heated it eventually loses its identity and is present in all places at once. It becomes One!

2- Where do new souls come from? The total population of the world is steadily increasing at all times.

There are infinite (very huge) numbers of souls in the manifested universe. What we have on earth is a "drop in the bucket" compared with what is in the universe. So it is not surprising that the population will increase and still there will be souls who are waiting to be incarnated. Being in the body is a rare opportunity for each soul. It is in the body that a soul can advance to grow in Spirit toward God (Oneness).

3- I have been reading THOTH again. "He" and "They" are used interchangeably in Scriptures when referring to God, and this can be confusing. Is God "He" or "They" or both?

Is God The Supreme Consciousness (FINE) and the three creative forces of (G) Gabriel, (O) Michael, and (D) Lucifer who cannot be separated? Is "They" used when referring to all four, and "He" when referring to the Supreme Consciousness?

When we say thanks to GOD, are we thanking the Supreme Consciousness, or all four?

I have been contemplating that GOD is the Supreme Consciousness and three gunas which cannot be separated from Him, the Eldest and the Elders like the top of Mount Zion.

About the question you are asking, it has been said: If all the materials that can be used to make pens are made into pens, and all the liquid in the universe is made ink, if you write about God using all these pens and ink, when all the pens are broken, and all the ink is dried, you have not even started to begin to explain God. That is why we say God is an experience, not an explanation!

I can give you some pointers to satisfy your intellectual curiosity. However, do not expect a clear answer:

God in the Highest state is Complete, without beginning or end (there goes the intellectual logic and curiosity, how can that be explained!). In this state S/He has no concern for the external world (creation). It is Self-Contained and Complete! This state has to be Experienced to be Understood. Nothing can explain it. Infinity/Eternity, etc. is only Understood when it is Experienced!

In the concerned state for the external world, He is God the Father (Pure Consciousness) and God the Mother (Creative Force, Prakrti, Three Gunas). In this state God is Father/Mother God (They). However, they are inseparable (One). Although you can Call It, Them, it is an illusion to think this way as they are Ever One. So when you thank God, you thank Them/One (S/He). See how confusing it is becoming already? It is like trying to separate the two sides of a sheet of paper. Even if you cut the two sides of the paper and separate them, there still will be two sides of the paper no matter how thin you cut the paper!

This delusion of trying to explain God is one reason for the separation/confusion between religions and humans. One religion says God is three (Father - Consciousness, Mother - Holy Ghost - Creative Forces, and the Son - The Messiah). Another religion says that God is One, not three. Another religion says there are many gods (God's attributes in the manifested world). The interesting thing is that they all are right and at the same time wrong. In the Highest state there is no mind to even question His validity. In that state you are One.

I know this is not what you want to hear (does not answer your question). But that is how it is: God Cannot Be Explained intellectually. It has to be Experienced. You can try to explain Him/Her/It, but I can tell you beforehand: You Will Fail.


1- I have looked on your website and cannot as yet find the answer to my question: When and how will Esa appear on earth or is he Maitreya?

It clearly says in the Bible (The Revelation) that God will send seven religions. The Prophet of all of them, and any other time God desires a Major Prophet to come, is the Spirit of God who is reincarnated as that Prophet. Christ was the Spirit of God (One with God - The Father and I are One, as Christ declared). Prophet Muhammad (who also had the Spirit of God come through Him) said, Listen to the Prophet; whatever He says is Me saying it. In other words: The Father and I are One. So, not only was Christ the First Begotten Son of God, so was Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, etc. That is why the same Spirit has now come back to earth as Maitreya. So Maitreya is also Christ, a Prophet, Major Manifestation, etc.

We hope this answers your question. If you have another question, do not hesitate to ask. The best way to learn the teachings, however, is to read them in the website and find answers to your questions by yourself, as these and many other Truths have been revealed there. The answers there are repeated over and over again and they are answered in a much deeper level.

2- Is this Maitreya for real? I have only stumbled across his site, other than that I have never heard of him. He is not in the news and there is nothing of any sort to show that he is real, other than what a small group has on the web.

It is great that you have eventually heard of Him. Being small and not being in the news is a part of the Prophecy of the coming of this Revelation. The first lifetime will be the life of the thief of the night (quiet existence with few people around Him). This first life is the life of Revelation, the next is the life of Implementation (spreading the Mission to humanity), and the third is the Life of Execution: Three lifetimes that Hindus are expecting for the Kalki Avatar to finish His Work (Mission)!

3- What kind of life is Maitreya living? Is it renunciate life or family life?

The direct answer to your question is, Maitreya lives as a family man.

There are Godly qualities in both the family life and the renunciate life. Both can and do serve as important aspects or tools for Communities. While they are vastly different, neither is more important than the other.

Where the importance comes in, is in each individual. Some may come into this life without their soulmate being incarnated. In this case, they may choose the renunciate life and be a Light unto God for all.

For those who find their soulmate and decide to live the family life, they have an important task as well. This task is to guide their children to God and for them to become strong members in the Community. So each of these paths is important to the Community and fulfills an important role.

It is up to each person to determine which path is correct for them. To find that answer, it is advisable that one goes to God in meditation with that question and lets God reveal the answer to them. May I also suggest that you read in THOTH the two essays that describe these separate paths. The essay "Virtues of Marriage" is in Essays 1, Tablet 7, and the essay "Renunciates (Sannyasins)" is in Essays 2, Tablet 4.

This decision should not be made quickly, but if one knows himself, that will allow him to know God better, and the answer will be more easily understood and accepted. This decision cannot be made by others. As we can see in any walk of life, if one does not follow their Dharma, then the results are not always the best.

4- I just watched a speech of Maitreya's and was very moved. One of the things He said that resonated most with me was that Christ didn't say how many times He would return. Does Maitreya believe He is the last Prophet or does He say more will come?

That is right; Christ never said how many times He would return! However, God does. In The Revelation, the last book of the Bible, God talks about the Seven Angels, Seven Churches, and Seven Seals. Angel is a symbolic term for Messenger/Prophet/Messiah. The Seven Churches are the teachings and purpose of the religions brought by the Prophets. The Seven Seals are the steps and parts of the Plan of God necessary to finish His Mystery (Revelation 10:7).

It is God who says the Seventh Angel will finish His Plan and no more Revelations will be brought after Him. However, in order to actually implement the Plan over a period of time, more minor Prophets may come to continue the process, correct any misconceptions of humanity, and eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE). This means that humanity, society, and cultures will all be turned around from where they are now to accepting and following the Eternal Divine Path.

As we can see with all the turmoil, war, and division on earth now, it makes sense that more time will be necessary for this to happen. If everyone on earth stops what they are doing and accepts God's Way, it could happen immediately.

5- Reincarnation is truth, and you are Adam. Then who is Abel, and who is Cain?

Most probably Abel is the son who was incarnated as my son in many lifetimes and later on I was incarnated as his son. He has been born as my son many times and I have been born as his many times!

Isaac was the son of Abram (Abraham), and Jacob, Isaac's son, was the reincarnation of Abram (Abraham). In that lifetime I had a brother (Esau) who had red hair on his body. Esau sold his Birthright to Jacob and lost the Blessing of his father (Scepter) to Jacob. Could Esau have been the same as Cain?

In this life I also had a brother who was wild, with red hair all over his body. Although we were very close to each other in childhood and in teen years, later on he manifested much hostility toward me. Could he be Esau?

These things are interesting to speculate on, but only God Knows the real Truth of these things!

6- My heart and mind rejoiced at reading and studying the literature you mailed on The Master Plan for Planet Earth (MAP) and The Light. As to The Light booklet, I saw myself and others who need to explore and meditate more on our role as individual souls, "In a Community of Light," (page 2) for Master can only do so much, I believe, to inspire and awaken our souls and minds. Much still needs to be done by us on an individual basis.

I refer now to part I, page 2, line 4 of The Light and have been working on myself to help Master. From experience, I have been enabled to recognize the workings of my "Dweller On The Threshold" personality as the lower nature of mind and as the cause of division and separation. May I humbly recommend that Share International...

We are pleased that you see the beauty and necessity of God's Plan for humanity and are willing to speak with others about these teachings.

Unfortunately, it seems that you might be combining the teachings of another with those of God's Prophet. What I mean by this is that MAP and The Light are from the Mission of Maitreya. Share International is not a part of our outreach program. Actually, we have tried to reach out to them and explain how God always sends His Prophets as humans that are in the flesh, not as entities that overshadow others.

While they (Share International) state they are working for the true Maitreya, this is not the case. As it states in Scripture (Bible KJV, Matthew 24:5):

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

  Christ also stated in Matthew 24:24:

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

So, as stated above, there will be many who proclaim things falsely. How do we determine who is the true Maitreya, the true Christ? Fortunately, Christ told us how to know the true Christ in the future. It is found again in Matthew, chapter 23, verse 39:

For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.

So this tells us that we will know who the true Christ is because He will come in the Name of the Lord. Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya does come in the Name of the Lord. Does Share International proclaim to know the Name of the Lord? This is not the only evidence that supports Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya. He has also fulfilled prophecies of His coming. Mr. Creme and the Maitreya he represents have not fulfilled any prophecies.

God gave humanity prophecies so that we can clearly see who is of Him and who is not. God did this because He knew that man would try and make claims for himself to be His Messenger/Christ. However, God chooses whom He Wills. Just as He chose David to be the King for the Hebrews, God chooses them for what is in their hearts and souls, not what is seen or thought of by humanity to be the correct way.

I hope this clarifies the issue between the Maitreya we represent and Mr. Creme's group. We are here to answer any questions that you might have, and hope to hear from you soon and often. If you feel confusion in regards to the differences between us and Share International, please see our website and read the prophecies that were fulfilled by the Maitreya we represent and what Maitreya has revealed to humanity from God. Please keep in mind that this website mentioned above is not the same as what Mr. Creme and Share International teach. For proof of this for yourself, try to order The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament from the Share International site. Actually, this is exactly what some people did in order to prove that Share International has not opened the Seven Seals, has not revealed the Revelation that was Promised by God, etc.

Now that we know that you thought we are Share International, since you have sent us a donation, we feel that it is best for you to let us know if you would like your donation returned to you or if you wish for us to keep it. (Note: the funds were eventually returned to him.)

As always, if you have questions, please send us an email.

7- Your answer to a question about the Maitreya of Share International has concerned me for the last week:

I do not believe that Benjamin Creme is the John the Baptist who did not recognize you. He found the Maitreya he was looking for in the 1970's, and I believe you had indeed properly identified his Maitreya as the Antichrist. He has an NGO organization that reports to the UN.

What I will also share with you is that his religion is based upon Theosophy and the original teachings and writings of Helena Blavatsky (Isis: Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine) and Alice Bailey (The Externalization of the Hierarchy) during the late 1800s and early 1900s. I was not able to find the exact quote, but Alice Bailey has stated in the past that all Christians and Jews must be killed for humanity to advance. She had many anti-Christian and Jewish writings over the years. They predicted the Maitreya of Share International, and it was these teachings that led me to the Maitreya of Share International, and eventually to you.

To me, Mr. Creme seems to be a confused man who realized the coming of the Christ, as John did. Like John, he has his own ideas and so is not recognizing the Christ. However, you say that Mr. Creme has already found his Maitreya. I have not seen any evidence of this besides for the claims of light shows, handprints, a made-up story of his appearance, etc., which can easily be fabricated and/or created with photographic and video technology (special effects, etc.). If ever I see that Mr. Creme's Maitreya is real, then I am with you and we indeed have a fight on our hands, because what he (Mr. Creme) is saying is not based on the Scriptures and so they are on the other side of the Truth.

If what you say is true and there is another Maitreya who is hidden somewhere, then I have to believe in the devil, which so far I have not believed such a thing exists. I have always seen a battle between God (Good) and Maya (Evil), not the devil as a being. So it is easier for me to see Mr. Creme as a misguided and lost soul than as the agent of a real being that is standing against me. However, I have changed my mind before when I was convinced otherwise. So if someone convinces me that this is the way, I will accept it. I did not consider Prophecies as very strong proof, as I believed that the Teaching alone is enough evidence of Its Truth. I accepted my position based on the Truth I received; the Prophecies came later. I did not believe in genealogy; now I do.

Is there a real devil? I know that God said the devil will send his agent to destroy me. If that is referring to a real being, then let the show begin, as I know I will be victorious as it is predicted in the Scriptures and I accept that the Words of God will come True. There is no doubt in my mind that the ethereal hierarchy (brotherhood) is fallen. They are fallen angels. Are they the agents of the devil? If they are, then so be it.

If I am convinced that such is the case, then I will start the preparation for the final showdown and call upon the Elects to start their process of preparation for this finality!

8- Is Maitreya concerned at all with the prophecy that after 1,000 years of peace, the devil will be released one last time to torment and terrorize the world?

Why should He be concerned? God eventually will be the Victor and that is what counts!

9- I've heard that Maitreya is both the best thing that will ever happen to the world, and the worst thing that will ever happen to the world.

This Revelation, from the Mission of Maitreya, is the Best thing that has happened to the world since 12,000 years ago. Other Maitreyas, we leave them to God, and what they will do is not from God. They are in ego trips, and that will bring suffering to them and all who follow them!

Therefore, for those who have prepared themselves for the Last Supper (End Time), Maitreya is the Best thing that has happened to the world. For those who have not prepared themselves and are deceived, He is the....


1- Now that I have started to read the teachings that Maitreya has brought, I am left to ponder, did He write these things down, or did a scribe do it for Him? Is there a way to meet Maitreya? This is very exciting material!

Maitreya wrote all this down with His own hand. Maitreya is the only Prophet throughout history (His story) that wrote down His own teachings, published them widely (including on the Internet), supervised them, and perfected them to the Ultimate Manifestation. This is truly a great time, in that we are not left to wonder if all was written correctly or if something else was added.

You may wish to join us in PalTalk ( to listen and learn more of what Maitreya has taught through these last 30 years. For more information on how to join us there, you can read this page. Also, almost any question that you may have has been answered in the teachings on the website.

As for personally meeting Maitreya, it is reserved for those who come closer to the Mission and learn these teachings. While several have desired a meeting with Him, not all of them have desired to learn the teachings and dedicate themselves to the Mission.

2- I would really like to sit down and go through the webpage thoroughly so that I can fully understand the teachings of this "Prophet." I'll read on. I'll email you for guidance if I need any.

We have been answering many questions for more than 30 years which are all in the website. So we have a wealth of knowledge and help available in the website. Use the search engine provided for any questions you might have. You might be amazed at how many of your questions are already answered.

We are here to help all sincere seekers. We would have no problem helping you in any way we can.

3- Is there a heaven/paradise?

Heaven and Hell are Here and Now! They are states of Consciousness. If you are in your lower nature, you are already in Hell. If you are in your Higher Self, you are in Heaven!

4- Is there a hell? If yes, does that mean certain evil souls are destroyed and not reincarnated? If no, why did Jesus spend so much time talking about hell?

At that time, and even for many at this time, the concept of a Hell as a place is much easier to understand than it being a state of Consciousness. That is why most religions up to this point used the easier way to explain it. Christ (Esa, his name never was Jesus) was not an exception!

5- Is "the bottomless pit" a spiritual jail, the actual center of the Earth, a black hole, or a fairy tale?

It is the lower nature of man and what it brings to him (attachments, desires, temptation, self-centeredness, etc.).

6- The souls who followed the religions prior to the opening of the Seals and who did not know the whole truth, will they reincarnate to get a chance to accept the Teaching?

Everyone will have a chance to hear the Eternal Divine Path and our Teachings at least once. That is why when you talk about the Mission and the Eternal Divine Path, and you tell someone about it and you direct them to the website, they are Called and they are informed of this Revelation. If they do not accept it, we are done with them and it is between them and God.

Would they be reincarnated and hear it again? It depends upon their karma, their understanding, and their level of progress. If there is a chance that if they are incarnated next time they might understand it deeper and join the last Revelation of God, they might be reincarnated. But if they are so far off and fallen that there is no hope for them, probably they will not be.

After around three incarnations of Maitreya (about 200 years from the beginning of this Revelation), those who are incarnated will mostly be the ones who have already heard the Message, accepted it, and are a part of it. So God is working in many levels for this Mission. As we can see, humanity is lost, they are not really looking for truth, and they are not even following their Scriptures. When someone mentions the Communities of Light, they think we are talking about communism, which has nothing to do with our teachings. In the Communities of Light, there is private ownership of wealth, and that is not communism; communism does not have any private ownership. Therefore, they are absolutely incorrect in saying that. They are so adamant not to listen to anyone and they are so lost; what is God going to do with them? If they are not going to listen and join, they are not going to come back even after a few more chances God might give to them.

The tribulation is coming; the awakening of the human is coming. They have to realize that their power, their understanding, their wealth, their progress, and their life all come from the Source, from God. When He withdraws His Grace, through history it has been shown that those powers, those amazing things they could do before, are not possible anymore. They should all become humble and come to God and accept His Ways. If they do not, they will not be born for a thousand years, and in those thousand years this system will establish itself and become the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE), and Heaven will be on earth.

So to answer your question: God might give them another chance if there is hope for them, but eventually if they do not understand it, they will be cut off for many billions of years before the next creation, when God decides to go through the same process again. After many, many creations, hopefully everyone will go back to the Essence.

7a- I have been chatting about Maitreya at a 24-hour forum and have run into some questions. Can you help me?

It wasn't really a question, but at one point I posted almost the whole Satsang, 10/5/93 (Baha'i, Fifth Seal). The person must have read it all because he pointed out a part at the end of the Satsang that I have pasted below:

He [Bab] said, Everyone denounce me, but I will not denounce myself.

The person said it was, "made up", i.e., Maitreya made it up. This person said that he has numerous experts who read right from the Bab's own handwriting and his experts say that Bab did not ever say to denounce him. So my question is: Where does the quote come from?

The quote is not from the Bayan (or Bab's handwriting). It is a historical fact that at the end when they were going to kill Him, He said that. You can find this fact in the history about Bab. It might not be an exact quote but it is the truth that He said this (or something very close to this). You might even find the exact quote in the book below:

AUTHOR: Miller, William McElwee

TITLE: The Baha'i Faith: Its History and Teachings

PUBLISHER: South Pasadena, California, William Carey Library [1974]


In this book also it is clearly shown the turbulent history of the Babi/Azali/Baha'i Faith.

Bab knew His followers were going to be persecuted and killed (Revelation 6:11). It is even scriptural that the Baha'i religion will not be perfect (Revelation 3:2). Bab could not denounce the Truth Himself but also did not wish His followers to be killed, as He Himself was going to be. He was telling them to just live, keep the Teaching going, and denounce Him if it was necessary. It stands to reason that if all His followers were killed at that time, the Teaching would not have been able to spread to the West and throughout the world.

What Baha'i's have to see and realize (as all the other religions do also) is their place in God's Plan and that Baha'u'llah did change many things in order for the Faith to continue and come to the West, and also it was not perfect. Logic stands that something which is not perfect cannot be the final Word of God.


7b- My second question is related to the same forum but a different person. Someone has asked me to ask Maitreya this (I tell everyone to go to the website though):

Is the 1,000 years that Baha'u'llah mentions, "Whoso layeth claim to a Revelation direct from God, ere the expiration of a full thousand years...", is this the same 1,000 years as in the Bible, "And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season..."? I would think that it is.

Yes, the same 1,000 years is prophesied in The Revelation as the time when the sundered ones will not incarnate. A temporary KOHOE will be established for the duration of 1,000 years. Again, because Baha'i's think their religion represents the latest Major Manifestation and is Perfect, they think the 1,000 year time frame is related to Baha'u'llah. It cannot be because He was not the Seventh Angel. So, the 1,000 year prophecy is related to the time after the Seventh Angel when the Plan is done/finished.

Also, in the case of Baha'i's, God said the Final Revelation would come a short time after Bab and Baha'u'llah's Revelation (read the explanation of the Fifth Seal in Revelation of The Revelation in THOTH). Therefore, there cannot be a 1,000 year period after these twin Prophets, as their followers believe.

After the 1,000 years, those souls who were prevented from being reincarnated will be allowed to reincarnate in the world again and will have another chance to progress to the goal (Pure Consciousness). However, many of them will fall and so humanity will also fall with them for a short period of time while this happens. Then Maitreya shall return again, and it will be the time of the final sundering. Those refusing to follow God will be cast to the lake of fire until the next generation/creation to come (Revelation 20:15).

The Kingdom of God will be established on earth as it is in Heaven!

8- Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have one question: How many Paravipras are there today on the planet? How many need to be at this stage before we enter the new earth of the new reality that is coming some day? If there are some Paravipras in my country, I would like to meet them.

The Scriptures tell us there are at least 144,000 Elects of God here on earth at this end time. Since we know the Seventh Seal is opened, the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals (THOTH) is revealed, and the Seventh Angel is now with us, we can fully realize the signs of the time as the last days.

The Mission has a booklet on Paravipras which goes into a much deeper level of understanding the Sixth Seal and knowing the qualities that true Paravipras/Elects will have (read Thus Speaks Maitreya On Paravipras).

For sure, Elects will not be satisfied with the world, life, cultures, religions, politics, etc., as created by man's ideas. They will be longing/searching for something that makes sense to them. When they find the Mission of Maitreya and learn the Eternal Divine Path they will know they have found the Truth and will be ready to step forward and use their talents to promote, teach, support, and implement it in any way they can.

The suggestion for anyone who is possibly seeing themselves as an Elect is to study the Scripture (THOTH), read and search the website, ask questions, become involved, etc. There is also a free download with the Letter to Humanity, an introduction to the Mission, and an explanation given by Maitreya about the Eternal Divine Path.

There is a person in the country you are in and you can see his information in our contacts list on our website. However, he has been inactive so we are not sure the information is up to date. If you are able to contact him, please let us know! Of course, greater than meeting an Elect is to be(come) One!

9- Is it possible for a human being to ascend to the level of Master of the Universe?

If one does, he will no longer be in the body. He will be One with the Master! Even Avatars have to have some Karma (defects) in order to stay in the body! Only Christ can fully manifest the Master, God (The Father and I are One, as Christ said)!

10- Does the devil exist?



1- What type of government does Maitreya favor:Monarchy, Representative Republic, true Democracy, National Socialism, or Communism? (I left off Theocracy because any of these types could be theocracies.)

The governmental system is based on the Communities of Light. The leaders will emerge from these Communities based on the Purest Form of democracy (majority choosing the leaders in small groups; read The Plan for more detail). Only in this system will a government from the people, by the people, and for the people emerge. No system has been created so far that represents the people completely until this one! You can call it Theomocracy: A Pure democracy based on God's Will!

2- Will Maitreya attempt to work towards setting up one world government?

If the Unity of man is achieved, one government for that unified body is unavoidable. How can the prayer, "His Kingdom come, His Will be done on earth" be Fulfilled if He is not the King of all!

3- Since there is one path that all religions are part of, if a world government was put together would it be run out of New York City at the United Nations, or would it be run out of Jerusalem where most religions have their roots?

It will be run from New Jerusalem!

4- Does Maitreya believe that a good leader should be able to rule (at any level of government) for their entire life? Does He feel there should be mandatory and universal limits on rulers' terms? Does He feel that if a ruler proves to be ineffective, it should be possible to take him out of rule early?

Read the section KINGDOM in THOTH for answers to all questions you have about the Godly Government.

Here are short answers to your questions above:

In each level leaders who are chosen for a few terms (three or four, depending on the level) and are never advanced to a higher level are accepted as an Elder in that level. They no longer can be considered for a higher position and/or for any other position in the Hierarchy which emerges from the Communities of Light (unless they have unique abilities that no one else can provide). Only this position can be held for life. Except for the Elder levels, there are term limits for leaders on every other level in the Hierarchy.

There is also an impeachment process to eliminate leaders who are not doing their job or are not doing it well.

5- Where is the appropriate level of privacy in society? One extreme has total anonymity for all people at all times - akin to anarchy. Crimes would go unpunished, etc. The other would have no privacy, being watched while you sleep, eat, drive, walk through the park, watch TV, etc.

Middle Path. The prime directive in this question is: Good people and goodness should be promoted, and bad people and criminals should be discouraged, corrected, educated, punished, etc. to be(come) good. Bedroom privacy is absolutely enforced (unless criminal activity is performed, such as pedophilic acts, torture, etc.). Parents are chosen by God to raise their children. Unless a parent is proven to be extremely bad for the growth of their children, their children should be left with them. Parenthood, marriage, and great fathers and mothers should be encouraged and helped to become the norm. Parenting is a great sacrifice which is part of a great society and the Communities of Light (the base of the Kingdom).

In general, the society should be set up to Fulfill the purpose of Life (To Become Divine, One With God). Anything that opposes this should be discouraged and corrected.

6- What level of control does Maitreya feel is appropriate on people's personal choices? Should people be allowed to travel wherever they want, whenever they want? Should people be able to pick any doctor they choose and go in for any surgery they desire?

All things depend on time, place, and people involved. For sure, there will be: Freedom for all of humanity to move on the planet (or off the planet, if possible) as they please (unless any limits are needed to restrict this because of things such as disease epidemics, unrest in some parts, etc.). Education and health care should be provided free for everyone. The best educational environment and health care should be available for all. A system of almost full employment will be achieved by reaching into space and hiring everyone to help reach to all the stars and planets!

7- Should we impose a limit on the population of the earth? If yes, what limit and how could it be enforced?

It is better to reach out to space and populate other planets than to impose restrictions and limits on population. Of course the Bible clearly Reveals that at least 1/3 of humanity will perish in the coming Tribulation!

8- What is Maitreya's definition of slavery?

Forced labor with little benefit to the worker!

9- Why was there not a command given thousands of years ago that thou shalt not keep slaves? Is slavery acceptable if the masters are not cruel?

Basically humans do not want to work on mundane jobs. All throughout history those who dominate are not the ones that do the mundane but their slaves. Also they use the slaves to build great economic bases and prosperity for themselves.

Not being cruel includes compensating fairly for the work a person does. That no longer is called slavery, but a servant or hired person. That we still have in all cultures!

If a person serves another person out of Love and Respect, such a person is neither a slave nor a servant. He or she is a disciple!

There is a possibility that much of the progress of civilization or humanity needed slavery to be accomplished. Therefore, in those situations, it might have been permissible. It seems, however, the idea of slavery is becoming more appalling to humanity, and robots and other technological advances might easily replace slavery.

10a- Who does Maitreya feel is most responsible for the terrorist attacks of 9/11? Is the truth regarding those attacks what is widely known or is it actually a conspiracy and cover-up operation that gave the United States an excuse to go to war?

The cause of all evils is ego. Those who attacked the US have egos, and the US is run by people who have egos. In fact all countries have this problem! If you have ego, you do not have compassion. If each party had Compassion and tried to understand one another there would not have been a war or any wars (or terror) on earth!

10b- If it is a conspiracy, should the perpetrators be held accountable, and in what way would that be done?

If there is a conspiracy, what is the base of it? Such matters should be investigated, and if proven there was a conspiracy, then the perpetrators surely have to be corrected and made an example of. If this is true then not only has an unjust war been waged, but the leaders also lied to their people. Such leaders should be corrected in the harshest way possible (the leaders are the head: "When the head is sick, the body is sick"). Leaders should represent the people!

10c- If it was an attack as described by the media, should the perpetrators be held accountable, and in what way would that be done?

Both sides should be listened to and the grievances from both sides should be addressed until an agreement is reached in which neither party would create an environment where such things would happen again. If one party is found to be guiltier than the other, an appropriate action should be taken to correct the injustice and the crime! From then on any grievances should be looked at immediately, the guilty party acknowledged, and the situation corrected.

11- Should officers of the peace and the military have access to guns? Should there be a military at all?

The warrior class is a part of human society. We will need police forces and security forces for some time into the future. It is the decision of the leaders of society under any circumstance to see if it is needed to have such organizations or not. These are details which should be decided according to time, place, and people involved. The ideal would be to have a society with no crime and all responsible and good citizenry. However, the ideal and what is, are not always the same!

12- Should the public have access to guns?

In the case of responsible citizens the answer is: Yes. However, the original idea of gun ownership (so that people can create militias and oppose a corrupt government) is no longer valid. Governments have bombs, fighter jets, drones, etc. Should people also have these? Only then could they oppose a corrupt government with a similar and comparable force. So these days guns are for recreation and/or self-defense against the intruders to our homes and/or properties. The idea has changed, and having guns for these purposes should be allowed. If someone misuses this privilege they should be corrected and, if necessary, their guns should be taken away from them. If you choose not to have guns, that is ok too!

Now, how do we correct the corrupt governments at the present time? The answer is to create God's System, which corrects itself if there is any corruption!

13- Should WMDs [weapons of mass destruction] be kept by the government as a deterrent?

If there is Peace and Unity why would we need them? If we do not bring the Peace and Unity that God has predicted to come to humanity, then there will be proliferation of weapons of mass destruction on earth. Right now as we speak, many countries desire to obtain such weapons as a deterrent. If they succeed, other countries will do the same. The more people have such weapons, the greater the possibility that someone will use them. One use might be enough to end the human race (from radioactive fallout, retaliation against the first user, etc.)!

14- Is war ever acceptable?

There is a time for peace and there is... Even the Bhagavad-Gita is about God and a just War!


1- How does the universe work?

Creation/Universe (One Verse, United) - a general explanation of how the Universe works:

When God decided to create the Universe (to know the reason read THOTH), He used the Consciousness and the Creative Forces (Three Gunas) to create It. In the beginning He created the Ether (the subtlest element of the creation) and then He created the basic elements, which are even smaller than the atom. Then He created the atom and eventually dust/gas (the most plentiful visible element in the universe).

Gravity (The Strong Force = Tama Guna) is inherent all through the manifested universe (" gathered together..." Genesis 1:9). By using gravity, He brought this dust/gas together. This started to create pockets of gathered dust that later on created the local galaxies, individual galaxies, solar systems, etc. However, before galaxies were formed as we know them now, which is the final "gathered together," the original gathered dust formed the initial super stars that through their gravitational pull created stones, heavy metals, and all the materials which are needed to create the basic elements to create our universe, life, etc.

These giant stars eventually became supernovae. A supernova is the end of life of a giant star. When a giant star reaches its end, in this stage, it explodes and scatters its heavy elements all through the universe.

In the next phase of creation (gathering together), this new mix of elements, including heavy elements, became the base for creating new suns (smaller stars and giant stars, etc.), planets, the habitable zones, and eventually an environment that could sustain life as we know it (like Earth). To reach to this phase is not the easiest thing to do. There have to be uncountable considerations to create such an environment, and many attempts failed until the Earth was created and was able to sustain life.

Is there life out there? Life is everywhere, because God is Everything. He has created a Self-Sustaining universe. Wherever there is the right environment to sustain life, there will be life! However, is the life in those places as high as humans (or higher)? This will be a mystery for man to find out! By reaching to space and exploring the universe they will eventually find the answer. If such beings are discovered, the Goal of their lives is also to Be(come) Divine.

As mentioned above, not all attempts were fruitful, and there are many parts of the universe that are not useful in supporting life, nor is there any hope they ever will. Also there are parts that have served their usefulness. These have to be recycled to their original state (Consciousness and three Gunas). This is the job of the black holes.

Black holes are indeed the opposite of the original supernovae that created the heavy elements of the universe. These supernovae created the heavy elements by using incredible gravity. Black holes, using incredible gravity in reverse, break down what the supernovae have done to this point, bringing these elements back to their original state. Some of these recycled elements might be reused again to enhance the creation or be used where they might be needed!

This reuse of the materials gathered/broken down by the black holes (I would rather call them "recycle holes") happens when a white hole is created! White holes, as they are called by astrologers (I would rather call them "creation bursts"), are huge outpourings of the most basic elements of creation (even smaller than the atom) into space. They spew out these basic elements, which are provided by the recycle holes, as the building blocks for the beginnings of new galaxies. This will happen whenever God Desires (Wills). These basic elements can then be gathered together into dust/gas, heavier elements, and so on. So, through the functions of the recycle holes and then the creation bursts, the process of creation can begin a new cycle.

Creation bursts are the brightest events in the universe. They are the base of creation of the galaxies. Depending on how big the creation burst is, it creates part, one or more than one galaxy. Indeed, what scientists refer to as the Big Bang is only one of the billions of these creation bursts that created our local galaxy clusters!

Therefore, anytime a galaxy dies off (the recycle hole at its center devours it), it might become a creation burst and begin the process of creating a new galaxy (or galaxies). These ongoing creation bursts create a great push outward and might be the reason the universe seems to be expanding. However, since new galaxies are formed in the gaps created between galaxies (caused by expansion of the universe or the death of a galaxy), this expansion will not affect the distances between galaxies too much (since new galaxies replace the old ones). So the theory that galaxies will become so distant from each other that we will no longer see other galaxies close by will not come true.

However, creation bursts are so powerful and destructive that life forms of the galaxies close to them might be completely wiped out! That is one reason humans have to learn how to spread all over the universe: So they can escape this destruction. In fact, since there are so many possibilities that the Earth could be easily destroyed by so many opposing forces, humanity should reach to space and spread, and create technologies, in advance, that will enable them all to leave anywhere that has become too dangerous.

This is another reason that humans have to stop fighting and become unified. To create such technologies, a unified effort by all humanity, and their resources, is needed. The more they know about the universe, the more they will know what is on the way to destroy them, and so will be prepared to escape the destruction. Of course, finally, when the original energy in the universe is exhausted (or God Wills), it will be destroyed (will go to rest) until next creation!

Now with this general explanation of how the universe is created and works, we leave scientists to study, verify, and fill in the details!

Note 1: Probably the only part that scientists still wonder about is: Dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter is the first stage in creation (Ether in different stages). It surely will have gravity and will act according to the Will of God. It encompasses all things (all things are enveloped in it). Since it also contains Raja Guna (energy), scientists call it dark energy, because they can neither detect the Ether nor the energy it presents!

Will the universe expand forever, or collapse on itself? It all depends on God's Will. No matter which version (the universe expands for billions of years, or collapses on itself), this universe will surely die (be destroyed, finished) at the end when the original energy that created it will be exhausted! The question still is the same: Will you be in Pure Consciousness by then?

Note 2: Just for the record: Remember that you heard this here for the first time! We (God) have said (Revealed) many things, through the Mission, in the last 40 years that later scientists discovered or will discover to be true. The facts that the Mission revealed for the first time and scientists have discovered to be true (and this trend will continue) include such matters as: Birds are remnants of dinosaurs; there were many races in Africa, not only one; etc. Also many points in this article are revealed for the first time. So far scientists have taken the credit for what we have already Revealed. God only should be given the credit and be Glorified!

We wanted to make sure all realize that God Has Revealed these things ahead of time (before scientists claim they have discovered them), so even scientists should realize that what they discover is what God has created. This also will strengthen the Faith of the Faithful and make those who doubt the validity of these Revelations and God to see that God Indeed Exists and these Revelations are from Him.

Hopefully members of the Mission, in the near future, will point out to everyone that: Many of what scientists have discovered, or will discover, has already been Revealed in the Mission in the last 35+ years. Hopefully there will be even more as long as I am alive and able, and God Wills.

Note 3: If we accept that our Universe came from one original bang (Big Bang), it surely was not a point of light (or an origin in a very small size, as some say it was as large as a ping-pong ball). It still came from a tremendously huge black hole (recycle hole). However, there being only one original bang seems most unlikely, as it is more logical that there are uncountable black holes that have created uncountable galaxies, and more galaxies will continue to be created (and destroyed) until the end! Wherever there is a white hole (creation burst), it takes millions and billions of years before the signs of formation of a galaxy (or many) appear. That is the reason we see many areas in the universe that can be called "pillars of creation" (new stars being born, etc.). These are the beginnings of the formation of galaxies. Since it takes so long for a galaxy to form, scientists have not seen what happens after a white hole is observed!

The problem with current scientific conclusions is that: They narrow their conclusions to a small possibility. For example, they say that all humans have come from Africa (it used to be even from just one group in Africa, however, now they accept that there were many groups). In the case of the Big Bang, they again narrow themselves to a single explosion that came from a tiny beginning (like all races came from Africa). God is everything and everywhere, so He Evolves creation in many places simultaneously, not only in one place. In reality, at the end God can do whatever He wants. He might do something that breaks down any theory anyone brings to the table, including ours!

Note 4: Of course, we do not expect scientists to take our word for it. We respect that any scientific idea (theory) should be studied, researched, critiqued, and verified through the scientific method, until all agree it is a consistent and verifiable event (a principle); if that principle continues to prove to be correct, it will eventually become a law. Therefore, you can look at these ideas as theories until they are verified by scientific explanation. Do not let controversy in these ideas affect your Faith in the rest of the Teachings. The Truth of this Revelation will eventually be Verified!

However, even if the verification is clear, scientists might resist these Truths coming from a person who they do not regard as a scientist, as they have resisted clear Truths many times before. So we expect the scientific community will not succumb to this explanation for some time!

2- I was listening to a Satsang today in one of the rooms and you were talking about the progress of the universe. There was something mentioned about supernovas and how supernovas were formed, and the system was tied into the progress of the universe. I was wondering if you could clarify that a little bit.

In the beginning of creation, God created the gas and dust, the first light elements. In order to create the heavy elements, He had to gather them together and create huge suns which became neutron (warped) stars. These neutron stars were at such great pressure that, for example, the whole earth would be compressed to only one cubic inch. When a neutron star reaches its maximum pressure, the heavy elements (such as metals) are created. The neutron star then explodes and becomes a supernova, and this new material is spewed out and creates new suns and planets, etc. Thus heavy metals are available to be used in the creation.

Then planets which can support life are created for the civilizations, humans, and beings that can progress to know God. When this happens, it accelerates the progress of unit consciousnesses toward becoming Pure Consciousness or going back to God.

The whole universe has been created to guide the lost Souls back to Pure Consciousness. In fact, many parts of the universe are not lost. They are actually the Body of God that has been used to accelerate the process. The cosmic dust, Big Bang, supernovas, black holes, etc. are at work for this purpose. Black holes, for example, are where the materials of the universe are reprocessed back to their basic elements, so they can come together and create more of an environment where unit consciousnesses can progress. Therefore, the whole universe is created for the lost consciousnesses to become Divine and follow the Eternal Divine Path. In that Essence, anything that happens in the universe is progressive.

3- Will humanity ever achieve space flight the level of Star Trek, or will our technology be perpetually lost and relearned whenever we get close to inter-planetary travel?

Unity and full employment can only be achieved (or accelerated) by reaching to space. How far we can go, only God Knows!

4- Is there intelligent life on other planets? If yes, can a Soul from that planet be reincarnated into someone born on this planet?

The possibility of beings living on other planets is more likely (statistically, based on the number of galaxies, stars, etc.) than not.

The answer to the second part of your question is: Such an occurrence is, probably, rare. However, all things are possible with God.

5- What happened to the planet Mars, and was there life on it before it happened? Are the "face" and "pyramid" on Mars optical illusions or are they really remains of a civilization?

Was there a civilization on Mars? One thing is for sure, there are signs that show advanced civilizations existed on earth before 12,000 years ago: The pyramids, the pictures on earth in South America which only can be realized as what they are from the air, etc. Could these be signs that some life forms migrated from Mars to earth? These things will be Revealed when humanity becomes One in God. Science will investigate, and God will Reveal the truth to them!

Apparently the picture from Mars that shows the so-called Pyramid is the shadow of a hill. Eventually man will be able to see it closely and the Truth of it will be revealed.

6- Did humans ever coexist with the prehistoric dinosaurs, or are the komodo dragons and alligators/crocodiles the closest we've ever come to them?

We still are living with them. They evolved into birds!

7- Where does Maitreya stand on euthanasia?

If by euthanasia you mean: A person is suffering and in order to escape the suffering kills himself or hires someone to kill him, then euthanasia is an act of suicide. God said: Thou shall not kill (premeditated murder). That includes self! If a person does this, his circumstances in his next life might be even worse!

If, however, by euthanasia you mean disconnecting a person from life support who has no consciousness of his existence (being in a vegetative state or something similar), then that is acceptable. The decision should be made by the person's loved ones. However, if they wish to keep him alive, they must be willing to pay for the expenses to support him (and there must be no will stating otherwise).

Of course, the best way to die is naturally, with minimum medical assistance!

8- Are the law of attraction, law of deliberate creation, and law of allowing, actual universal laws? A lot of New Agers seem to have their own universal laws.

That has been the problem of "my will or God's Will," and when you say "I am God and I can create my own laws," then it is your will and not God's Will. That is why God sends the Prophets, Revelations, and Scriptures to man to show what His Will is.

So man has a choice; he always has a choice. Because of this, he chooses not to follow the Universal Laws but instead his desires and wants, and therefore he replaces God's Laws with his own. The biggest problem with New Agers is that each of them thinks they are God and therefore they do not follow the Scriptures. They say they are gods as if no one else is. The truth is, everyone has the Essence of God in them.

In order to become Avatars or Perfect Masters, they should follow God's Laws. When they have their own laws, how many laws are there in this universe? Who created the universe? There are only the Laws created by God. Not everyone can come up with their own laws. God created the universe, and He put down the nature of everything in it, and therefore man has to follow that nature. If he does not, then he will bear the consequences.

Actually, in a sense, man can create his own laws, and on the physical level they might work for a while. However, since their laws are against God's Laws, they will eventually bring suffering to themselves and others. It is like having siddhis (spiritual powers) and misusing them. It will backfire, and you and others will suffer.

As it has been said many times, you cannot break the Laws of the universe. Anytime you try, you break yourself against them. That is what New Agers should realize, that although they have the Essence of God in them, they have to submit themselves to the Will of the Creator who has created this universe and knows what works and what does not. When they do that, then they will realize that the Eternal Divine Path is the Way, and the Way of the Daharma or nature of things is the Laws of God.

9- How do the Ba'al and Moloch religions fit into the Divine Path? How does atheism or devil worship fit into the Path?

The mystery religions and those religions that are man-made do not fall into the Eternal Divine Path. They are different from the Mystical Paths which teach, Know Thyself to Know God. They are fallen religions which most probably were started by the wife of Nimrod (Semiramus). She claimed she represented The Holy Mother, and her son The Miracle Child (Immaculate Conception). From these claims many religions formed including the might of Isis, etc. Baal and other similar religions are also man-made. God surely has Revealed His True Religions in THOTH!

10- How do cults such as the Heaven's Gate cult, who committed mass suicide with the belief that there was a UFO behind a comet, fit into the Divine Path?

They don't. The leaders of such cults have not fulfilled the Prophecies. They have not opened the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals. They are not the Lion of the Tribe of Juda, etc.

A cult is a group of people who believe in a leader who puts himself up as their focus (an ego trip). They do not follow the Scriptures but the words of the leader when the leader does not teach God but things that are not from God. They end up escaping the world. They eventually become frustrated and suicidal as did Heaven's Gate and Jim Jones, etc.

11- Is the Zodiac relevant or just superstition?

There is some truth in it but it is not a perfect science to rely on completely. If you wanted to see the full effect of the stars, you would have to consider every star in the whole universe, and finally what God has Revealed in His Scriptures (as He has the Final Word)!

12- Two years ago, I had a vision. It was of a nine-pointed star. Each point had its own symbols inside...

I did not know what the symbols meant...

When I found Maitreya's website and saw "The Greatest Sign" and the Seven Seals, it kind of blew my mind, because they are seven of the nine symbols that I saw in my vision.

I guess my question is this: Do you know what the other two symbols might stand for?

Yes, the last two are: Level Eight, the State of the First Begotten Son of God, and Level Nine, the State of the Father/Mother (God).

13- Is the number 13 really unlucky, and if so, is it because that was the date Jesus was crucified?

It is the number of God when dealing with a group of people. Twelve disciples and Christ was thirteen! Those who do not respect the Thirteen will have bad luck!

14- I am so keen to know about the meditation. Please could you tell me...? How can I talk to you...? Answer me please soon.

The new Meditation Process given by Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya uses the HOSH Universal Mantra. This Mantra helps a person to calm the mind in order to close the eyes and go within to a deeper place. It is the Introductory Mantra with the Mission, and is also the second Highest and most powerful Mantra for humanity to use as a tool (the Highest and Most Powerful Mantra is The Word, which is also known as The Holy Name, The Holy Word, etc.). Have you learned about Meditation from the Mission website or perhaps another place in the Internet? There are many videos in YouTube containing the HOSH Meditation, for example some of the videos in this page. HOSH stands for: Haree Om Shrii Hung = The Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine. ONK stands for: Om Nam Kevalam = That Divinity, God, is Everything. On our website at, you can learn the Meditation Process by reading the explanation (search for "Universal Mantra Meditation"), then also by taking the 7-step class in Microsoft Powerpoint, and by studying the 10/08/1989 Satsang given by Maitreya about Meditation.

If you would like to follow along with downloadable files from the Mission FTP site, there are audio files of Meditation Classes which you can listen to, download, etc. for your own use and for sharing with others. You can access the FTP site from the Mission website (click on "Downloads" on the top menu).

In addition, the Mission uses a program called PalTalk (available free of charge at, and we broadcast Meditation Classes there 24 hours a day. Other Mission rooms are also available for discussion and hearing Maitreya's previous Satsangs to learn even more about the Mission's Teachings.

After your research, if you have any specific questions, please send them to the Mission. We hope you enjoy these resources and learn more about HOSH Meditation and the Mission Teachings.

15- My question today is on marijuana. I know that nothing is possible without God, and marijuana is becoming legal all around the United States.... Now I will admit I have been known to use marijuana for what I would NOW consider the wrong reasons. But I know that in other religions and cultures, the more spiritual ones used it to get deeper in meditation, and it has also been used for food and clothing. So my question is, what are the thoughts of the Mission on marijuana? Was it made as a pitfall to overcome, or was it really for the service of man to explore their consciousness?

Marijuana (like many other drugs) contains several hundred different ingredients. Only God knows which ones are useful and which ones are harmful. Until we understand it completely and KNOW which ones are beneficial and which ones are not, it is playing with a loaded gun. However, it seems it has some benefit to relieve the effects of some diseases. Even in this situation, if we discover which ingredients are the ones which are beneficial, that would be better.

In general: trying to reach higher consciousness artificially (not having the patience to do it naturally, but using drugs) is not recommended. When you use drugs, you go to a place that you are not supposed to yet and this can be very harmful. Those who have done it, without knowing this, and were guided to the spiritual path, may have been led to do so. However, when they find their way they should continue naturally and stop the artificial ways (drugs, etc.). Otherwise they might be Spued out of His Mouth!

God Is Calling You (The Last Call)

  March 2, 2007


As Prophet Noah warned people in his time of the forthcoming flood, and Prophet Jonah warned the people of Nineveh of the coming disaster to their city, this is a warning from the Prophet of God (Maitreya) to humanity of the imminent disasters predicted to come at the end time!

At the time of Noah, people did not listen to the warning of the Prophet, and they bore the consequence of their decision. At the time of Jonah, people listened to the warning, and the disaster which was predicted to come to them was stopped!

This is the way of God. He surely gives humanity plenty of warning and opportunity to avert the disasters coming to them, which is the result of their own doing (going against the Laws of the universe). God again is sending this letter to you (humanity) as the warning for our time. It is written to the leaders, those who can make a difference, or anyone who is interested to heed and help to divert the events predicted to come. We hope, as the people at the time of Jonah listened to the Prophet, this time humanity will also heed this Call and so we will avert the prophesied disasters at this end time. The choice is yours!

These periods of disasters are to purify humanity and guide them to the path to God. These periods of purifications are even more intense at the time of the manifestation of the Major Prophets. These Major Prophets are prophesied to come, and they come with clear signs as the Chosen Prophet. They are the founders of the major religions on earth. In the past these Prophets have sent warnings to humanity and invited them to return to God. Prophet Muhammad and Bahaullah sent letters to leaders of the world to make them aware of a new Prophet from God on earth. This letter is also to inform you that God has sent a new Prophet and Revelation to man, a Revelation that He has Promised (Prophesied) would come at the end time!

For the last 12,000 years, God has been sending the Prophets and Major Manifestations to humanity with a definite Plan, a Plan that has been hidden from everyone, even from the Great Prophets like Prophet Daniel (Daniel 12:9). What will happen in the final days has been predicted to be terrible and dreadful. This letter is to inform you that we are in that Final Stage (end time). There is a definite Logic behind human history. Indeed History (His Story) has been guided to this point, and now is the time for humanity to know what it is. The Mystery has now been revealed!

The very base of this final Revelation reveals that each major religion on earth has a specific message. Only when these separated messages are realized and put together will the path to God and the Kingdom on earth be revealed. This path is called the "Eternal Divine Path." So, not only are the major religions on earth not contradictory, but in fact they are complementary. The Miracle of this Revelation is this amazing message of unification of God's Revelations!

This is the Last Revelation to man, so this Call is the Last Call of God to humanity! This Last Call is for all to come together and be Unified under His Banner of Truth and Unity: That, indeed, there is only One God and all religions have come from Him. There is no separation between religions, and there is only One God for the whole of humanity. Understanding how each of the world's religions have come in perfect order, and how each have an important part (Message) for mankind, is now revealed to man.

All these are done so man knows that there is a purpose for this creation and the way to fulfill this purpose is the Eternal Divine Path. By following the Eternal Divine Path, the Communities Of Light can be created, and the Communities Of Light are the base for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

This is a Call to you to come and join me (Maitreya) as the messenger of God with a new understanding of God's Work. God has Prophesied and Promised many things all throughout history, and He has Fulfilled them, as explained in this Revelation. He also prophesied the coming of this Revelation at the end time, which will clear all confusion and reveals the Mystery of God, as His Last Revelation:

Revelation 10:7

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

Bible, KJV

Indeed this is the Seventh Angel calling you. Recognize this and join me, or resist it and the consequences of resistance will be what God predicted to come at the end time. If man will not answer this Call, as they did not listen to Noah, there is no escape, and the destiny of man has already been set! God also has revealed:

Revelation 5:5

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Bible, KJV

Indeed this is the Revealer of the Seven Seals who is calling you, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David, Maitreya, who is also a Sayyed (from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad). You might not believe these claims at this time, but read the Revelation and the Credentials God has provided, and you shall believe.

It has been predicted that after the opening of the Seven Seals, which is this Revelation, there will be a period of silence or pause (a chance for humanity to respond to this Call), and then comes the day that Babylon The Great (egoistical ways) will fall. The groundwork for this to happen is set, and we are going toward that day fast. It is after this great fall that the coming of the Kingdom is predicted and will be accelerated. So we are in-between the time that this Revelation was foretold to come and the fall of Babylon The Great. As the people of Nineveh averted the disasters from happening to them, we also can stop this prediction if we see these Truths and come together.

Those who will not heed this Call have no right to blame God for what is coming to them, as predicted in the Scriptures. He indeed has sent a Prophet with Clear Signs and Revelation, a Book full of Truth and Guidance, the Light that will bring Peace on earth. With this letter the Final Call to all the influential people and all humanity is given, and they are asked to turn around and Face God (Be Baptized).

The Call to all leaders: It is the duty and responsibility of all leaders on earth that they take advantage of this last chance to respond to This Call and guide their own people as God wanted them to. They must act now, help create Communities Of Light across their nation, and create a proper environment for all, so they (people) can, in turn, answer this last Call from God. As a leader it is the Responsibility God is asking from you: To Create the KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH.

Our Work is not to bring war and destruction but Peace. It is man who will bring these destructions upon themselves. This warning is not a threat from us. If you believe in God, He has already prophesied in all Major Religions that these events will happen. If you read our teachings, you will see that God has promised many things in the past and He has fulfilled them. He also promised this shall come true, and so it shall!

It is humanity who will bring these destructions to themselves. We are here to Educate, Guide, and Warn. So do not be afraid of this letter as a threat to anyone but as a warning of the events that will shake humanity to their core and make them realize that God has prophesied these things will come true and what we have revealed is the Truth. Then man might, eventually, know that there is a God, and He is indeed in charge and is guiding the universe toward its goal.

This universe was created for a definite purpose, and God will Guide it to its Final Destiny. He is the One who will bring this awareness to man. If this Call is not answered, we will wait patiently until humanity sees these Truths. Then all who will remain will come together, and God's Will, will be done on earth as It Is In Heaven! God Is ... The King (The Guiding Light)



Other languages: German, Italian Maitreya is me, Maitreya is you and all others. He is beyond and the near. He is the Formless, Nameless, Invisible and Eternal (FINE). He is all there is (Om Nam Kevalam). He is the One and the Only. He is many in One. He is the force behind the peace. He is and He is not. There is none beside Him (La Elaho Ela Hoo).

He is the One, the Incredible, the Powerful. He is the Merciful, the Compassionate One, He is the Destroyer, the Creator, the Preserver, the Sustainer. There is none beside Him.

He is Y'shua; He is Mehdi; He is the Savior; He is the Messiah. He is the Knower of the Scriptures, He is the Revealer of the Scripture, He is its Writer. He is the Savior and the saved. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is Christ (Christos: Christ-us); He is Krishna; He is the Vishnu, He is Brahma. He is Shiva. Maitreya is the first Adam and the second, and the third,... He is Mohammed and Bab and the Babas. He is the Teacher and He is the Student. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is the Buddha and the Bodhisattva. He is none but the Nirvana itself. He is the Light seen in the moment of death. He is the Enlightened One, the Truth and the Way. There is none beside Him.

He is Brahmacharya and the Family Man. He is the Brahmin and the Rabbi. He is the Priest and the Mullah. He is Hindu and Buddhist. He is Jewish and Christian. He is Moslem and Baha'i. He is all religions and is none of them. He is bound and is Free. There is none beside Him.

He is a Brahmin; He is a Shudra (worker). He is a Ksattriya (warrior); He is a Vipra (intellectual) and He is a Vaeshya (businessman). He is an Avatar, a Prophet. He is an Artist, a Guru and a Paravipra. He is economy and the Force behind earthly powers. There is none beside Him.

Maitreya is the Father and the Mother. He is the Son and The Holy Ghost. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the first and the last. There is none beside Him.


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